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Food Lion in Advance, NC - They sold my husband 3 totally ROTTEN CHICKENS!!! My husband does not have a very good "nose" for smells. I sent him to the store to pick up something and he comes back with these chickens that were on sale. When he sat them on the counter, I immediately smelled that HORRIBLE smell. Death could not smell worse than that. It was sickening. I immediately had to get in my car with those horrible rotten chickens and take them back up there. They did give me my money back, but they should've doubled my money back like Harris Teeter does. Do you know I wrote to them twice and NOT ONE TIME HAVE THEY CALLED OR WRITTEN TO APOLOGIZE. They must not care. They should be ashamed for selling something like that.

I just bought a cut of meat and I cook it like I've done before but this time I notice it made and my family sick. I know that that is something different they are doing to their meats... look fresh but taste very bad... I want my hard earn money back now!

I was going around the Food Lion several months ago to help a couple with the homeless cat feed as there is a large population of homeless kitties they feed. Well on with complaint. While going around building I noticed that employees were cutting open each package of near expired food and dumping it into the dumpster. Each item still good mind you. I looked at what had fallen. I picked up for them and also asked if it's bad when the do it or just past sales date... They informed me that each item is just before sale date or day of. I asked the employees about why they were doing it they informed me that it is policy. I asked why the store would not donate it or contract it as food bank donation they said they were not allowed to talk about it.

I had hoped it was just the Food Lion on Piney Green in Jacksonville NC but as I went around to different Food Lions I found it is all the ones in Jacksonville. I cannot speak for anywhere else other than Jacksonville NC. Double whammy the Food Lion on Piney Green in Jacksonville NC. Also pay employees ten bucks to report any homeless person who tries to eat any food in the dumpster.

I was treated rudely and wrongly by a cashier name Sunny at the Food Lion in Mercersburg, PA (even the customers around me couldn't believe her actions), so I went to the manager on duty Curtis who obviously encourages Sunny to be rude and ignorant to some customers I guess.

When a big snow is coming there is not enough cashiers. Today is Super Bowl day. There are 4 cashiers in store. People are lined up down the aisles. That is ridiculous. Super Bowl starts at a given time. With the wage amount that is paid, why is there not 2 extra cashiers for at least 4 hours before game time?

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When I just found out, I was concerned. I guess that's why it's gone downhill. I guess I will start shopping somewhere else.

Food Lion has recently redesigned the company logged gal size water bottles. They are taller and skinnier than the old bottles. The new bottles may be designed as they are to allow for more bottles on the same square footage of shelf space. Good for them, bad for us. The consumer finds that the former fixed handle is now a more flexible handle that separates from the bottle easily. I have witnessed several separating in the store and the parking lot. This, for me is unsatisfactory. Further, the bottles are still wide enough to require two hands to use. Spills! From target slip. So far, no fix! FIX IT!!

On 11/5/15, I purchased a package of the pre-made cold BBQ ribs at the deli section at a Fuquay Varina, NC location. When my family finally sat down to eat that night after a long day, we were happy about the delicious looking ribs. When I took a bite, to my horror I found a strange looking elasticity tube in my mouth. After spitting it out I realized it was some kind of artery from the animal. I was so disgusted that I picked up my plate and threw it away! The rest of the family experienced the same thing and were all horrified. I understand that it comes from animals but in my 40 years, I have never had something that gross. I ended up throwing up from thinking about it and we had to throw away $10 worth of ribs! Even right now thinking about it is turning my stomach. I've never been so disappointed in an item from your store.

We are on vacation. Went to the Food Lion to get groceries and we got charged for 25 dollars worth of items that we did not purchase. They gave us our money back. And the next day we went back and the same thing happened -- only for 9 dollars this time. I wonder how many people get ripped off everyday from this place. This one is in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

I hope this message is going to Corporate because the poor folks at my store can't do anything to help. The store is ongoing an extensive renovation. My complaint is about the new cold room for fruits and vegetables. It is too cold. Twice I have attempted to enter to select some fruits and vegetables. I have been forced to leave without getting anything. It is just too cold. I cannot stay in there long enough to select what I want. I mentioned this to one of the workers. He was very kind and said he would go in and get it for me. I thanked him but said I prefer to choose my own. The store was very busy and I could not help but notice no one was getting fruit or vegetables. The room was completely empty.

I am extremely disappointed because I have been shopping there for 12 years and NEVER had any problem finding fresh fruit and vegetables with the old system. In fact, I have sent friends there just for the fruit because it was always better than the local Kroger's or Harris Teeter, neither of which require a ski parka to shop there. What you did makes no sense and I am very sad about it. I used to walk right by the produce. Now it is stuck in the corner in a room that is impossible to shop in. What were you thinking??? Major blunder. A former Food Lion Faithful Shopper.

Went to Food Lion on Wesleyan Dr in Virginia beach. Table was set up outside entrance soliciting funds "for the children". I politely refused and was yelled at by the solicitors. I was told by store manager to leave if I didn't like that store. Two cashiers walked over to me in a menacing manner, one calling me a "** cracker".

I had left my purse in a shopping cart. A man brought it to the office. It was placed in the safe. A lady asked about it and they gave it to her without checking ID. The store manager was helpful in reporting it to the police. The young man responsible was very upset. I had hoped Food Lion would cover the money and for my cost to replace my phone and driver's license. The manager did give me a gift card for $50. Are they responsible?

Racism. I was about to go into the store and I received a phone call about my dying brother and I was upset and I was irate and the store manager Kevin ** came outside and began yelling at me and called me a **. HE said, "Y'ALL ** get on my nerves".

On two separate occasions I have given coupons to the cashier and did not get credit for them. Once I caught it at the store and customer service corrected the mistake after I brought it to their attention. Today I got home and realized that I did not get credit for one of the five coupons I gave the cashier. It was only for one dollar but it's the principle behind it. This was a coupon that was printed by using the MVP kiosk for their brand of waffles. I was going to buy the Eggo waffles that are on sale this week but decided to try their brand since I had a coupon. I have also picked up items that have one price and was charged another. People check your receipts, I shop alone and between putting groceries in my cart and getting my cash ready to pay I can't watch every item being scanned.

So there has been more than one occurrence. A couple years back my mom got a ham there which was COMPLETELY rotted. Their ham is gross and shouldn't be up. Another is me and my father got sausage there that was over a month expired, yet he should've checked at least to make sure when it was but it never should've been there!

I recently went into store 2552 in Wilson and one of the sales assistants had a very nasty attitude towards the other employees. I looked at the name tag. It said **. He was yelling at the employees to stand at the end of their registers in a rude way.

I purchased the pasta sauce on 6/7/2015. Well, on 6/9/2015, my fiance made a lasagna with the sauce while I was at work. When I got home, she asked me to smell the sauce, it smelled funny. Well, I smelled it and thought maybe it's just the Food Lion brand smell but then I tastes it by itself and it was horrible!! It tasted just like Vicks VapoRub! And smelled of it also! But by this time, my mom, my sister, and my oldest daughter had already consumed some of it in the lasagna! I wanna know what can I do? Because I will not let it go! And I still have the sauce, the expiration date isn't until Oct 2016 and the product was distributed from a Food Lion distribution warehouse located in Salisbury, North Carolina.

I have visited this store on numerous occasions and each time the cashiers are very unfriendly. It seems as though they really don't want to take care of their customers. They have never once told me "Thanks come again." They half way greet you and never smile.

To say the least I am disappointed of the staff of the Food Lion of 3530 Tidewater Dr Norfolk, VA 23509. There was two teenagers who had seem in fairly healthy condition using the scooters as bumper cars. This had angered my mother and she had told one of the staff. After a while we walked back around the store and the two teenagers were still riding around having a blast. My mother then confronted the mother of the two children about it and she was yelled at by the women. I ran to get the police officer because I felt as if my mother was in danger. The police officer just looked over with the staff and shrugged at the argument that was drawing attention. The police officer explained that the reason that he did not force them to get off is that "I don't know if they have a problem or not". I couldn't believe this. I told him that they are perfectly fine and that they were even playing on them!

To say the least this made me upset and feel unsafe that the officer didn't step in at all. Quickly after my mother was yelled at we left quickly. Please look into training the staff and officers to handle this problem. To say the least me and my mother will not be back soon.

We - female cashiers only respond to male customers. We prefer men of random age. We don't see race as an issue :) We won't like you and won't treat any female customer with "customer service" :) if you're prettier than us. We hate dealing with people on a regular basis but it's a job we need :( We don't care about what you think about the prices or how the weather is. Just do what you need to do and get the efff out and away from my register. Thank you. Food Lion (Ramada) rocks!

The sidewalk outside their entrance door was 100% blocked with pallets of plants. Getting around it, my foot twisted and fractured on the curb into the parking lot. FL denied any wrong doing and didn't carry no-fault insurance, but finally passed the burden to the property owner's insurance company who reimbursed Medicare for my medicals.

On April 10, 2015 a cashier was arguing with customer and walk over to the customer like she wanted hit her, but another customer walk over to her, told not going do anything to my daughter and then one management teamed walk over, push the cashier back. I came back in the store two hour later and the young lady still there working. I feel like she should been sent home. No matter what, the customer is always right. She had no right walking over to the customers the way she did.

I am satisfied with Food Lion to an extent, although when lunch meat is on sale, it's usually just about expired or is expired. Some fruits and vegetables are moldy and I tell them and they don't remove it. This produce includes strawberries, oranges, apples, bananas and onions. I have bought good looking fruits before, taken them home and a couple days later they are moldy. What's going on? Food Lion is very good about returns. The meat is brown at times, just watch the dates when the prices are reduced. Sometimes they reduce the price the same day. I live close to Food Lion so I'm there a lot. Walmart is much further away but has better produce. I'm starting to get most of my groceries from other stores. Food Lion just has to "better" the produce department. Overall I'm satisfied.

I've purchased my essentials Nutty Buddy cones a few times from Food Lion. Each time they were stale even though they weren't passed expiration date. The cone was nasty, soft, and soggy! So I stopped buying them. Recently I thought, it's been a long time so I gave them another try only to exchange the box this time with the same result. Food Lion in Charlotte NC is ripping customers off with old goods. I even bought a different brand, same result. I'm sick of it! I've complained to customer service too.

Food Lion is a very clean, well stocked store in my area. The employees are friendly and helpful. I save money shopping there. Their prices are much lower than other stores in my area. No, they do not have a pizza bar, salad bar, dining area, music by piano, etc. and I don't care. If I want a restaurant, I will go to one. I am at a grocery store to buy groceries. And, for me and my budget, Food Lion is the winner--hands down.

I was an employee of Food Lion for over twenty years. During my years as Store Manager I gave great concern and loyalty to the welfare of the company's best practices. I was the "golden boy" for investigating soft drink companies not giving rebates to corporate when putting their items on sale.

My problems began during a regional Managers meeting in Charleston, SC. This meeting was on my birthday, in 2001. My wife and I stayed in a hotel close to the meeting site. Right after the meeting, My wife came into the meeting room. Heads turned because she was Black and though I am quadroon, I look white. My wife carried our one year old daughter, obviously mixed, along with balloons into the meeting room, to celebrate my birthday. The district manager, David **, said "That's not your baby". My wife was furious. Mr **, sensing friction, ran out of the building.

Fast forward to the next day. I was harassed relentlessly by Mr. ** the his hired guns continually to the point that it affected my health and I had to go on medical leave of absence. On the day I was released to go to work I called the District Manager and he informed me I did not have a job and that I could apply for one if there was a position open. I checked online and there were plenty of positions in management available.

Food Lion has deep pockets so when I filed discrimination complaints I lost. So much for corporate tolerance of diversity and prevention of bullying and harassment!

Purchased rancid chicken several times. Prepared baked chicken is saved for special black customers, by putting them behind the deli counter. Never sell parsnips. Oranges are coming from Africa even in the Ebola scare. I was told by the meat manager they cannot control the rancid shipped chicken. The girl behind the counter kept telling me to come back for chicken but when I did, she didn't have any, but continued giving them to her black friends. Was told by corporate they don't get parsnips. Food Lion, must stop selling oranges from Africa.

Food Lion is the only store within a half hour of where we live, so my husband and I tend to shop there quite a lot. There are several occasions in which we were sold expired products. This ranges from ice cream, beer, cranberry juice (only a few days ago actually), and Boost protein shakes. The first two times that we were sold expired items, we tried to return them and were told that they do not accept food returns. When we contested that, they complained that the beer box had been opened and was missing one bottle. (This was a Magic Hat box, and they put a code on their box that you have to use to look up the expiration date. There was no way that we could have known that we were buying old brews before getting home and either looking up the code or opening up a bottle. In fact, this case was over a year expired.) Every time that we get an expired product, we just have to throw it away because we know that this store does not "do" returns.

Another experience quite recently involves the night shift manager. Being all bubbly and trying to lift the employees spirits (because the day manager does quite the opposite), she threw an item which whizzed past my husband's ear before an employee caught it. Neither person apologized for nearly hitting my husband on the head or at least for startling him. At least she was a happy employee?

I often shop a local Food Lion for My daily need of nourishment. Not only are they less expensive than the surrounding semi-pretentious stores that abound in My area, Each and every employee, greets ya, meets ya, helps ya. It is obvious from the long term associates within each of the stores I go to that Food Lion tries hard to keep up morale. You can usually find a great, legitimate smile on each of their associates.

On August 6, 2014 at about 9:15 am, I went into Food Lion at 2012 Victory Boulevard, Portsmouth, VA to send a Western Union. The cashier announced over the loud speaker for customer service assistant. The associate came out of the office and inform me that customer service was closed. She informed me that she had just got to work and she did not have any money. I tried to explain that I was sending money. She then informed me again that she did not have time or any money. I felt disrespected as a customer. She told me to go to Rite-Aid to send the money.

My question is why is she sending people away, and if she is having a bad day customer service counter is not the place for her to be. I have shopped at the store on several occasions but I do not think I will be returning again. I have worked in the public for over 35 years. This behavior is unacceptable for working in the public.

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