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Our construction company purchased tires for several of our fleet vehicles 2-3 months ago and due to the business we are in, we purchased the warranty/road hazard for 6 tires (on 2 different vehicles). We recently had a flat on the Houston Freeway and had to purchase a new tire from Discount Tire to get the vehicle back on the road. I took the flat back to the Tiremax location in the Woodlands (it is changing to a Pep Boys). I then went to another location in Spring and was told that although they are still Tiremax, they are no longer affiliated with Tiremax corporation and my warranty will no longer be honored since Tiremax filed for bankruptcy. I will be contacting my credit card company and the BBB to see if there is any recourse. But based on the other comments on this (and other) sites, I have a feeling this was standard practice at this company.

I paid for 2 tires over the phone through the Conroe location. At the time of my purchase, my car was in the shop. They charged my credit card for the tires and told me that when I got my car back from the shop, to bring it in and they would put the purchased tires on. Well as life happens and unexpected things come up, I was unable to make it to the location for about 3 weeks or so. After I got my car from the shop, I pulled up on Sunday to find that the doors were locked and there was a notice on the door. I spoke with another independent Tiremax location and was told that several locations were being locked out due to nonpayment of rent, taxes, etc.

I paid for tires and never received them. I filed a complaint with the BBB and they were unable to get in contact with anyone. Their website is under construction, their phone just rings and rings and rings. I will never pay for things like this over the phone again, lesson learned. So now I will have to fight with my bank to see if they will refund me the money.

We asked to purchase road hazard on two tires. When we were shopping around, they had the best price and said road hazard was included in the price. One month after purchasing the tires, we had a blowout on the sidewall. When we went to get a new tire, they said we never purchased road hazard. I called corporate and was told someone would call me back within 24 to 48 hours. Over a week later, I called back and had to beg to have someone call me back. The person that did said there was nothing they would do. I offered to pay for the road hazard since it was never applied to my bill the first time (even though we were under the impression we had it) and pay for it on the third tire as well. He said he would not do that. I then said I would start using Discount Tire again, contact the BBB as well as make sure others knew about the bad experience I had there. He then told me what my address was, which honestly scared me a bit. I will never use Tiremax again because of this ordeal.

I went to the Tiremax in Liberty, Texas. When I arrived, the man was standing out front in the parking lot talking. I went inside and waited. After ten minutes of waiting, I left. No one asked if I needed anything or even acknowledged I was even there. I was there to buy 4 new tires. Oh well, I went to Wal-Mart which I hate. But I needed 600.00 dollars worth of Goodyear tires. Thanks for nothing, Liberty Tiremax.

On 12/31/2011, I was on my way out of town and wouldn't you know I had tire problems. I visited the Tiremax in Conroe and I have never been treated any better by an tire store ever! The manager there was so very helpful and knowledgeable about the tire products. I was so in a hurry to get out of town of course and these guys had me in and out within 50 minutes. Now, that is service. Also the prices were very reasonable so I went ahead and replaced all four of my tires. Now, I feel very safe on the road again. Thanks, Tiremax. You guys rock!

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I have used Tiremax services for years! I have never had any issue with product, maintenance, customer service, etc. I highly recommend using Tiremax before choosing any other tire retailer! The staff has always been pleasant, the service has always been performed with skill and I couldn't be any more pleased. Thank you Tiremax!

I went to buy a new tire from Tiremax and after 4 days, it started to lose air from the little nipple. So I took it back so they could fix it. When they changed it, they sat the rim upside down and scratched it all up. They tried to tell me that it was from hitting the curbs, and I had just cleaned and knew that most of the scratches weren't on there. He could've at least tried to apologize or offer me a discount on my next purchase, but he didn't not. So I just left. I just think that they need equipment to change a rim and not mess it up, because the time it takes costs too ** much. Thank you.

I recently purchased tires from the Tiremax location in Conroe, Texas and was very pleased with the service that I received. Not only did I save over $300.00 on my set of tires due to their buy 2 get 2 free sales, but I also left knowing that I would be a lifelong customer. They even called me 4 months later to remind me when my tires were due for a rotation! Talk about great customer service!

I had a great experience with TIREMAX. I heard a radio advertisement for a "Buy 2 Get 2 Free" tire promotion that TIREMAX was having so I went to the location that was closest to me, which was the Conroe location. I had no problems with the store. The employees were very nice and helpful. I was in and out of the store in less than half an hour. I would recommend TIREMAX to anyone.

On Friday October 15th, I heard a radio advertisement for a "Buy 2 Get 2 Free" tire promotion that Tiremaxx was having for October 14, 2010 through October 16, 2010. This event was basically an inventory clearance event where extra inventory based on tire size were being offered. My complaint with Tiremaxx is, they not only increased the retail price of the tire for the event, but went even further by charging a bogus "Manufacturing Fee" that is listed as a Free Replacement Certificate" on the invoice.

The Tiremaxx store in Spring, TX, where I went for service had 2 or 3 signs posted on their lawn advertising the "BUY 2 GET 2 Free" sale. I spoke with a service person about the sale and he provided me with 3 tires to choose from. Since I am not a tire expert, I called a friend from MA who has been a Tire Barn store manager for the last 20 years. He recommended the Bridgestone Insignia and asked how much they were charging for the tire. I had told him $128.91 and he said the normal price for that tire is just under $100.

I shared the details of my conversation with the service person and he replied, "WelI, I don't know where he's getting them for that price but I'll take some at that price." Since I was lured 45 minutes from home to take advantage of this tire promotion and I was in dire need of tires, I went along with the purchase, thinking that I was still going to receive a good discount anyway. He had me pay for the tires and service first, which I thought was highly unusual.

While I was waiting for my car to be serviced, I reviewed the invoice and noticed a "Free Replacement Certificate" charge for $87.66. Not having been informed of this charge ahead of time, I inquired with him and he told me it was a fee due to the replacement for the tires in case of a failure. I told him I wasn't interested in what I deemed to be insurance. It's my right to refuse insurance.

He then replied, "Oh! I probably should have told you about this first but it's mandatory with the BUY 2 GET 2 free sale." This seemed very unusual and when pressed further, he indicated it was a "Manufacturer Fee" that he couldn't do anything about.

I asked for the telephone number of the manufacturer and was not given Bridgestone's number, but the number to Tiremaxx's general corporate number where my call went straight to voicemail. I called my friend again and asked if he had ever heard of this type of "Manufacturer Fee" and if it was standard practice. He said he is familiar with all the top manufacturers' fee structures and has never heard of it.

When I returned home, I went to the Tiremaxx's website to find out the same tire I was just charged $128.91 is available for $93.82. I called the Spring, TX location where my car was serviced and, without identifying myself, inquired on the price for the same tire I had just purchased. I was quoted $98. I asked if I could speak with ** and the man said, "This is He."

When I confronted him about the price discrepancy between their normal price for the tire and the price for the "Buy 2 Get 2 Free" promotion, he said the $128.91 price includes tire, balance and mounting and value stem fees along with other fees.

I told him he already charged me separately for those fees so basically, I was being double charged for that service. He then tried to come up with more excuses but ultimately said he couldn't do anything.

I was charged $59.96 for the mount and balance, which he said was included in the higher tire price. Curiously, the Free Replacement Certificate of $87.66, Tire Disposal charge of $11.96, Shop Supplies Fee (whatever that is) of $6.50 and Valve Stem charge of $11.96 are "After Tax Charges?"

This store should not only be investigated for false advertising and misleading consumers, but their accounting practices should be scrutinized as well. The extra charges when added up conveniently amount to around the wholesale price of two tires.

I'm now a former customer. After purchasing no less than 10 sets of tires from them, I've had it with their poor service. The President of the Company gave me a personal invitation to visit just before the store's initial opening. Things went well for a year or so. Then the Corporate scenario kicked in. Service has been at a constant withdrawal, huge personnel turnover, etc. Don't even consider going back for flat repair, tire rotation or other services. You'll encounter a major delay in your schedule.

Excuses after excuses always seem to arise. This machine is broken or that machine is broken, this guy or that guy didn't show up today. Same old stories every time. I purchased my last set of tires approx 30 days ago, yesterday I encountered a nail in my tire. Computer system on vehicle said Check Pressure in Right-Front Tire. I checked it 3 different times to no avail. I was near Tiremax's competitor so I pulled in.

Come to find out during my tire inspections the opposite tire was almost flat (left rear). They conveniently adjusted all my tires pressure without charge. A couple hours later I was near Tiremax in Conroe where tires were purchased. I pulled in for a tire repair and requested they adjust my sensors since they failed to do so at time of new tire purchase. Conveniently, their tool is broken. I drove to woodlands location, their tool is broken also.

I phoned Tiremax Corporate, customer service representative was very untrained, left message for Franco V.P. to call me. Probably won't. These and many other horror stories are why I'll never step foot in another Tiremax store! You shouldn't either, unless you enjoy unprofessional and mental anguish with no service after the sale!

I previously filed a complaint on Tiremax in May of this year. They have since rectified the situation and I am very pleased with how their district manager handled the situation. I would like to withdraw the complaint I made in May. Please let me know how to go about getting my complaint removed. Thank you.

Our attorneys contacted you about the K complaint against Tiremax. This was settlement and this post was to be removed via the legal settlement. You had it removed due to litigation but now you once again have it posted. I am unsure why you would allow this to be posted again when the customer demanded it be removed. What do you need to permanently remove this? We hate to cause more problems for this lady because of you.

The tire rotation technician broke tire sensor. John said it happens all the time and will order from Chevy dealer and pick up today & I can come by this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Approx 15 min after I left, I noticed the invoice did not mention the damage at all or that it would be ordered at no expense to me. I called, John said he is not shady or scamming me, that he is actually on his way to pick up part along with some tires. I told him I really want something in writing and signed on my invoice. He said invoice already printed but if I insist I can come in but he won't be there, to ask for Jacob or Michael. Michael wrote & signed invoice. I never heard from John.

On 8/28/10 at 8:45 Jacob answered when I called. He said John was not in, he was on his way back to, with the tires he does not know about sensor and will have him call me. John never called. At 9:09 I called, John said part was not in yesterday, he will pick it up today. I asked him when and he said shortly. I said what does that mean? He said to give it 1 hr; I told him I will see you then. I waited 2 hr before going; John was not in and Jacob said he went to pick up sensor. At 1:39, John called and said the parts dept at Chevy dealer was closed on Saturdays; he said all the other dealerships parts dept are open on Saturday. He said it will be Monday before he can get the sensor. He went on to tell me he is sorry I have selective hearing which of course upset me. I don't like being lied to; I want someone else to help me. They said he is the only one with corporate card as he is the supervisor. I'm stressed, upset, cannot work because auto book says do not drive with light indicator on.

About 3 weeks ago, I purchased a new tire. I did not buy the warranty. However, you expect a tire to last longer than three weeks before going bad. You would think they would care more about customer relations than to say if you didn't buy the warranty at an additional $103 they did not care if it went bad before it got out of the parking lot. This comes from the regional manager. Even though I put tires on six different cars at that store, even though I did not buy the warranty, it is still wrong. I will never deal with this establishment again. They even said they would not have honored the warranty anyway because my wife had the flat at night and instead of stopping, she slowly drove to a safe place before she stopped. Not Tiremax problem. This I do not understand why you would put a tire in front of life safety. I would not recommend Tiremax to anyone. Will have to go to another tire dealer to purchase a tire to replace defective tire sold to me by Tiremax.

My husband purchased new custom rims and tires for my car in early February and put it on our credit card. It was over $2,400. We were told it would take 3-4 weeks to get them. We had still not received them by mid March. We were told, they could get us some similar rims in 1 week but my husband and I looked at the picture of the other rims and agreed we didn't care for them as much so we would continue to wait... at this time we also decided to get my husband new tires from Tiremax and we spent $1,600 on his. In mid April, we called and were told that the distributed of the rim we were wanting had lied to Tiremax and could not even get the rim anymore.

At this point, I was very frustrated and asked for our money back. My husband was told the district manager would call him and get his credit card number to get him the refund. No one ever called. When we called back, we were then told that they needed to order us a refund check. After waiting another week and half, I called to see where this refund check was and they told me she hadn't even issued it! But she might on Friday or Monday! Might? It has been over a week since I was told that and when I called up there, they said the check was mailed on a Wednesday from Houston and 5 days later still had not received it? The manager even went so far as to tell me he would put it back on my credit card on Monday, if it had still not arrived, which should've been done from the start and when I call at 5:00 on Monday and they still don't have it they want me to wait one more day! I'm disgusted by this business! I work in sales and would never treat a customer this way! I paid over $2,400 for a product I never received and now I can't even get them to just give me my money back easily. Please help me get my money back it's been over 3 months!

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