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27 Banana Hobby Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 27, 2018

I prior to flying this model (Osprey V-22) I had issues and advised that the Flight Controler was not acting in a way that they had advised that it should, I asked for this unit to be replace, but was advised that it was OK to fly. Unfortunately it was not and the model crashed shortly after. I again asked BH to replace the FC. BH told me that they had contacted the manufacturer and that a replacement was on the way and that I should "be patient as we are trying to help" Yer right! But... you can guess it never arrived! These are not nice people... They tell lies all the time.

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Original review: May 23, 2017

I ordered a V22 Osprey from Banana Hobby when it was on pre-order. Once the plane was available, it shipped swiftly and was packaged well. The Osprey flies great and has been a lot of fun at the field. Unfortunately, after a half dozen flights, there was a malfunction in the Flight Control Board that caused the plane to crash during a transition to forward flight. After the crash, I was able to test out the electronics and recreate the issue and contacted Banana Hobby for support. They walked me through several testing steps to pinpoint the issue with the FCB, and have asked for me to send back the malfunctioning unit for a replacement. I have had no issues with response time from the support team at BH, and they have been very friendly throughout the process. Because of their excellent support, I will most certainly be buying another aircraft from them in the future.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2017

I ordered the Giant Coast Guard EC-135. Initially, I was very excited about my purchase. When I received the order, the box it was delivered in was in pretty rough shape. Upon opening the shipping and product box, I noticed that the tail boom had been severed from the main fuselage of the aircraft. It is needless to say that I was incredibly disappointed. As it was no fault of their own, I attempted to contact Banana Hobby in the hopes that they would send me a replacement. I was hopeful that since I hadn't even had the chance to fly it once and therefore was not responsible for the damage that had been done, that they would be willing to work with me, however, I never got the chance to find out.

I tried e-mailing them, calling them, using the online chat option they had, and even tried sending them a letter in the mail, but to no avail. I even included pictures of the delivery box, the product box, and the product itself to prove that it was delivered broken. I cannot remember how many times I tried to contact them as it was over the course of almost six weeks, but the end result was the same. Not a SINGLE response to any of the multiple attempts at contact.

Eventually, I conceded to the fact that broken or not, I was going to be stuck with the 135. Upon further inspection of the aircraft, I found that the shell was made of thin, cheap plastic. It was, however, easy enough to repair. Although it wasn't the prettiest mend job, I did manage to reattach the tail boom to the fuselage and get the helicopter airborne. In less than five minutes, the motor had COMPLETELY burned out. No matter how many times I recharged the battery, the 135 would not fly again. Not only had the motor burned out, but when it did so, the rotor system became wildly unstable. One of the lower rotors actually ended up slicing through the tail boom about halfway between the fuselage and the tail rotor. Again, the fuselage was an easy fix (despite getting uglier and uglier), but rebalancing the rotors took a little bit of work. In the end, it didn't matter anyway as the motor was toast.

I once again tried to contact Banana Hobby in the hopes that they might help me. I knew it was almost pointless, but was hoping that since it was a product malfunction that they might change their minds and help me. I was dead wrong. Bottom line upfront, the products Banana Hobby sell are junk. Their (non-existent) customer service is beyond awful. These people are crooks who are willing to take your money for shoddy products and then when something goes wrong, they completely cut ties. What they're doing has to be criminal. I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

If at all possible, avoid doing business with them at all costs. I would highly suggest working with your local hobby store (if you still have one in your area) and the professionals who work there. If nothing else, if something goes wrong, you a have physical building and a physical person that you can visit to hold accountable/get help. If you don't have a local hobby shop, I would HIGHLY recommend working with Horizon Hobby. They are professional, courteous, have great/quality products, and actually communicate.

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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Buyer
Resolution response: Sept. 26, 2015

I had recently wrote a review on Banana Hobby and the how it worked for a few seconds and quit. I had tried for days to contact someone and nothing.

Today I wrote to them on Facebook and within 5min they answered me. They have been GREAT!

I have been on the phone with Alex all morning. They wanted pictures, they also waived the cost of a new fan. Like I told them, I am not a person who is out to get something for free and if the problem was caused from my negligence I will take the blame.

I want to tell you I have no idea what happened but Alex and Banana Hobby is great. Alex called me back and was very professional and polite. He has resolved the problem and want me to contact him when I get the replacement parts and he will help me go through it. So I want to retract my first comments and say that Banana Hobbies is great and I will be doing business with them again happily. Thanks to Alex and Banana Hobby!

Original review: Sept. 16, 2015

I purchased a F-22 Raptor RTF backpack jet. I saw the video of Pete talking about the jet saying what a great product it was and how new flew his jet with the NASCAR driver and how much they both had fun. I purchased one and I am disabled and was looking for a hobby to get into to occupy my time. I got the jet pretty quick. I have to admit I was anxious to get it. I opened it up and it was packaged just like they advertised. I put the jet together with no problems. The problems began when I went to bind the receivers to the controller. It worked for about 30 seconds and it went dead, it kept beeping but nothing worked. I opened the motor compartment. The fan was broken into two pieces. So my controller, my receiver and my fan and motor don't work. So now I have a 170 dollar piece of foam.

I have tried time after time to contact them but no response from anyone at all. I thought there was a law against this kind of stuff. I know if I had done this I would be in jail. I want the same for who has done this to me. They did this knowing the parts were broken. If you add up all the people they have done this to, they are millionaires laughing at us. Like I said I am disabled. My budget is next to nothing. I had to save up for months for this jet. And I might as well of flushed my money down the toilet. And I would have much rather of done that than have people like Banana Hobby get my money. And Pete should be in jail for false advertising. If there is anyone out there that can help me find a way to do something about this please let me know. I never had a chance to get the jet out of my apt, let alone outside to fly it.

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Original review: Dec. 21, 2014

I bought a freewing a10 from banana hobby, it was RTF version. Well needless to say was far from ready to fly. The battery they sent me had a bad cell from the get go. They did replace that. Got the new batt plugged it into my plane taxied and a speed control failed. Sent them an in depth video of me testing continuity afterward and also called them more than 10 times. I have yet to receive a reply. It has been 2 months now and still nothing!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 4, 2013

I have dealt with Banana Hobby for several years now. They were very attentive to my needs. Ms. Fiona gave me her email address if I needed anything because sometimes their line was busy. Their employees are very helpful. I still do business with their company. I have seen them open another box if my box was missing a part. Great company.

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2013

I contacted Banana Hobby regarding the transformer and charger of the ASK23 R/C airplane. The person receiving the call had absolutely no idea what the parts were and could not understand the difference between a transformer and a charger and could not understand that the parts were not compatible. I sent several emails to resolve this issue yet the airplane cannot take a charge. This is very poor response to customers. I would look for a more reliable source for R/C.

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Original review: Dec. 19, 2012

First and only order consisted of 4 airplanes with extra batteries, 2 simulators, a balancing charger, a charging bag and two radio lanyards. I received damaged planes and questioned parts department for return. They looked at stock and told me that all were in that condition and that is what would be shipped out. Simulators are not even worth worrying about. Junk. Charger lost calibration after very light use. All this within less than one year. I don't think they give a darn about their customers. I was warned about Banana and did not listen. I hope you will not use them. Poor quality and no support.

21 people found this review helpful
Original review: April 17, 2012

I ordered two jets and two tanks from Banana Hobby. One tank was clearly used and did not work. One jet was missing parts and the Electronic Speed Control did not work. I called and got just busy signals, three emails and no response.

17 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 16, 2012

I received two Double Horse 2ghz 2440 and 2239 helicopters. The remote to one was chipped. LCD screen was damaged/cracked and the other helicopter would not connect to the remote.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 5, 2012

Faulty simulator kit - I have called, but never get through or any return call back. I have emailed 3 or 4 times about a return refund and RMA but I got no results.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2012

I purchased RC Heli that worked for two flights, then the tail rotor started acting erratic and then stopped working altogether. It took 3 emails, 5 phone calls, 3 times on Chat and finally, I received RMA. I returned the helicopter and confirmed BH received it on 2/13/12. I have sent several emails with return number requesting outcome of return. BH refuses to respond. They now have my money and my product and I have nothing.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2012

I received a radio-controlled helicopter for Christmas. It worked great for 6 flights, then tail rotor would not keep rpm. I contacted customer support; they said they would get back to me. So here I am 8 emails later and 1 phone call and still have not received a return merchandise authorization. Now they quit answering my e-mails. Note that I answered all the questions they asked me. I will never buy there again.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2012

I purchased RC Helicopter. It was defective upon receipt. I attempted online chat, emails, calls, everything to get help. I ultimately spent several hours on the phone while they repeatedly asked the same pointless questions over and over and over. They put me on hold over and over and over and simply wasted my time. They never would agree to a return or exchange of the item and simply kept stalling. These people are nothing more then frauds. Don't purchase anything from these people.

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Original review: Jan. 7, 2012

I ordered two RC tanks from Banana Hobby in December 2011, received them with no problem. However, one does not function properly. I followed all instructions, emailed them twice, and sent photos per their RMA policy. I have since been on their online chat with them for three times. They did not appear to have access to the emails any of the times, and the two individuals that I spoke with did not have records of the different chat sessions. Communications via their online chat system is excruciatingly slow.

The questions being asked seem to be irrelevant, and was asked repeatedly. I wonder if this might partially be an automated response system at work. There was an inordinate amount of "I'll be back with you shortly, I'm waiting for a response from another department messages". Twice I have been told that my RMA request and photos have been submitted for approval, before they will decide whether or not to provide me with an RMA authorization code or not.

The last person that I spoke with had no record that the first one had ever been submitted. I do not hold out hope that the second one will go far without me pestering them again. I even tried to troubleshoot the product on my own, per the request of the CS reps. Not a great thing on a brand-new-out-of-the-box product! I get the impression that they have no intention of providing me with an RMA or replacement product, in spite of what their policy states and the fact that they say "100% satisfaction". I eventually got online and began researching Banana Hobby and their practices.

In April 2011, the California Better Business Bureau listed them for having 367 complaints filed in 2011 up until the listing in April. I also found that the owners, Dan and Tom Wu, were involved in a trademark violation/misuse case with Textron-Bell Helicopters. The case appears to have been settled, but I did not look into the details.

That's pretty heavy-duty, when a large company like that files a lawsuit against you, so who knows what that was really about. The number of online forums and discussions on chat boards talking about poor customer service, "scams", broken product, and general issues with Banana Hobby is absolutely astounding. Several posts state complaints being filed with the FTC, the California Consumer Protection Division, the California Attorney General, and others. You would never know any of this by looking at their website or the videos that "Pete" (if that is his real name) is posting on YouTube on a regular basis (they "look" like a legitimate and professional business on the surface).

These guys may really like RC toys, but this does not mean that you know how to run a business. I would say that their business practices are lacking at the very least, and not particularly ethical or worthy of my continuing trust. I am still holding out some hope that I will hear back from them again, and get a replacement for the malfunctioning tank, but it is not much hope. Readers of this post should form their own opinion of Banana Hobby. Mine is, it is not a good way to run a business. Next time, I will do considerably more research on a company before doing business with them.

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2012

Two orders placed for Christmas for my 8-year old son. The Battle Tank ($173.89) and Glider plane ($155.40). The tank was completely broken upon opening package and looked like it had been repackaged. The glider plane had wrong sized screws. Nice. I called and no answer. I checked their website and it says they are moving and will re-open on Jan. 3.

Bad enough, you have to wait over a week but when I called today, both phone numbers are disconnected. I left a third email message to them and have heard nothing. This is unacceptable and unprofessional. I am furious and want this resolved ASAP! Right now, I just want to return both products and not deal with this unprofessional company. Horrible! Plus it was really nice to have your son in tears on Christmas. They need to resolve this matter immediately.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2011

Absolutely horrible. I bought an ec-135 helicopter, which was supposed to be ready out of the box. It turned on and took off by itself with no response in the controller to shut the thing off. The top blades and full-speed bottom blades actually work how they’re supposed to.

Customer service is everything but. Someone responds about every 5 minutes until nothing and now $180 down the tube. This place needs to be shut down.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2011

Banana Hobby has given me the worst customer experience. I ordered plane, defective Servo right out of the box. They shipped me out a replacement and sent the wrong Servo. I waited two more weeks for the right Servo. What they sent was a Servo they cut out of another plane; the connector was cut and it was covered in glue. I had another issue with them that I posed a concern on their facebook page and they promptly banned me from their facebook page, effectively silencing my complaint.

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Original review: Sept. 8, 2011

8/15 I ordered Green Mustang P-51D with transmitter.

8/17 I was charged $103.81 to my credit card.

8/23 I received shipment and contacted Daniel to inform that the landing gear enclosed did not fit the P-51D. Daniel asked me to send pictures to demonstrate the problem. I sent video demonstrating that the landing gear frame was too small for the slot. I also informed Daniel that either the battery charged for 2.5 hours. It was defective or transmitter did not work. I informed Daniel that the extra battery I had purchased from them, charged for 2.5 hours, and still the transmitter did not work. So I needed RMA for landing gear, 2 batteries and a remote control transmitter.

8/24 I received an email asking for pictures of problem from CS. I advised CS that I had already complied and needed RMA for all reported problems. I then received from CS another response to send pictures. I rewrote the complete story to CS and asked him to read all previous emails which contained copies of all correspondence back and forth.

8/25 I reiterated the same story as above and requested RMA in no uncertain terms. There was silence until 9/1/11, the CS sent a copy of my original purchase with a replacement notation that the landing gear would be arriving in 4 to 7 days. Nothing mentioned about batteries and transmitter problem.

9/6 Since I did not receive replacement, I wrote an email advising that they have 12 hours to respond with an RMA or I would be visiting my bank.

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Original review: Oct. 25, 2010

I purchased an RC helicopter (Giant EC-135, $181.90) on October 15, 2010. I received it on October 21, 2010; they shipped the wrong helicopter. They shipped a small indoor helicopter (Jin Jiang, $62.99) I called the same day and ask for an RMA number to return it for the one I ordered. I was told to take pictures and post them on their website, and their technicians would review the pictures. I posted the pictures and got no response. I called and was on hold for over a half hour, no one came to the phone. I tried their online chat, they told me to post pictures on the website. I am getting the run-around.

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2010

The product I purchased (Cessna 185 RC float plane) has been riddled with defects. The transmitter/receiver do not work, the electronic speed control failed, the pontoon rudder was installed backwards. No manuals accompanied the transmitters. Customer support routinely says replacement items will be shipped in 1 day or 2, but they are not shipped regardless of how many times you complain. I have paid over $300 for almost 2 months now and I have to not even been able to try and fly it due to the defects.

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Original review: July 21, 2010

I bought and paid in full on the day of purchase via Paypal, an RC stealth bomber from based in Ca. The total, including the shipping fees, came up to $152.23. They said it was on back order till the end of May. When that date came and went, they changed the date to the end of June. Almost two months later, they shipped us an altogether different/wrong item at the end of June. I called them and told them that I didn't want it, so they told me to photograph it in order to get a RMA or shipping label to send it back. I did. I was refused the chance to speak to a manager or higher up, and I was told to go to the chat online for that.

They sent me a label to send the wrong plane back ups, which we did at the end of June. It's now July 21, but still no replies from them as to the status of my refund. I have sent numerous emails, and I got no answer to my calls. I am now finding tons of negative complaints against this company on all sorts of consumer advocated sites including BBB and other reputable sites. This was a bad experience for all of us including my 8 yr old son, to whom this gift was for. I am trying to get Paypal to help me, and the reason I use Paypal is because its supposed to be safer..

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Original review: Jan. 14, 2010

I am having the same problems that most people have had. I ordered a remote-controlled helicopter with a lot of extra parts. Well, I got a small box of parts--some of which were missing, and there was no helicopter. What good the parts will do? I have tried to contact their live (dead) support with no luck. Calling them is useless because they never answer the phone and you can't leave a message, which I assumed was on purpose because it seems that they have robbed a few people now! The helicopter was retailed for roughly $200+.

10 people found this review helpful
Original review: Jan. 11, 2010

I purchased a RC JAGD Panther tank destroyer Airsoft RC on Monday, May 4, 2009 (order number: yhst-39858413893234-48486). Rec several weeks later, found to be defective, and returned via RMA D-BN48486 on August 21, 2009. Despite many phone calls, the product has not been replaced. During the last conversation, I finally got through with Ryan, who said that the product was being shipped with a UPS tracking number, which turned out to be a false number. I am going to file charges for theft through deception with the local police. This caused me aggravation, loss of time, and cost of calls, since they are always out to lunch.

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Original review: Dec. 7, 2009 I ORDERED 2 RC PLANES-TOTAL OF 800.00.
11 people found this review helpful
Original review: Nov. 24, 2009 I ordered and paid for two remote controll boats approx #690.00 including frieght. I Didn't received the product and they will not return my emails or answer my calls. I ordered these products for xmas presents for my kids. What Now? Please help. I have had to put false state etc as I am from Australia
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Original review: Oct. 16, 2009 I called Banana Hobby and ordered a RC Boat in the sum of $210.78 for my grandson's birthday present. When it was received, it never worked. When I called Banana Hobby they told me to take it to a hobby shop to see if they could fix the problem. I asked them to either replace the item or to refund my money. Banana Hobby told me they would not send a pre-paid shipping label to me, that I would have to pay the shipping costs to return this defective item. Also, that they would not refund the original shipping costs. Now they are telling me that this is their return policy, but I was never informed of this policy when I placed my order via telephone. They did say that all of their products are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Today, 10-15-09 I sent another email to Saralyn C. who is the company representative that has been emailing me. I asked her to please provide me with some sort of proof that I was advised of this return policy before placing my order. All I ask is that they send me a return shipping label so that I may return this defective item and get a full refund. We have the original box and this item has never been used.
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