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Code of Good Business Practices

Our customers

  • We believe that integrity in our dealings with customers is a prerequisite for successful, long-term business and that successful businesses create products and services that meet consumers' needs and sell them in a fair and equitable manner.
  • We serve the interest of our customers in a lawful and honest manner, while maintaining high standards of conduct and character and do not engage in acts discreditable to our industry.
  • In dealing with customers, suppliers or others, we do not give or receive or encourage the giving or receipt of cash gifts or gifts in kind of significant value.
  • We maintain the confidentiality of any sensitive information received from customers, except where expressly directed by local regulations or laws.
  • We respect our customers’ privacy and have a clearly defined privacy policy available for inspection in our place of business or on our Web site.

Prices, Fees and Charges

  • All charges are fully disclosed in writing or are prominently posted in our place of business or on our Web site.
  • We do not attempt to bill or collect any fee that the customer has not agreed to or been informed of in advance.
  • We comply with all laws and applicable regulations concerning fees, commissions and other forms of compensation.
  • We clearly disclose to customers any restrictions or limitations on sale or any product or service.
  • We clearly disclose any recurring commitment into which the customer may be entering, including information on how future billing will occur.
  • We clearly disclose the total cost of the transaction, including tax, shipping and handling and other related charges.

Return, refund & rebate policies.

  • Our return policy is clearly stated in writing or is clearly posted in our place of business or on our Web site.
  • We fully and clearly disclose the types of refunds available -- cash, credit, store credit or other.
  • We stand behind any rebates advertised in our place of business or on our Web site. We will help customers file for their rebates and will make good any rebate which the manufacturer, through no fault of the consumer, fails to pay.


  • We follow all federal, state and local advertising laws.
  • We endeavor to ensure that all advertising and other public communications are accurate.
  • We do not knowingly make false claims in our advertising and we never deliberately give inadequate or misleading descriptions of products or services.
  • We do not advertise products that we do not have in stock or offer to perform services that are beyond our ability.
  • We do not mislead customers by creating the false impression of sponsorship or endorsement.


  • We treat our employees fairly and expect them to treat customers, suppliers and others with courtesy and respect.
  • We work hard to ensure that all our employees maintain competency in their respective fields.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination, whether based on gender, race, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, religious belief, or other legally protected class.
  • We provide a healthy and safe working environment, and take every reasonable precaution to avoid injury to ourselves, our colleagues and members of the public.
  • We do not tolerate forced labor or child labor.

Government & regulators

  • We respect the traditions and cultures of each country in which we operate.
  • We comply with competition laws throughout the world.
  • We fulfill all licensing requirements of applicable jurisdictions.
  • We do not take part in unlawful cartels.
  • We do not evade tax obligations.
  • We record and report all reportable transactions.
  • We never improperly influence a decision made by a government official or other public employee.
  • We are not the subject of any local, state, or federal regulatory or investigative action, nor will we fail to disclose any such investigation.
  • We are honest with our industry regulators.
  • We abide by the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016

Recalls and personal safety

  • If any products sold by us are later recalled for safety reasons, we will prominently post the recall notice in our place of business or on our Web site.
  • We will assist our customers in exchanging, returning or retrofitting any recalled product.


  • We will prominently post in our place of business or on our Web site the name, telephone number and/or email address of the manager, partner or business owner who has the authority to resolve consumer problems and complaints.
  • We will follow our written client complaint policy, respond promptly to all inquiries and will attempt to resolve all complaints in a fair and equitable manner with professional competence.
  • We will provide accurate information about our customers for purposes of collecting reviews from them, and will not alter, edit, or distort such information to create sampling bias.

A list of businesses verified by can be seen on our accredited page.