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I was just called by a friend to find out what I thought about Giant Food as she saw that a Roberta ** made a derogatory remark about Giant Food. WELL THAT WAS NOT ME. Yes, my name is Roberta **. The person with the name just Roberta ** is my sister-in-law who never changed her name through numerous marriages.

Please be advised that I love Giant Food Stores. They are generous to me and my organizations for helping collect items for the veterans and the needy. I highly recommend Giant Food Stores for all your needs. Every department is handled with great courtesy and kindness. So please be advised that I, ROBERTA **, LOVES THE GIANT FOOD STORES.

I live in Harrisburg City PA. As a customer I have traveled to your different stores to review your fruits and vegetables and have noted that at the Kline Village GIANT they don't have all of the freshness, variety, and organization as the GIANT'S in the more affluent neighborhoods. I have noted that our organic food section lacks anything that I see at the more affluent aka ** neighborhood GIANT FOOD STORES. Did you know that all your customers deserve the same treatment? Our dollars also spend and can be spent elsewhere as a citizen of this UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We as a people are a awakening to the realization that our dollars aren't taken as seriously as the ** dollar. I will choose to spend my money elsewhere. This is sad. Most people shop at the Kline Village due to their inability to travel elsewhere. I believe corporations need to view all customers as equal.

Appears to be a one-time occurrence.

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Don't try to go to the deli at night. Even though the posted hours are until 10:00PM, I have been told there is "nothing they can do" when arriving at 9:20 because they have already cleaned their slicers for the night.

I went to my local Giant Food Store at the Cressona mall in Pennsylvania to buy only 1 Pound of c. slaw for $1.99 a Pound. The female employee to me, "WE ARE ALL OUT"! Then I viewed a hand full of M. Salad in the stainless steel pan, in the Deli Case. The pasta looked BROWN. I told the female employee that the M. Salad should be thrown out. She said, "IT HAS A DATE." I took a photo of it with my camera phone. The female employee said, "WHY ARE YOU TAKING A PHOTO?" I said, "so I can show the GIANT STORE manager."

The female employee TOOK OFF her name tag and said to me, "HERE! SHOW THIS TO THE MANAGER!" How rude is this to any cash paying customer? I called the store manager, he was very nice and gave me a $10 Gift Card! The point Is this, ANY employee who takes off their name tag, holds it up to a customer, and SAYS "HERE, SHOW THIS TO THE MANAGER" is in the WRONG JOB! This took place on 8/3/2016 at the GIANT Food Store at the Cressona PA Mall. For what it matters, I am a disabled person.

It took the manager 40 minutes to come to the phone for me to tell him about the spider in the apple juice. I was told to call later (and it already was 10:00 PM) as he was in the back. I said to get him and I would hold (which I did for too long a time.) This only puts more fuel into the fire.

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I bought some food today in Giant Foods at 255 Northland Center. During the checkout, the cashier named ** asked me what is the name of the green peppers I bought. I told her I didn't know the exact name and asked her if she could find the correct item through the pictures. (They have that function in their checkout system.) Then she asked me what is the item code for the green peppers. I replied I didn't know that code. ** then became angry and upset and blamed me that I should know the name or the code of the item I am buying. She looked angry and upset, and she dropped the items I bought heavily into the plastic bag with attitude. Isn't it the cashier's responsibility of knowing the exact name or the code of the items in their store?

I've been shopping weekly at the Giant at Beacon Mall for 18 years. Although it's not my first choice of grocery stores, it seems to be a bit cheaper than Safeway and closer than Wegmans. Went in this morning, with my regular list. On the list were red delicious apples, non-dairy coffee creamer and ground beef.

The only red delicious apples left (6 or 7) were dinged and picked-over (as has been the case in the last 4 or so weeks). The non-dairy coffee creamer was nowhere to be found and there was one package of ground beef on the shelf. When I went to the butcher's counter, no one was to be found anywhere.

I yelled several times, in case someone was in the back. Still no one there. So I left my 1/2 filled grocery card and walked out. The management of that store is shoddy. The products occasionally available and it has gone downhill altogether in terms of customer service. I'm going to Wegmans for my weekly groceries. Giant, you have lost a loyal customer.

I was profiled when I went to Giant Food a young thug ** guy wearing a pistol. Pass me at least 5 times in the store giving me eye contact. I felt threatened. This is the store on Minnieville and Dale Boulevard. I will not go in there again and I will also tell my friends.

I like to shop at Giant for gas points, when they check pressure in my tires. Recently three weeks ago was a yellow bag on it saying it was not working. Last week stopped early in morning to fill up and put some air in a low tire. No yellow bag so went ahead and lo and behold the thing was still broke. No bag but the hose near the end was torn. Gosh my tire almost went flat. So today stopped for gas and one needed to look very closely that hose still broke... when you all going fix it?

My senior citizen mom bought groceries at the Giant on April 22 in front of me. She tried to pay with a personal check for less than $135. Giant uses TeleCheck to guarantee checks. TeleCheck declined the check. I already posted on about the matter with respect to the very frustrating telephone call I made the next day to TeleCheck.

The bottom line is that the check was not declined for anything my mom could control. She had the bank account for months after moving to this area so was not a "new" account with which they had no experience. She had a history of writing checks at that store. She had never had a returned check. The TeleCheck manager did not refer to the procedure as "arbitrary." That is my characterization. But the TeleCheck manager said it could happen again at any time because the service does not check credit or even past history with the account (even though she knew it and could rattle off the most recent two check dates and amounts).

My problem with this is that I saw my mom's consternation and embarrassment at having her check declined. I was there to pay for the groceries and give her the extra $100 she wanted for things like her contribution at mass this week, and stamps at the post office. What if I had not been there? Giant did not seem prepared to remedy the situation. The clerk was flustered and ran it through again then "had nothing." He pointed out the TeleCheck contact information on the receipt.

I called Giant today. I spoke with a nice couple of people (** at customer service and **, the store's new manager of the last five months). They apologized, too. The manager offered a $25 gift card. But I declined it because we want reliable service. And arbitrary criteria for denying service will only lead to more unreliability. If you have to bring cash or credit card in case this is the day your check gets declined again, then we'll go some other place and see if the service improves. TeleCheck is not the only problem at this Giant. It was just the last straw that checks could be declined for no reason--to reduce the risk of fraud. Giant chose TeleCheck. TeleCheck's arbitrary process for approving or denying checks caused embarrassment that was unwarranted. Giant, low prices are not the only thing that matters to customers. We want quality service.

Shorten the checkout line... More cashiers and baggers available; more logical product placement throughout the store. Deli is awful... One person working usually and they obviously hate their jobs. Limited selection and poor customer service are the biggest deal breakers; Publix and Wegmans are opening in our area and I plan on switching to these stores even though I will drive much farther. Martin's in the Richmond, VA area is awful... poor customer service, limited selection, long lines at deli and checkout.

I was trying to check out on the self-service register. At one point, I needed help about a question. I pushed the button for help. Waited several minutes, spoke up and asked why I couldn't get help. One cashier "no name" went to the customer service area. Still nothing happened. There was Giant Personnel standing around, doing nothing. Like twiddling their thumbs, and sucking them. I couldn't get any help. Spoke up, and said "I was leaving." What is wrong with this store. What is wrong with the store manager, him or her, something is wrong.

No. This is not in my head. Period. I will go further with this. As I am demanding that there be action taken against the store manager, and/or district manager. This complaint will end up at the Desk of the CEO of the company. This is unsat. Period. Something needs to be done. Never purchased anything at this store. Needed help with something in the checkout process. I am disabled and am white. This is unreal. You don't discriminate against someone who is white and disabled, and a military veteran. This is what happened. I was in this "unsat" store about 3:15pm on Thursday March 3, 2016. Had I been an illegal alien or black, would I have gotten better service. I wonder.

At this store I had my foreign ID denied while I was purchasing beer. If there is a company policy stating that no foreign IDs are not accepted, I could understand that. What is really unacceptable is the way the manager of the cashiers treated me after checking my ID. I have been talked to like a criminal trying to steal rather than a customer that spends 200 dollars every week on that store.

Once again my complaint is not about denying my ID but the way I was treated. I did present my green card, which with hesitation, was finally accepted, making me feel really bad in front of other customers. I makes me really upset that people who have no care in the world for customer service, represent a company doing this poor of a job. So far Giant has not responded to my complaint and if it does I might return to update my review.

At 2:15 PM on 2/2/2016 I walked up to the Deli counter. I saw no one behind the counter so I waited. And I waited and I waited. Finally, I was greeted (if you can call it that) by "You ready?" I replied "Yes" and said "I wanted 1/2 pound of roast beef." She cut the meat then asked "What does it say- Italian" so she could code the price in. I replied, "it doesn't say Italian. It doesn't say regular either". She handed me my meat and said nothing. So I took my meat and said nothing. As I walked away she mumbled something so I turned around and asked her what she just said and she replied "you have an attitude". Really? I HAVE AN ATTITUDE. I handed her meat back to her and she yelled "have a nice day". Horrible experience and I will never subject myself to it again. I will make sure everyone I know hears this story.

I recently shopped at a Giant Foods in Lebanon, PA and a small head of cabbage was rung up incorrectly at over $7. The error wasn't discovered until I returned home. Upon discovering the error I had to return to the store which is about a 15 minute drive then wait another 10 minutes to see a customer service rep. To my dismay, I discovered that Giant no longer has a pricing guarantee where the item is free if it doesn't scan correctly. This change of policy really ticked me off because of the time wasted in getting the situation corrected and the fact the store really has no incentive to assure correct pricing at the registers. This policy change has caused Giant to lose me as a customer. In the future I will do all of my shopping at Weis Markets which still has a pricing accuracy guarantee.

This exchange happened on Sunday, December 20, 2015 at the pharmacy with Halima and Erin. I dropped a narcotic prescription on the 15th, Tuesday, to a gentleman's name I do not know who ran it under my insurance and notified me that there must be a prior authorization completed for the prescription to be covered under my insurance. I understood and said it was fine to send it to my doctor's office. He kindly retrieved my phone number and notified me that I should be receiving a call about it by Thursday.

Today is Sunday and I called the pharmacy and I spoke to a technician named Halima. I explained to her that I needed my medication and if the prior authorization has been completed. She placed me on hold then informed me as she took me off hold that she cannot find my prescription. I told her the date and time of when I dropped it off, that it is a narcotic prescription and if they had lost it then I will have an issue with the pharmacy. She placed me on hold again and as she took me off hold she didn't inform me that they had found it, rather that I needed to call my insurance, coldly.

I explained to her that I spoke to my insurance company as well as my doctor's office and they both informed me that the authorization went through and for the pharmacy to process it. I tried explaining this to Halima multiple times but each time I tried to explain she cut me off and kept telling me that she refuses to process the prescription today and that I needed to call the insurance and then explaining the process of how a prior authorization works. I asked her why she refuses to process my prescription today multiple times however she did not give me a reason. I had to ask her to stop speaking so she can listen to me. I then explained that I have already done the things she is currently asking me to do and that the authorization should be completed and she needed to process it to find out for sure.

After she finally listened, she was speaking to the pharmacist while I was on the phone informing her to submit the claim. From my understanding, she wanted me to contact my insurance and my doctor's office before even submitting my prescription and knowing if there was still an issue processing it or not. She put me on hold again while they processed it. When I was taken off hold I spoke to the pharmacist Erin. I explained to her that all I wanted to know was if my prescription went through and to send me to go speak to my insurance or my doctor's office is unacceptable if they haven't even tried to process it yet. She responded coldly, "okay...?" then remained silent.

I asked her if she spoke to patients normally like this when there is no need to be rude. I told her the only reason I am calling is because I need my medication. I told her that I am upset because I was told by Halima to contact my doctor's office and insurance company when she did not even try to submit my prescription. She cut me off to defend Halima in saying, I was not listening to Halima and that I keep talking instead of listening to her to understand what is going on. However, in actuality I was unable to speak at all and I was extremely frustrated because I could not get a word in as I was talking to Halima. I explained to Erin that I already understand what is going on, and that is not the point. I told her that "It is your duty as a pharmacist to ensure me that my prescriptions should never be "lost" and also you will do your best in order for it to be ready this week."

She told me that to "not talk to her like that" that I was speaking to her rudely and that I still needed to contact my doctor's office and insurance and there is nothing else she will do. As a "health professional" who is dispensing medication to patients who unfortunately cannot function a day-to-day life without their prescriptions, it is important to be sympathetic and helpful. Not send patients around to their insurance and doctor's office to resolve an issue that the pharmacy is supposed to resolve themselves. Or at least get involved to help. This coldhearted, uncompassionate and primitive exchange with Erin and Halima who are supposed "health professionals" has made me decide I will no longer use Giant Pharmacy for any of mine or my family's medication. Unfortunately, I did not experience any kind of "professional" behavior of any kind.

I recently went shopping at Giant, something I never do and found it a nightmare. The shelves aren't properly stocked, and the aisles are so crowded it is like bumper cars. The employees don't know where anything is and don't seem to care about helping you. Where are canned mushrooms, "we don't have them". I found the young man behind the register so surly that when I eventually told him to void my transaction, and he insisted he wouldn't do it.

He also ended up adding a few extras to my order that were laying around about $70 dollars worth. When he insisted on charging me for my old ratty bags saying "they were new", I told him to unbag order and keep them. Since I didn't want them. In process of unbag the schmuck damaged every item possible. If a bag is old, has been used repeatedly, I guess they expect all customers to always carry receipts or risk being accused of theft. I have been shopping there since day they built it, and now I will never go back.

I have been a customer of the Giant in Catonsville, MD for years. Customer service used to be great but it has gotten bad over the years. I went today to send money via Western Union overseas. The young girl working Western Union today was incompetent and disrespectful. It took her 20-30 minutes to help one customer with Western Union. During that 20-30 minutes she would be focused on other things instead of working. She would have conversations with her co-workers instead; asking what they were doing. When it was mine turn she gave me an attitude and was no help. She wasn't going to help me because I didn't have 2 forms of ID for the amount of money I was sending.

I have sent money multiple times at that Giant and never had a problem until now. My name and everything is already in their system. I don't understand why she was making things so difficult. I have no plans on ever returning to that Giant. I will never step foot in that Giant again.

I am an old customer to this store in Wheaton, MD. I have observe more than a couple of times how the cashiers are so racist to Spanish people, and I just hate it! We are all humans and we should be treated the same way as the others. I have observed many times that people that are buying with wic, are being treated so rude. I don't like this. Please giant customer support, do something about it. Cashier name Gary had a bad attitude to your customer. It's so sad to have to see this kind of people. What happens to customer being satisfied???

I was treated very poorly tonight by a employee at the Giant store in Lansdown, Pa. The customer service representative Ciara was very rude and unprofessional. I tried to receive a Western Union payment but she informed me I did it wrong. She yelled several times at me because of how I wrote the information down and the manager Matt was notified. He asked only the representative what happened and did not even bother to ask me what the correct information was. I explained several times I could easily contact the sender. I did not like the treatment I received at this location and will never return to this store. I was able to receive my Western Union funds at a nearby store 20 minutes later.

I live fairly near the shopping center in which this store is located, which includes my bank and a Rite Aide I shop at, along with a Starbucks and a pet store I got to on occasion. It would seem to be convenient to shop at the Giant there. It is not and though a couple of times in the last few years I've reported to Giant directly what I'm reporting here, nothing has changed. Reported the following about 2 weeks ago by email complaint form - never received a response.

Due to the volume of customers, and not having enough checkouts (with cash register clerks) open when even moderately busy, I've turned to the self-scan lines. About two years ago I found them so unreliable I stopped shopping at that store. About 3 months ago I tried again as well as two other Giants. On every single occasion, without exception, the scanner has failed either someone in front of me in line, me or both. Total number of times is about 10. On each occasion, store clerk has had to come over & reset the machine.

Today, at Westbard, I had 4 items, all barcoded (no vegetables or other things requiring special entries, weighing, etc). Got in line with 2 people in front of me, neither with many items. Scanner froze on first person. Clerk came over but whatever issue was, was not being fixed quickly. Move over to next line, also with two people before me. On second person, who had 3 or 4 items, scanner froze on customer's last item. He tried to correct himself, without any luck after a couple of minutes. I saw machine I had just left had just one person in line, with a couple of items. Scanner froze on him. Had to wait for clerk. After he was done, froze on me. Kept saying put item in bag, when item was in bag.

Clerk had to reset. So what should have been a 3-minute checkout took about 8 or 9. This is so routine at Giant I've decided there's no longer a point in even shopping there. Recently visited a Safeway on Sangamore Road to see how things went there - was not terribly crowded at the time, so I had no problem getting live register. One item rang up $3 too high but other than that - I caught it - sailed through. Unfortunately, Giant appears to have a take it or leave it attitude. Per above, I've reported problem before. I suspect many others have, too and yet their scanners remain unreliable. Apparently, they have not figured out that customers' time is valuable and ought not to be wasted.

I recently had several bad experiences buying meat at Giant. Both steak and pork about 70 percent junk and barely any meat all, fat and tough membrane.

I visited the bakery at the Giant Supermarket in Hatfield on Cowpath Road. The baked goods are sitting out. This is the second time I went to purchase muffins and flies were on the baked goods. I called it to the attention of the attendant in the department and he seemed to be unconcerned. I went to customer service and registered a complaint about this. The manager said it was nothing they could do to prevent it. The flies keep coming back. This is a health issue and Giant should be concerned enough about its customers to ensure the products they sell are not contaminated. I would advise people not to purchase the baked goods at this Giant until this is corrected. No telling where those flies have been. Next time I will take a picture.

I always shop at Giant located at Columbia Pike, Annandale. But last time I went my visit was very disappointing because I didn't get what I always go for: neck bones that we make a good soup. I hope you guys take this into consideration and bring it back please.

For about the third time I was not given a sale price as advertised... The sign said 1.49 for Purex... Nothing regarding MiniMe purchase or coupon... After the snippy desk clerk told me of this before I even finished my sentence I had to go back to the shelf to confirm and return to the help desk and ask for a manager... The last time it was Buy One Get One free pork loin... Guess what? Didn't get one free... Never going back AND I am moving my prescriptions.

I purchase the Giant hazelnut fat-free creamer and it is so heavily laden with an oil that it is barely drinkable. There is such a heavy oily film that is seen on top of the coffee as well as an extremely thick film that is left in/on my coffee cup that requires lot dish washing soap and manual cleaning. I have never seen this before in this product. I have checked the product expiration date and it is January 18, 2016 02:53:51, 03:25:36, 02:53:45 time of manufacturing. Of the three current purchases on August 14, 2015. What gives here?

Worked at same Giant for 13 years. Never written up or been in trouble. A customer lied and said I called and threatened them. Not my character. With no proof I was terminated. I was a hard and dedicated worker. Had great customer service skills. Taking them to court. Best part the customers and the woman I supposedly called is my state witness. That is not what the customer told corporate but it was Giant's way of getting rid of top pay help. Cut in hours, loss of not only me but other great employees to satisfy their pockets. Now buyouts. Giant has lost respect. Pre-packaged meat, high prices. Ahold has changed this company. May the best man win in court... with a big smile.

Do not shop at this Giant Food Store located at 225 Cumberland Parkway if you're planning on buying baby milk formula. I cannot believe I was given a limit on purchasing this. The store managers will refuse you even though the shelfs are fully stocked. I was shocked that this had happened to me, it was the first time. I was a very good customer here and I am NO longer shopping at this store ever again. These stores really target certain customers.

I was picking up a few items at the GIANT Food Store. 116 W Twp Line Rd Havertown. I had a whole quart of milk spill onto and ruin my clothes and shoes by an employee who just let the carton of milk slide down the slot from the rear while restocking in the case I was in. Another employee by the name of ** called me a ** because I was upset and expressing how I felt about what had just happened to the clerk. Instead of ** seeing I was upset and just go get a manager, he took it upon himself to tell me what I should and should not be doing, adding fuel to the fire. The process in place to handle complaints or incidents is... well I couldn't tell you because there is none! I was told to call the 800 number. The managers on duty did what they could but as for **, I hope he gets the training he needs in order to handle an upset customer.

Recently when shopping in Delaware, I was told my rewards card from PA could not be used in DE. Aren't all your stores owned by the same company? This seems an injustice. We travel in an RV and get into many grocery stores across the US. Kroger lets me use the same rewards card in any state and at any of their affiliates. What is the problem with Giant?

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