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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2017

Worst stroller I ever had. It cost a decent amount of money but we thought it was worth it. Nope. First time we ever used the stroller (our daughter was 2 weeks old) we went to go trick or treating and when we started walking it started jerking all over the place throwing our newborn around and coffee went everywhere. We had to slow down to gain control of it again. We pushed the button on the wheel to keep in straight to see if it helped, it did BUT we couldn't turn around corners or go over the side walk.

Now it has gotten MUCH worse and even if I walk the slowest possible speed it still bounces all over the place. The cup holders are worthless since we cant put anything in there because it'll fly all over the place. When I called customer service they said there is nothing they can do, So I am stuck with a $300 stroller that smacks my daughters head all around. Thank Baby Trend for a terrible produce with no option of return, help or exchange.

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Reviewed June 7, 2017

I received a Baby Trend City Clicker Travel System Stroller for a baby shower gift. It has the infant carrier and it changes out to a toddler seat. The stroller is a $200.00 stroller so I thought it would last a long time. Within the first time of using this stroller, the front wheels wouldn't swivel and lunged my newborn forward up and out of the carrier. I immediately bought a new (different brand) stroller and contacted Baby Trend. They requested the serial number and model number, receipt, and video of the stroller sticking. I sent in everything including the video and I just got a response back that "due to me not having a receipt they show that the stroller was purchased outside of their warranty and that the stroller wheels may be sticking from the rid in the pin that attaches the wheel" along with instructions on how to clean the wheel.

So now I'm stuck with a stroller that I've used once. It is infuriating that this company sells infant and toddler items and can clearly see that they have a lot of complaints about them and then don't try to rectify the situation. I am unhappy and would not recommend anyone buying anything that is suppose to protect your child from this company.

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Reviewed June 1, 2017

I purchased a jogging stroller for a newborn in March of 2016 paying 179.00 with tax, I used the stroller 5 times and put the stroller in the bed of my truck to drive about 1 hour away. On my way all three tires exploded. I stopped at a tire store to get them fixed and all they could do was put bike tires on the back two wheels. The front wheel could not be fixed because it was one unit that snapped into the base. I called Baby Trend to get a new wheel and they told me to go to Walmart to buy a new wheel. I went to four different Walmart's before they told me that they do not have replacement parts. I called baby trend again and they told me they would ship me a new one. I waited six months and never received it so I called again in November and they said it was on back order and wait another six weeks.

In January I called again and they told me that they would get one straight from the factory and ship it to me. It never came, in February of 2017 I called and they said to send the stroller into them and they would try and find a wheel that would fit and if they couldn't they would send a new stroller, They did send a shipping label but it cost me 30.00 dollars to send it in to them. They emailed me and told me they received the stroller however they said I had to pay them 50.00 dollars to fix the frame because it was bent and unsafe. I know for a fact it was not bent when I sent it and now they will not send my stroller back to me. After over a year of trying to get a replacement wheel that never should have done what it did and being able to get my stroller back I would hope no one ever buys from this company again. They basically stole my money and my stroller.

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Reviewed May 11, 2017

The Baby Trend stroller set up starts with unfolding and then putting the tray down and then it is ready to use. The stroller is easy to use and folds easily and it handles great. The features I liked about the stroller was the size because it was so easy to store and I also liked the durability of it because it was able to take a lot. The features of the stroller that I would improve would be the wheels because the wheels sometimes have trouble turning like they should and I would also improve the handle because it can be pulled off after it has been used a while and the handle is hard and causes your hands to hurt.

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Reviewed May 10, 2017

The Baby Trend stroller had 1 button opening and closing so I had one hand free. It had 180 degree swivel wheels for easier maneuvering through store aisles and through doors and turns and it wasn't very expensive. Very easy folding and unfolding and to handle. It also had storage underneath for a diaper bag, purse, etc. However, I wish it had a screen-like covering so the baby can see out but the bug can't get in. One that pulled down and velcroed to stay in place with the top part of it solid for shading. I just want the viewing area for the baby to see with a zipper flap in the solid top part so I can easily peek in on the baby.

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Reviewed May 9, 2017

I really like the concept of Baby Trend Sit & Stand Deluxe. I could have my infant in their carrier and my big girl would have the option to sit or stand and could hop up quickly when needed. There were definitely things that could be better. If doing over, I would get a jogging stroller. This one was bulky and cumbersome and next to impossible to put in my SUV with two babies in tow. The interchangeable features were also not realistic for storing or being readily available. A stroller needs to be versatile but also easily and quickly managed. I found it more work to get the stroller out and set up than the walk was worth. It was not worth the money. And storage below was very minimal. It folded easy enough in the beginning except you had to remove foot trays but you needed both hand to secure the latch.

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Reviewed May 7, 2017

Baby Trend Sit N' Stand is very easy to set up to get rolling. I like the large storage basket in the bottom. I also like that 2 kids can ride in the stroller with a seat for one and a standing platform, easy on easy off, and a little bench for tired legs. Another plus is the drink carrier tray at the handle. This stroller also folds down easily to a very compact size. However, this stroller is really so cheap. Because the wheels are small, hard plastic, it's hard to provide any decent traction so the stroller is difficult to push on tile surfaces. The small size of the wheels make this stroller an absolute no-go on off-road surfaces such as grass or dirt, and on any surface, the stroller is very difficult to turn while pushing. My shoulders always get a heck of a work out when pushing this stroller as it handles so poorly and is so difficult to maneuver.

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Reviewed May 6, 2017

Baby Trend "Venture Travel System" folds pretty easily, it just sort of collapses flat, and then I just sort of fling it, and it just clicks together. It handles very well because you can keep sun out of their face by changing the handle to the other side. Also, you can snap the car seat right into the stroller when they are infants. And it wasn't very expensive. I like to have more room to store things like a larger basket, or maybe bags that are attached to stroller you could fill with baby's things or grocery's. It should have better shading for the baby and maybe make them water proof, I've been caught in the rain and the stroller was soaked.

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Reviewed May 5, 2017

Our Baby Trend Stroller is a fold n go. The storage is amazing. It very comfortable but a little hectic when we're at Disney trying to commute on the buses and have to fold n go so much. The way it folds up is really odd. For some reason it doesn't want to close completely and tends to pop open too. It handles very well though. It glides so smoothly and the seat can reversed to face me! It looks really nice too. It's pink and totally cute.

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Reviewed May 4, 2017

The Baby Trend expedition is tall, attractive, easy to handle, smooth ride, handles corners, keeps baby out of the sun. It covers non-sidewalk terrains, has a tray and cup holders but coffee spills when I hit a bump. . However, it's heavy to store, doesn't fit in trunk easily, and takes up space. Husband skeptic about its utility, hard to bring baby to an upright position, has small parts that I could never figure out where they fit, fear other parents will judge me for getting a lower end stroller, worried daughter will grow too tall for it before she outgrows need for stroller.

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Reviewed April 29, 2017

It's excellent! Best stroller ever! Baby Trend Range is a 3 wheeled jogging stroller so it rides very smooth even at brisker speeds. It also came in a set with an infant car seat that clips right onto the stroller for when the baby is little still. That was a extremely handy feature to have as well. The only thing I wish was improved was the seat position. It's always in a slightly reclining position and I would have liked it to sit up a little straighter. But it handles very smoothly. When it's folded up all you do is grab the handle and pull up so that you are literally pulling up on the whole stroller and it unfolds easily and snaps into place. To fold it back up, there are two orange handles on each side of the stroller right under the main handlebar. You simply grab them both at the same time and pull them in towards you and the stroller folds up in half all by itself. Very simple and I love it.

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Reviewed April 28, 2017

I love how the Baby Trend expedition jogger car seat hooks into the stroller. It's designed for jogging and handles well while in motion. I also like the look and style of the stroller. However, I do not like how heavy it is. Also, it is cumbersome to try to fold up and lift it into my vehicle. If I could, I would design it to be lighter, and more easily handled by women. I would design it to fold out quickly and smoothly too. It does fold easily. However, it does take time to set up and use. I've seen similar strollers that perform better and are lighter. But once the stroller is opened, it is easy to push and go jogging with. The child is also safe and secure in the stroller with a five point harness.

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Reviewed April 27, 2017

The Baby Trend stroller folded easily, but it was not quite as compact as I like. It takes up quite a bit of space in my vehicle. However, it handles well, easily making turns. It isn't too wide like most double jogging strollers. I like that it has a double jogging stroller with a locking swivel front wheel. Both seat backs could almost completely recline when needed and sun shades were adjustable and large. There was nothing in particular I disliked, aside from the front tray system. It was a little difficult to open and remove in order to put the child in the seat.

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Reviewed April 26, 2017

Baby Trend has plenty of features that are liked highly about the stroller. Firstly, that fact that the stroller has wheels that are easily accessible to move on most terrains. For example, going on walks and to the zoo. Has nice pockets and plenty of room in them. Next, it is roomy and comfortable for child to sit in and ride. Lastly, the stroller has a great price and good bang for the buck. The ability to be used for mainly any purpose it is needed to be used for. It can also be really trendy. It is extremely easy to use in under 3 steps; easy access one button to push & unlock it then next push to fold it. The company knows how to market to their customers.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2017

I bought this city clicker travel system 2 months after having my son and 3 months later the wheels started getting stuck. And then I noticed the basket was ripping and I never put anything heavy so not sure why. Then I noticed the screw holding the basket up always falling off. It hasn't been a year and now the bassinet has completely broke. I am so upset, I don't have the money to purchase a new stroller. So I don't know what to do. Don't purchase this travel system.

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Reviewed Nov. 9, 2016

So upset about the product. Bought this stroller for my 4 month old at Target about 3 months ago. For a fair price you would expect it to be safe for baby, but it's NOT! The front wheel wobbles and causes entire stroller to SHAKE VIOLENTLY. I'm very shocked at how unsafe this product is, and can't believe they're still selling this product.

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2016

I myself and few others have all experienced stroller unlocking once in place causing the stroller to collapse; with baby in it! After strolling around for an hour all of a sudden my handle fell down while pushing. I had to pull up on the handlebars and relock into place. My baby was in the infant carrier attached to the stroller - luckily she was safe and okay. This happens regularly and worried my baby would get injured so I had to stop using the stroller. Also the steering on the stroller has worsened over time. Very sad because this is a very nice looking stroller and super cute. But of course baby safety is number 1 in this thing. Needs to go ASAP back to the manufacture and be recalled!!

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Reviewed June 15, 2016

On June 14 yesterday my son stroller handle broke in half on the end caps. I was going up two stairs when it cracked in half. I had nothing Heavy at the bottom nor is my son that heavy. When I called Baby Trend about the situation I was asked to send a pic and was told by a customer service agent that they will see what they can do about repairing it. When I didn't get a call back, I called the next day and got a female who told me that there was nothing to do and that was my fault it broke that way.

I was confuse cause how am I suppose to bring my child up two stairs? Then she told me I put pressure on the bars and the stroller only hold for pushing. I'm little confuse because it's a jogger stroller and I'm suppose to go up and down curbs with no problems nor stairs. I got no help and they were very rude and was no help. I will never buy another stroller or any product from this company ever again. The stroller was poorly made and they know this along with the wobbly wheel in the front. I don't want them to get away with this.

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Reviewed May 18, 2016

There are 6 wheels on my baby trend stroller - 2 on each side in front and 1 on each side in back. One of the bolts came off one of the rear wheels so the wheel fell off. Totally unacceptable and they want to charge $9.50 to replace. Called in and spent 30 min on hold.

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Reviewed April 19, 2016

We purchased this jogging stroller travel system specifically for Baby Trend's name and good reputation. Boy was this a mistake! The mesh material on the cargo area tore immediately. The front wheel kept falling off and the locking device broke off, less than a year old and spa tactic use because we baby wear, and now it's difficult to fold up and get to "lock" into place when it's open. Overall extremely disappointed.

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Reviewed April 15, 2016

My husband and I bought this stroller for a fair price. I would have paid more had known it was so dangerous. We used it just a handful of times before the front wheel started shaking (a lot!). We would constantly tighten the bolt to stabilize the wheel. Used it for 6 months, no more than once a week, before the wheel snapped off, that is while crossing the street downtown Montreal. Luckily my daughter was unharmed, but it was quite a scare. Called customer service to get this product exchanged for something "safer"... The only thing they offered was new hardware replacement. The life of a child is precious and they simply do not care.

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Reviewed April 14, 2016

My baby was in the bassinet part of the Baby Trend Pack n Play. She rolled from her back to stomach and the mattress part shifted pinning her where she could not get up or get her head up to breath. I notified Baby Trend because a lot of recalls for this issue have been made but I was told even though my baby meets all size requirement she is over the age requirements therefore they will no longer discuss the matter with me. This could have been tragic if I was not awake and observed this happening.

I told them all I wanted was the recalled parts if they had them and I was told due to her age they were not going to do anything about it. Obviously other issues had occurred already because the first question that she asked me was my baby seriously injured or require hospital attention. Buyer beware, Baby Trend does not stand behind their products. I would not rate the product at all if I could.

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Reviewed March 12, 2016

My husband and I bought a Baby Trend Velocity stroller before my son was born. We used it maybe 5 times on an indoor track and moved to the city and decided to go for a walk and use our NEW stroller. First off, the stroller shakes uncontrollably if I go more than a snail pace; I had fear of my baby boy who is 3 months old getting shaken baby syndrome!! We put air in tire and tried to tighten bolts and nothing worked. While on our walk, we were mid intersection when the entire stroller snaps in half and collapses in on itself! My son almost hit the pavement! We were so shocked, our poor son was screaming as we unstrapped him and took him out of the seat! We then dragged our busted stroller out of a busy Ottawa intersection!! It was horrifying!

Don't buy baby trend!! What a pile of junk! I am going to call a lawyer tomorrow morning! My husband got whacked in the shin and my poor son probably has some whip lash or shaken baby syndrome. He randomly wakes up crying now and whimpering!! So upset... save your money - save your child... Don't buy this brand.

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Reviewed March 5, 2016

Walking with baby down a hill and front tire locked up causing the stroller to tip over. Thank god baby was strapped in and unhurt but I can't say the same for me. I scrapped my hands, knees, chipped my teeth and my back is really sore. At closer inspection the front tire mount welds gave out causing tire to rub against plastic, seizing tire.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2015

I bought this Baby trend Range Travel System - Millennium from Walmart, within 2 months the front wheel started shaking and then the cup holder tray came out and start making squeaking noise while using. We live on hill and one day after jog I push the brakes and went to open the door and when I turn the stroller was going backwards, I run to catch the stroller but was too late and my baby was on floor. I just thanks to God that there was no cars on the street cause usually it's busy in evening time. Very risky to use on downhills since hard to stop and doesn't work on turns properly. It's just sitting in the basement from months.

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Reviewed Oct. 17, 2015

I had the bouncer with the lambs. I had my three month old in it when I noticed blood on her heel. This was 10/13/15. I took pictures and contacted the company. They requested the item back to inspect it. I imagine the injury was caused by the plastic part that holds the batteries. Waiting to find out if there will be a recall. Never putting my daughter in another Baby Trend bouncer.

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Reviewed Oct. 12, 2015

I would give this stroller five stars since I love everything about it, other than the wobbly front wheel that is! I purchased the stroller knowing that the wheel would wobble but I had already found a fix online so I was confident I would be able to fix it, and I did! I chose this stroller for the large inflatable wheels, parent and child trays, large storage basket, and for the smooth ride and of course the price. I didn't want to pay over $500 for a stroller! So look online for the fix if you need to. The company really needs to fix the issue with the front wheel... Most people return these strollers so I don't know why they keep making them? But once you fix that wobble the stroller is fantastic!

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2015

When I first got the stroller I got it for my son who passed away at 4 months old so I decided to save it for another child that I would have. I then set it up. There was something wrong with the wheel. The wheel was pushing out and it would wobble. It felt like the wheel was about to come off. I kept using the stroller for a couple months. I would put it in my car, take it to my doctor's visit, use the stroller. I couldn't carry my son is due to the fact that I have a bad back.

Then one day I took the stroller out to check my mail, try to come down from the sidewalk and the stroller collapse with my son in it. I noticed that it stayed in the collapsed position so I looked over the stroller and notice that the handle had been melted so I decided to not use the stroller again and find the time to contact Baby Trends but at the time I was moving so it took me a little bit of time to get in touch with them. I looked up their contact number on the web.

I then called them discussed the problem I was having with the stroller and that I had bought the stroller about 2 years ago. I explained that my son had passed away so I wasn't able to use this until my next child came along. They told me that I was no longer under warranty. It was past the year and that they would only as good service repair the stroller but I would have to pay to ship it to them. I am a single mother I had already spent $180.00 on the stroller. I feel like Baby Trend was not treating me fairly and I'm highly upset because when I asked to speak to the manager the manager gave me a fake email to send pictures to see if there was anything further she could do for me. I believe they have the worst product and customer service values.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2015

My 3 month old baby started screaming while in her bouncer and I noticed she had blood on her and the heel of her feet was bleeding because of the hard plastic box that's under their feet. And like most 3 month olds she loves to kick but they put the hard box in a bad spot and I would not buy again because my baby is in pain and no parent want to see their babies hurt.

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Reviewed Aug. 31, 2015

I received my Baby Trend Expedition stroller as a present. My baby is 4 months old and I decided to start using my stroller to try and get back in shape! My first use of the stroller I was walking a bit slow due to recovery time and I noticed that the front wheel shook. When I crossed the street at the cross walk, I walked a bit faster and the stroller shook so violently that I lifted the front wheels and crossed the street. I was so afraid that my baby was being shaken like that. I am trying presently to contact the company and would keep you posted on any progress being made. Presently I have stopped using the stroller due to the violent shaking.

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