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I always shop at this Glen Mills location; and today I went to have lunch at the buffet with my daughter before we shop and get groceries. I picked different kinds of food and chose BROWN RICE for starch. Sat to eat and I GOT A CLOSE-UP LOOK OF THE RICE and THERE WERE 4-6 (probably more) DEAD INSECTS. GROSS AND DISGUSTING. I went to ask for the chef and this guy that I asked to look for him gave me a smirk smile while talking to the chef while they're walking towards me. Really? Shame on you!!! Disgusting! They probably did not washed the rice. How about the rest of the food they prepare?! You think it's clean? Never again! PS. I have pictures to prove! And I'm glad I didn't give the rice to child. Yuck!

Wegmans is now what I consider a deplorable experience. I used to love it but it's horrible now. First, they've eliminated most other higher quality brands in favor of their own, so a customer is hijacked into buying the Wegmans brand. Second, their prepared foods have increased in price by 20-30 percent and the quality has decreased. Their prepared foods are now $10 a pound. Seriously??? So if my kid wants Mac & Cheese or chicken wings I have pay $10 a pound? Ummm no. And they got rid of their best items like the chef's special firecracker shrimp and replaced it was a horrible over-seasoned, fried disgusting shrimp.

And they got rid of all of the kale salads but keep items like a cheese flan or 20 kinds of Mexican or Asian foods without switching them up. Who selects the items?? And they continue to raise their prepackaged dinner prices too. The salmon with lobster was $7, then $8, then $9, then $10. Do they think we don't notice? We do. And all of their deli meats are loaded with preservatives, fillers, and colors. Don't ever buy their deli meats. And if you buy their packaged smoked salmon, know that Costco sells the exact same item for 1/3 of the price. We are so done with Wegmans. Overpriced, they hold you hostage to their brand, and the prepared foods are crap.

Wegmans policy for check writing purchases is discriminatory. I have a Wegmans card and have been writing checks and or using a credit card for the past 7 years for my Wegmans purchases. No check written has ever been a bad check. I have spent thousand of dollars at Wegmans over the years. I was humiliated by the process and clerks who behaved as if they were filming an episode of CSI. Not one employee could offer a logical or reasonable explanation for the issue I was experiencing. Even the corporate office could not offer a reasonable or logical explanation and basically said my limit would never be changed for check writing purchases. You would think that a company with 7 billion dollars in revenue would be more secure and not be in the practice of harassing honest customers.

Walking into the Ridgemont store stinks, they have the bottle return right in front of the entrance and that is all you smell is stale beer. The person who is running this store has had numerous complaints and has done nothing about it. Customers can't even get through as people return their bottles, people are running into each other and it is just congested. Move the Bottle Return to another area or better yet remove the useless manager.

Sweet corn? Not. Bought half dozen ears of corn this week. Half of the ears tasted terrible. Reminded me of a dare once - eating an ear of 'field' or cow corn. This store needs a new produce manager.

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Wegmans bakery gets everything in frozen and "baked Fresh" does not mean from dough or batter. Their cut out cookies are cut from frozen sheets of sugar cookie dough. The muffins come in frozen paper cups and are baked in the store from a frozen state. The produce area is impossible to navigate at all their stores. Why do they have everything at an angle which makes the spaces so small two carts cannot pass each other? I know they do it to slow people down in hopes that they will do impulse shopping but in most cases everyone is just pissed that they can't just get in and out.

More about the produce department. WHY O WHY do they wait until prime shopping hours to put those huge produce carts in the aisles? It would make sense if they were trying to restock items. However, I have witnessed on multiple occasions one of those carts piled high with empty boxes or banana boxes and not an employee around. More to the point of the produce employees. I have seen on multiple occasions the employees standing at the grapes eating pounds of them and just gossiping.

The hot bar(s) and salad bar. Why do they not have an employee out by the bar(s) reminding people that it is not a buffet for them to eat from. I refuse to ever take any of the food from the hot bar, because it looks pretty dried out and not very appealing. I have stood there just observing how many people literally touch food and don't take it and I have witnessed groups of college age people come in groups and "sample" several dozen fried shrimp, several egg rolls, hot wings, fruit, spinach and or artichoke pre formed round things, and even fish and one kid bold enough to take an entire piece of pizza and shove it in his mouth, then they walk away.

I even spoke up once and asked the kid if they weighed him when he came in so they could weigh him on the way out and he would pay for the food he consumed that way and his response was "I had to try stuff to see if I liked it!". Then he decided he was thirsty, walked over to the soda machine, put his mouth under the spout and pushed the button to drink. How utterly disgusting and gross and not to mention NOT clean! There are people paying a fortune for that food and these kids eat for free??? Just keep raising the price for those poor souls that do buy the stuff.

The prepared packages of Asian food, potatoes, soups, vegetables, etc. are left over from the hot bar(s) and the $6.00 a meal layout. The cross contamination that goes on with all this precooked, prepackaged food is disgusting! When you can taste the cleaner in the food you know that something isn't being sanitized properly.

The aforementioned gross habits at the hot bar and salad bar area is not unique to any one particular Wegmans. It is a chronic issue for ALL the Wegmans. I have been in about 7 in both New York and PA. They are turning into a Wegmans brands exclusive market. Not all of Wegmans products are good. Some are okay but they are not priced at a generic, store brand price.

Do not get sliced deli meat or cheese. Have you looked at the slicers? They don't clean them between cutting different types of meat. It appears that they just brush the big chunks off and cut the next customers order. GROSS! I got sliced ham (that they had to open a new package) and the NEXT DAY it was slimy. When I took it back to the store I got attitude from the child that was at the Customer Service. I told him if he had any question he could weigh the package and if he found there to be less in the package he could adjust the refund. I assured him no one had eaten any but he could feel free to have a slice or two. He was a punk.

The only reason they get Grocery Store of the year and 100 best companies is because they only let the "Top Tier" of employees vote. Never the lowly clerks and the true grunts that try to make the place run. They are not all they seem to be. People are starting to grumble loudly about their dissatisfaction. I can't wait till Whole Foods opens up just blocks from them. Why not. We already have a Trader Joes that has all private label. Wegmans is going that direction FAST. Whole foods might just give them a run for customers. Oh and one last thing. Last New Years Day I opened a can of what was labeled Wegmans Black Eyed Peas and they were navy beans. I called and there was no apology, again just attitude. Jerks. Bring on Publix!!!

In West Seneca, NY, near the store's Market Cafe section, there are buffets set up for customers to serve themselves. Sometimes people take the food and don't even bother to pay for it. Wegmans is aware of this situation. They just raise their prices on the items in the store. At this same store, a female employee washes tables in their seating section. She goes over to the buffets and handles the spoons there after washing tables- without washing her hands first.

A handicapped employee had a wheelchair that needed to be replaced. Since Wegmans prides itself on taking care of its employees, I asked Wegmans to buy him a new wheelchair. They said that a consumer complaint would involve so much red tape - that he could not have a new wheelchair. I thought that this would be something good that Wegmans could do. Instead, they made him buy the new wheelchair. (I paid for the wheelchair). Several years ago I was in a wheelchair. One time, on entering a Wegmans store, a board fell on my arm. Wegmans would not even pay the doctor's bill.

I have only a single complaint at this time. Does anyone have a reason why Wegman's Food Markets charges $6.99 per pound for Boneless Sirloin Steak at the meat counter and then charges $8.99 for grilled Chicken Salad on the Deli? I really like the Grilled Chicken Salad, but to pay more for that than a 1 pound sirloin Steak sound like PRICE GOUGING to me.

One year ago I selected Wegmans as my weekly supermarket place to buy groceries since I moved to Pennsylvania. I had to travel and stayed at Williamsport for one night for work. I walk to Wegmans to buy some beers and unfortunately, the manager did not accept my license as an ID because it is from Puerto Rico, "Not considered a state in the United States". Honestly, I want to understand why Puerto Rico's license is not accepted at Wegmans but it is accepted at Hertz rental and the state of Pennsylvania allows me to drive with this permit. Also, I was not required to show my passport when I decided to work at my current job. Ironically, I am driving, working, with health insurance, at PA but I can't buy two beers at Wegman's because my license is from Puerto Rico. If somebody can clarify Wegman's policies because today I was really disappointed with the store. Definitely this is the last time I will support Wegmans.

I tend to buy Wegmans generic products but as of today, will stop. First, I bought a Wegmans brand spray cleaner but the spray apparatus stopped functioning after a few uses. Then months later, I bought a simple bottle of Wegmans hand soap but the cap broke when trying to get the nozzle to pop up. I actually forgot about that experience when I bought Wegmans hand sanitizer today. One can turn and turn the nozzle all day but it never pops up in order to use it. Saving money by buying Wegmans generics is false economy if the product is in such a cheap and faulty container that it can't be used. Frankly, with Wegmans now narrowing the choices of products in their stores to mostly their own brands, it's easier to buy at Costco or Walmart where one can get more brand names of foods as well as more of the name-brand cleaning and personal products with good containers for the same price as Wegmans generic.

I buy organic chicken to make homemade food for a dog with kidney failure who can't have the hormones or antibiotics in other meats. Several months ago, I found rotted meat in an organic container of Wegmans chicken. I returned it and the woman in customer service said she also thought it was foul and double bagged it to return it to the meat department. It had not been past the sell-by date. A few weeks later, I had the occasion to speak with one of the men from the meat department who told me they had never been informed about it. I recently tried their organic chicken again and the same thing happened. Wegmans has just lost a customer.

My first experience with Wegmans was watching them build the Country Club Plaza store on Fairport Road and then shopping there. This store is their oldest store dating back to 1958. As you can tell from that information, I am not a young man. I have been shopping at Wegmans for 58 years and my wife has been shopping there for almost 50 years. I clearly remember Bob Wegman's pledge of "one stop shopping" and up until recently that has served my wife and me well.

Within the last few years we have notice a significant decrease in customer service, quality of merchandise and selection of merchandise. These conditions have cause us to shop at several different store including Tops, B.J.S and Walmart for those items we used to buy as a "one stop shop" at Wegmans. When this happens we are finding that we buy additional items at these OTHER store that we used to buy from Wegmans. VERY OFTEN AT A LOWER PRICE, we cherry pick. We find the Wegmans' brands generally inferior to National Brands.

Sorry, I have always loved Wegmans but today I use coupons (Cicero store) that were sent to me in the mail by Wegmans, coupon was for buy 1 Pantene 28-29.2 oz get $1.00 off. It stated "may be combined with manufacture coupon". My manufacture coupon stated buy 3 Pantene products get $5.00 off so I bought 3 products of Pantene shampoo and conditioner - total of $15 at least. I was told by front end manager that I needed to buy 4 products to get the $1.00 Wegmans coupon off, but "I will give it to you anyways". Then I also bought their paper plates 280 for $10.99. Used a coupon from Wegmans to get $2.00 off "their product" and that also had to be approved by the front end manager!!!

Took an extra 15 mins to check out and the kicker was the cashier told the next people in line "Sorry for the wait". Really I was the one embarrassed. Your coupons held me up and you didn't want to honor them and I never received "I'm sorry you were held up"! If you are sending out coupons honor them, period!!! Still ended up spending almost $70 for 3 bags worth of groceries. If a total of $3.00 is going to break you I will shop elsewhere!!! I hate to say this but could have gone to Wal-Mart and got the Pantene cheaper than what I ended up paying at Wegmans with the coupons!!!

I would like to compliment the James Street Pharmacy Manager in East Syracuse, New York, John who helped me with managing a refund on my medication that I was paying for at a higher tier for the past 3 months. He took charge of my request in under 15 minutes which I had struggled with my Prescription Part D provider for the last 5 weeks. I was very pleased with how easy he made this process pleasant for me and I would highly recommend the service that this particular Pharmacy Manager and staff offers. It is nice to see in today's complicated world of prescription drugs that there are people like John and his staff who still are looking out for the little guy like me. Thanks again John for all your extra effort.

Don't shop at Wegmans if you don't want to deal with their idiotic coupon policy. They only allow you to use FOUR coupons per person per day. I tried to use more than 4 and the cashier had to call the manager. Then the manager had to find out information about their limiting coupon policy. Meanwhile the people who were behind me were moaning and groaning because the manager was taking so long. Finally after being embarrassed by the Wegmans staff I was told I could only use four coupons. I will NEVER shop there again. Also DO NOT try to use their "Contact us" web page. I sent them a message to them FIVE TIMES!!! And still have not gotten a reply from them about the above problem.

Have previously purchased this product (Pellicanos bolognese sauce) at Wegmans but now is not available -- disappointed.

I grew up in Rochester, NY (where Wegmans originated) and have shopped there for over 30 years. However, in the past two years, I've noticed the overall quality of my shopping experiences going downhill. They used to be very consumer-oriented, but I feel they greatly favor financial gain over customer satisfaction now, which will only hurt them in the end. When I shop at the Collegeville, PA store, I always come away with at least 10 items still on my grocery list since they have allocated most of their shelf space for their own store-brand products, which is utterly obnoxious.

Additionally, I feel employees are pressured to increase their items-per-minute (IPMs) at the expense of properly bagging groceries and offering friendly conversation with customers. Just when our family finds a product that we love (ex. Firecracker Shrimp Sushi), they get rid of it. I asked the sushi manager where the Firecracker Shrimp Sushi went and why they got rid of it and I'm told "I'm not sure - products come and go."

Lastly, at the Collegeville Store, whenever I go to find something at the bakery, I see 5-8 workers frosting cookies and making baked goods, but not one of them comes over to ask if I need assistance. One time, I literally stood there for 6 minutes before I yelled back if someone could help me write "Happy Birthday" on a cake I picked up. I will likely only be going there to get a couple items in the future and giving my money to their competitors instead.

I've always raved about this store but lately this particular location seems to be out of products constantly. Something simple like my favorite black pepper and aged cheddar chips are never in stock anymore amongst many other products. It bothered me enough after numerous times of going to actually look for somewhere to write my review since I'm pretty much a daily Wegmans customer.

Just before Christmas, I ordered a Deli-meat tray. Since I don't order these very often I asked dumb questions: What do you have? What is the cost? Do I need to get rolls or will you have them with my order? The young man taking my order was so courteous and wonderfully helpful! He patiently answered my questions and made suggestions. He assured me my order would be complete and the rolls would be with my order! After providing me with the cost, the young man took his service one step further! He made sure that I knew I was picking the tray up at the Clay, NY Wegmans.

Now, I know this may sound like an insignificant "reminder", however, there are three Wegmans about 5-7 miles from the Clay store. It can get confusing when you are looking up the phone numbers for either of the three stores. The young man made the effort to assure I would be going to the correct store, that my order would be ready when I got there. I was so grateful he added the store location, I would have lost a great deal of time driving to the either one of the other stores.

I bought the Italian pane bread and was totally surprised to see inside was brown. Then I tasted it and it had a horrible whole wheat taste to it. Knowing that pane in Italian means (English cream) and has nothing to do with whole wheat, I was angry it wasn't labeled whole wheat. Most Italians despise the grainy whole wheat taste not to mention it's health qualities are actually wrong. It is harder to digest hard on the immune system and many people are allergic to it. Not to mention the taste is atrocious. It does not go with pasta or gravy. I love your sourdough bread which is healthy easy to digest and good for the immune system because it is a sour product so I am not nit picking here.

I'll tell you right now if you're eating spaghetti and meatballs you want a quality Italian bread not a whole wheat bread that looks like Italian bread. Very misleading. Very disappointed that this is wegmans version of Italian bread. It ruined our dinner. The people at Cherry Hill store were nice but I still have to make the inconvenient trip to return it. Please go back to a quality old style crusty Italian bread that you used to sell and don't believe the hype about whole wheat being healthy. It can actually cause serious digestive problems like crohn's disease, etc... Just do some research on whole wheat and you will see, not to mention it tastes horrible and does not compliment Italian food.

Whoever made the decision to switch to whole wheat really needs to do some research and see what a bad decision they made. Own up to it and switch it back to how it used to be. Trust me, it's way off in health benefits and taste. Trust me, we had 20 plus people eating here new years night almost in unison everyone said, "Ewww." and no one ate it. Some tried but spit it out. Who made this decision??? Please return to the bread we used to love.

Every time I have had to use the pharmacy while needing public assistance (Medicaid), in between jobs, I'm treated markedly different. At first they will say my insurance doesn't cover my script, then they will say "oh they found coverage but only for half the price," when I was assured by my insurance and the doc full amount would be covered. Then I have to call my doc and have them call. Not sure what they do differently but all of a sudden "oh I found a brand that your Rx will cover 100% of the cost." It's like you must jump through hoops to prove you really want and need your Rx if you're on Medicaid?! When I find employment again, and have "normal people's insurance" it's NEVER a problem.

One time on Medicaid they even told me they were just plain all out of my prenatals, claiming it was my fault. I should have given them warning I was coming so they could order them? Funny, I called In my script over the phone two days earlier and no one called me to say they were out, which they HAVE done to me when I had "normal" insurance, to ask if I'd like them to check other Weg pharmacy for my brand or they could fill my Rx in an off brand they had. Hmmm, above and beyond service when I have non-Medicaid insurance, but get treated like a common criminal on Medicaid. I've worked since I was 11, thanks to family owned business. I have worked more years in my life than I haven't. I'm not a scum bag, but they sure make you feel like one.

I am very dissatisfied with Wegmans new development of selling rotisserie chicken in BAGS. It looked unappetizing but I figured I would give it a try since I eat these frequently during the week as a quick option. Unfortunately the taste confirmed its poor quality. It was very soggy and unable to be positioned flat in my car (as it could in the plastic containers). I had to come home and recook it which defeats the purpose of buying a cooked chicken. Looks like I will be making the extra drive to TOPS to get my chickens from now on.

Very disappointed shopping experience. Huge, beautiful store! However, I find that there are no good products in dairy. This is NE! The Wegmans brand whipped cream was horrible. The Wegmans FF Pineapple Cottage Cheese tastes like chemicals, YUCK! The toilet paper aisle had no 4 packs and all offerings were large 12-20 rolls. The trash bag aisle had pkgs of 45 bags. I require smaller pkg counts, not the Costco Club size packs. Mrs Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar was the larger bottle, not the smaller. The produce dept had no bunch spinach.

I couldn't find any wild salmon, only farm raised. Although the fish dept is the size of an airport hanger, maybe I missed the fish. I asked 2 clerks about the spinach and they both said "we don't have any." Nice. Well, first and last time I go there. All the hype and nothing but disappointment. I would be skeptical to buy your private label products. Market Basket and Stop and Shop private labels are excellent. Sorry guys, you struck out with me.

I have shopped at this store for 9 years. And have gone to other Weg. locations for over 20. They use to be clean, customer service was friendly. No More. I bought Wegmans granola. There was a hair in it. I complained to quality control. Woman sent me coupons and assured Wegmans had excellent Quality control. My hair is black. Hair in my cereal was white. On 2 occasions I purchased fish it was old and smelled. I use to buy Udi’s bread from frozen gluten free breads and it had a hair come out of the middle of the slice. Disgusting. I did complain to Udi's directly. They apologized and gave me coupons. I will not eat those cereal or bread again. The eggs in Dairy Dept are disgusting. I complained directly to front desk customer service. They said they would look into it.

Ever since egg price increase there is egg white dripping all over the place. This is not only disgusting but against health code. Raw egg can be dangerous. All cartons have egg white on them, either sticky, dry or wet. I bought a carton yesterday, checking carefully that eggs were not broken. This morning I went to cook eggs... 4 are stuck to the egg carton from egg white and 1 was split in half.

Store at 3791 Easton-Nazareth Hwy, Easton, PA - Recently this store was remodeled (needlessly) and many items that we used to be able to buy are no longer available. Bakery pastry prices are sky high, to the point that I buy such items somewhere else now. You can't even buy a package of donuts in this store - they're not for sale. No Entenmann's, either. If you want that stuff - go somewhere else.

Management does not respond to those little comment fliers, so don't waste your time filling them out. You can tell, on the part of the employees, that there is a morale problem. And what is with this IPM (items-per-minute) business? Forget friendly chatting with the checkout cashier - they have to constantly improve their numbers (speed) or management gets on them about it. I recognize these signs as symptomatic of a corporate takeover, so I checked to see whether Wegmans had been bought by some big holding company that got what it knows about running a grocery chain from hearsay, but I could find no evidence of this. Apparently it is still privately owned.

When Wegmans first opened in this area, it was a fun place to shop. Not anymore - the change in atmosphere is noticeable. So what happened? We used to be able to do all our shopping there, but we simply can't now, due to product non-availability. One time I walked into the store in August to buy brats for a cookout. Not only were they out of them, but there wasn't even shelf space allocated for them. Who runs out of brats in the summertime?

So now I have a Weis card and a ShopRite card sharing my wallet with my Wegmans card. Congratulations, management, you've finally succeeded in driving us to your competitors. Talk about snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory… But that's OK - Wegmans apparently doesn't give a hoot anymore what customers think.

Over the past couple of years, the "Wegman's" grocery store has become less customer oriented, especially in their home city of Rochester, NY. They have dropped over 30 items that I would normally purchase in favor of their own brand, usually with no comparable replacement. Then today found the local store (Chili, NY) out of stock on 80% of what the trip was made for. When asking at the counter why the shelves were so empty, the customer service rep state they have gone to a chainwide "automated" restock system that "doesn't work and should have had the bugs worked out, but hasn't." Most inquiries to the higher offices are met with indifference or outright rudeness. I'll be shopping at other choices from now on, no matter how much gas I have to spend to get to those options.

I called at lunch for an emergency catering order to pick up at 6:00 in the evening. I ordered two items, a sandwich platter and a serving of wings. When I got to the Wegmans in Frederick, I found that not only had the catering counter closed but my order had been only half-processed. The wings were ready but the sandwiches were not. In fact, there was no record of them. And of course the person who took the order didn't tell me that catering would be already closed. Patrice (by her name tag), figured out what had happened and decided to make the rest of my order.

While I went and got cake (for our office farewell party to one of the staff), Patrice made the sandwich platter, all 16 pieces, and tied everything up nicely despite a finger on her left hand being in a splint. It was definitely an extra effort on her part. She wasn't the one who took and maybe lost part of the order. But she was the one who made up for it. So thanks to Patrice in Frederick.

What an amazing place to shop when Wegmans first opened in the area. Sadly that is no longer the case. I only go to Wegmans now when I need something specific to the store. I have not made a trip to Wegmans in past 3 years plus that they were not off several items on my grocery list or my items were replaced by Wegmans own brand. Wegmans own brands are cheaply made sub-par products. Most are not even edible. When they are out of something Customer Service is clueless.

I have wrote Wegmans several times about the issues and have never heard back which is interesting since employees are told someone reads and responds to every email. Produce is constantly spoiled and full of mold in the bins/containers. If you bring it home it spoils within 2 days on an average. Meats are no longer the quality they once were. Spoiled and cloudy fish have been sitting in cases for days. My friends are starting to notice the same things and are doing the same thing I am... SHOPPING ELSEWHERE.

Unlawful termination of my employment of nearly 15 years over their lies and corruption without any warning. Nobody helped me and HR was physically sleeping with management. The union hall had all new members who recently had receiving roughly $800,000 a month from Wegmans to opt out of our pensions Which Wegmans has to pay them 123 million. They just turned their cheek when it was time to fight for someone's job and livelihood. They also to me they did have enough money to take the case to arbitration.

SHAME ON ALL 3 OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS! They were all about FAMILY now it's all about CORPORATE GREED and power over families lives. I've tried to get a actual lawyer but nobody will take it because they either work for Wegmans or are scared. EVERYONE I have spoken to have said I have gotten A RAW DEAL. EVEN Wegmans security had my size and said sorry it was the worst firing they had seen.

When I saw HR they just told me "Just go through the steps". Really. Shortly later I called the head of HR and they seemed shocked at first hearing about this and said she would get back to me Only for her not to call me back only e-mailing me that her answers would come from the union hall (118) Bill **. When tried him several times he finally answered me and said he was "too busy with actual active members" "Doesn't have time". They just didn't care or want to bother. They had once said to me "Just enjoy your time off like a vacation, no worries". Since then Wegmans caught management having affairs with Human Resource "against Wegmans policy" and then the union has fired Bill ** as well during this time. Ummm it makes me think why so many people had gotten fired this year. More than there has ever been.

When I spoke with the President of the union he said "Well it's not like we don't want to fight for you but you could sue us now if we take it to arbitration because we are responsible for his actions". SHAME ON THEM ALL. I just want the TRUTH OUT. I WOULD TAKE LIE DETECTOR. At this point I'm so sorry for my wife and 6 kids. We are now in foreclosure on our home. I was the only one working while my wife was and is a stay at home mom. This is the "AMERICAN NIGHTMARE".

First I'd like to say that I have always loved Wegmans. I have always tried to stay clear of other grocery stores and would only shop there if I absolutely had to. I spend anywhere from 500 to 800 dollars a week just at Wegmans and up until a few months ago, was a happy customer. It turns out, I shop there so much that I have been experiencing issues with their products and at first, I looked at it as an isolated incident. But now, it has went from a few items to almost every other day. I don't shop once a week.

I enjoy choosing fresh ingredients so, as far as vegetables and meat, I shop almost every day at times - especially in the fall, summer, and spring months. But I have been having so many issues with their produce & meat. I can no longer put off my frustrations and so contacted Wegmans about these issues and have yet to hear back from them. Talk about feeling betrayed. I've always supported Wegmans and have been proud of our local superstore! Living in Houston Texas, I missed Wegmans and told locals about how their Kroger's had nothing on "My Wegmans."

That's all changed now. The last straw was purchasing a family pack of boneless/skinless chicken that I was going to BBQ for my family one late evening. It was late and I had promised an excellent meal only to arrive home, tired but determined to cook this meal only to find the meat was stinky spoiled! I was too tired to go back to Wegmans and we ordered 50 dollars worth of food from Papa Johns - to make up for my promise go wrong only. It was Wegmans' fault, but how do you explain that to 3 hungry kids who just waited for me to come home and cook for them after waiting a couple hours? The week prior, I had bad rotten onions and potatoes, before that spoiled yogurt and tasteless corn on the cob that I paid 5 dollars for, twice!! (peeled and packaged already).

Last week I bought sirloin steaks and the steaks were not cut properly - cut WITH the grain causing the meat to be tough and terrible. I don't know where Wegmans' standards became not so important, but the store I once loved is now just like the rest of them. By the way, I contacted the manager the night of the spoiled chicken. This 'girl' had no right being a manager as she had no idea how to handle this disgruntled customer. Even I knew how I would handle me - I just needed her to make me feel better but she failed miserably. She was awkward, not saying anything and leaving me to feel like I had to continue speaking.

In fact, I doubted she was a manager at all since Wegmans usually has high standards training their employees to be highly effective in resolving issues. I suppose, that has changed too. I'm very disappointed in Wegmans and honestly, I feel betrayed. I have written corporate and have yet to hear back. It feels like Wegmans has taken Walmart's lead on terrible customer service only the difference is, you pay a premium at Wegmans. At Walmart, you can expect this treatment. I've been loyal to Wegmans for over 25 years. It's a shame that Wegmans doesn't care. It's sad.

I have been a loyal customer at Wegmans in Easton, PA since they opened in 2002. Always loved Wegmans and told everyone I knew. I noticed increased pricing on many things that I buy, Fage yogurt, Honest iced tea (which went up 30 cents overnight). I found that item in another supermarket along with others for lower prices so I buy them there.

Then, when Wegmans added the self checkout lanes I noticed a significant decrease in the number of registers open on a busy weekend. This forced customers with large orders to wait in line for up to 20 minutes. Now Wegmans has decided to moved the store around. It's complete chaos on a busy Sunday. Customers wandering around the store looking for what they need. Going back and forth, up and down aisles. I know that the purpose is to get customers to buy more but instead you're making this customer angry enough to never come back. I spend at least 300 dollars a week on Wegmans. To add to my experience, leaving the store through the main entrance, there is the usual pie display in the middle, AND a worker unloading melons blocking the entrance leaving only a small area for customers to enter and exit the store. Such a mess not to mention a safety risk to all if there were a fire.

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