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Visited Ralph's store #131 on 9/14/2016. Didn't receive my $40 cash back upon paying with a debit card. Called Customer service telephone # the same day. Nobody answered the phone. Is that telephone # worth anything? Returned the following day, and spoke to the manager on duty by the name Sonia. She was very courteous and took down the info with a promise to call me back the following day after the accountant would checks the register receipt. NEVER CALLED BACK!!!

I bought a salmon fillet on Ralph's in El Segundo - CA and after 1 hour I started to throw up and feel very bad. Food poisoning. I cannot understand how they can sell a food that is out of date.

I was at Ralph's, 380 East 17th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 where I submitted a credit card application. Since the application has very sensitive information I handed the application personally to the manager identified as manager called **. As I handed the application to that young man, I requested that he would be careful with this paper that contains personal information about me. Instead, I got a joke pointing to one of the girls, that if my info would be misused, it would be her fault. He had no regard to the personal info I just handed him.

I received the card few days later and phoned to activate. After being on the call for 20 mins, ** entered the wrong social security number on the card! If they correct the info, they have to run another credit check. I cancelled card and went back to store to confront the comedian but got the same response. After shopping at Ralph's for several years, the store hired this clown. If you gave your personal info, it goes to managers like this clown that you can misuse. The value of a customer lost for lifetime is what Ralph's needs to consider when hiring these clowns.

I think it is unfair that many of the items on their weekly ad stating that you need to buy 5 or 10 items to receive the discount or sale price. As a senior citizen my only income is Soc Sec. And I live alone no need to buy 10 items that I would not use in order to benefit the sale. Exp: Coca Cola 12pk normal price is $5.99. The sale price is $2.99 only if you buy five 12 packs. I enjoy a can of soda once in awhile, but cannot afford the $5.99 price and certainly don't need 5 cases. There are many other items that require you to buy 4 or more of things you don't need. I feel this is unfair to Senior Citizens and to families with low income. We all would like to enjoy the sale prices when available. However, I have complained to the store manager and they are very nice and usually will give me one item at the sale price, but It's embarrassing to ask. Thank you.

I rarely shop at my local Ralph's store here in San Diego on Mission Blvd in Mission Beach, but today, 3/29/16, I went because their asparagus was on sale. Walking around, I picked up a few items and found Boar's Head 4 oz goat cheese reduced to $1.99 (reg $5.99) in their manager's special area. Interesting it had 2 "Woohoo!" stickers. One to cover the barcode so that it rings up at the discounted price, and another to cover up the sell by date. My red flag sensor was in full deceit mode.

I bought the cheese and when I came home carefully removing the sticker I found the best before date was 4 days ago 3/25/16. No surprise here. Then I called Ralph's customer service and confirmed with a product complaint person that the store policy is to remove the item from the store once it has passed its expiration date. Clearly the manager's policy is to hide the date and sell the item at a reduced price to recoup some of the money. It is insulting to the well being and intelligence of your customers. People: when an item has been reduced in price, check the use by date. If the date has been intentionally obliterated, chances are it is past due. Do not buy it and if you are like me, report it. I took incriminating photos but head office was not interested. Chances are they do nothing!

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I'm highly disappointed with the manager and Ralph's because I went this morning to buy some Theraflu and day quilt for my wife sister and the manager ** didn't sell it to me because I didn't have a California ID and I show him my medical, high school ID and my Costco card that it have my picture and he said that I have to take a California ID and I told him "do I have to bring a California ID?" He said "yes". I ask "can I bring any other ID", he said "no, California ID". I told him any ID because I don't have a California ID, he said that I don't make the rules he is the boss and I have to show him a California ID, but he means it with a bad attitude and I told him "you're being racist." He said "this is America you need a California ID" and the product I was buying was on the regular stuff.

You need ID only for the product they have under lock and the cashier got surprise because he was acting totally rude to me and I ask him for his name he told me he was the boss so he didn't give me his name. I saw it on his ID store, he had it on his chest. His name is **, he works on Ralph's that is located on 120st and Vermont that happened on the line 2 went. I have him his name he act like if I wanted to do something to him. He told me "buck up kid". I told him to provide me his name to file a complaint on him and he left. He left me the without resolve my problem. I couldn't buy anything anymore, he don't let me.

It's got a lot of nice things, BUT there are a lot of people working there that have smart mouths and be prepared to take a lot of trash talking garbage if you shop there. I told one of the employees that I was trying to cut back on the sweets there among other things and the clerk said, "Yeah, sure you are" and held up a box of coffee cakes. I told him I wasn't the only one living in my apartment, then he started rambling on, getting real nosy asking me how many people live with me and all of these "stupid" questions. I told him that I buy for the whole family and he actually seemed a little surprised when I told him.

Also to add insult to injury, I was in an electric scooter and was over 60 years old. To make matters worse, when I got home I called the so-called "manager" up and complained to her and she was actually not much better, then she started telling me she was busy and she had 4 people waiting in line. The moral to this story is, go to these places to buy food not to chummy up to anyone. To add insult to injury, I spent over $400 there a few days ago and tonight spent $463 again in less than a week. You don't need to meet anyone like this and they could care less about you. You're a CUSTOMER and as long as you keep the relationship like that you'll be fine. If you need someone to talk to, go on Match.com. It's unfortunate, but YOU'LL wind up being the one that gets hurt, trust me.

Cashiers were not informing customers of change, keeping the money then insisting that change be put in charity box. Cashiers and bakery and deli help eating rolls and donuts, spilling crumbs on floor. Request to see manager and report harassment, was met with denial and group malicious, insidious behavior tormenting customer and forcing him to another Ralph's for help. This has happened numerous times in this location, I am afraid to go in. This has been reported twice with no changes.

I have been a customer for 50 years and am a resident and licensed business man in the community, with Ralph's card and credit history. What happened? Does Ralph's have a liability and responsibility to insure customer service without bizarre hatred and pain from its employees on good customer? I do not feel well today, my heart and body hurt, from this experience Feb 13, 2016 at 2:38 pm. All I wanted was some ice cream, and they ganged up on me like prison matron. The Ralph's manager at the other location said no one should have to endure this.

I am not used to complain. I am just forced to do this because this happened just this early evening (29 Jan 2016 at 6:38pm) when I was about to buy a prescription medicine at your store (Ralph's Devonshire) from my mother-in-law which so happened a Chinese lady was doing something in the counter. I showed her the prescription and I was expecting she would be a nice person just even by saying "hello", "good evening" to make the customer comfortable since it was my first time. But my family does the grocery all the time for our basic necessities. I love your customer service on the front because they make you feel at home and relax. But this particular Chinese lady by the name of LEE at the pharmacy area, her approach towards me was not professional.

Since I was a first timer she told me to filled up the paper and she asked if my mother-in-law has an insurance, which is true. But I told her I will be buying thru a credit card, but nevertheless she told me I have to fill it up, which is also true. But the way she approached me, as if I was not there in front of her. I don't care if she was busy but if somebody is in front of you in the counter take some time to entertain the customer and be friendly. I left her counter or not filling up because she passed me off. This Ms. Lee was not helpful enough of my concern. She even followed with a statement saying to me that she is not going to entertain for 45min because she has to go on break. I am not against of your policy of taking a break but saying it to me and the way she approached me as if I am no value to her as a customer and a client of yours.

I am a senior customer service by profession, some customers of ours sometimes don't agree with you, but at least I talked to them in a very professional way and not letting them feel hanging, we make our stand as far as our policy goes. But not this MS LEE. As if she doesn't want me there. I qualify her as a rude person and my first impression right away tells me she is not a good employee and not a good customer service agent. Why? If she is not good to me, how much more for her colleagues around her. I just hope I am just wrong of my perception towards this lady.

I was wondering if my mother-in-law was the one at her counter experiencing that bad experience of mine, I will definitely go back to her and be rude. She doesn't deserve to be there at your store. If there is one bad banana in one basket, she will just contaminate other bananas as well. I don't want to go back to your pharmacy and I will tell my friends and my family not to go in this particular pharmacy store unless you change her. I hope disciplinary action will be taken by this person for her to realize. Thank you.

I'm highly disappointed in the level of service at the Ralph's located on 5429 Hollywood Blvd. LA, CA. My family has been a loyal customer of many years and the sole time that I've ever asked for a "rain check", I was denied by a team member as well as the manager himself. They have sugar that went on sale, the product has been sold out every single day yet management refuses to give out rain checks when requested -- stating that this product is on sale for the next two weeks which gives one an opportunity to purchase. Although I advised the manager that I will be out of town he still failed to listen and assist. He was robotic and was not willing to further assist. I felt as though my loyalty was not appreciated, therefore will start shopping at Whole Foods instead.

I am sick and tired of Kroger moving excellent employees to other stores! I shop at Ralph's Fresh Fare located at 2909 Rolling Hills Rd Torrance, CA 90505 and every time there is a good store manager or meat cutter they are moved to another store. I'm fed up and might shop elsewhere!

I witnessed a gentlemen come into the Ralph's store at 21909 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills on or about 12;30 P.M. on Saturday August 15, 2015. He stood in line and apparently was invited to receive a refund for some "bad" or spoiled sushi, he was met by ** who stated that he was expecting him and was happy to give him his money. However, instead of resolving the matter quickly, Mr. ** seemed to have purposely opened a can of worms by stating that the customer was wrong by confronting one of his other employees, he went on about how many witnesses he had and such, this was purely confrontational. The customer kept his composure and merely stated and I quote, "Sir, I have that incident recorded, would you like to see or hear what actually happened because you are misstating the facts."

This enraged **, as he told the customer, "You know, now I am not going to refund you." He also stated in a loud voice, "We are done." He made comments about the man's character that were untrue and unrepresented by the customer's demeanor. Instead he told the man to leave the store. The man then seemed to take a breathe and really humble himself by asking the manager "**" to please reconsider, that this was his fourth trip to the store. Stating verbatim "Sir, you promised me that you would resolve this, I want my money you owe me and promised me. I came thirty miles from Santa Clarita." Mr. ** smirked as the man seemed to have been recording the whole conversation and said, "You do not intimidate me." What? Since when is documenting a public conversation intimidation? The man was very upset as he should have been. This manager should have just kept his mouth shut and SERVED the customer.

His actions were provocative. He was aggressive by accusing the customer of doing something wrong when it was obvious that the manager had already agreed to settle the matter. I have witnessed this same manager ** make very inappropriate statements about customers before. Well! He followed suit because after the gentlemen left, he called the man a "loser," made a prejudicial comment about his hair, "long hairs." This man has made me very uncomfortable as I had a complaint with him one time a couple of months ago. He could not stop looking at my breast, so I told him, "Do you if you would look at me and not my boobs?" He was unprofessional, mean, vengeful, vindictive, and his people skills are non existent. I have left the gentleman my number, another man was in the parking lot giving him his number also. I hope that Ralph's disciplines this man and his inappropriate behavior.

I am 62 yrs old and disabled. I moved into this neighborhood because I am close to grocery store... Ralph's. Every time I go in the door, every time I am followed through the store and out the front door time and time again after I go through the check out. In order to get service I must ask employees 3-4 times before I get their attention then I won't get a clear answer to my request like they still do not hear me. Even more disconcerting is one time I ordered Sunday dinner at their buffet. When I told the lady what I wanted to eat she says ,"oh you do?" so sarcastically it hurt my feelings and even writing about it hurts. To make matters worse when I got the plate back to my room it was so bad I had to throw it out... a hot meal of cream style French cut green beans mashed potatoes squash and meatballs. And it tasted like dishwater or something terrible poison? I truly would not know as I said I threw it out.

So anyway I go back on another Sunday, new person serving and I just want a hot meal so I figured I would avoid the veggies and just order meat. Well shame on poor little old me again. I ordered roast beef about a half a pound and guess how I received it... in one inch slices and a good portion was all fat being inedible so once again I threw most of it out. There was no complaints from me, I blamed myself. I have bought five melons, two cantaloupes and three watermelons all inedible and nearly tasteless. One actually was overripe and close to rotting and I threw them all out. Just last week I bought some spaghetti and it was mostly noodles and hardly any sauce. And the provolone cheese I bought actually had black mold on it so I threw out the cheese.

My god I put my faith in these people and what they do not know I am truly too scared of the they might treat me if I complain directly to them!! Thank you for being there for myself and others like me who have nowhere else to turn to. I pray you will do all you can do to at least correct some of these issues as soon as time permits and I look forward to hearing back from because out of general principle my next step will be to file claim in a CIVIL court of law and I truly do not want to do that.

This incident took place Sunday, February 13, 2015. The exact time is only night hour prior to 1:00 A.M. As I recall, I had purchased an orange and some other items that night. Possibly a Sunday night. After walking to my car, I needed to use the bathroom. I was going to buy something else but changed my mind - was not feeling good. I then was sitting on the male bathroom toilet. I did my best to lock the male bathroom door. It would not lock, leaving me vulnerable to anyone opening the door. As I was in the process of cleaning my back area with toilet paper, the male bathroom door went open. It was the black African American night supervisor. He smiled with gleam, thrill and excitement, as though it was a surprised inner type of fetish desire? I stated, "You should get the door fixed". He responded, "It's on the top of my to-do list". He then stated," Now he feels closer to me". His comments and actions are disrespectful to a customer.

Next, in the parking lot was a Huntington Beach Police officer car. Not a problem, yet normally city police do not come on private property unless they are called by a business. I have been here a few times. I have overheard him stereotype numerous different customers, just as they walk out the Ralphs Market door. Who is he to marginalize or judge customers? Jesus said, "Take the beam out of your own eye before you take the speck of dust out of your brothers". So what was his motive and intent? Is he attempting to be the city police informant? Or is he attempting to try and fit in a predominantly rich white neighborhood? He was working with what appears to be a very overweight female white adult supervisor. Her continence resembles someone constipated - never smiles unless you are white.

So what was the motive and intent for him opening the male bathroom door and gazing? Was it to humiliate and make joke and sport toward a non-white customer? This male bathroom door should have been fixed when it first broke. Or is left broken for entrapment ? Notice how sad and depressed these union thugs make their face when they go on strike. Yet when they get their contract, they act like they are all that. Now here is the reality: Asian markets and Latino markets are much more cheaper than mafia union thug markets, plus they treat customers better. This incident took place at Ralph's Market store #131. Address: 5241 Warner Ave , California 92649-4060. Phone number : (714) 377-0024.

Isn't his act similar to that of being a same-sex harasser? California Penal Code 647 (I)??? Will he pull the race card??? (If it doesn't fit we must quit?) Or is he related to the actor that drugs women? Will his corporate headquarters turn a blind eye as long as the victim is not wealthy and white? Very bad customer service. Great for white people only. Non-whites stay out. They like it this way, have their very own Uncle Tom.

I was in the Rancho Cucamonga store at Milliken and Terra Vista. I asked the cashier for a rain-check who directed me to the manager's desk. While waiting I asked someone I need a rain-check. She said "I'm sorry I'm at lunch."

I was in the Indio Ralph's on Jefferson, and every single label in the meat dept was mislabeled. Meaning, on the pre-printed label for meat, each label has a pre-printed box with these headings - "net wt.," "price per pound," and "total" - and Ralph's has lined up their printer to print over these pre-printed headings, therefore making it almost impossible to read the price per pound, net weight, and total. And it is that way on every type of meat packaged and weighed in the meat dept. I had to bring a steak over to the butcher to read it for me, who had to squint to make it out. Now this store is very busy with senior citizens who come from out of state to resort here, and coupled with diminishing eyesight as you get older, an older person could not make out the price or any info on the label, squinting or not. This fraud technique was also done on all the custom high-end cheeses at the cheese bar. Complete fraud. Also, their scans never match up - I was charged 4.49 per loaf of French bread that was supposed to be on sale at 2.99. When are they going to get a big enough fine so they stop these tactics? They have been investigated before, and this very store I believe.

There are times when I need assistance and employees don't even make eye contact. Other times I ask for an item and told "it's in aisle 9" - would be nice if I was led to the item. All employees should acknowledge customers with a friendly "may I help you with anything?" All employees must display a positive attitude...offer all customers assistance to their vehicle. You have several people with attitude problems which give your store a bad image. Overall, most of your employees have a good attitude. Two fine examples are Gabriela and star, the customer is the king. Remember the triangle theory to succeed.

Display said 11 oz. to 14 oz. General Mills cereal on sale. However at the display was only 9 oz. boxes. So we took the 14 oz. box and were told that was not on sale. We wonder how many times have we been mislead? We could not get through to the checkout clerk that this was not right. We will not shop Ralph’s again. Our intent was to make them aware of this misleading ad. But no one wanted to listen to us. A third party got belligerent with us and the clerk did nothing.

I bought a set of stamps from a store and didn't know if I was going to need them. The cashier told me I could return them if I didn't use them. Then I went to return them a week later and they told me that I could not return them!!! I very rarely use stamps. What do I want 16 of them for? They will last me 30 years??

The workers at Ralph's seemed to harassed me almost every time I shopped there. In the past, there were a lot of harassment. They said words across me but I ignored them, but then it had gone too far and I stopped going there for about five weeks. Then I go back again and buy less and it seems like a bully this time. I mean I spent hundreds of dollars doing business with them for almost every week and they treat me like that. Do these people have any slightest of virtue? This time I will NOT spend any money on Ralph's anymore, not even one penny from me. There are so many other companies to shop for.

NEVER AGAIN!!!! I put one star because there is not the possibility to put zero! I had one of the most horrible experience from a customer service/store. I'm a guy of 29 years old and even proving and showing my valid ID with picture they refused to sell me one bottle of wine. I felt horribly humiliated and teased. The cashier thought my ID was fake! I asked to speak with the Manager of the store, Mrs. Editha ** and she didn't even had the respect to listen what I need to say or my side of the story. Mrs. Jessica **, the cashier made also fun of me when I asked to provide to me her name and last name treating me as I was a kid of 12 years old! I will never and never again spend a single penny on any Ralph store for the rest of my life. Horrible and disgusting the way they treat us that are their customer, the one that provide to pay their salary!!

I was at a Ralph's store in Sherman Oaks after 11:30 pm and decided to get sushi. I got $50 worth of sushi and when I approached the self-checkout, under the light I noticed that one of the sushis that had avocado was already deteriorated - the avocados were brown and the sushi seemed old. Anyway, I sat that one aside and paid for my items and left. As I was leaving, the attendant at the self-checkout (a middle-aged man) asked my mother and I if the sushi was ours. I let him know that I did not want to get it so I set it aside. He become angry very fast and started giving me a lesson. He said: "Okay, next time you let me know because it's fish and gets deteriorated very fast".. I told him that it's already deteriorated and left.

I was parked pretty far when I heard someone calling for me. I turned around and it was the attendant that had actually walked out with the sushi to continue the conversation. In a very aggressive voice he shouted "Mam just to let you know the avocado is still good"... What? You don't decide for me whether it's good or not, I decide what to eat. You have no freaking right to run after me like that and follow me to my car. I told him he should've followed me home instead. I was so upset that he treated me this way for not putting the product back on its shelf. People leave out all sorts of things, people take things, are you really going teach me how to eat my sushi?

I saw the price which said $2.79 which seemed low so when I got to the checkout, it was 8 dollars. "Go check it, it's listed wrong," I said. She said "I can't leave the register." I said "never mind take it out." I don't like being deceived, so left without the beer. Why do they list low then surprise you at the register? I tried calling the manager but was put on hold then dis-connected - finally gave up.

We paid $14.99 lb for salmon and that was the sale price. We ended up in the hospital. It turns out the fish they sold us had expired the day before we purchased it. When I made a claim, they denied it and said our proof was only subjective. It was only after we took them to small claims court that they started insulting us with ridiculous offers (medical costs only), then they offered a few hundred dollars. We had the fish tested and it tested 195.0 ppm histamines which means the fish could have been lethal. Ralph's does not put a high value on the lives of their customers.

Visited the Glendale, CA Ralph's today. Bought a 10-pack paper towel set and the price on the shelf was on sale at $7.99. Rang up at $10.49. The latter was the correct price but that price tag was not underneath the towels, the $7.99 price sticker was. The store manager, Amanda **, was walking by and I asked her to come with me to the aisle to show her. I said the price sticker was misleading and I was mislead. She snaps the $10.49 sticker from the shelf and restricts it under the correct towels and does the same with the $7.99 sticker. No apology. No offer to give me a $2 rain check. Sweat I got was a very rude comment, "Is that better for you?" I said "no" and walked out. This store is horrible. Rude cashiers who carry on conversations with each other and ignore customers and a very rude and snotty manager. Don't shop here.

I was at Ralph's at 11:53pm, we were on our way to checkout our groceries at the cashier when there was a basket on the floor that we didn't notice. As we were walking my husband tripped over this basket with the cart and bumped himself. Cashier didn't even bother to say sorry or if he was ok. We also were purchasing cat litter and I gave her a coupon and she gave me attitude. It's not the first time that this person gives me attitude. I love the store but people like this make me not want to go back. To top it off, I can't complain to no one because she's the manager. Nothing will be done.

The quality of customer service from the Ralph's in Cerritos is not comparable to any other store we shop at. The workers appear snobbish and are busy having a conversation between themselves at the cash register, as if I was not there. The problem is always at the cash register, whether conversations, ignoring questions, etc. We have other choices to shop at. For the price difference, the customer service difference, we will continue to shop at Superior Grocery Store and Stator Brothers. The quality of meats, produce and customer service at the other stores are far above Ralph's.

There is such a wide variety in these stores. The one closest to us is not fun to shop in at all. The one in Costa Mesa is much better. Who do I talk to about this?

On Thursday, June 27, 2013, we bought Kroger ice cream at Ralphs in Woodland Hills, California. When we opened the container, there was a penny lying on top of the ice cream. When I complained to the manager, he ignored me. When I complained to the checker, she laughed. Nobody took the situation seriously. In the past, Ralphs has sold tainted chicken which has caused food poisoning. I believe that it is time that Ralphs pay more attention to the proper handling of its food. Thank you.

Ralph's used to be my go to grocery store because of prices, convenience and location. Now, it seems like they try to use sneaky sales and promotions to trick buyers into thinking they are getting sale prices on items unless you examine the sale stickers very closely. For example, their 5 for $10 sales or their 30% off six bottles of alcohol sales. Ralph's advertises the discounted price in large numbers and then writes "When you buy 5 or 6" in tiny letters underneath. This tricky writing must work well for them because I noticed that Albertson's is now doing it as well.

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