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Debora of Las Cruces, NM on
Satisfaction Rating

I go there over Wal-Mart. Meats are better, veggies and fruits are fresher. People are much nicer. I recently had surgery and have mobility issues. They have carts to help. Was laughed at older Wal-Mart for asking for a cart!

Debora of Las Cruces, NM on
Satisfaction Rating

I go there over Wal-Mart. Meats are better, veggies and fruits are fresher. People are much nicer. I recently had surgery and have mobility issues. They have carts to help. Was laughed at older Wal-Mart for asking for a cart!

Stella of Woodland Hills, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Disabled people NOT WELCOME TO SHOP. Store director, ** at Albertsons located on 26521 Agoura Rd Calabasas, California, embarrassed my partner and I in front of a store full of people due to his lack of ADA knowledge. THE WORST.

Susan H. of Ferndale, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

Albertsons closed in May 2016 and since then it has turned into a parking lot for the homeless and drug dealing. There is a white truck with camper that has different people coming and going constantly, the police were there today and they wouldn't open the camper door. Albertsons needs to get that store reopened or with other businesses in there. So appalled by what I have to see every single day. Drug needles in the parking lot from what one guy who walked across the parking lot to get to another business. Enough already. This was a neighborhood that didn't need this and Albertsons did the unthinkable. Now it's a nightmare!!!

Rachel of Millwood, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

So we came into the Albertsons store on Trent and Argonne in Millwood, WA. We went to the bakery and we ordered a Batman cake for our son's birthday. The lady filled out the form in front of us while asking my son questions about what kind of cake he wanted. We also showed her the exact Batman cake we were talking about from their cake catalog. We did call a couple of times to make a couple changes to the cake because some things changed like more people were coming to the party and the day for the party got moved up.

So the day of the party my husband and so went to pick up the cake only to be told there was no record of us ordering a cake. My husband explained that we had called a couple times to make changes and maybe it got misplaced. The lady told my husband "no we don't have record of it at all. You must have ordered it at another store." Not the case at all. We know we ordered it from there because that is the only grocery store we go to and it was just a couple days before that that we ordered it.

The lady said she would make the cake for us right there on the spot which is good but she was going to make my husband pay for it after making him and our son late to his own birthday party. My husband told her he would not pay for it after they lost our order and then accused us of being stupid and not knowing where we ordered the cake. She did then give it to him for free. This was our first and only problem we have ever had with this store. Normally we love this Albertsons. They are so nice there and very helpful.

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Greoge of Phoenix, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to the Albertsons at 51 Ave and in Glendale AZ and the price are high too. Went to the meat area. They had some buy one get one free and some buy one get 3 free. Not a great deal. They jack the price up per lb and don't have enough meat out to get the deal. I got ripped off by them and the cashier ask me "did you want the other one?" Told her they don't have any more back there and she just finished ringing me up and didn't care if I got everything I should of to. And the deal on the chicken is a scam to 8 pcs of chicken. They give you 2 breast, 4 wings, and 2 legs, and don't give you any thigh. And the service is so bad. They have 5 people working there and 3 hidden in the back room doing nothing but talk to each other, make everyone wait until they're ready, and only have 2 cashier work to and no self-check out in there.

All I know is that why I stopped going stopping there--everything is very overpriced and the people who work there don't care what goes on and there's no help to you and me. So watch the meat sale and other sale. You have to buy 4-5 of them and sometimes even have to have an extra coupon to get a deal. I used to like the store but with the price being so high and the sale price are high then a lot more than some other stores are selling for. So watch yourself in that store and read the ad before you buy anything.

Bridgette of Buena Park, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Disturbing and very serious issue, I found a live snail in salad greens I purchased from the La Mirada Albertsons. My kids had taken a bite or two before I noticed the snail on the stems that I had cut off. I called and notified the store, I'm very worried about the risks involved such as worm parasite infection that causes worms to infest the entire body, migrate to the eyes and even brain... In the worst cases it causes lasting damage to the central nervous system. I'm just terrified and don't know what to do.

glen of Henderson, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

Albertsons, Henderson, NV is 1) rude, 2) nasty, 3) has terrible employees. You ask them where something is, they are either too busy blabbing w/ another employee about their break, or just walk away, can't be bothered. None of them have ever been able to say where anything is. This clerk named "Teri" needs to take a bath, blocks everything so customers can't even see it, and should be fired.

The clerks sit in the front by the doors smoking cigarettes. The shelves are a mess. Half the time there no milk or bread. Everything just about is $2 to $10 more than Walmart. Love looking at things that you can even get for $1 at Dollar Tree that are $10! Many of the food items they sell by dates have long passed. Pretty obvious they do that on purpose hoping you won't notice, or die. Bought hot dog buns that were 5 days dated passed, tried to return them they argue with you, so you just throw them away. Don't bother, just keep going to Walmart, which is like going to hell on earth, but at least you don't pay 10x more. Albertsons on Horizon Ridge/Stephanie has some of the worst employees ever encountered on this earth. Like they are on crack or meth. Couldn't be nastier.

joe of Fort Collins, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

While in Las Cruces NM I realized I had left my credit card in Socorro NM and did not have enough gas to get there nor enough cash to purchase enough gas. I stopped at store #913 and tried to use an ATM card but it didn't work. I explained my situation to Dominic **, the night courtesy clerk at that store, and he gave me $10.00 for gas so that I could get my credit card. I must emphasize that I was a complete stranger. I want to commend the young man for trusting a complete stranger (I have since paid him back) and, at least in one case, am impressed with the quality of their employees.

susan of Chandler, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I am not a frequent shopper of Albertsons, but went in today to get a cut of meat that is not sold at other stores. Getting help was useless! I went to the bathroom, BIG mistake. Wash basins DIRTY, 2 bathrooms NO TOILET PAPER. I went out to talk to customer service, nobody there! Ask someone who walked by and she called over to someone on the checkout. They ignored that request. Waited five minutes and asked again. Eventually someone came but was clearly totally disinterested. I did not know we had DIRTY grocery stores in Chandler. Clearly Albertsons has LOW standards. Most of the staff I saw wandering around looked as though they either hadn't slept for 3 days or were on something.

J. of Lake Charles, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

Over this past weekend I shopped the Albertsons at 2750 Country Club Rd. in Lake Charles, LA and overheard a comment made by a courtesy clerk named **. A female customer was purchasing a feminine hygiene product and he was bagging at the register lane where she was checking out and when he saw what she was purchasing he stated that somebody's ** leaking. The female cashier looked stunned but kept quiet as did the customer.

On the following day I went, since I shop there almost daily, and wasn't surprised that his comment was a topic of discussion amongst the employees. I spoke with one who I see regularly, come to find out that the cashier waited until later in her shift to report it to the manager on duty at the time (**, who is the assistant G.M. manager) and used the excuse that because it wasn't reported right away there wasn't anything he could do about it.

I am sincerely disgusted with the management of this location. I have shopped there for some time and the gross discernment for such incidents is not uncommon from what I come to find out. The manager of the store only cares when a customer threatens to call corporate on them and then he just gives them money for their troubles. And when I drove by there yesterday evening ** was outside in the parking lot pushing a buggy and staring at his cell phone; so his reward for such a disgusting comment is a paycheck. Way to go Albertsons, that's the way you have a positive impact in the community! As for me I will make the drive to Kroger or Market Basket from now on.

john of Boise, ID on
Satisfaction Rating

Hello, my name is John and I frequent your store quite often for convenience and I must let you know the appalling incident I witnessed in your store this morning that will make me consider shopping at one of your competitors from now on. As I was passing your soap aisle I heard a man dressed in dark blue shirt /grey pants raising his voice at one of your stock boys saying to him, "Do you know why I'm mad!" in an aggressive tone gesturing in a threatful manner with his arms and leaning into the stock boy who was just standing there looking at this belligerent, rude man who then proceeded to yell at another stock boy who was a distance further down the aisle. I could not believe how these stock boys were being treated. I later found out that this rude man was your manager named Dusty - of this store.

I am a senior manager myself and I know for a fact that when employees are disrespected that brings morale and a company down and everyone suffers including the customers. This kind of senior behavior does not warrant the so-called positive ratings I hear and read about your store. I now see how your employees are treated and won't be surprised if they quit on you. I would if treated the same way. I once worked as a stocker for 2.5 yrs and I know that it is laborious and important to have the needed manpower to get things done in a timely manner. I remember when teamwork made a difference and management would step in when needed.

This manager stepped on and I'm sure embarrassed these 2 employees. Hell I sure would have been. I even think he made one of the employees cry from what I could tell. I sure did not expect to see something like this in your store. I truly believe this manager needs to have some sensitivity training of some sort and/or anger management counseling.

Steven of Cumming, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

I've had horrible experiences at the Albertsons located at 2727 N Power Rd, Mesa, AZ 85215. Once, my son and I saw a worker re-stocking the cooler with Jumbo Shrimp. He dropped a bunch of them on the floor and simply picked them up off of the floor and put them back in the cooler. Gross. I did tell a manager. On 4 or 5 occasions I watched workers walk right past items that fell off of the shelf and just let them lay on the ground without the decency to pick them up. Just recently, a shopping cart hit the side of my truck and I ask the worker collecting them if he saw where it came from. He said, "Nope." and turned around and walked away while the cart was still heading down the hill to who knows where.

I thought, if they don't care about their business then I don't care about their business. I did go in and complain but the manager seemed to not care. He had three cart boys sitting outside on their devices, carts all over the place and he really seemed to not care. I don't know who is running that outfit but it came across to me like a business in bankruptcy. Total apathy.

T of Mesa, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I know that Safeway and Albertsons have merged. I never shopped Safeway except for paper goods and laundry/cleaning stuff. Never been happy with meat or produce there. Albertsons has been my grocery store for more than 5 years. I was happy with the quality of food. Since they have merged I am reminded why I don't shop Safeway. I liked the Albertsons store brands and I was happy with the meat and produce. Since the merge I've noticed a change in the meat and produce which seem to mimic Safeway brands. The meat is tough and dry no matter what cut. The produce is flavorless or tart. Mind you I have given this all a chance but am still unhappy, but I am sad to say Fry's here I come.

Marco of Bellingham, WA on
Satisfaction Rating

While entering the Bellingham, WA Albertsons, I couldn't help but smell the foul odor that the store emitted. To top it off, some kid, under the directions of store manager, had cleaned the floor. However, the individual had used solid bleach. As a consequence of the strong odor (inc. bleach) I vowed to never enter that very store again.

Chuck of Centennial, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

Albertsons advertised buy one get one free petite sirloin steaks with no price shown in the ad. This looked like a good deal so I made a special trip to the store, where I found that the steaks were marked up to $14 per pound! Non-sale sirloins were only $6 per pound. What a scam! I have never seen any other major grocery chain do this so blatantly. Needless to say I won't be going back to Albertsons, especially with a better stocked supermarket right across the street.

Adela of Las Cruces, NM on
Satisfaction Rating

My sister and I went to buy some wine for our mom for Christmas. When we got to the register the cashier asked if we both had our ID'S. I am 22 and had my ID my sister is 16. It make no sense that they would need to see her ID when I was the one paying. My sister just happened to be with me. I have gone to other stores and bought alcohol and my sister has come with me and there was no problem. Albertsons needs to rethink their alcohol buying policy.

M. of El Paso, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I just relocated to El Paso, Texas. Our main choices for grocery shopping is Walmart and Albertsons. I'm a thrifty mom and when I shop I pay attention to the prices advertised and I check prices as they are scanned at the register. I had a problem with beans scanning at regular price when I bought four cans that should have been .38 each when you buy four cans. I had to wait an extra 10 minutes for somebody to verify the display. They made me feel as if I was holding up the line.

The next weekend I tested a different location. This time cookies were advertised .88 per unit. I grabbed the last three packages. When I got to the register they rang up at 1.88 each. Again I had to wait for verification. I was right again. As I waited, I watched the other customers and wondered how much money Albertsons makes everyday charging these people who seem not to pay attention to prices. This is really unfair and somebody should monitor Albertsons. Don't trust this company.

Danielle of Tooele, UT on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to Albertsons in Tooele yesterday. Jerri ** was my Cashier and I had their advertised prices cut out and she did not honor any of those prices. I called the manager his name is Kyle and he said somehow he would get me a refund. Even though I just had surgery I went back. Instead of receiving a refund which all I wanted were the advertised prices not a full refund. He argued with me they were very disrespectful and rude. My family and I as well as my friends used to spend a lot of money in there. Needless to say none of us are shopping there again.

M of Idaho Falls, ID on
Satisfaction Rating

I have been the loyal Albertsons customer for over 30 years as part of the contingent against big box. I bought a watermelon last night and it was inedible. Last winter I paid $8 for one that was inedible. Why do you keep them so long. You know what your turnover is. I am so pissed--I pay top dollar and you can't be bothered to manage your turnover? Also, your cilantro is odorless--the most delightful part-- and equally tasteless. I have reluctantly shopped elsewhere when cilantro is on my list, but may never go back now. One of the places I can get decent cilantro also has fresh salmon and halibut so I plan to give up on Albertsons completely. Your deli chicken is awesome but so is Fred Meyer's.

Mira of Sherwood Forest, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to Albertsons August 17th to buy some groceries. Amongst other things I purchased a watermelon and a can of Heinz baked beans my husband requested. Once at home I cut the watermelon and was a bit bummed out because it was overripe not edible. I returned the watermelon and wanted to take another one home but before I would take one I suggested that they please cut the melon so I can see if it's still good or not. They cut three water melons and all were overripe not looking good to eat. Albertsons gave me a refund and kept the receipt. I went a bit further from my house to Vons and got the watermelon there. It was delicious!

At dinner time my husband and I warmed up some burgers we had leftover from the weekend. My husband tried to open the can of beans which was a bit difficult. Once he had the can open he of course stuffed his mouth. I could just watch him scream and spit in the sink!!! The can contents smelled very bad and it tasted totally sour! After looking at the can more carefully we detected the damaged top. It was cut open close to the top about two inches. The can on the bottom was totally rusty which I have not seen picking it up from the shelf in my usual mode of flying through the grocery store. The smell and taste were so bad it stunk up the kitchen pretty quickly. My husband was very upset and afraid to have swallowed something that could possibly cause botulism!? He continued to rinse and spit for a while to get rid of the bad taste in his mouth.

We were not sure what to do so we contacted a family member who happens to be a Doctor and he could calm us down a bit stating that the content to cause botulism would not have a strong smell nor a smell at all. Well that was good news at least. We are disgusted with what we have experienced and will most probably not shop there anymore. We have a choice of Vons Whole Foods or Ralph's nearby. Albertsons is just the closest. Last night I tried to email customer service at Albertsons but I could not attach the pictures of the can in this email, therefore I googled the CEO name and contact and tried to email and attach the pictures. Well, my emails came back as undeliverable.

Sammi of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I had a HORRIBLE experience at Las Vegas Albertsons located at Tropicana and Jones. The cashier Levia was SO rude, she is NOT selling the corn to my friend. When we at the register she took the corn back and throw (HARD) to the shopping cart and say, "we are not sell it to you (my friend )." She said because I bought two bags of corns already . By that time all my corns is in my car . She told us SHE IS THE BOSS. SHE CAN'T DO ANYTHING SHE WANTS .

M. of Simi Valley, CA on
Satisfaction Rating

Been a customer of Albertsons in Arcadia, CA off of E Live Oak for about 2 years now. Today I was approached by an employee, told me to leave the store. I thought he was joking, but he wasn't. Asked him why, said I was observed shoplifting. Said I was walking around with a cart, then walked out of the store a few days earlier. Asked him what type of cart, he couldn't answer. I asked to speak to the manager. Then the manager started accusing me of shoplifting, and stated he caught me a few months earlier. I have never seen this **, not ever talked to him before today.

I was so offended by this!!! This is how Albertsons treats veterans, public servants? I work in EMS, I can't afford to be putting my license on the line for petty nonsense. I contacted Arcadia police and spoke to the watch commander, left my name and contact number. I also filed a complaint with corporate, though I don't expect any results. Albertsons will never again see my business, and I recommend to all the veterans not to support this chain of lying **.

Lou of Portland, OR on
Satisfaction Rating

Two young ladies in the meat department, **, were almost tripping over each-other in their friendly and engaging banter to help me with my complicated order of multiple items. Each took a portion and quickly fulfilled each aspect, all while being so friendly and offering suggestions for preparation of different dishes and complimenting items. These two young ladies did an outstanding job. The Albertson's store near my home in Milwaukee Oregon changed to a Haggen's. What a poor move. So now I drive 40+ miles to get to Albertson's. These two young ladies exemplify outstanding service, so lacking at Safeway, and Haggen's, and with far better quality meat than Fred Meyer. Hope they continue onto a management path.

stephen of Fort Worth, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

On three of my last four visits, I purchased meat and/or fish products from the meat market, which were discounted for quick sale, and discovered after taking the products home that they were well past their prime and on two occasions had very bad odors. On one occasion, myself and my son were physically ill after consuming discounted chicken from the Lake Worth, Texas store that did not have a smell, but did not taste right.

On my last trip there, I returned a chicken I had purchased there due to the smell and the woman behind the counter, who claimed to be the manager of the Butcher Block, argued with me and eventually, begrudgingly, gave me a refund. I, my family, and my friends, have vowed to never shop at ANY Albertsons again.

Lauren of Weatherford, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I was going through Albertsons and got done with my shopping. I went through the checkout and me and the cashier (Lauren) came across a problem. It was right before Thanksgiving and the cashier made me aware this was her second day. A manager came over and proceeded to call the cashier dumb and was stupid for not knowing how to do math. Then the manager (Donna) went and was talking ** about Lauren to another cashier. Was talking so loud and obnoxious that the cashier burst out into tears and apologized to me for the drama and I told her it was fine and that I felt sorry for her. This Donna manager has taken her job and abusing her power to pick on employees. She needs to be reported and I have not see the cashier that checked me out since.

Teresa of Las Vegas, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I would like to place a complaint regarding the meat that Albertsons sells to the public. On 3 separate occasions, I have purchased meat hamburger/pork/steak and the meat was bad/rotten/expired. Further, I have personally witnessed other patrons of Albertsons returning/obtaining a refund for expired meat that they purchased from this store as well.

Rewaldo of Fort Worth, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Cross-contamination... On a busy day, I have seen instance after instance of cross-contamination in the meat cutting room. Our customers bring a bone-in ham to be sliced up and it becomes a priority. I've seen raw pork on the saw when the ham is brought in and zip, zip, zip... It's been sliced and now contaminated. I've seen a cutter put beef on the same table. He just cut pork and chicken on. Contaminated. The floor is difficult to clean and often wet (with blood, water or pork juices) when meat is dropped and then picked up and trayed as if never dropped.

I've seen outdated meat pulled from the counter and added to the grind to create either 93% or 85% hamburger first thing of the morning. I've seen items in the "fresh butcher block" counter that were three days old, then removed, wrapped and given 3 more days! This is the kind of stuff people need to know about, but cannot be discussed with management without consequences. There should be a safe way to discuss such things so changes can be made from the top down without it affecting the workers who do things by the book. If I said anything and an investigation resulted, the entire team, including myself, would be removed from employment.

Misty of Arlington, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I am resigning from Albertsons today because the manager has admitted to telling me to pick up chicken off the floor and sell it. She still has her job. When I stood up for the people to do what's right by telling the director of all of the nasty disgusting things that are going on in the deli, I was told I can no longer work in the deli. I'm not fired, I'm not laid off but there are no hours. Since that conversation my hours have declined rapidly. I go to work on time and have made at least nine hundred dollars in sales from demos by myself but that seems not to matter because I still have the least amount of hours. The director has did nothing to change the way the deli is, so disgusting. I really feel like the public needs to know. Faithful Albertsons customers' lives there being endangered every single day. This is a major, major hazard for everybody that shops at Albertsons. I just wish managers and directors would do more for the safety of their loyal customers.

bast of Denver, CO on
Satisfaction Rating

Before you next take your business to Albertsons, as told to me that Albertsons is monitoring your actions in the parking lot. They are profiling people of color, though they hire people of colors. Their quotas must be met to sustain business. The stores in Colorado are steadily ebbing out of Colorado and hopeful out the market all together. When you report things to their corporate, they don't respond. Mostly at all, I also found out that they let people keep the name, yet they gave their stores to private owners, and they lack the sensitivity in partaking that the consumer is paying for products and should be first and yet they truly don't.

Albertsons is bad business and needs to be removed from the map of selective stores to spend your good hard money. One of my friends recently by accident forgot he had magazines in his upper cart. He was approached and told of a trespass order never happen before and he called the police after a crazy loss prevention. I guess women that dressed like a man even called him something out his race in a derogatory racial term. When Albertsons was told they put their true spector out front and center and did nothing but put it in the hands of even worst person, even after he offered to pay for it and he did not have to stay.

They did not look at this when it was put into corporate's lap. They returned the favor with worst miscreant and what's worst they are hiding their true beliefs when it comes to customer. He has to go to court, yet he initiated the court not a ticket, we are behind him. He also makes a lot of money and all he had to do is walked, yet he was honest. They are being as questioned as a company now with various agencies. Albertsons is a disgrace and when they go out of business, it will be a good sinking of the Titanic!

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