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It must have been around 5 pm on Sat., 15, 2016 that my brother and I chose to go to Whole Foods for pizza after that we've been doing some administrative work really early the morning. Typically, everywhere I go I am known as an amicable customer. I address every barista or cashiers by, honey, and that shows how much respect I have for society. Those of the opposite sex I always find something nice to say a nice complement after I leave the store and even If my pizza, burrito or dish did not meet my standards.

However, this afternoon, I went to Whole Foods and headed to order a pizza to eat inside the store. I ordered a pizza with three topping: pepperoni, chicken and mushrooms. Then, I gave him instructions how I wanted it to be done. He told me, "ok" and the pizza will be ready in "15-20 min." He handed me out my ticket for 18 dollars and I went to grab a couple of cold drinks then we pay. For, this time 20 minutes had already passed. I go grab my pizza and not the guy that made my pizza but a different kind of guy by the name of Timothy asked for my ticket. I personally, have a problem with people asking me for my invoice or receipt. I get the pizza but he snatches off my hands because he says "I do need to see your receipt" but I say "no you don't".

I am a man of trust plus I've been doing business with Whole Foods for a long time and only three years with this one in Cornell Road. Timothy and David are really rude and Whole Foods should not hire rude people. Staff at this store has the habit of staring. Has Whole Foods a hidden agenda against Latinos in this part of Cornell Road, Hillsborough and Aloha, Oregon? Why Whole Foods ask for receipts to Hispanics or Latinos and not their own lineage who are the most criminal?

ED Cashiers like to chat with each other more than serving customers, especially if the customers are women. The Express check-out is ** since nobody pays any attention to it and you wait in the so-called Express line 5 times longer than the REGULAR check out line because of that. The in-store products are limited and often disappear within months without notice. The prices are ridiculous, even for a Whole Foods store, i.e. Giovanni hair care products suddenly went up 25% for no apparent reason. I can get the same products on Amazon.com for 75% less. The quality of fresh produce relative to the price is insane.

I advise you to stop catering to one-time-out-of-time American tourist customers who have a 30% exchange rate to buffer what they pay for shopping there and cater to the year-round West End customers who LIVE HERE if you want to stay in business. You're like the AirBnB of Whole Food stores, i.e trying to scam tourists at the expense of residents...

I worked for Whole Foods market for 5 years, too much favoritism. Christina Minardi provides too much favors for people, and it's a hostile working environment. They fire the older people working there and they people who don't want to pay for benefits which its work.

They are made of thin cardboard and numbered, but if lost or destroyed, Whole Foods won't replace. Why bother locking somebody into a purchase at a store that is short on customer service?

I have been shopping at Whole Foods for many years now. Some of their customer service is horrible and their prices are extremely expensive. One of Whole Foods associate was extremely rude. I have a disability. I spoke to Craig in regional - he was not sincere about what happened. Craig you are very unprofessional. You should not be working for Whole Foods. You have no customer service experience. I hope Whole Foods customers see this. Be careful shopping at Whole Foods, Craig in their regional office is not nice.

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All of the NYC locations have pricing issues. If something is on sale, it rings up wrong. I was charge pound price of lobster instead of potato salad. Then they're rude to you for bringing it up. I stopped going all together. Not worth the headache.

Whole Foods has the worst hot food ever! They use to be ok a while ago but they have just gotten real bad. The cookies are dry and tasteless. The hot food suffers from taste. The cold bar is even worse than the hot bar. Things look good but taste terrible. Their strawberry shortcake is pretty good but that's where it ends for me. I've stopped visiting the hot/cold bar and bakery, but I buy the chocolate chip banana muffins on occasion but even those are sometimes so sweet I have to toss them.

They can be false or cringey in their attitude. I feel averse to coming back when I have to deal with that at the checkout. Raspberries usually last one day before one sees mold. Overpriced. Overall, there are better places to find organic food. Best to invest in another business.

I live in Europe and purchase whole foods online (in the UK). Last year I bought almonds, opened the bag and put them in a well sealed tin. After a long hospital stay I opened the box and my surprise was horrible: a cloud of flies and worms creeping all over the box. I threw the box out and was told I should have shipped it to be reimbursed! It also happened with goji berries. I nevertheless ordered again, thinking I may have been at fault. I had ordered Macadamia nuts, ate half of them, left the remainder in the wrapping and placed in a tin box. Same story! Flies everywhere when I opened it!! I have consulted with two agronomists and a biological gardener and all told me that I was not at fault but that the nuts contained the eggs and that as soon as I opened the wrapping and did not eat it within a few days, that this would happen!!! Am I supposed to eat nuts with insect eggs in it??? I am really furious this time!

BLOODY CHICKEN IN HOT BAR. TWO chicken breasts plus drumstick which I did not photograph. Chicken breasts in hot case undercooked... Saw cook putting out food and spoke to one female who put out the food as she talk to me so she said it was he who cooked the food... to talk to him and I also saw MANAGER of department who was making pizza but did not bother her. Photographed food in the aisle... then left it in the container.

So I've ignored the warnings about how Whole Foods truly doesn't meet the standard of FDA requirements, and is way too expensive. In an attempt to provide my family with clean food, I've shopped Whole Foods, until today. I am finished taking back meat that smells utterly disgusting, and this happened three times this month alone!!! I get that we don't want preservatives in our food, but Whole Foods should have a responsibility to keep fresh meat and produce on hand! I'm going to Publix or Kroger from now on. They are now carrying more organics, and I'd rather try my luck with meat that hasn't spoiled with them!

These cookies are dry and powdery. Have very little chocolate taste and the actual chips are tiny and tasteless. Is that enough for you avoid them? PS: "Made in Canada".

On 6/01/2016 I purchased 365 tortilla for a family gathering the next day. When I went to use the item it was moldy and had expired May 30th, 2016. This not acceptable. I traveled far to buy this products at Whole Foods and I need to have the satisfaction to buy good products.

On more than three occasions (3 different weeks) I have attempted to purchase something at the Wayne-Berwyn PA Whole Foods prepared foods area but have walked away with NOTHING. The employees are either standing around or non-existent. The Whole Foods employees wait until a group of people are waiting then come out and just select persons to help rather than ask "Who's Next?" or have a system with numbers. The result on more than 1 occasion is the Whole Foods Employees encouraged arguments between customers over who was next. I could not buy anything on 3 trips to this store. Amazing.

If any stockholders are reading this perhaps you will understand if this type of service spreads through Whole Foods as to why the profits are down. This food is perishable and would think the Whole Foods Management would want to get this food to customers but that is not happening. I like Whole Foods but this store in Wayne-Berwyn is very poorly operated. Someone needs to re-train, redeployee or get rid of the employees in this area.

The experience was not in the Santa Fe store, but at a different store. She is a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE person, with no integrity, no professionalism and lacks high standards of expectations from her employees, and at the same time, shows a DEEP DISRESPECT for the customers who are even more knowledgeable than some of the employees. Whole Foods is high priced and I believe in their concept and I have shopped in their stores since 1985. But this manager doesn't correct her employees when they are wrong. Communication is sometimes an issue. She does not support Education and Knowledge, nor does she appreciate when someone is corrected. She was assaultive towards me in another store and took a hold of me! I should have had her arrested! She is the biggest idiot and had I pursued an arrest for her manhandling me, she would have lost her job. She should not even be working for Whole Foods.

Whole Foods is abusive towards customers, overcharges them and in the end, the customer loses. They would not be in business if it were not for the customer. I have lost my respect for their stores. They closed a couple hundred across the USA, maybe they will end up losing a couple hundred more for a lack of customer respect. There have been nationwide complaints against them and there are OTHER organic and health food companies that are opening across the USA that will put them out of business. KARMA.

I am noticing a trend at Whole Foods where there are fewer and fewer organics and more conventional produce items. Also, several years back I was informed that 'Barney's Almond Butter' would not be sold at Whole Foods because of the palm oil ingredient in it. It is not sustainable and contributes to deforestation. Recently, I spotted MaraNatha 'All Natural no stir Almond Butter Crunchy' with palm oil as an ingredient on the shelves of Whole Foods. While Whole Foods tries to position itself as the go to for healthy, organic food that will have no GMOs by 2018, they have a very long way to go. My plan is to shop at Mom's Organic Market, Roots and David's, all of which are outside of my area, but organic and worth it. I am very disappointed in the direction Whole Foods is taking.

The EL (Experience Life) Health and Fitness Magazine, in a 4 month ago article, informed us about the Red onion and Pork Lard combination is helping/busting the immune system! At Whole Foods of Greenville, SC, I have purchased my second container of pork lard (Feb.'16). Customary for me to have stored in the freezer and when I have used some I noticed the rancid smell! By examining the container I have found that it has two distinctive layers of lard??? One yellowish + smelly lower layer and a smaller layer on the top of white and fresh layer!!! Tag and the date on it was for the "newly poured" fresh top layer. How that was allowed to happen??? It only by deliberate act of store employ because the label states that 'made right here', full name on label: PORK LARD U.S.A., sell by: 03/17/16... As for me trusting you, I am sorry.

On Friday evening, 4/22/16 at 8:33 p.m. I purchased seven items. When I arrived home and unpacked my grocery bag, I noticed that the 1/2 gallon of 2% milk was missing because the cashier failed to place it in my grocery bag. It was late in the evening and I did not want to go back out to the store for the inconvenience created by the cashier who bagged my grocery bag. I left it to human error and decided to return to the store the following evening, on Saturday 4/23/16 to request the return of the milk I purchased the day before. And to my surprise, I was treated as a criminal trying to steal a $1.99, 1/2 gallon of milk.

At this store the customer service desk is never available and one has to simply speak to the cashiers on the floor for refunds, exchanges, etc and the appropriate manager or supervisor either does or approves the transaction. There were only three cashiers at the store, 2 males and 1 female cashier. Although I did not write their names down, they followed what they called the standard procedure.

First, I was asked if I called it in the day before. When I said no, they all started to treat me as someone trying to steal a 1/2 gallon of milk. They looked at some log to see if any items were left behind the previous day and there was nothing on their log indicating that my missing milk was one of the items left behind. But, I was informed that the previous day, Wednesday someone forgot their milk. At this point I was still attempting to be polite, particularly to the female cashier because she was my cashier the day before on Thursday. I then told her directly, "Come on, you were my cashier, where is my milk that you failed to put in my bag." She claimed that she worked the register but that I did not leave anything behind. I guess she either put it in the grocery bags of the next shopper on the line after me, or she simply got rid of the milk and did not log it in.

I was told that because I failed to call the store the day before when it happened that I was out of luck and that there was nothing they can do for me. I find it insulting and unprofessional to accuse a regular customer and shopper at your store who returns to the store the day after a purchase was made of failing to comply with some unwritten policy when it was your cashier who made the mistake. I am not responsible to monitor your cashier. I would expect them to be trained properly. Yet, I know we all make simple human mistakes.

What is completely unacceptable business practice is to leave me hanging dry in front of other customers insinuating with body language that I have a problem. No one decided to write my name down, nor to ask me for my phone number to have a supervisor or store manager call me. I told them politely, that I was disappointed with their poor customer service and not to worry because I was going to file a complaint with Whole Foods corporate office. And I left the store with my tail between my legs, humiliated in front of other customers.

This is the 3rd time I have found bugs in the rice I bought from the bulk section at Whole Foods. Disgusting.

The last two times I bought chicken breast at Whole Foods it tasted like rubber. I know that it was cooked properly, but something was wrong with the chicken. Very disappointing, consider that is my main source of meat. Even though it's really not convenient, I think I will be buying the chicken from MOM's market from now on. Also, I have to concur with the woman from Arlington, VA (very close to us) who said that Whole Foods produce has gone downhill lately. It's sad, but true.

As an Arlington, VA resident, I generally shop at Trader Joe's, but leave my purchases of many of my fresh fruit and vegetables to Whole Foods because of their broader selection of organic products. My wife and I have noticed over the past few years that the quality of fruit that WF carries appears to have been declining, e.g., I cannot remember the last time that a melon I purchased was sweet, the oranges I purchase for fruit are often rather dry and pulpy, the grapes are generally disappointing, etc. I recognize this is just my anecdotal experience and that perhaps I am selecting poorly, but I have literally made internet searches to try to do a better job at selecting ripe fruits and it has not yielded any improvement in results. Have they changed their fruit selection standards?

Their store brand lemon cookies are disappointing. They have zero lemon flavor. They are just a nice butter cookie, but don't get them expecting any lemon flavor.

I purchased 365 Everyday Value Garbanzo beans from Whole Foods. Soaked it in water for 8 hours and just about to make recipe, noted black spots. After opening each bean piece with knife found dead worms inside in almost 50% beans. Totally unacceptable.

I was at the whole Foods on Saturday night, January 9th, 2016. It's the one located in Town Square, Las vegas, nv. I asked the meat clerk to give me 21 pieces of the small chicken drummets. I also told him: No hard pieces please! I have bought chicken drummets before, so I thought they'd be ok. I heated them up in the microwave and began to eat them. I noticed that they were very spicy and hard! Long story short, around midnight, I began to feel nauseated! I threw up 5 times and had diarrhea. Didn't sleep at all! My stomach hurts and I called the pharmacy to see what can be done. Please don't ever buy smoke chicken wings from whole foods, it's poison!

To Whole Foods in Las Vegas - your quality standards are very poor. TownSquare Las Vegas store selling Third Street teas long expired! Sell by date 2014, must use by date 7/10/2015, I bought these yesterday unknowingly it is 12/07/2015!!! I literally was getting sick at my desk today and noticed the expiration date of what I was consuming! You are misrepresenting your standards!!!

Consequences are that I got sick, threw one bottle in recycle bin before I knew it was expired. The bottle I drank the next day made me very ill then I checked the dates. Found badly expired, went into the store after work with my receipt for 9 bottles, they only refunded me for two. Now I have to make another trip, no apology was offered, and yet I have to waste more of my time.

12/2/2015, 12:30PM. Bellevue, WA. 10mins to get one bag of groceries. 16mins to get checked out. Ave. # of customers waiting in line, 5 - 4. Main checkout stands open. Less than 1/4 of checkouts open. $99 for one bag of average mix of groceries. 3 associates standing by talking idly. 1 manager flagged down and asked by several long-waiting customers to open more check-outs, completely rude! 2 baskets of groceries abandoned nearby from customers who got fed up! NO EXCUSE, NONE!

1 customer who will NEVER EVER step into this poorly ran, over-priced excuse for a grocery store and will go on every review and social media site I can to complain and warn others to stay away. No solid explanation of why during normally busy lunch time shopping there were so few resources to help customer get through this nightmare. This store management wasted my afternoon. Caused my frozen items to partially thaw and judging by the looks of impatience and disappointment many others as well. No excuses!

It seems that Whole Foods, not a bad retail grocery store, has hired some company to handle online sales. That company took $2,000 from my bank account and never issued the gift cards. I had to reverse everything myself, through the bank.

I am a college soccer player at UVS and after a game, I get hungry. I decided to stop at my local Whole Foods to grab a meal at the dinner buffet. I went for the classic Kim Chi tofu and Seaweed Salad. Both smelt ABSOLUTELY delicious! I drove home and opened the box, took a bite. Tofu was delicious. Now seaweed salad. Took a big bite and it tasted like the smell of an ocean at low tide, fish, and salt. Exactly the flavor. Stomach pains and nausea accompanied me for a day after. Thanks Whole Foods!!

This was the worst service ever we had so far. We got a few salads, rice and two big cups of super hot soup. There was no cup holders or any tray that we can use and were told that you were not ALLOWED to check out at food till, but have to walk till the end. My husband stopped twice on the way because the chicken soup was super hot like boiling water. When we reached the till, I asked the cashier, "Is there a tray we can use to move these to the table?" We were laughed at and told that: "There is no tray, why you ask me?" I asked: "These are super hot, almost burned my husband's fingers off. What we meant to do?" That cashier laughed with another customer: "Why you ask me, how I meant to know?"

When a company and its employee have such attitude, and the safety standards for extremely boiling beverage, it's the end of your financial performance. There was no sign of "caution", "extremely hot". Only after we had the soup in the cup and held it, we realized how hot they were. As a grocery company, certainly you have the liability and responsibility to make sure that your food is safely consumed and there is low possibly of safety accident happening in the store. Rather than saying sorry and taking action, or reporting to the managing level, your staff laughed at and confronted the customer in public. This is the last time we shop at Whole Foods and I don't want to know anything relating to Whole Foods in the rest of my life. N.B. Weekly spending from us is over 300 USD.

Whole Foods does not adhere to their "standards." First off, their inventory is expired or stale. Secondly, they hire incompetent employees who don't know anything. This place used to be something, but it has gone downhill in the past couple of years. Sigh... I guess all the competition is getting to them... Oh well.

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