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The company replied to a direct email and call I made to them, not from here though but did reply and acknowledge they have issues with their digital uploading of their coupons to your loyalty card.

Jodi of Tempe, AZ on

Original Review

They offer gas for shopping and digital coupons but they have a serious issue with their digital coupons and I have let Kroger know how much money I have missed out on because it's too much time and it's getting so bad and they were supposed to call me back and have not.

Satisfaction Rating

I was in Fry's store #128 (7th. Ave. & Camelback Rd., Phoenix) and was greeted by Mr. Steve **, the store Manager who asked me if I was finding everything I wanted. I told him I enjoyed Hormel canned Tamales but had been able to find them in his store and a number of other Fry's stores. Steve took my name and phone number and said that he would order them in. A week later I received a call from Mr. Gary **, the asst. store Manager who said they had received a shipment of the Hormel Tamales. I went to the store to pick them up and asked for Steve ** the store manager. I just happened to be talking to Gary ** the asst Mgr. He showed me where they were located in the store.

Both Steve and Gary were VERY HELPFUL and informed me that this was just a part of their jobs. I will make it a point to go to their store to shop! They both reminded me of the old time service that we use to have in business, that we seem to have lost in today's society. GREAT service and follow up by both Steve and Gary.

Satisfaction Rating

My parents have lived in the neighborhood for over 50 years. For 50 years we have attended the store located on the Northeast corner of 43 Avenue and McDowell, currently Fry's Marketplace: 4230 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009. I will honestly say I have never hated going to that location until recently. All the hanging signs, such as the aisle signs and pharmacy signs are printed largely in Spanish and very, very, tiny in English. Even with my good eyesight it is hard to read the English print. How rude and inconsiderate to us people who have been loyal neighbors. I don't even speak Spanish! And a lot of workers don't speak English. I feel uncomfortable and foreign in my own store. SHAME ON YOU FRY'S MARKETPLACE!! You make my shopping experience and others miserable!

Also! When I buy a case of water I get charged for the case and for an extra bottle water because your scanners scan the item twice! And your advertised prices at the store show a discounted sale price on the aisle but at checkout it rings up the item at a higher price! Ripping people off! You should be closed down! And the line at the pharmacy is always a 20 minute wait just to talk to someone. I feel for the elderly that have to go to your store!

Satisfaction Rating

About a month or two ago I was trying to receive a Western Union money transfer for $40. The Customer Service Associate, **, was rude and could not complete the transaction, throwing the paperwork back in my face, after keeping me there for over an hour. I had a Western Union rep on my cell phone who was telling me all she needed to do was enter my social security number. I tried to tell her this but she kept "shushing" me. End result, I had to walk to another company that did Western Union.

My next experience with this same associate, again with Western union, was very similar. I commented that every time I tried to do a Western Union transaction with her there was always a problem. This time she said, "That's because I do it on purpose." Really? I demanded to speak to a manager and she denied me access. A second call to the corporate offices was the result.

My third and final experience with her was when I added money to my Fry's Pre-Paid Visa with 123 Rewards. No issues with loading the card but when I tried to use it the next day I learned the card had been cancelled by US Bank. Funny how ** does this on purpose, or so she claims, and now Fry's has my money and I can not get it back until June 8; over one and one half months away. Me thinks it is time I called the police and had ** arrested for harassment, because she is obviously doing something to make my life miserable because she got into trouble. I am done with Fry's!

Satisfaction Rating

Fry's Markets seems to be going constantly downhill. They are unsanitary, rude management (not the workers) and forget the pharmacy unless you have at least 2 hours to kill. I normally avoid Fry's if at all possible. I do love the jumbo eggs so I try to stop by and shop only for that and essentials. I went in yesterday to the one on Hatcher and many of the shelves were literally empty, or filled with empty boxes with no produce. I was standing there in shock when I could not find my Fry's jumbo eggs in a Styrofoam yellow carton. I asked the young woman about it and (I must add she was very polite and helped as much as possible) she went to see what was going on.

She returned a time later and told me there were no more yellow jumbo egg cartons. I said, "I have a hard time believing that," and thanked her for her effort. I requested to speak to someone in the egg department regarding my complaint. A young man, again polite, came to me finally and told me that the jumbo eggs were not in recycled paper containers. I point blank told him that I didn't believe him. He said, "Yes, it is true. The manufacturer changed the product, not Fry's and they are the same eggs."

Now I was getting angry as I still did not believe that anyone would do such a dumb thing. I asked to speak to the manager. Now we get rude. I asked him about it and he had attitude from the start. I told him I was not a happy camper and felt they should stay with the Styrofoam cartons instead of using paper cartons as it saved on paper which I think should be a definite factor but that I saw no mention of this taking place in any form for notice in advertisement. I still did not believe it so I asked for a complaint form. He then informed me there were no complaint forms. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said he was it. I asked what other options I had and basically he told me I could call a toll free number if I wanted to take if further but that I would be wasting my time.

Well, I guess that will be the last time I shop Fry's supermarket. Of 5 Fry's stores, I can say 2 were decent and 3 were appalling. The managers are usually trained and professional but this young man was screaming attitude and was just plain rude. Can anyone tell me if this is true and if it is why not let the public know about it instead of having the public go through this kind of **? I did waste about 1/2 hour between the first lady waiting for her return, the second young man and then waiting for the manager. I was ready to get another worker to see what the holdup was. I'm a senior who thinks that if Fry's does not improve its service, hire more qualified people and inform them that the public is not going to return with attitude, Fry's will be the next store going out of business. That will not surprise me at all.

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Satisfaction Rating

I tried to call Fry's as I live 14 miles round trip to the store. I was held on the phone with it ringing 20 times. A young lady comes on and asked if I will wait. I said yes, waited 15 minutes and no return to the phone. Since it was three hours since the prescription was called in my physician, I felt surely it was ready. It was a salve/ointment for a rash appearing on my neck which had kept me from sleeping for two days. The young lady said when I arrived, "It's not ready. We were not told you were waiting for it." Why in heaven's name did my doctor call it in if not for me to get it as quickly as possible and I gave them three hours. I was told I could return at 8 pm, one hour and 30 from then. I live, remember, 14 miles round trip away.

I said I'd return in the morning for it. I am assuming if I show up at 10 am, they will be open and have it ready for me. I also assume since it was an ointment, it only needed a label slapped on it since you all don't make up ointments but just put labels on tubes of previously prepared meds. This will be the last time I use Fry's pharmacy (seems most stores are trying to get business and not send it away angry without the needed medicines!) I truly shop at Fry's only because it is 5 miles closer than the nearest Safeway which I prefer and have used for years and when I am in need (not very often. I am 78 and do not go to medical doctor's except for a yearly physical and possibly a bad cough once a year or so).

I certainly am not like most old ladies who have nothing better to do than run from doctor to doctor with imagine ailments and take bottle after bottle of pills keeping pharmacies in business is not my forte I am afraid! I am healthy so I do not throw much business your way but that is no reason to treat me as if I didn't matter at all. This is not my first time with a problem at this particular Fry's. Two years ago, I had a very bad cough and a friend, a nurse, offered to pick my meds up that the doctor had prescribed but I didn't think they would give them to her since it wasn't in her name and it was a narcotic I think, a Zpak. I had it called in when I saw the doctor and waited a few hours before I went to pick it up. Again, calling did no good. You all do not answer the phones and you have more people in the back of the counter than I've seen anywhere else I might add!

This time the problem was they didn't have the pills for the prescription! I had to return the next day. I was to take two pills immediately and one a day for the following four days, making me miss the most important dosage for another day! My cough could be heard all over the store. I found my friend and said they didn't have the meds in stock. She stormed in (as I said she is a nurse retired emergency room supervisor). She reamed that poor pharmacist as I dragged my coughing body out through the front of the store with people jumping out of the way as I walked through. I heard her loudly say, "This sure as hell wouldn't happen in Minnesota. We know how to treat sick people in that state!"

Sick as I was, she even embarrassed me. Well, next thing I know my name is being called over the loud speaker to return to the pharmacy and from somewhere, the pharmacist found two pills I could have for that night and to return in the morning for the other four and they were ready when I arrived the next day. He impressed me a lot. This pharmacist tonight didn't offer anything but I had made it clear it was a necessary med for me or I wouldn't be taking it but that I was really upset for the unnecessary trip of 14 miles or more and not go home with the needed ointment.

Thank you for your time if you do indeed read this and I just hope and pray I don't have to have my doctor call it in to my Safeway store further from my house in order to get a good night's sleep tomorrow evening!


For Thanksgiving this year my husband and I thought we'd make dinner easy on ourselves so we decided to order the prime rib holiday dinner from Fry's. It couldn't have been a bigger rip off and waste of time and money. The sides are basically tv dinners and even worse, they don't taste like what they are, the mash potatoes weren't even edible I ended up making my own, the vegetable melody and green bean casserole had a strange flavor. All of it went in the trash.

Everything has to heated seperately in the oven for 30 minutes so it took more then an hour and a half to cook all three sides plus the hour and a half it takes to cook the meat. So by the time everything has been through the oven its all cold again. The meat was delicious but not worth $60. I could have bought the meat seperately and made my own sides (which I had to do anyway) for much less money and spent the same amount of time in the kitchen.

The advertisment needs some serious adjustments. I highly recommend taking the $60 and going out to dinner instead. This was a massive mistake that I will never make again and I plan on filing a formal complaint. Lost a minimum of $60 due and time due to the food I had to through away and the food I had to cook as replacement.

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