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I bought the new natural flow 8 oz. Avent Bottle and was very dissatisfied with the outcome. It leaked horribly on my 3-week old son - leaked so fast that it choked my baby. I was very upset I returned it and never will buy another one!

I am a mother to a 12-year-old and a 9-week-old and with both my children I only used glass bottles. With my oldest I used Gerber's glass bottles and with my new little one I am using Avent. Yesterday however the glass completely separated itself from the rest of the bottle. I warmed a bowl with water in the microwave for 1 minute, I took the bowl out sat it on the counter and placed a room temperature bottle in the bowl. Seconds later the bottom of the bottle completely broke off which I realized as soon as I lifted the bottle out the bowl. I called Philips Avent to explain what happened and that I owned 12 glass bottles and wanted to replace them all with plastic as I feel that their glass products are not safe. I was offered a 15% off coupon to use on their site and 2 free plastic replacements.

Personally I am disappointed as I have proof of purchase of 12 bottles that I'd gladly return for a product I feel safer with. Instead I was offered to become a reward member so I can receive emails and coupons and told I could purchase more products however they won't replace what I already own. This is clearly a manufacturer defect and I should not have to suffer the financial cost of replacing bottles that I don't trust due to the manufacturing of the bottle. The glass breaking is the final straw for me using this product, since we've started using the bottles we have had issues with the lid leaking. I mentioned this and was told we are overtightening the bottle. However I ensure that the bottles are not overtightened. I would never recommend this brand to anyone.

Baby bottles have become a necessity since I became a mom. I've been using AVENT baby bottles since 2013, and so far, I'm a happy camper, and I'll continue to use this brand if need be. One of the reasons I considered AVENT is it being BPA-free. I want to give the best to my children, and I'm afraid to expose them to any hazardous elements, so even though AVENT is an expensive brand, I went with it. An AVENT bottle lasts long, and it just takes proper care and handling for them to last even longer. For sterilization, we can use an AVENT sterilizer or any other cheaper brands, so the bottles and parts will not be damaged. Sometimes, mothers use pot sterilization that somehow destroys the bottles (based on my and some of my mom-friends' previous experiences). The bottles I sterilized in pots have worn out labels after a few cleaning, but perhaps, that is because I have forgotten to set a proper timer for it.

The ones I have after are already properly managed, at least in my book. I still have some of the old ones (I just don't know where to put them so I kept them or maybe I'm just clingy to my baby things...haha...) as shown in the pictures, though I don't use them anymore since it is highly recommended for parents to change bottles every now and then. After all, they're still plastic...and plastic is plastic.

AVENT bottles are wide enough that they're easy to clean and fill. It doesn't give me a hard time. I don't know why, but they're also easy to hold (at least for my babies). The naturally shaped nipples are also wide so it ensures easy latch on. There are also different flow rates for moms to choose from. I have used different AVENT nipples depending on the need of my babies. I like that they have different styles and colors to choose from. It is somehow catchy for babies (as shown in the pictures again). Lastly, I like how they come in gift sets or packages - it is a good additional stuff to give to friends or family who are moms-to-be.

As a mother of 7 children I was excited to use the Avent bottle brand for my newborn baby. I purchased the 3 pack 4oz bottles. Much to my dismay all 3 bottles leaked formula on my baby when I fed her.

My baby has been using Avent feeding bottles (classic for first 3 months then natural since then). The markers/labels printed on the natural bottles are starting to be removed when in fact, the bottles have no 1 year yet. And the nipples cracked easily so I had to change nipples every two months. Also, the colors of the bottles are no longer clear.

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I used Avent bottles on both my kids that are now 13 and 10 and loved them. I now have a newborn and trusted Avent once again. Only this time I was extremely disappointed. I have probably close to $1000 invested in Avent from bottles, nipples, bottle warmer, sterilizer, pacifiers, and more. I have had nothing but problems with the bottle leaking all over my baby. She also seems to get air bubbles which Avent claims won't happen. Not sure what happened over the years but I'm out lots of money and totally disappointed. I will no longer recommend Avent as I have been for over 13 years.

I am so disappointed with Avent's Natural Baby bottle. I am from the Philippines and I have a 1 year and 10 months old baby. Ever since he was born we are using the Avent classic baby bottles. And when the Natural baby bottles came out we were excited to try them with our baby. My husband (who is working in Saudi Arabia) bought 9 bottles of Avent Natural baby bottles. But to our dismay, every time my baby is drinking his milk thru it, there is a lot if milk leaking. Tried changing the nipples to new ones but still there's leakage.. We are requesting for a recall of this product. Such a waste of money. The price is not worth the product.

Avent natural 4 oz bottles are expensive but useless bottles that leak. I am so frustrated trying to feed newborn twins with bottles that leak. It gets all over my babies, their clothes, my hands and my clothes, my furniture and carpet. I don't know how much wasted precious breast milk has been lost because of these poorly made bottles. How hard is it to make a milk bottle that doesn't leak and to charge so much for this terrible product! It's already hard enough to constantly feed your babies without the leaking. By the time l clean up the mess, top up the milk that's been leaked out, my babies are upset, screaming and unwilling to feed. My husband and I are so frustrated and hate these bottles so much!

The bottles are expensive but yet they leak no matter how tight the cap is.

I will never buy another Philips Baby product. They are poorly designed junk that are uncomfortable for parents and infants alike. We purchase ten 9-ounce bottles for our 8-week old son. After a month, I'm putting them all in the garbage. They leak during every feeding no matter how carefully you follow the instructions and care for them. There are too many parts and too many failure points. The result is that the bottle leaks with about 30% of the movements. That means every single feeding has resulted in formula on my son, formula on me, formula on my furniture, and/or formula on the carpet. The investment clearly went into the look and marketing without asking some basic questions like: will it leak, and is an adapter ring suited to an infant's dynamic feeding. Don't waste your money - buy something with fewer moving parts.

Purchase 10 bottles and they leak! Out of my money, time, my baby clothes are stain, she got a rash from the milk, and I have to purchase new bottles. This product do not belong in the baby aisle - please recall!

This is a pricey item. Happy with the glass bottle, if it would actually hold liquid while in use. Share the data. Do not buy this product or any other Phillips product until they address this issue with a recall! Only parents can make this happen! Obviously they are aware of this problem!

After a couple of months they leak causing the milk come out so fast, baby chokes.

Having my second baby I've decided to use Avent again. Last night I've sterilized my bottles as always and to my horror I've discovered that the new Avent bottles fittings have melted! Please explain! I really don't want to show this picture on FB.

It seems to me that majority of AVENT bottles leak no matter how well the cap is on. It saturates my son's clothes and it goes everywhere. I have been through at least 14 bottles and they are not cheap.

I also had a leaking bottle and was not impressed as I was losing precious expressed milk! I contacted Avent through their website chat and left my phone number. They called back within the hour and are now sending me a replacement bottle. I just have to return my leaking bottle in a prepaid envelope. Although I believe it is time they recalled these bottles, I'm happy to try a replacement for now.

I bought this product, because I really thought it got a great review on how well the product was, and it was easy for all babies with colic or no colic. But this is the worst product that I have ever used. It spilled all over my baby's clothes. He could have gotten an ear infection with the amount that got on him. He has already had enough ear infection, so this just made it worse. I was so angry. Not only did I try it once, but 3 times. Then I just got more angrier. His screamed for it seemed like forever, and I will never buy this product or recommend it to anyone. I spent a lot of money. I have about 6 bottles, and they are not cheap.

My husband changed my baby’s teats because we got different milk and it’s thicker. So we had 3 months ones so that means it should have 3 holes and have 3 written on teats but when I went to sort a bottle for her, we only had 2 teats that where right out of 3 packets. We’re really not happy as they not cheap and we have to go and buy more now.

I bought a set of AVENT baby bottles and they leak. I can't exchange them because I have already used them. I tried contacting them, but to no avail. The product they advertise is simply faulty. The leaky bottles pose a danger to the baby. When the bottle leaks, the liquid, which in my case is baby formula, spills on the baby clothes. But more alarming is the fact that if the baby formula gets into the baby's ears, it can cause an ear infection. I believe that the company needs to recall this product.

I bought baby Avent Bottles for my son which I had June this year (9oz) and when I've put them to sterilize and come to make a bottle. They are leaking! This is a hazard. What would I have done if I was to give the bottle to my little boy without noticing the leak? I am not happy about this at all, I bought 6 and 4 as gone in the bin!

I've been advised by close family members and friends to complain to the news papers to put across that the bottles leak. I haven't done that yet as I wanted to see what happen and how my complaint is dealt with first. Thanks for your time.

I am so unhappy with Philips Avent. I had an issue with a cracked and leaky bottle. I contacted their customer service online and after 2 weeks with no answer, I called their information line and the only language available was German (Switzerland has 2 other official languages, French and Italian). I even offered to speak in English and was told to return my bottle where I bought it. I don't have the receipt anymore and it can't be exchanged. I wrote on their Facebook page on Monday requesting help and still no response. So very disappointed in their service.

I purchased Avent Bottles and it was very expensive. I thought it was such a good product since it is expensive but the baby bottles always leaks all the time and it is frustrating because whenever my baby tries to drink from the bottle it always leaks no matter how I adjusted the ring. Replacing the rings or the nipple doesn't help. I have bought much cheaper baby bottles than this one and it never leaks. I have read a lot of bad comments about this and It was a relief because I thought I did something wrong. I was always making sure I tighten the ring of the bottle but still the same.

My son always ended up getting his clothes wet because of the milk spilling all over him.. It is very frustrating.. Assembling a baby bottle shouldn't be that hard. For the moms out there who are looking for baby bottles, do not buy Avent. They sell these faulty products and you end up with a messy leaky faulty products. They should be ashamed for charging so much for such a product and it's not even good at all. And to think this money we spent on baby bottles is for our children!

I purchased the Avent bottle system which included several bottles (4 and 9 oz.), nipples, microwave sanitizer, bottle brush, and bottle warmer. I also purchased extra nipples for different stages and a few more 4 oz. and 9 oz, bottles, breast pump and breast milk storage containers. The 4 oz. bottles started leaking around where the nipple is seated on the bottle, so the milk would pour out from under the ring. This happened with several different nipples. It also have problems with the storage containers; the lids do not seat properly on the container so before warming, we would shake it and milk would go everywhere unless you hold the lid down tight. When we did that, you can see the lid had a spongy-like effect because the threading did not fit together properly.

I called the Avent Customer Service the first time and this girl talked to me like I'm an idiot. She talked me through assembling a bottle! The end result was that before we fasten the ring with the nipple, we had to make sure that the inside of the nipple and ring were wet to form a better seal. That only worked a few times; we still had leaks.

I called again, this time asking for at least a partial refund because we had to completely switch to a different brand. She refused and wanted to talk through assembling the bottle again but no thanks, I did that before. She explained that we were not tightening the ring enough but we were, then it was because we were tightening it too tight and then the bottles will leak because of the formula we were using. We used breast milk, powder, and liquid. So nice try but their product sucks. Then, it was due to the fact that we didn't mix the powder in the bottle and then, it was because of the dish soap we used; we used both antibacterial dish soap and a non antibacterial.

I spoke with her supervisor and the end result was that they could send me storage lids for the bottles to compensate for my troubles. What the hell is that going to do for the leaking bottles and the more than $250 I throw away on their product?

We use Gerber Nuk and we should have from the beginning. They are very reliable and great for storing and travelling. I spent over $250 on a crap. It was a horrible product and I will tell everyone not to purchase them.

I purchased 12 Avent bottles. They all leak. I contacted the company to get replacement bottles and I was told by a representative that they have a new bottle out not in stores and they would be shipping them out. I only received 4. I called back to complain that the new bottles still leak and I was told there is no new bottle out. I still have 12 bottles that leak and the company is doing nothing about it. These bottles retail for $10 a bottle.

AVENT is replacing their baby bottles because they are leaking. I sent them all my bottles including the small 4oz ones. They only replaced the 9oz bottles and told me they were not replacing the little ones because the baby will eventually outgrow the small ones. I bought those and I wanted the same ones replaced. Who are they to tell me what size bottle to feed my baby with if I still was using the small ones. How is it my fault that they produced faulty bottles??? I called Customer Service to explain my concerns and they hung up on me twice while I was still talking and refused to put a Supervisor on the phone for me. They were very rude and disrespectful!!!

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