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I frequently shop at Smithfield RI stop and shop. The prices are competitive and help is knowledgeable and friendly. Recently the customer service area was relocated to the center of the store and I too, as a patron, have heard many negative comments from passing customers aimed at the manager, assuming it was his idea. I actually met Steven **, the manager there and have seen how patient, accommodating, compassionate and caring he is when people confront him. I'm sure it was not his idea, Most likely corporate. It is unacceptable why educated people would want to verbally accuse or hurt another individual with negative comments.

I just started a job for Hudson News. My two stores were Shop Rite and Stop and Shop on Route 31 in Hopewell Pennington NJ. The job is replacing old magazines with new ones. On Thursday August 18, 2016 I went into Stop and Shop in the back to introduce myself to the receiver and ask approx. what time the Hudson News deliver arrives. I couldn't believe my ears. The receiver yelled at me saying he couldn't care less when the deliver arrives and that I should get the hell out of his working area and not bother him. He was screaming at me. I went to customer service desk and asked to speak store manager. I explained to the women at the desk the problem and she paged the manager.

However, she told me the receiver is Mr. ** and every employee that works in the store hates him. He yells at everyone. They all complained to the store manager and nothing ever gets done. The manager came up and I told him what happened to me. The manager said he was going back to speak to this Mr. **. After about 1 hour I needed to go back to receiving again to get the new deliver and a cart and Mr. ** yelled like hell at me again. He said "take your damn magazines and go find your own cart and get the hell out of my workstation." Because of the nasty man I decided to quit the job. I don't need to put up with this every week. I wish someone from Stop and Shop Corp office would send an under cover person to go in the back to receiving and see how nasty this Mr. ** is. You will know who he is as you will get yelled and screamed at. Also he wears a terrible hair piece. Please Stop and Shop check out you employees.

Like I said, count your pills. Over the years this has been an ongoing problem in Provincetown. There are many other issues going on this pharmacy but shorting medicine is a crime. I have to count all my medicine as soon as I get home. Then I call when it's short, they keep me on hold until they count all the inventory on that medication. I have to get a ride back to the store, give them my bottle and wait until it is corrected. I do understand human error in the high volume season. Mishandled is problem. I live with chronic pain and I do not complain much, but last time I picked up my medicine I thought it was short. Just one. I didn't bother because I didn't want to go through an all day process to correct it over one pill.

Well, it happened again. Just one short. When I called the Don ** the head pharmacist he told me, it wasn't them and his count was correct. I was wrong. I told, "I have the bottle right here and it is not. I am not fighting over one pill. I don't care about the pill. I am angry because this is a chronic issue with your pharmacy and you have the nerve to try and tell me it's me." I can't even comprehend how this situation was completely mishandled by this man. All of this leaves me with the question, who is skimming pain pills at Stop &Shop Pharmacy and why wouldn't they take that very seriously.

Today, I went to Broad St. Clifton Stop and Shop and had a horrible experience with their Pharmacy Staff. I suffer from yearly allergies, and my doctor recommended I use **. I went to purchase the name brand because I knew I had a $4.00 digital coupon from the store and a $2.00 coupon from **. When I went to purchase it, the $4.00 coupon didn't come off. So I told the original tech that I did not want the item. She did not know how to cancel the order, then she got a tech by the name of Sarah, who thought she was better than everyone. She came over and said, "Did you have her sign already" and when the original tech said yes, Sarah proceeds to tell me, "well you signed already so you have to take the product because it's linked to your driver's license." She did not know how to remove the item from my license, and stood there not knowing what to do about a digital coupon not working on my card.

She treated me like a 2 yr. old and read the coupon terms and conditions and then made me read it. Mind you, I have used the digital coupon more than once before and for the same product last month, so it does not matter that the coupon was used. When I suggested she give me the $4.00 off, since it's linked to my card, she refused to do that saying I can't do that. Wouldn't you want to make the situation better and appease a customer. Additionally, she did all this with a snippy attitude. Now, the product is linked to my license and I don't even have the product. The pharmacist stood there and did nothing. She didn't jump in to see if she could help out she let the tech treat a customer with an attitude. Without the customers, both the tech and pharmacist would be without a job. I guess they don't care about that.

I highly recommend not to use this Stop and Shop pharmacy. I have used this Stop and Shop for almost 15 years since it is down the block from me, and had used the pharmacy once. Now I know why my family and I never used the pharmacy before. Because they are rude, and don't know how to handle simple transactions. Additionally, how can you be the pharmacy tech and not know how to remove a product linked to the customers license. You know how to scan the license and put the product on the license real quick.

This store should teach their techs how to remove products from the license and possibly train their techs with better understanding since their clientele are going to them because they are not well; whether it is a simple allergy like mine, or a much bigger issue pertaining to cancer, heart, lungs, etc. For that matter, maybe the pharmacist should be retrained too, just because she's licensed doesn't mean she's fit for the job. I will also be forwarding a note to the board of pharmacy for the State of NJ, the store manager, and the corporate office.

First off, your pharmacy won't release my prescriptions to Walgreens. Every time I need a refill the poor pharmacist gets less respect than you did. She told me she's had a flood of transfer from that store. I was treated with such ill regard I wasn't surprised that the pharmacist at Walgreens did also. Release my prescription Stop and Shop. My suffering without the medicine is awful. And I hold your pharmacy responsible for me being so ill. Shame on you. I miss Giant in Bethlehem PA on West Union Blvd. 14 years there never a hassle. Train these people to be efficient and above all human. Thank you Walgreens in Wallingford Connecticut for knowing what customer service is.

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Re: Store #539. 89-89 Union Turnpike. Glendale, NY 11385. I entered the store yesterday at approximately 5:45 pm. I proceeded straight to the delicatessen counter. I pulled ticket #215 and the current number being serviced was 208. I am accustomed to service at this counter being time consuming, thus I sent a member of my party to continue shopping throughout the store. I stood at the counter patiently and quietly waiting while I listened to the staff complain about their workload and procedures. Forty-five minutes later, my number is reached and employee, **, calls my number.

As oppose to asking "What I may get you" or "how may I help you", he rudely asked, “What do you want?” I unaffectedly responded, “I would like one pound of Boar’s Head Buffalo Chicken Breast and before you cut my order, please clean the blade.” He rudely replied with unnecessary volume and tone, “What?” Still unaffected by his lack of professionalism, I replied, “I asked that you clean the blade before cutting my order.” Prior to ** slicing the order, I asked him if he was using the end of the meat because I asked for a pound,” and before I could finish stating how I would like the pound to come from the same breast, he rudely interrupted me to advise me that he knew I asked for a pound.

As the last slice came off the slicer and hit the scale which read .800, he asked, “Anything else?" Wow, I thought, he is not only rude, he is also mathematically challenged. I kindly asked, “**, that is not a pound, and I did request a pound.” He sucked his teeth, mumbled under his breath and walked away. When he returned with the freshly new opened Boar’s Head Buffalo Chicken Breast, he sliced 3 thick slices and threw them on top of the scale to get the weight to the one pound mark. I then requested that he removed the 3 thick slices and slice the new slices to resemble the slices that were previously cut.

To that, ** snatched the sliced chicken breast off of the scale placed in the bag along with a price tag. I informed him that I did not want the thick slices he added to the order. He responded, “I don’t care, I’m taking the next customer”. I asked to speak to the manager, and he said, “I’m not calling a manager over here, so go to customer service.” I proceeded to customer service and requested a manager. After 5 minutes and 2 intercom pages, ** appears. All that I have just explained, was also told to **. Who appeared to have had complaints about the same employee. However, **, exudes a lack of accountability which has prompted me to write this letter.

Frankly, it is common sense, and the law, I will presume, that employees who handle food should be wearing a hair net, changing gloves between each customer and cleaning the slicer between each customer. I witnessed none of this. The slicer that I asked him to clean had so much residual fragments from prior customers’ orders that cross contamination efforts are clearly not priority. I will inform New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of my concerns. Lastly, ** has reminded me of why I had stopped purchasing any items from the Delicatessen Department at Store #539; after last night’s experience, I will cease patronizing your business altogether. So if corporate ever wonders why sales are dropping, this is a reason why.

Well, I still had to use this crappy store because of the pharmacy (for myself) and an elderly neighbor of mine. Well, today, I told my elderly neighbor that I will no longer shop for her at Stop & Shop. Sorry. At the pharmacy, both pharmacists were on the phone and ignored me and another lady. Neither of them said, "I'll be right with you." One of them said she did but IF she did, she didn't say it loud enough, so I told her I was deaf in both ears (a bit of sarcasm in exchange for lack of customer service).

When it was finally my turn, they had the wrong prescription for me. Pharmacists should not be screwing up Rx's!!! I told them what it should have been, and they said the doctor never called them back to renew the Rx. They said they called her several times. That's **. My doctor is not THAT inefficient. Thank goodness it wasn't a med that I would die if I didn't have it. So, I have decided, in addition to doing my grocery shopping at ShopRite in Fairfield, I will also have my Rx's transferred to Walgreens in Fairfield. It is worth it for me to walk 20 minutes to the Metro North station, then from Fairfield Metro to ShoprRite on Black Rock Turnpike. What a difference! While in produce, I started a conversation with a lady, and lo and behold, she also came from Westport to shop at ShopRite in Fairfield! Kudos to ShopRite in Fairfield!

Going into Stop & Shop is stressful. And the previous night, I wanted to get cash and I had my Therapy/Emotional Support dog with me (she was in her dog stroller). The female manager was such a ** also: "You can't bring the dog in here." I used to go in there with the dog (other people do too) and no one ever said anything. You know what, Stop & Shop? I am sick of being abused by your miserable staff, and then I get stressed and return the belligerence. That's not me. I am friendly and outgoing, and love to chat with people wherever I go. But your staff is unapproachable. If I need a tomato, I'll go to a nearby restaurant and ask them to sell one to me. Take your store and shove it. Tawanda, please do not call me.

Store in Farmington CT off Farmington Ave. I try to not go to large grocery chains. However, when I need to do a large resupply I find myself at Stop and Shop. The overall store is excellent in terms of having an abundance of items. Shelves are stocked well. Employees are very good in all aspects. My biggest complaint is when my cart is full and I'm ready to check out, there are very few lines with cashiers and those lines have multiple people already in line. But there are plenty of self checkout lanes available. I refuse to use the self checkout lanes due to the high number of items I have in cart. There are fewer and fewer cashiers. Yup I get it. Corporate is trying to cut costs.

Fewer cashiers means more profits. That means I have to spend 25-30 minutes standing in a line, typically bagging all items myself. I walk out and swear I will never go back due to the wasted time I spent waiting in line. Come on corporate you have over done it. Get rid of 5 to 10 self checkout lanes and employ some people to take care of your customers. Shopping at your store has become a painful experience. You need to swing the pendulum the other way. I know I'm not the only one as everyone I stand in line has same complaint. You guys have lost the customer satisfaction formula. I spend probably 1,500 a month on groceries. If you had 100 of me abandon you for a faster checkout, you might pay attention due to slumping sales. I guess I'll drive 5 more mins up road and check out ShopRite or Price Chopper. If I can get out of store quicker, you won't see me in your aisles again.

I shop at the Smithtown, NY Stop & Shop every week. The deli dept. is a mess! Today, 4 of us were standing there w/ number in hand watching as 2 deli clerks worked on the kiosk orders instead of at least 1 of them taking live customers & the other should work on the kiosk. This is not the 1st complaint I've put in for this department. I owned a deli for 10 yrs, none of these people would have been our employees. Also, why is it that cashiers don't bag? I bring in my own bags but never enough. They stand there while I do all the bagging, texting or just checking their phone. Are you kidding me? Next week I'm going to get on my phone & wait for them to bag. Always have to check receipt before I leave, something is always wrong.

Store # 653 May 8th, 2016 Mother's Day. 7:19 pm. What a grumpy, nasty person. I went in for zucchini and summer squash. ($1.99 lb. highway robbery). I should have gone to a self checkout so I didn't have to encounter this miserable person. She WAS NOT wearing a name tag. She was on her cell phone. I asked her: "How are you?" She replied "good." Stupid me, I said: "Just ok?" and she replied; "I SAID good." I didn't have my glasses with me and I asked her about the Limoncello coupons. I asked her if I had to buy the products in separate purchases in order to use the coupon. She said she didn't know but she read the coupon (wasn't I lucky!) and told me I had to make a $5.00 purchase in order to use it.

I really wanted to tell her she needed to straighten out her attitude but I decided it was the management's job. The cashier two aisles over didn't know her name. I had to ask the young kid in a purple shirt. (Does 'purple shirt' signify supervisor? Anyway, I was really incensed when I walked away, so much so, that as soon as I put the Limoncello ice cream in the freezer, I came to my computer. Stop & Shop staff REALLY sucks. Everywhere. Everyone I know complains about every store.

I visit the Stop & Shop in Union, NJ on Stuyvesant Ave pretty often because it's walking distance to my home. On more than one occasion I have witnessed the STORE MANAGER (Mr. **) talking extremely disrespectful to the employees. He is so arrogant and even racist because it only seems to be to the employees of color every time. Today was my last straw when I witnessed one of the cart guys simply having a few words with somebody. He appeared to know and the "store manager" called him over to him and said "What the hell are you doing? You're not supposed to be talking to anybody. Do you want me to EMBARRASS you in front of your lil friend?" OMG. I was so sick to my stomach at what he said to the employee. I wanted to yell at him myself and so did a few other customers. I will never shop here again after witnessing that and he had no problem doing it in front of customers as usual. He should be fired!!!

Below Is a chronological account by a shopper of what has transpired over a week at store transaction with Stop & Shop going towards Western Union Services. There is an ongoing discrepancy between myself (the customer) and the store located at Seaford on Merrick Road over $324 dollars of non-refunded cash. A discrepancy like this should not have to take an entire week to resolve. If you are unable to handle a discrepancy of 324 dollars, how do you run a store like this?

My time and my money has been wasted on account of no one taking ownership of this problem, poor management skills, no accountability, everyone's dropping the ball. No, I should not have to be expected to wait for monetary refund of $324 Dollars. The manager should have transferred the information onto whomever was the acting manager on the next shift if he couldn't refund my money after I showed him proof it came out of my bank account. Instead, he is asking me to wait until Saturday then he changes his story and is asking me to wait until Monday. This whole experience has left me very disillusioned with Stop & Shop.

On Sunday, March 13th 2016 at 12:09 PM I ordered a Western Union Money Transfer for $300.00 at the Seaford Stop & Shop store # 2588. I used my ATM debit card to perform this transaction for a total of $324 dollars. Due to maintenance being performed at my bank that weekend, the cash did not transmit on Sunday. Shortly after discovering this, I told S&S customer service to cancel the Western Union Money Transfer MTCN # **. Customer Service informed me that Stop & Shop was blocking my $324.00 refund. I told the customer service employee I would return the following day for my monetary refund.

I called WU at 1-800-325-6000 checked the MTCN # **. Their records show it had been paid out on Sunday 12:32 PM in Seaford. Sunday same day at 5 PM I spoke with Terrence the assistant manager of the store and asked him about getting my refund. I was refused my refund. He reviewed a written note left by customer service rep Michelle explaining that I did not receive my $324 refund for the canceled Western Union transaction. I go to Stop & Shop on Thurs, March 17th with my bank statement showing a $324.00 debit to Stop & Shop on Monday, March 14th.

I request to speak to a manager about getting a refund. They present me with Charlie. I request my $324 refund displaying proof of payment from my bank to Stop & Shop on Monday, March 14th for Sundays transaction. I even call Western Union and get him in contact with a Western Union Agent. After spending over an hour at customer service, watching Charlie (S&S Manager Seaford) on phone with agent Joanne (WU) I do not receive my $324 Refund. Charlie refused to refund my money.

Charlie from Stop and Shop informs me that Western Union has it on the records that the money had already been refunded to Barbara. I ask Charlie what the MTCN # is for the payout to the Seaford store on March 13th 2016? He does not give me that information. He just says, "We want to give you your money back but we have to investigate it further." I ask him about the written note that was left by customer service representative Michelle explaining the situation how I did not receive my money back. I explain the situation about the money not being refunded. I show proof that the money was electronically transferred from my account the day AFTER me canceling the money transfer.

I asked Charlie the manager to track cash receipts between Sunday, March 13th 2016 to Monday, March 14th 2016, look at the transactions for that day on cash register and see if there was a $324 dollar surplus. Since my bank paid out on Monday the day after, it proves that the $324 in cash was taken out of my account. Charlie tells me that after speaking with Western Union, that it is between Stop & Shop and me. He asks me to wait until Saturday. He said if we have to pull store video footage we might have to do that!!! Charlie stated "I want to give you your money back. I ask you to please wait until Saturday so I can investigate what went on."

This morning I called up Carl, another store manager. Again explain this whole incident. I explain that I want my money back. I explain that his store pulled the note placed by customer service out of the book. Michelle is working today and she even verbally confirmed that I never received my monetary refund of $324 dollars. Today at 2 PM Friday I get call from Charlie saying that he called Western Union and they have a procedure they have to follow. He then asks me to wait until Monday for my refund. I explained any dealings the store has with Western Union is between the store and Western Union. My bank statement shows that Stop & Shop received my 324 dollars. It has been 5 days now since the transaction has gone through and I still have not received my refund from Stop & Shop. They refuse to refund me my money. They should be put under investigation at this point.

I purchase the large packages of boneless chicken breast. Noticing lately that chicken is not cooking properly and is rubbery in texture. Taste like your biting into uncooked chicken, but yet is cooked thoroughly. Packages look fresh on purchase, not all pieces in package are like this. Some cooked come out perfectly fine and other pieces do not, they are different. Just throwing away my meals. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Rude, rude workers. Dirty store. Most unfriendly staff. Never any bags. Outdated products. No lights in parking lot. Lazy workers. No carts. Have to walk thru lot to get one. Worker smelled like alcohol. Appearance on the cashiers is a disgrace. Filthy hands, nails and hair. Looks like came out of mud hole. Prices are outrageous. Someone from the top office needs to take a sneak look at the store and clean it up. That store is a horror show. Take a look at ShopRite in Flemington, all happy people. Clean. Packed all the time. I want a callback from the highest office at corporate.

We purchase on average weekly 3 to 4/12 packs of soda --- 3 to 4/6 packs of Seltzer and anywhere from a 12 pack to a 24 pack of water. Every time we try to bring our empty cans back to the bottle return room the machines are either not in service or the room is back logged with so many people with shopping carts full of cans and bottles to return. More than half of these people do not buy the returning bottles that they have from this store.

We've complained to customer service to no avail. My husband has tried to call the store manager to speak to him and we've been told he is gone for the day. The store managers name is John **/Stop n Shop #544. Plus the bottle room is filthy and the floor slippery from liquid which leaks from said cans/bottles. In fact one older man fell once in this bottle room from a wet floor. We are senior citizens, we shop at store# 544 weekly and would like to get our deposits back from the bottles we purchase.

New York State has the stupidest law on their books for returning bottles. We are asked to return soda bottles, water bottles and Seltzer bottles. But not juice bottles, iced tea bottles and the like. Who keeps the 5 cents on every bottle that is not returned in New York State? Is it the store that it is purchased from like Stop n Shop or is it the manufacturers? This store Stop N Shop #544 and the state of New York/all other supermarkets need to fix this. I truly believe that they are robbing the public blind. If it can't be fixed on a political agenda then the corporate offices of these supermarkets should do something to overhaul their return policies of items being charged 5 cents a deposit. I have even complained to Stop n Shop's corporate office twice to be exact. It falls on "DEAF" ears.

My wife shops at Stop & Shop in Stoneham Mass once a week. Far too many times she notices she is missing items from her bags that have been purchased. This time it was 3 items so we decided to go back and try to find out why this never happens at any other store. When we got to the cashier and asked for the items the girl had three different bags that had stuff others forget. This was all in a matter of 1 hour. What does have me wondering is if any others have noticed this happening to them. Sounds very suspicious. We sort of joked about this and asked each other if we thought perhaps this was not an accident. This seems to happen far too often to be normal. I wonder how much their cashiers benefit. I looked for a user forum but none seems to exist. Too bad for us I guess.

I have only shopped at Stop & Shop since moving to the Sturbridge area a few years back. I've never had a bad experience there with the product or Customer Service. I found it to be much more customer-oriented compared to the NYC markets. I actually enjoy shopping there. I've also used Peapod a few times and was happy with that as well.

I went in for a deal posted in the Stop and Shop circular... buy 4 specially marked Post get up to $4.50 off milk in the same purchase. I ended up getting around $40 worth of other things. Shopping with my 5-year-old, I made a mistake and bought 3 post and 1 other cereal that was not part of the deal. Realizing that I did not get the discount on my milk, I went to customer service.

The lady was so rude. She basically yelled at me that I only bought 3 cereals. Realizing my mistake I told her that I would return them and the milk and just rebuy them to get the deal. She screamed "I HEARD YOU!!" I again told her that she really did not need to yell at me or get an attitude. I know it was my mistake. People were waiting behind me and my son was with me, so embarrassing. She then returns the cereal and not the milk. I asked her if she returned the milk, she then screams at me and says "I didn't hear you say that!"

What in the hell is wrong with her customer service skills? I proceeded in reminding her that she yelled at me, that she heard me. She starts saying things like "You're returning everything on your receipt. Just return the whole thing." I told her politely that I was not returning everything on my receipt and that she does not need to have an attitude. "I DONT HAVE AN ATTITUDE!!!" she screamed. I went on the line again and bought the things again this time buying the correct cereals and getting the discount advertised. I did speak to the store manager... and he just said he was sorry on behalf of the store... and that she should know better and that he will talk to her. It's sad because it's not the first time I've had a bad experience at this place. I go rarely but when I do, something does not ring up on sale price or just the nasty attitudes. I work for customer service and I could not imagine treating someone like this even in my worst days. NEVER.

I've been a customer since these stores opened years ago. In order to avoid nasty employees, I have to buy from Stop and Shop online. I have no quarrel with the service buying online. They have been very very good. I buy online because I can't stand going into their stores and having to put up with irrational, beyond-rude behavior from their workers.

There is one particular location in Wallington, NJ where I find a few of the employees to be so bold as to call names openly and mock customers. These 2 employees I have lodged complaints about previously. When I spoke to the manager, she pretty much covered for them and made excuses. She said perhaps I was mistaken. Well it has been going on a long time, but I never complained before. I just went to other stores to avoid these two.

The first time I complained that the short, heavy-set blond woman at the deli counter walked away, not to wait on me and said she didn't want to for me to hear. The tall red-headed woman did the same and said she didn't want to wait on me and finally did grudgingly. They go out of their way to be nasty to customers and no one corrects this behavior.

Yesterday the pair did it again. This time it was to mock what I was wearing. I guess I was suppose to dress up for them. I had spent all weekend removing snow and was quite tired and not in a mood to put up with this, but the manager does not care. She is worthless in giving courtesy to customers and resolves nothing. This was the first time I got out to the grocery store and I had to put up with this nonsense. I'm a good customer to have to deal with this nonsense. These stores are pretty much on the same page when it comes to employee rudeness. I'm sick of it. I go and purchase from different stores to avoid this rudeness. Nobody does one thing about it.

Brought full pie back because it was spoiled. No receipt, but knew it was 5.99/6.99. Desk clerk and bakery clerk told me I was very wrong, gave me 3.99. I said I know from shopping here that pie is more expensive. Nope. I shop there 5 times a week. I am a good customer. Went home and found the receipt. It was 5.99! Last year I found dead flies on the bottom of the bread. Very bad store. Run by kids.

Thanksgiving Dinner? I thought you cooked the meal in the store. I open the box to find preordered items that could have been taken from the freezer nearby. It was funny and disappointing at the same time. It took you soo long to cook the meal!!! LOL!

Ok so today, November 8, 2015 I went shopping at Stop & Shop. I bought chocolate eclairs. I come home to my unopened box of eclairs and found a fruit fly inside. How gross, won't be shopping there for awhile.

Tell me why Stop and Shop always have lines with 1-2 cashiers, and always need a key when the cashier's on the register. I stand in line for 15 mins, self scan always busy. And some of the lead cashier are so rude. Tell why your service desk cashier always eating gum? The price are good but lines is too long.

What a monopoly Stop and Shop has on Seekonk MA. They are the only chain market in the entire town. The level of care shows when you enter the store and the bench is all broken and splintered. They use to have an ashtray in front but it broke so there is cigarettes lying all over the entrance. They say they have lowered prices on thousands of items - but nothing I am buying. The Great Value Ham went from 2.99 to 3.99 in 1 week. The Hebrew National Salami went from 5.99 to 8.99 in 1 week. The meat is misleading - the front of the package looks good but when you get it home - the back is spoiled. They have shrunk the size of the scallions in half to maintain the same price.

The folks at the deli counter especially Jay are always sarcastic. Dunkin Donuts has pulled out and now they have a tiny little coffee display. For the most part the staff is very nice. But the prices have skyrocketed. I was spending $70 per week as a single man and now I am spending closer to $90. Yesterday I drove down to Warwick to Trader Joe's and spent $68 and have enough for 10 days. Somebody please open an alternative to these crooks. Thanks.

Good day. I am a long time customer of Stop and Shop supermarket store 506, going there at least three times per week. I have always love that store and was always treated in a professional manner. BUT today 10/28/15 about 3:30 pm I went into store 506 to purchase a few items. I went on the 12 items or less line which the cashier Vanessa was located. Three of my items were duplicated therefore my item's actual amounted to 15 but due to the duplication I counted them as 10. While I'm on the line the cashier Vanessa (**) yelled out "If you have more than 12 items I'm not cashiering you". I explained that I have 10 because some is duplicated. When it was my turn to cash she then walked away from her cash register leaving myself and other customers standing there in the line stating "I told you I'm not cashing you. The lady before you have 22 items and I cash her but I'm not cashing you."

After about 5 mins another young lady came and cash my items. I paid with my credit card, too embarrass to say anything. At that point Vanessa the cashier came back to her register and ask the cashier for a duplicate copy of my receipt. With identity fraud out there and the cashier's unprofessional nature I am EXTREMELY concern. Why first of all, she needs a copy of my receipt since my transaction is logged in the register. I have never been treated so disrespectful at Stop and Shop. I tried to write this complaint in the shortest most accurate version hoping you will understand how hurt I was by the behavior of this cashier. To be left standing at the register without any assistance then to feel worried because she now has my payment information is very intimidating.

I shop at Stop & Shop in Somerset Mass. all the time at night and love the store. The cashiers are very outgoing and the night supervisor is always helpful and pleasant. Keep up the good work. Best place to shop!

I lost my Receipt for Western Union. I called Western Union office and I was told to return back to Stop and Shop Providence RI, where I made the transactions, with my photo ID, for confirmation of my name and address before the Western Union office can Reissue the control number. On getting to Stop and Shop store, the cashier refused to talk to the Western Union Representative on the phone with me. The manager on duty said "It's the policy of Stop and Shop not to talk with any Western Union Representatives through phone."

To me, this types of Stop and Shop Policy is Unfair, Unethical, Unprofessional and Unreasonable... Any Policy that can take my money with commission, but will not accept any responsibility or show some sense of customer care is Unethical and Bad Practice/Bad Policy. The incident happened yesterday morning - Monday, October 26, 2015 Time: 9:30 am. The transaction on Sunday Oct. 18, 2015.

Store# 808, 10/23/15, 04:02. Someone please tell me why my money was checked and I was meant to look like a common criminal. My total was $33.59 and I handed the cashier two twenty dollar bills. She then placed the money in a machine and then marked them with a pen like I was ripping her off then ask me if I had a problem. When I was waiting in line, I didn't see her do this with any white customers. Maybe she should have asked us to go to another cashier!!! Then on the bottom of the sales slip it said = "I'm glad you shopped here today. Your cashier, Anne." What a crock. Never again will I shop here again.

Every single time I have to shop at The Shop and Stop in Toms River, I have a bad experience, mostly with the employees. One incident was at the bakery, I asked the woman working could I have Happy Birthday written on a cake for me. That's all I said and Thank you afterwards. But the attitude and unfriendliness was so uncalled for that I said to myself would it hurt to smile instead of acting like I am bothering you. Another experience is they have this older cashier there again is not friendly at least not to me. She never greets me with a hello only "Do you have your Stop and Shop card"! Doesn't thank me for bagging NOTHING, however I do notice she greets the seniors with "Hi how ya doing today". I totally get offended and walk out mad at this.

Another recent experience is that I had checks stolen from me and they were electronically cashed at this store. When I went there to confront the managers they tell me it happens all the time, you don't need ID with a check. I was blown away by this! I never use checks at Stop n Shop, never have. They are trying to say I must be in the system because cashier took it without asking for ID. **!!! They are not done hearing from me yet on this matter!

I went to the Stop & Shop in Brockton where I have been shopping for the last 2 1/2 years and once again, I got fed up with the worst service ever and I walked out. I went in there today and again they have only the 3 self check outs and 1 register running, but this time there was a long line in the operator register and 2 of the 3 self check out lines the lights were blinking. I asked a worker what was going on today here and she said "I called the manager upstairs a couple of times and she won't come down and I'm done for the day." I said I am definitely done with this store this time for good.

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