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Elmhurst, NY

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews one else because that wasn't his job. The other staff sent me to another person whom sent me to the security guard. I completed my shopping after 45 minutes after waiting in line for about 20 minutes and the rats hadn't been cleaned up. I won't be returning to Food Bazaar. Thought it is conveniently located for me. I would rather drive 15 minutes to Associate supermarket. It's definitely cleaner there and the staff are very professional.

Upon seeing the advent of today's winter snowstorm, I (a senior citizen) trudged out early this morning to the Food Bazaar at 1630 Bruckner Blvd., Bronx, NY 10473 to purchase cash groceries in preparation for it. The clerk who attended me was obviously half asleep and seemed annoyed to be doing her job. I placed my shopping cart in front of her work station in preparation to place the heaviest bagged items first. My first job ever as a teenager was working as a cashier in a supermarket and knowledge of how to pack the food stuffs correctly to avoid breakage and damage is par for the course.

It is evident either she did not receive that training or doesn't implement it. I asked that she please bag the milk, juice bottles next. She retorted that she'd get to that next and seemed not to understand why I was asking for these items first. As a consequence I had to wait until everything was bagged to begin placing them in my cart. She immediately began to ring up the next customer in line without waiting for me to remove all my bagged items. When I went to reach for the last bag which was left, she put her hand over it and said, "That's not your bag." I said, "Okay" and left the supermarket.

When I got home and started unpacking I realized that quite a few items were missing! I carefully checked off the missing items on my receipt. I quickly called the supermarket and spoke to ** (who turned out to be the manager on duty). She said to come in within the hour with the receipt. The snow had now begun to fall even harder. I got dressed again and headed to the Food Bazaar. I asked to speak to **. I was told by one of the store asst. managers (I believe) to wait, that they would call her. When she arrived she said I would have to wait 20 minutes for her to "check". I didn't understand what there was to check? She returned and said that the video tape showed, "I took all my groceries."!? I explained again what had happened - the clerk had told me not to take the bag and obviously given it to the next customer because she hadn't been paying attention.

She refused to give me the groceries I had paid for. She motioned to the security guard on duty to hover near her, when I remarked emphatically that I expected to get the groceries I had paid for and had not received due to the store cashier's negligence. She went to speak to Ms. ** (the supermarket clerk). When she approached me with her, Ms. ** looked down and avoided looking at me. I suggested she do so because I knew she remembered me. She said with a smirk that she didn't know what I was talking about. I reminded her that she had prevented me from taking the bag of groceries. I stated to them that had I taken the bag they could accuse me of theft.

The manager just walked away, dismissing me as she turned and gave her back to me. While the security guard (who incidentally had been standing near the area where I had made the purchase - but of course now had amnesia) harassed me to leave the store and alleged that I was yelling. I then approached another asst. manager I have seen on duty at the store. I asked him to give me the name of the supermarket chain manager and his/her telephone number. He stared into the air and said, "Don't come to me now looking for trouble. Leave me alone."

I was angered at the injustice, disrespect and total disregard with which I was treated. There appears to be an ethnic/cultural disconnect between those managing the store and the customers they serve in this community. They do not seem to care how they treat customers who spend hard-earned cash for comestibles at this store. For example, it is common to see errors in their weekly fliers posted with a correcting blurb - no satisfaction forthcoming to shoppers who may have come a distance to buy the erroneously noted discounts on items.

This is not the only aggravating incident I have had to endure at the hands of Bruckner Food Bazaar - but this post will not be my last until I receive satisfaction and recompense for the way I was treated today. $34.63 was stolen from me by Food Bazaar, my time, and I was caused needless upset. Not smart for such a big chain... I have shopped at this store since it opened... I guess thousands over the years mean nothing to them... How many customers can they afford to lose with their unscrupulous business practices?

I gave a coupon for off on cookies that were on sale. They said I cannot use the coupon at all when the product is on sale. They have a couple of supermarkets that have the same problem. I want to know if what the manager told me is true or do we have no right to use coupons for items on sale to save money.

I usually go food shopping here, since it is close to home, and they have good products and prices. I went with some printed coupons, since you can now print them and use them. And this manager did not accept them. They scanned, but I was told they do not accept printed coupons.

I was told by a neighbor who works for the Bronx Borough president that they are supposed to accept and that I should contact consumer affairs. What is the sense of getting electronic coupons to print and save money on, if I cannot use them at Food Bazaar?

I live a block away from this market and it is the only close one at hand. I am forced to shop in this dirty, smelly, rude environment market for my groceries. The cashiers do not speak English and the people working on the floor look like they do not even work there, but they handle the merchandise. I see the decaying fruits and vegetables and expired items every time I have a chance to go to this place. Please fine them and close this place down for a period of time so they can get their act straight. For us consumers, to be victimized with this kind of harsh treatment is absolutely unacceptable and sickening. I have gotten sick on two occasions from buying meat products here. I never ever buy meat here anymore. I only purchase drinks and canned goods.

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The produce they sell is spoiled. 90% of it. The lettuce is wilted. Tomatoes bruised and molded. None of the produce is any good. Please, Please fine them or advise me as to whom I can speak to in regards to this issue. I am disgusted that I have to go all the way to Wholefood in Manhattan for fresh produce. Please Advise.

I went to Food Bazaar to purchase formula milk for my twins using WIC checks, and found out that most of the cans on the shelves were expired (July 2010). I asked the manager of the supermarket to give me 19 cans of Nutramigen by Enfamil and 10 of them were expired. The bad part is that costumers don't read the expiration date.

It has happened a few times. I buy meat and it has a stench to it and the date on the package has not yet passed. It happened with chicken and pork.

I observed a Hispanic individual walking around the store and wiping off expired items expiration dates with nail polish remover. I asked him in Spanish what is he doing. He said he is just doing it for the good of the customers. I asked him if he worked in the store. He said no. I told him that what he is doing is not good for the customer. He then walked away. As he was walking away, I asked one the the employees filling items on the shelf if that individual works in the supermarket. He said yes. Removing expiration dates from expired items can make someone sick and may even cause death.

Maruchan Instant Lunch (Soup) assorted 3 oz. is advertised on page 2 of this week’s circular for 5/$1, but the manager said this was a mistake. But it was also advertised on the shelves where this product is located. The circular prices are not determined by the manager of this particular store, but the manager does not want this product to be sold at the advertised price. My time was wasted because this store falsely advertised twice; once in the circular then again they labeled 5/$1 on the shelves. So I ended up wasting a trip and putting the products back on the shelf.

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