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Fine Fare Supermarket

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Last updated: Dec. 31, 2016

40 Fine Fare Supermarket Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2016

Fine Fare Supermarket 135 Lenox Ave NY NY 10026. Very poor management. Many items not priced. These items must be scanned and added to your bill and if do not want it a manager must be summoned to correct this as they do not trust cashier to make corrections. Constant price errors on bill and management tries to justify if not scanned correctly in their favor. Must be aggressive to get price changed to correct price. Price gouging especially on produce. Sale items often not in stock even first day of sale and not restocked. (This week Seagram's Ginger Ale on sale but never on shelves and I checked every day.) Whenever I can I walk the extra distance to BEST MARKET on Frederick Douglass Blvd as have far superior prices, variety and have trained employees to be fast and self-sufficient and shop Fine Fare only for special sale items I need.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 2, 2016

I have been shopping at Fine Fare in Coney Island for 14 years now. There has yet to be one experience that is positive. They do not sell products at their advertised prices, ever. The cashiers are rude and management is no better.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2016

I buy chicken thighs. After I pay for the purchase they removed the chicken thighs from my grocery bag because they say it was a mistake after I pay for the grocery. I understand you pay for your grocery. They not supposed to remove any items from your bag and they did it. I'm a not happy customer.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 4, 2016

Fine Fare 175 Clinton Street management has to check into **'s cashier account. I have known on first account he price gouge items on produce, poultry, deli, and toiletry. He is paired up working with an elderly man who bags the items. I know to avoid him. Just yesterday my mom chose lane 04 and he price gouge on Bounty $19.99 when it is advertised $13.99 and romaine lettuce advertised $1.29 a pound. My mom chose one romaine lettuce which weighed 12.4 ounce. I showed ** the circular for the Bounty and he turned to a male colleague who explained how to correct the error. My mom was bagging the items and did not notice the price gouge on the romaine lettuce.

It was not until we arrived at home did she told me to read the receipt. That is when she said the 1 romaine lettuce is not supposed to cost $2.49, should be $1.29 advertised on the circular. I am not going to withstand by anymore, having to correct 175 Clinton Street Fine Fare and **. This post is to notify Corporate and consumers who encountered price gouge. I want management and employees to be retrained or terminated for a new reliable team. Thank you.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 4, 2015

I visited this store today, November 4th. The cashier, Constance was ringing me up and bagging my groceries as the previous customers were still grabbing their bags. I paid for my items and headed out the door. Not even one minute later I realized that I was missing groceries. I immediately went back in the store to the same cashier and told her what happened. She called a gentleman who wore a jacket with a sticker reading that he was a manager. I explained what happened. I gave him my receipt and the bag with my other groceries. He counted off what I had and didn't have. He asked me to wait 15 minutes to see if the other customers would come back with my bag.

I knew that wasn't going to happen, but I waited. While I waited, the 'manager' walked around talking to other employees in Spanish about my situation. He finally said they would check the security camera. That was fine by me. He came back ten minutes later to tell me to come back tomorrow, the 5th. He couldn't articulate why. He just directed me to another manager, named Diana. All Diana could say was I had to come back as well. She didn't apologize. She wasn't polite. I asked why would I have to wait when the fault was on their employee who was in a rush didn't make sure that the other customers finished getting their bags before ringing me up. She just looked at me. I was tempted to call the police. My sister came into the store and said she would come back tomorrow to pick up my items. I had to ask Diana her name and telephone number. She didn't offer any assistance.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2015

Re: The Fine Fare on 191st and St. Nicholas in Manhattan. The store always opens 10 to 15 minutes later than their operating hours, the aisles are always packed with boxes and people working so it's impossible to shop in some aisles (this happens every single day). The cashiers are incompetent, the manager hides upstairs and rarely comes down when there is an issue at the register. A lot of the products in the store aren't even loaded into the computer so they constantly have to do price checks which holds up the already long lines. Only the baggers seem to know how to do their job. This store is pathetic and needs help. The most fascinating thing is that there is a Fine Fare about 10 blocks away and that one is a paradise. Whatever was done to fix that one needs to be done here. Either that or shut down this god forsaken store.

Original review: April 26, 2015

This is by far the most unprofessional, rude, customer unfriendly business I have did business with. Their cashiers never look at you, never say hello or thank you. They are looking at their cell phone while ringing you up. Today I asked a worker to help me find a lemon, she looked at me like I was asking her to marry me. This supermarket is GARBAGE.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2015

Re: Grand St. & Clinton St. Stores. The produce they put out looks like it came out of a's kept in filthy grey bins and put in the display cases by the workers every day....they just peel off the outer leaves and place it on the shelves. The dairy aisle ALWAYS has expired dairy products in their showcases....when you point it out to the dairy guy he could care less. I have purchased bad meat and poultry on many occasions but don't realize it till I get home and break open the pkg. I also think they just repackage the same old meat and poultry to make it look fresh...both stores are guilty of this and something should be done to protect the customers from illness.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2015

I have read everyone's comments and see I am not the only one to be mistreated by their staff. Does anyone have their corporate office phone number? I have Retail Grocers Group @ 455 16th Street, Carlstadt NJ. Can't get a phone number (or CEO name) - so doubtful of address. Any leads would be helpful. On January 4th I fell in their store (49 EAST MT. EDEN AVE. BRONX, NY) and was injured. Staff would not and did not assist me. They took pictures of me on the floor while I waited for the ambulance. 33 years of patronage... done.

Original review: Dec. 26, 2014

On December 25, 2014. I had made a purchase of 2 bags of chips and a box of cereal. I had found a better deal on the cereal in rite Aid so when I went back to give me back a refund, the cashier ROSA licence number: ** started to ask me question, "Why you don't want this," and I told her I had found a better deal. She started talking ** in Spanish and checked the receipt she was the one who ring me up. As soon as she was done she threw the receipt at me. I never had this experience before. She had no good customer service, really rude to me on Christmas day. Went to call and made a complaint to the manager or supervisor, some guy told me the manager won't be in and he won't be come in same thing the next day. I think that was complete BS. I am a store manager at a women's clothing store and I have never treated my customers in that matter. I believe in good customer service. Never again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2014

Several witnesses, ourselves included, watched as a cashier assaulted a customer in front of her disabled daughter, just now in the Fine Fare Supermarket at 545 Grand Street in Manhattan, NY. The customer was contesting a price discrepancy on her receipt, and in response, the cashier came around the conveyor and hit her multiple times. A second cashier then joined the fight, dragging the customer down to the ground in front of her daughter. We will NEVER shop at any Fine Fare again after this shocking behavior.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2014

On Tuesday, October 28, 2014 I went to the FINEFARE SUPERMARKET on 3471 Boston Road, Bronx, NY 10469, Tel: 718-652-9470 to purchase food for my 3 year old daughter using WIC. When l gave the checks to the cashier **, she accused me of impersonating a signer and that l should make sure my signature matches that on the card. She would not listen to my explanation nor ask for an ID and based her suspicion on assumption. When l called a Manager he also being so stupid insisted that my signature should match, without even asking to see a picture ID. It was an embarrassing situation because my name is LESLIE and in their myopic and stupid thinking they felt all LESLIES are females so being a male Leslie, they just assumed l was impersonating and would not even listen to a logic explanation inasmuch as verifying an ID with my name and signature.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2014

I bought some groceries at the West 29th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11224 Fine Fare Supermarket today Oct. 12, 2014. 2 of my items were missing. The store manager was not customer friendly and did not give me the items even with my receipt.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 27, 2014

Fine Fare Supermarket, Broadway/200 St., New York, Ny 10034. This store is unbelievable in the way it treats customers. I have to examine my sanity for some of the things that have happened. It is not possible to get a cash refund, only an exchange with a receipt. The word the people in this store are known for is "no." There is a list of nos on a sign.

Today I purchased a Trop 50 raspberry lemonade, on sale. When I got it home I took a drink and didn't like the taste-- it tasted like moldy raspberries. I tried again later, and it was the same-- undrinkable. I put it on my counter top to return it later, it was an inconvenience. I took it in and explained to the "manager" on duty that it tasted bad. She smelled it and I think she knew I was right. Once we got over the receipt debacle, the item had to be rung in as dairy since its number didn't work, but it checked out ok, I went to get a different flavor. The manager had said it was warm, hadn't been in the fridge-- no I didn't need to, I said, it was already bad. She was trying to imply that I set it out in the kitchen and that was why it was bad! Then she wanted to open the bottle I was exchanging to see if it smelled right. I said "no, absolutely not, that is my bottle and I'm taking it home." And I insisted on having a proper receipt.

This is not customer service! What the store is continually doing is making sure that nothing gets returned, so the store doesn't lose $3 or whatever. They make believe the customer is at fault in some way. I didn't know stores such as these existed in NYC in 2014-- a supermarket! They just happen to be close and I buy as little as possible from them, for convenience only and that is a joke! Also, while I was selecting my exchange bottle I noticed a man standing in the aisle. I said could I help him? He said no and I asked the clerk who he was. "Oh, he's security" he said. He often stands in the aisle, (checking for theft). I think he was standing there because I had returned an item. How creepy. Do you think all this makes their store run at a profit?

Their attitude is anti-customer-- they don't bat an eyelid in finding fault in you for something. I have to say that this is not the first time. There have been many times when I have been treated with less than respect-- I could fill a page or two. Fortunately, since I am new to the area, I found a C-town supermarket a few blocks away, and they can't do enough for me-- special orders, returns-- all just fine.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2014

Brought milk last night. When I got home it did not smell good, took it back the next day and explain to the person in charge. He smelled it and said it is good, also give it to the cashier to smell and then tell me he is not exchanging it. Now he put his nose to it and the cashier too and expected me to take it home. I work very hard for my money and for him to rob me of $2.69 is not right. I am going to take this very far.

Original review: Aug. 25, 2014

On Saturday evening of 8/23/14 at approximately 8:30 pm, I was purchasing three bottles of soda and one box of frozen food at the Fine Fare supermarket 2497 7th avenue New York, NY 10030. When the female cashier began to ring up the items, the box of frozen food rung up at $7.99 which wasn't the listed price $6.79 inside the freezer. When I explained to the cashier that the item rung up in error, she picked up a plastic bag and spat a huge amount of saliva in my presence. I immediately asked for a manager and she said, "if you don't like it, you can get on another line". When the manager came we both walked to the freezer to check the listed price $6.79 for the item in question and I also informed him of his employees' ill mannered behavior.

When we returned to the cashier, the manager asked this same cashier, "where are the items we left on the counter" and she then directed her boss, pointing at me, stating, "ask her". I was livid. I stated to this manager, "how is it that you're her boss and you are allowing her to be insubordinate to you, but also rude, discourteous, unsanitary, and nasty to the customers". Needless to say there was no apology rendered to me by the manager nor this cashier. Before exiting the store, I informed the manager come Monday morning complaints will be made to their Corp. office, Consumer Affairs, Better Business Bureau and the Dept. of Health.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 29, 2014

On Thursday May 29th of this year I went in and purchased some groceries. I bought a bag of Kettle chips and the cashier scanned them, they would not ring up in the system. The guy bagging screamed in Spanish and they discussed a price. Well to my knowledge of a little Spanish I understood a little of the conversation. They then decided to charge my for the chips...$7.00. I was so livid I almost went nuts... I have never paid $7 for a single bag of chips... I mean really was it because I was a Gringo? I knew they had just made up a price. I demanded them to change it ASAP.... YOU JUST DON'T MAKE UP PRICES!!!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2014

On Feb 10th I purchased a mop head from Fine Fare on Lenox Ave and 117 Street in Manhattan. The mop head was not the correct size and even though I did not open it and I provided the manager with my receipt, she informed me that she would only give me a store credit and would not refund my money.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2014

I have shopped at Fine Fare Broadway, Manhattan the last couple of years and have slowly decreased my business because of inflated prices (I am told this is because it is open 24 hours) and because the management simply does not care about the customer and their experience. They are interested in getting the money in and that is it. Where I live they mostly do not even speak English at the register or the management level. They simply do not understand what customer service is. All bags except purses have to be checked in prior to shopping in case someone might steal something. There are no cash refunds, returns are limited and to certain exchanges. I have just discovered that Fine Fare stores are individually owned, which explains a lot and have been told there is no corporate office. This fact gives rise to my experience.

There is an utter lack of knowledge about how to successfully run a business which brings customer satisfaction. My major complaint today is about the weekly sales flyers. I cannot get anyone to tell me how they are made-at individual store level or above? This week, as in weeks past, there is an issue with a sale item. The way it is worded makes no sense and the price at the register does not reflect anything on the ad that I can see. First I am told that the exact brand name on the package chosen does not match the ad (it was splitting hairs, it was the correct product) so it came up at 50c over the ad price. They argued and argued and argued and finally said it was dependent on a $10 purchase (in tiny print but purchase of what?) 2 for $4 it said, one time. Additional ring $2.50 which was the price of a single one at the register, but why? Could not get anywhere with it so I refused to buy. No one cared. This is not the first time this has happened and it happens because of lack of knowledge on how to word a flyer to make sense to the customer.

If there is a conflict or inaccuracy, there is no getting through to them. So now I will not shop there at all or any of the other individually owned stores. In addition, there are a lot of items with no price nor on the shelf. And, having just read some other complaints on problems with being charged a regular price on an item advertised on sale with a sign, readers, if a store sign is posted it is my knowledge that the store legally HAS to honor the price. When I am charged an item at a regular price while there is a sale sign up, no matter what the excuse, I simply say that they have to honor the sale price and have never had a problem getting the correct price. I believe that is a legal requirement. Finally, I think issues arise because the stores are individually owned and because owners are out of touch with how retail supermarket chains do business to satisfy the customer. The manager today actually laughed in my face. I will never go back.

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Original review: Sept. 29, 2013

I went to the Fine and Fare supermarket on Avenue B and 4th street in Manhattan at 12:15 and I was refused the recycled cans refund because the amount had exceeded $12.00. However, the problem is there are no signs anywhere. This is a serious problem. I requested to speak with a manager and the manager refused to come down and talk. Instead, she was laughing from her office. This business is not honest and I was waiting the supermarket from 12:15 to 1:00, and I was not given my proper refunds for the cans I have recycled.

Original review: Jan. 15, 2012

Since I moved to the neighborhood, my family and I noticed this was the only supermarket within a 5 block radius. With that being said, all of the locals buy their products in this Fine Fair supermarket . Once you go in ,they have a variety of products that are severely over priced. I would have to say they make like an 80% profit from their products. and several items don't have price tags on them. When you get to the register, and have the item priced, of course it turns out to be a dollar fifty more than what you anticipated it to be. Sometimes, you need the item badly, and don't have time to walk somewhere else. You're stuck having to pay with shell shock. I went to a manager, explaining about the items with no prices. His answer was "we constantly rotate our items, and we don't have the time to put the prices on the product, or on the shelf" . I told him that that was a terrible excuse and that this is not a supermarket from a third world country.

All the elderly people who are on SSI, and don't have access to other less expensive supermarkets, go there. In the end, the poor elderly people are paying an astronomical amount for groceries . When they really have to count every dollar. I am very disappointed with this store. It is working against the community, instead of helping it. I would like for someone to come visit this store, especially the one on ** In Manhattan . Once you notice the high prices, ask to speak to management. Lastly, hold someone accountable for it and making changes to their price hiking.

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Original review: Dec. 29, 2011

On 12/28/11 at about 8:30 pm, I was shopping at Fine Fare and saw a sign that said two for $5. When I got to the register, the product rang up at its regular price $3.99 and the cashier by the name of Keila indicated that the sale price is wrong and I asked her to send for the sign. She then called Leila the assistant manager and she brought the sign debating that it is outdated. I thought she was going to honor it but instead stated that she cannot give it to me because they forgot to take the sign off. I indicated that she should honor it because it is not the customer's fault that the sign was still up but still she refused and had no choice other than to walk out of the store. I am very disappointed with this shopping experience at Fine Fare!

Original review: Sept. 24, 2011

Fine Fair has been selling old chicken and not putting dates on their packages. I have returned chicken twice and unfortunately I've had to throw out chicken today. My daughter bought a package of legs & thighs. There was no packing nor expiration dates, and when I opened the chicken I immediately gagged. I have spoken to the manager about this several times, but it still goes on.

Original review: Aug. 16, 2011

A night before closing, the workers at the store turned off all refrigerators and cooling shelves. They always have misprinted ads or never have sale items in stock for more than a day for a sale that lasts a week. They also charge extra money for products that give you a free attached item, more free more oz, and giveaways.

Original review: Sept. 11, 2010

I would like to start off by saying how expensive and overpriced their products are. Fine Fare is the only supermarket in the area and when I do have an opportunity to go somewhere else to shop, I find that their products are $2-$3 less than Fine Fare. What a ripoff! Not only is it expensive, but every time I buy milk, it is spoiled. It never fails. Something must be done about this ongoing problem.

Original review: Sept. 10, 2010

I tried to buy an advertised item of five dozens medium sized eggs for three dollars. The current flyer of this week (9/5 through 9/11) advertised this sale. The cashier and the manager said it is incorrect sale item; each dozen is priced this week at one dollar a dozen. Both refused to honor the advertised special. I explained that for that matter, they can say anything in the flyer is wrong.

Original review: Aug. 31, 2010

I was going to buy Grand Flaky Biscuits because on the pack, there are coupons on each pack for $.50 off. When I got to the register, the cashier informed me Fine Fare does not accept coupons of any kind. The coupons were on the packs already and I felt they should honor the coupon or not sell the products. Why have things in the store with coupons on them and not take any coupons? If I have coupons from the newspaper, they don't accept them either. The price for milk and other items are high. I did not buy the biscuits and informed them I would report them to the proper authorities.

Original review: April 19, 2010

I went to purchase some groceries and came upon some items that were expired for a duration of two years. I find that to be very unethical! No physical damage was resulted, I'm just appalled by the fact that they are selling expired items.

Original review: Sept. 15, 2009

I always shopped at this strore since it was formally known as C-Town. This day of 8-11-09 I went shopping and I was cashing in my WIC checks also. The cashier Tiffany made a mistake and charge my Wic items onto my EBT card, so she called her supervisor to add the money back on the card. He was very unprofessional about the whole situation telling me to go buy something else outhe store. I went on to explain that's why I applied for WIC so I could save money and I need my 8 Dollars and change back on my card. He said he couldn't do it because the other manager wasn't there. So I came back when the other Manager was suppose to be there and again he wasn't there. So, I said I can't keep coming from my home in Irvington NJ all the way to East Orange.

I have experience in retail sales as a cashier and With your manager code you could add funds back onto a customer's card. I made a comment about If this was Shop-Rite or Pathmark I would not have such a hard time getting my money back. So then he said you know what ok. He put the money back on the card with out the other manager even being there. He throughs the reciept at me. Then the next time I came to fill my son's Wic checks he denies me service. He tells me don't come to his store go to shop-rite or pathmark.

I could see if I stole out of his store or something. I was simply a customer who was simply trying to get my money his cashier over charged me. What ever happen to customers is always right.

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Original review: Aug. 2, 2009

My complaint is very serious, please do something about this. At this supermarket, I have bought both baby cereal and baby formula, which both were expired. This is very dangerous. Please do something. This is the only supermarket nearby. I am afraid to shop there. Thank you.

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