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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 4, 2018

    I found a weird body in my baby food. It’s strawberry and banana flavor and it’s usually light grey but this time it was darker. After feeding my baby a little I found a storage body. I stopped feeding him. This thing looked viscous and out of the norm. Not something found on baby food. I noticed the color of the food darker than usual. I bought it at Walmart and I think it’s getting old. I’m not buying Beechnut again. I’ll make him food at home. When I first bought it I thought it was raspberry and banana so I thought that it was the reason as to why it was a little darker than usual since I’ve never bought a raspberry and banana flavor.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

    I opened a jar of this baby food to give to my 8 month old. I opened the jar I noticed this black spot in it. She was eating sweet potatoes so of course it took me by surprise... Never would I have thought it would be a freaking bee! I have never had this issue with Gerber. I will definitely be going back to their brand! I know stuff happens and even using their food I will keep a very close eye out but you need to pay better attention!

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      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: Dec. 7, 2015

      Baby food made me VERY sick. I am posting this to help prevent anyone else from getting sick from this product. The date is NOV 2*016. The code underneath the the date is 21297*971459. *Both the 2 in the date and the 7 below it in the code are hard to read. I have been a Beechnut customer for years. After what I went through, I will never use Beechnut again. I can't take the chance to get so sick again. I will be reporting this to the FDA on Monday.

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      Rated with 2 stars
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      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 11, 2015

      I purchased a variety of Beech-Nut stage 2 foods. My son is older and I was looking for a way to increase fruits and veggies for my picky preschooler. This was a "fun" way for him to eat. The first jar I opened for him was pineapple pear avocado. It's been a while since baby food has been served in my home and I had never used Beech-Nut before but I immediately was triggered by the lack of pop. I recall in the past when opening standard baby food jars. My mommy intuition didn't kick in as quick as it should and I set the jar In front of my son with a spoon. Within a second it finally occurred to me that no pop occurred. To check the taste I took the lid and licked the remaining product from it. While the flavor itself was suspicious, I was immediately aware that I had something crunchy in my mouth. I spit into my hand and found a small but very obvious shard of glass.

      As I cleared the rest of the food from my mouth I continued to crunch what felt like sand in my mouth. I assume this was also glass. It took a few more seconds for my stunned husband and me to notice my son with spoon in mouth. We yanked it immediately!! I carefully inspected the jar and found no rough edge but believe there was food dried on the outer edge. In the lid very visible black mold had collected under the metal lip. I contacted Beech-Nut immediately. The rep felt it was unlikely that the glass was trapped during processing but sent an overnight UPS box to retrieve the jar and food so that they could inspect it. Within 20 hours of purchase it was on its way back to them. It is not my belief that I will be contacted with any findings but it's probably too soon to confirm. I also don't believe this will be made public.

      I asked if I should return the rest of my food to be safe. The rep indicated that it should be unlikely that I find more glass so go ahead and feed it to my son! To help with any inconvenience she sent me a handful of coupons so I could go buy even more, albeit at a much nicer price. Instead I returned all of my Beech-Nut products, including dry boxed foods and discarded my coupons. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me!!! Parents be very careful when using this brand. In light of other similar issues found in these products during the month of April 2015, It seems that safety is at an all-time low and company denial is at an all-time high!

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: April 28, 2015

      Yellow fat floating on top of new jar of chicken. Consistency also was lumpy, like fine fibrous oatmeal. Can see coarse chicken fibers in it, that shouldn't be there in a first food. Called consumer relations at 1-800-BEECHNUT, rep refused to apologize or offer to make it right. Refused to give me her name stating she doesn't have to (she knows I asked for it after she had been rude and that I was probably going to use it to report her), hung up on me twice. Told me we could be recorded, as if that was a threat, and I said I hoped we were! Told her "if this situation was not rectified to my satisfaction and the ten jars replaced, I would go online and register complaints." She said "are you threatening me, we can record this" and I said "no, I'm making a statement of fact. I will go online and relate my experience on the web. And I hope we ARE being recorded... are we being recorded?"

      She refused to give me her name or to confirm we were being recorded, so she knew her behavior was infantile and defensive. I gave her my name and number and asked repeatedly for a supervisor who, conveniently, was "out to lunch." I use this chicken as part of one baby bird diet as a source of protein. I'm a wildlife rehabilitator. She tried to tell me the quality control issue was only about human babies and I told her that is a red herring, a non sequitur, that inconsistent quality is inconsistent quality, regardless of use of the product. She then hung up on me! I called back, got her again, she hung up on me again!

      I purchase Beech Nut because it's 4 cents cheaper than Gerber, but I never had consistency problems with Gerber. I am going back to Gerber and would suggest you do, too... Do your research, they have been having even more dangerous quality problems already. The consumer complaint department seems to feel they have a license to dodge responsibility and be rude as a tactic to avoid responsibility, as well as throwing in non sequiturs. No matter who you are feeding this food to, the quality is off. They are not willing even to be courteous, let alone apologize and replace a faulty product.

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      41 people found this review helpful
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      Rated with 2 stars
      Original review: March 27, 2015

      I am a grandmother of three grandsons. While watching my daughter's boys on March 23, 2015, I open a jar of the Beechnut sweet potatoes. The cap was tight and not popped. I noticed the jar was half full and full of mold on top of cap and bottom of jar area when stirred. Dated January 2017, number on cap is 26395891507. Proof on purchase **. My daughter told me to throw it away and I said no, I was going to contact your company. Maybe you need to have a recall on this before someone ingests the mold and gets sick before it is noticed. Thank you for your appreciation on this situation.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Sept. 16, 2014

      I am a mom of 7-months old boy, had a misfortune of feeding him a few spoons of Beech-Nut turkey puree - until I noticed something bluish in the can. It appeared to be a piece of plastic, small to be barely seen, yet big enough to cause all sorts of problems for my baby. Of course, I gave him no more that food. In a couple of hours he started vomiting with puree, this was the first time in his life. My son didn't eat other solids on that day.

      The company's representatives do not even provide their names! While communicating via e-mail, they sign "People Who Make Beech-Nut", and that's all. They never gave me any real person contact, instead offered coupons as a compensation, which I didn't agree to accept: just don't want to find other possible "fillings" in baby food.

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      Original review: Nov. 13, 2010

      I had purchased jars of BeechNut baby foods. Each one was still well within the expiration date. However, the jars (although safety sealed & still "popped") had what looked to be mold and or rust inside the threads of the jar/top closure, as well as coating the underside of the lid. I began to open all of the jars from this brand and everyone I had was contaminated.

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      Original review: July 22, 2009

      I bought Beech-Nut Stage 2 baby food (bananas). It expires on August 2010. When it was opened, there was mold in the lid and inside the food. The grandfather takes care of the baby, and when the baby's mom arrived home, just in time for dinner, he was about to feed her the baby food. The baby has been eating Beech-Nut since small with inexplicable episodes of vomiting. Doctors cleared her for reflux, so now it makes me wonder if she ate the poisoning baby food all along. On July 18, 2009, the baby ate the baby food and started vomiting in front of a lot of people in a birthday party.

      34 people found this review helpful
      Original review: Nov. 29, 2007

      Opened a jar of Gerber baby food-fruit stage 2, it was soured. Had to throw 2 jars away. Date was not expired.

      Opened several jars of stage 3 Beechnut baby food-country vegetables with Turkey and Country vegetables with chicken. The vegetables are so hard the baby spits them out and then won't eat. I tried to mash the potatoes and carrots & peas with a spoon and found them to be too hard to even mash with a spoon. I called Beechnut and told them their food was not cooked done. They argued it was. Perhaps its not even real vegetables! Who knows! Please check into it! Companies are always putting their profits ahead of the consumers even if it means someone's life is endangered.

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      32 people found this review helpful
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