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Why aren't there any bathrooms in the store? I traveled far with my children and my daughter had to use the restroom and there was no public bathrooms available. I'm new to the area and the workers and manager act as if they had no ideas where I can use a bathroom for my daughter nearby. They also act as if I was lying and not a real shopper and they did not want to be bothered by us. We had to go all the way back home and wasn't able to make my $300 purchase that I wanted to make. Now I NEVER will and I'll be telling all of my family and friends not to shop there. Also the store smelled and it was very cluttered. The floors were dirty, sales are horrible, not enough signs up. And soft squishy vegetables and fruit mixed in with good fruits. So there!! I now HATE C-Town supermarkets!!! Unfortunately it's the only market in the area... NO STARS!!!

I was shopping at the Horseblock, Farmingville location. I worked in produce for many years so I have a habit of weighing all the produce I plan to buy. I had two items that were pretty expensive so I made sure I weighed the cherries at $4.99lb on two of their scales over the produce sections. Both scales came in at 1/2lb. Great. So I head over to the check out and the same items came in at 1 1/2. Something that should have been $2.50 registered at $7.49. Also a bag of Brazil nuts @ $4.99lb weighed 1.5lbs came in at $11.49. I told the cashier and she was on her way out and said she had to go by what her scale read. I think those scales at the register need to be all checked. Not to mention I know my weights and there's a big difference in 1/2lb to a 1 1/2lbs. It's not like we're talking a difference of an ounce or two. So I left the items behind and just bought the Brazil nuts because I wanted them so bad.

On 2/8/16 I went to C-Town located at 760 4th Ave Brooklyn. I was with my son purchasing some items and returning expired package meat (ham). As I was at the register the girl ringing up my items, called the manager because the product I was buying had an incorrect price. He said he couldn't give me that item for that price and I said "you have many packages with that price and it wasn't my fault it had the wrong price." He raised his voice. He said "I don't have to give you that price and you don't have to buy anything in the store" with a nasty attitude. My little boy was in shock when he heard him. He told me "mom let's get out of here."

I should of listened to my son. I was outraged and had to give him a piece of my mind!!! I don't recommend this store to anyone! I was appalled and sicken by this "so called manager". He should be fired. He has no proper education, no respect for customers especially with children and lacks customer service. If someone with higher authority is reading this ** needs to get courses, classes, training etc in customer service because your business will not prosper. RESPECT goes a long way.

Harassment! Let's see: In a grocery store there is nothing special to expect but this place fails miserably! Every time that a client tries to pay with a credit card in this store an ID is requested, which is not a problem on itself. But the manner that this is requested is a major problem. Cashiers scream demanding a photo ID, then rudely tells you to keep swiping, that your signature doesn't match and that the NYS Driver's Licence is insufficient!!! The cashiers also forcibly removes the card, ID and your whole wallet from clients hands!

Managers are nowhere to be found in this store and this has happened repeatedly. So much that I recorded their awful behaviour in my phone when that happened for a second time with my girlfriend and she recorded twice with me. It appears that cashiers are instructed to avoid credit card acceptance (besides fees there is a delay for their payment) - nonetheless this is not the client's fault. After transaction is done cashiers talk to each other in Spanish cursing the client and complaining how bad the client and or that transaction is - unawares that I am fluent in Spanish. And when you are leaving cashiers complaint about you to other clients. The Bad: Many products without price. Dirty floors, shelves. The Very Bad: Unhygienic handling of meat, poultry and fish. Meat, poultry, fish, deli and dairy items kept at wrong temperatures. Usage of pesticides near open meat, poultry and fish. Credit Card acceptance and harassment because of it.

On yesterday I attempted to redeem 113 bottles at the 1781 Broadway C-Town. I was told by the manager they could only take 20 bottles because they did not have a machine. I work in the area so I buy my cases there and usually there is 24 in each case. It is one thing not having the machine, it's another when store policy is not in written form posted for all to see. That's community service at its Best, Full Disclosure. C-Town, taking my business somewhere else... Because once I redeem those bottles I'd buy more water and whatever else I needed.

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Yesterday we shopped at C-Town, Post Road, Eastchester, NY. We shop there for over 20 yrs. The weekly Flyer read "English Muffins" no special ones on sale. I purchased 4 One Regular, One Whole Grain, Two Cinnamon Raisin. Expecting to get the four items at 2.19. When we got home we discovered we only got the special price on the Original. Upon returning to the store for credit no problem, however when I pointed out to the female mgr. she advised me that where the muffins are it specified the Original. Nothing in the flyer stating only certain ones. I have had many complaints with this store overpricing and specials not put in the computer properly.

My husband who is disabled and myself went back with our receipt to the C-town Supermarket located at 445 South Franklin Street in Hempstead NY because of two bottles of Dafruta Concentrated Passion Fruit Drinks that were paid for, but missing from our grocery bag. We requested to speak to the manager or supervisor to no avail. We were told that he is not on duty, instead four men who claimed not to be the boss, showed up and for thirty minutes made us watch us a video of ourselves shopping and paying the cashier. We didn't know what the purpose was. These men were rude, unprofessional and intimidating. They accused us of lying, which followed by a shouting match of everyone talking.

My husband and I are both in our sixties, we were humiliated. We were all standing by the cash registers looking at the cashiers laughing, the customers were inquiring if they caught us stealing. These four men said, they wouldn't replace the two bottles of Dafruta Concentrate Juice. They disrespected us, bullied us and intimidated us. After enough indignations, we decided to incur the loss and walked out of the store followed by laughters, some incomprehensible words. We found ourselves at a loss of $6 after spending a total amount of $ 196.00 of grocery purchases at the C-Town on South Franklin in Hempstead. We are very disappointed, therefore we do not recommend this business.

When I'm at the register the lady who attended me was not aware of the prices of the items!! And none of the cashiers didn't know either!!! That in my opinion is very bad employees and they're also very rude!!! I'm not that type of person who writes reviews but this was a very bad experience. This C-Town Supermarkets

1105 Horseblock Road, Farmingville N.Y.

C-Town on west 150 street Broadway zip code 10031 and Key Food in Harlem west 146 street would. They are overpriced like Whole Foods. Their fake chicken GMO have gotten my clients sick. I am appalled They treat me as a white person better than their own Dominican Latino group. I have seen them bypass a pregnant Latina Lady in order to help me give me a bag for my fruits and ask me what help do I need? but to the pregnant lady and black lady they did not greet or help. Moreover they are not welcoming, they have no proper education and lack customer service. They dread helping you and rather you change a product then they have a worker get the product for you.

You cannot buy class but that is something their managers should work on. Keep the customers happy, say hello and thank you at least. Thank god Whole Foods will be on 125. They may be a corporation but at least you are guaranteed returned products no matter how long with receipt and they give refunds back.

On June 20, 2015, my son went shopping at C-Town 195-09 Jamaica Avenue 11423. The total purchase was 48.78. On the receipt, it says Krasdale Tall Kitchen Bags, the amount is $3.48 plus tax. When I unpacked the bags, the garbage bags were not there. I promptly told my son to immediately return to the cashier, ** to get the bags. He returned home without the bags and she said they were not there.

I then called C-Town, 718-479-1700 and spoke to an **, who is she and was very nasty. He said, to send my son back.. to look at a TAPE!!! I told him, I will not.. I am calling and will go myself. I have NEVER in my life have encountered such rudeness and tackiness and no business savvy. Look at a TAPE...??? I sent him there and called. I will update tomorrow.. but Edward is nasty and of course he is saying we are lying and attempting to steal.

I was shopping before storm. Seen two meats one priced for 12 cents another priced at 9 cents. It rung up. The cashier called over the manager and took the two meats. I said where is he taking the meats? She said in the back to tell them they mislabeled. I said ok. The manager comes back with the two meats with the prices changed. I said you have to honor original pricing. Not my fault if your store mislabeled. He tells me I changed the price on the meats and he won't honor original pricing. I left all my groceries there. I will never shop here again. How dare they call me a liar and tell me I changed the pricing. If that was true... wouldn't the meat need new packaging?

They were very unfriendly throughout. They also lied about the price of one of their items. I went to buy a Kickstart limeade energy drink, that had been advertised in store (on a sign below the drink) as 99 cents. When I went in at about 1:00pm today, it was still there, still advertised as 99 cents. I took it to the counter. The clerk started to scan it and then called out (in Spanish I think, I couldn't understand the language) to other clerks, who called out back to her. She then left the register for about 5 to 10 minutes, I think to go to the item. She came back and called over the manager, or who I assumed was the manager. He spoke the same language she did and after she talked to him, she charged me $1.99.

I pointed out politely, as I had when she first started calling out, that the item was clearly marked as 99 cents. She simply said, "It is $1.99." I bought the item anyway, seeing as how I could tell arguing with the store wasn't going to get me anywhere, and because I felt bad that she had gone through what she had to find the price. I don't blame her so much as the manager. He should have known. He needs to take the responsibility. The whole store was unfriendly though. I will be circulating this complaint to various forums, including Consumer Protection. Clearly unprofessional, unethical, and unacceptable!

I have been living a block away from C-Town for 2 years now, and the noise from one of the refrigeration units on their roof is driving everyone here crazy!! ! Not only is it loud, recently it has also been making these squealing noises which basically deemed our apartments unlivable even with the windows closed (and we can't even think about opening them!). We have tried talking to the manager, and he simply ignores us. We have contacted C-Town's headquarters and they ignore us. The DEP says at this distance, they are 1 decibel away from a violation. There are about 300 people living in the buildings that are even closer to them, and are suffering. This business is beyond inconsiderate towards us.

Started going to this place when they closed Pathmark on Cherry St. The store is not customer friendly. Very poor restocking on sale items, extremely difficult to get a rain check - you have to go through two to three people at times to get one. On any given week, I've found that 3 out of the 5 sale items were not available. They tell you to come back the next day and they still don't stock it. They refuse to accept manufacture coupons on sale items. I'm not sure if this store's practices are company-wide approved policies or it's just the management of this particular store. Basically, I don't recommend this store to anyone unless they have to go there. Out of frustration, I find myself bad mouthing this store many times to my neighbors and anyone else when the topic of shopping in this neighborhood comes up.

I purchased a can of coffee, which was marked on sale but was charged the full price for it at the register.

I was falsely accused of shoplifting on August 20, 2012 and was arrested and held at the 79th precinct. I am due to appear in court on September 24, 2012. I have been a devoted customer for several years (please check your records, VISA charges). I never had a police record before this charge. I would like this unpleasant experience to end now by your company dropping this charge. I have been in touch with an attorney. If necessary, you can have your attorney contact me about the charge.

The manager of C-Town located on 188 Avenue C, New York 10009 is nasty and rude to the customers. I have been shopping in this store since 1995 and never had any confrontations with prior managers. His mannerism towards the customers is uncalled for. A few occasions he refused to refund my glass bottles. I was forced to return my glass bottles back home because he refused to take no more than ten and I've called for information to check if this is true and by law he was supposed to take whatever I bring in.

My wife and I had a coupon for Fresh Step cat litter with a dollar off the regular price, of a 14-pound bag. When we tried to give it to the cashier, she asked us were we found it, and if it was from the store itself. When we told her that it didn't matter where we got it from, C-Town must honor the coupon, like any other store who carries Fresh Step kitty litter products. She said no, that's not store policy. We couldn't bring outside coupons to redeem them at this C-Town supermarket,at anytime. When I asked her where this policy was posted in the store, she replied, "that's by order of management".

At that point we walked out, leaving the goods at the counter. This is not the first time we had a run-in with this C-Town. They also wont give your deposit on bottles that you buy directly from them. C-Town charges bottle deposit, but wont give your money back, when you return them back. Can they do this? Are they breaking any laws,or C-Town just made up these rules as they go along? It seemed that way. I bet the C-Town in Manhattan doesn't do business like BX? I will report them directly to C-Town chain stores district manager, and Consumer Affairs, to seek action and not shop there anymore!

I am a once in a while customer to the supermarket. However, my tenant asked for a ride to the supermarket. We picked up our items and put them into the same cart. At the register, he took out his stuff from the cart and was cashing while I was running back and forth getting my stuff. He was about to pay and he realized his bill was so high. So, he asked the cashier how much for the olive oil. She said, “$19.99. This is the extra virgin olive oil. The one on sale is the regular olive oil.” So, he told her it's $9.99 and it’s exactly under the sign where it said $9.99. She said they put out the wrong one that's not on sale. So, she called someone requesting to bring the olive oil that's on sale. And then, I said I needed the one on sale too. She said to both of us one per customer and I told her I am a customer.

The manager came up from the front into customer’s isle and blocked our exit telling us that he would only give us one item because I am his wife. I told him, “No, I am not this guy's wife, and my mother and I are shopping here.” He said no. I said, “You are crazy.” And I stopped taking my stuff out of the cart and was about to leave when he blocked us from leaving. My tenant came in front of me and said he would like to explain the relationship. He refused to listen to him and he refused to let us out of the supermarket, telling us to use the next isle to get out. However, we left through the next isle, because we would have had to push him to get out and I didn't want to get into a fight.

I bought a can of 360g of Instant Dry Whole Milk (called Nestle Klim) for $5.99 at C-Town by Market Street in Paterson, NJ. Although its date of expiration is 2-2013, its taste is unusual, horrible! I went back to the supermarket to talk to anyone in charge to get my money back. The in charge told me: "We don't make that milk. We just sell it. I can't do anything.” The guy didn't even tell me who I could call to. Wow! That's unspeakable!

I went to buy a small bag of brown rice. The price tag on the bag is $1.49 but the register scanned it at $1.59. This is not about the ten cents difference. This supermarket is purposefully labeling lower, then purposely charging more. My understanding is, the supermarket is to pay customer three times the inflated price of each item. Manager Ray seemed to be fully aware of the scam. He quickly offered the ten cents difference. I don't want ten cents. I want the community to be free of thieves masked as businessmen. What about the hundreds of customers daily and the thousands of willfully inflated items?

The C-town address is: 5311 Church Ave. Brooklyn NY 11203

Telephone: 718-346-4375

I go to my local C-Town. Their prices are never updated. When you approach the register, the sale price seems to not come up for some items. I have to constantly check my receipt, and the cashier has to call for a manager for a price adjustment. I check, but I am wondering about all the other customers that may not be paying attention, and they are over charging. They know items are on sale, but it's not updated in the register. I just don't understand. Please be careful. Check your receipt before you leave the store or while you are on line to check out.

You have to investigate this supermarket because they have everything too expensive and that's no good. This is located in *** *** in *** NY 11231. So please do something.

On August 14, 2010, I was at the C-Town at 2358 University Ave. my purse was stolen. My complaint is against the mangers from that store. When I told them what had happen I did not get any type of help from management. One person indicated to me if I was sure I came in with my purse. The other person told me that it was strange that happen, it's never happen here before. When I asked to please call police, the person at the cashier register told the person in charge, "Her purse was stolen." Call the police, he said, "Let her call the police, it was her purse that was stolen." Let her make the report.

I received no assistance from management; they wouldn't even give me the address of the C-Town to report to 911. I had to get the address from a young man who was bagging the grocery. When I asked management about the video, he said we do not record, it is not working. What kind of a supermarket it that, big Television and no video to back up events? It was bad enough to have my purse stolen, but to receive that type of treatment, the managers are not professional, they did not care about my situation at all. They do not value their customers. I would never step in a C-Town supermarket

Someone who has a friend who works there told me that she was told there are mice in the store and that they are price fixing meat products. Charging one price for a product, and then giving the customer a different product.

On 4/13/2010, I was advised that I could not longer come to the store because there is a tape of me stealing from the store last year. It was also said that I had an argument or fight with someone in the store. When I asked for a copy of the tape I was advised that the tape was not available.

Bait and switch, rotten produces, expired food products and terrible service. This complaint is against the C-Town Supermarket located on 134-16 Liberty Avenue, Richmond, New York 11419.

I have been shopping at the C-Town for two plus years and every time (I enter) there is always a problem. It ranges from false advertisement, i.e., an ice cream is advertised for $1.99, but when I get to the checkout, I am told that I need to purchase $10 worth of items in order to get it. When I mention that this was not stated in the poster size advertisement on their window, they say it is there. Sometimes, I get home and find that I paid full price for an item that was supposed to be on sale. When I return to the store, they mention the invisible caveat.

In addition, some of the canned goods are expired and fruits are rotten, yet they sell it for full price. When this is brought to their attention, they refuse to change the price. Most annoying is that the owners (Asian men) are rude. Some of them do not speak English. When I ask for assistance, they nod their head or ignore us. One time, one of them turned around and started yelling at my aunt in his native language. All she was doing was calling him for assistance on one of their vegetables. She didn't understand the price. However, he didn't know because he didn't take the time to come over.

I am very upset with the service and more upset with the fact that I have to travel on two buses to go to the Pathmark on Atlantic Avenue. Legal Action to put a stop to their bait and switch, terrible customer service, and sale of rotten and expired products. They should be punished for this behavior. I should be compensated for having to travel out of my way to get my groceries.

To begin with, it must be known that I have shopped at this particular C-Town since I moved to Kew Gardens in 1995. It has never been an efficiently run store, however, it has gotten increasingly worse in recent years.

While I understand that these establishments are run as franchises, it is no excuse to not have products that are advertised in the circular or to consistently, on a weekly basis, have rotting produce. Being that I need to be in this store sometimes 4 or more times a week, it is completely an unpleasant shopping experience when you have to see rotting food every time you go. Tomatoes on the vine are rotting and flies are sitting on several of the bunches. Garlic is peeled and put in styrofoam packages with saran wrap, but is packaged weeks before and left to sit and rot. Numerous times, I have needed fresh mushrooms for a recipe, and it constantly is presented as rotting.

Just yesterday morning, I planned to go in to the store to do a full shopping (my term for not just stopping in). I immediately went over to the mushrooms, but was so repulsed, I turned around and walked an extra 5 blocks to go to the Associated Supermarket in another part of Kew Gardens. The shoppping experience there is great, and not once have I encountered rotting fruit and vegetables like I do all the time at C-Town.

It is not all about rotting food. C-Town does not clearly post signs for pricing of items, and recently put a sign up for mushrooms on sale for $1.99 per box. This was very misleading, as they are always $1.99 a box, so I assumed the price had gone up. After yesterday's visit, and not being able to get a clear answer from the very nice manager on the day of the supposed sale, I know there was never a sale on mushrooms. I went in one time with an internet coupon sent to me from Pledge for their pet-hair remover product. I brought my items to check-out, and when I presented the coupon, I was told that they do not accept internet coupons. I found this to be also misleading, as they have a clear sign that says they do not accept "free" coupons, but no sign about the internet ones.

I talked to manager about it; this was about six months ago, and no sign has been put up to let people know - I cannot be the only person going in there with internet coupons. In this economy, it is very unfair to the consumer to tell us that they do not accept things. If you want to keep your customers, you need to oblige them in some way. If the manager had listened to complaints, he would actually be making the changes suggested, and I can tell you this is just not happening. There are several better supermarkets in the area; C-Town just happens to be the most convenient. I made a very conscious decision yesterday to limit my visits to this store, as I realize it is not realistic to say I will never go in again. I can, however, state, that the business I do give them in the future will be severely diminished, because I, like I am sure many of my neighborhood friends, are disgusted with the state of the store. Unless something is doent to improve the store and its services, I can see it closing down very quickly.

The supermarket's shelves are very empty. This has been going on for the last 6-8 months at least. I asked once if they were going out of business because the shelves were so empty and they said no, they were expecting a delivery. They did stock up somewhat but that didn't last too long. The shelves are consistently empty. I went in there today for aluminum foil and they didn't have any. The shelves were 95% empty...no exaggeration. They have sale papers and flyers pasted to the window but they have no products in the store. When they do have products they are sometimes not fresh (e.g. frozen vegetables, ice cream).

I visited the C Town Supermarket located at 560 W 125th Street NY to purchase Hellmann's light mayonnaise that was on sale for $2.99 on 9/4/09. I presented a $1 off manufacturer's coupon to the cashier and was told that the coupon could not be used because the merchandise was on sale. The cashier was polite and stated that was the policy of the store. I do not live very close to the store and actually went out of my way to go there because of the sale and fact that I had a coupon. About a year ago, I ran into the same problem with regard to honoring coupons but on that occasion, I insisted on speaking with a manager. After about twenty minutes of waiting, I was given a cash dollar.

In these economic times, I find it offensive that a neighborhood store would resort to such trickery. And the advertisement showing the sale invites one to visit the website "for special coupon savings" while the store picks and chooses what items will be afforded a coupon discount. Like most people, I live from paycheck to paycheck and every dollar saved affords me to be able to purchase additional products and food. I had been waiting a while to find a sale on the mayonnaise since the regular price is $5.99. If I had been able to use the coupon, I could have saved $4.

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