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It's the most convenient store in the area. The other store is a Wal-Mart store and I avoid Wal-Mart stores whenever I can. Prefer a store that values my custom. This store comes close as they do try to please but the store is too small to stock what I want to buy.

Satisfaction Rating

Don't sell old hamburger meat inside fresh ground as if we don't know for new price. It's brown inside red outside. Can't do all my shopping at the same store. The pharmacy will not stock pills. I have to notify 3-4 days ahead but I can't remember my pills are not filled all the same day. I have had to go to Kyle and the smaller HEB. I can't walk to no drive through. I get the same pills every month. I don't understand why you can't stock up on my pills. It is if I have asked way too much to keep my pills in stock. They have less name brands and only the store brand. I like to buy what I like and it's not always the store brand.

Need a larger store. Can't keep shelfs stocked. Need more check out open, can't stand to check out myself. If you are going to sell old food discount it, don't hide it by putting old ground beef in fresh ground beef, and the crap you spice up cover up that you sell cheap. You think you're getting a deal but all it was is a pile of gristle, fat and bone that the dog won't eat. I hate being made a fool of, conned, ripped off. You knew what you were doing when you sold me that crap and I hate it when you change up the store. After finally knowing where the food is I like so I can save time get it and go. You change it and make old people who can't walk that long waste their time and legs hunting. This is for your greed, not for your customers.

HEB Company Profile

Company Name:
Year Founded:
646 S Flores St.
San Antonio
Postal Code:
United States