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ConsumerAffairs Business Partner Code of Conduct

As an important consumer resource for the latest business reviews, ratings, news, and buyer guides, ConsumerAffairs is committed to high ethical standards for business conduct. We expect our Business Partners to apply these standards to ensure they share our commitment to principled consumer service.

For the purposes of this Code, “Business Partners” refers to Authorized Partners, suppliers that contract to provide ConsumerAffairs with any product or service, and other organizations that contract with ConsumerAffairs to accomplish its goal of providing honest and accurate information to consumers.

ConsumerAffairs expects Business Partners to comply with this Code as they conduct their business and interact with customers both on and off the ConsumerAffairs website.

Respect the ConsumerAffairs Brand

Although Business Partners are independent business entities, their actions may impact ConsumerAffairs and the consumers who rely on ConsumerAffairs’ reviews and information. Business Partners should be familiar with this Code and monitor their compliance through their own internal processes.

Assure Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Business Partners will conduct their business activities in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and licensing requirements in all jurisdictions in which they operate. Business Partners will not make any offer of payment, consideration, or benefit of any kind that constitutes an illegal or corrupt practice as an inducement or reward for entering into a contract, in connection with the provision of any goods or services, or in an attempt to influence reviews of their goods or services.

Advertise Honestly

Business Partners that advertise any relationship with ConsumerAffairs will ensure that all related advertising, marketing, and solicitations comply in all respects with ConsumerAffairs’ policies, this Code, and all laws, regulations, and guides relating to advertising, solicitations, endorsements, and disclosures.

Be Transparent

Business Partners that have a financial relationship with ConsumerAffairs will disclose that relationship to consumers in a clear and conspicuous manner, including whether any compensation is paid for referrals of business or services.

Protect Privacy and Data

Business Partners will ensure the security and confidentiality of business and consumer information entrusted to ConsumerAffairs, and use best practices to protect all data about consumers provided by ConsumerAffairs including, but not limited to, consumer personally identifiable information. Business Partners will maintain clear policies, practices, and procedures required by all applicable laws in every jurisdiction where they do business in order to prevent improper disclosure of consumer information.

Exemplify Integrity and Fairness

Business Partners should demonstrate commitment to ethical practices in their business conduct. Business Partners will comply with all ConsumerAffairs policies relevant to their relationship with ConsumerAffairs.

ConsumerAffairs expects Business Partners to treat its employees with the same fairness and respect as ConsumerAffairs treats its customers. It will follow all applicable wage, benefit, child labor, workplace discrimination, and labor laws. It will not offer consumers or third parties anything of value to influence a review or testimonial. If it provides incentives for consumers to write reviews, it will inform consumers of the obligation to disclose all incentives received.

ConsumerAffairs depends on the trust and confidence of businesses and consumers; therefore Business Partners will avoid all activities that create the appearance of impropriety, or an actual or perceived conflict of interest.

Report Violations

If Business Partners become aware of a possible violation of this Code, they will report the violation to ConsumerAffairs, which will investigate and take all actions required. Violation of any of the provisions of this Code is grounds for the immediate severance of the business relationship between ConsumerAffairs and Business Partner.