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Last updated: Nov. 7, 2017

39 Acme Markets Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 7, 2017

Acme Markets needs to do a better job restocking and to lower prices as ShopRite is better with prices and its selection. They need to make sure each store is clean and operating efficiently no matter what neighborhood it is in. Some stores are worse than others.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

Love the fresh meats, great produce and good grocery items. Acme fresh market has always in my eyes been a clean, great employees, great products, good sales and a great place to shop.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

My experience at Acme is always enjoyable. The staff is always helpful, quality of food is good, has the best bakery compare to all the other food stores in the area.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2017

I always find what I am looking for and the advertised price is accurate. The cashiers are courteous and always glad to point out an aisle where an item I am looking for is located and it is in walking distance from my home.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

Product selection is just not stable or reliable. One day the product you want is there, and the next time its gone. It's not that they ran out, it was just not reordered. They may tell you that it will NOT BE reordered. Then a few months down the line you might see it again.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

Store is nearby and food aisles are organized very well, customer service area is easily recognizable and makes it a pleasant experience to shop there.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

The store is very clean and when they have a sale the shelves are stocked. They have a butcher on hand to help you with your meat selection and the bakery department always has fresh items to your satisfaction.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 21, 2017

I'm writing this review regarding my experience at Acme, since they took over most of the old A&P's here in Northern New Jersey. My question: What are they thinking? Their prices are ridiculously higher than any competitor in my area... Shoprite, Ideal, Stop & Shop, Walmart. The list goes on. Aisles and aisles loaded with shelf-talkers touting "new lower prices"; I feel they must really think we are idiots here. Granted, A&P was on the high side, but Acme takes it all. I know many employees who work the Saddle Brook store, and I have to say, most are very pleasant - they've confided in me many a time how disgusted they are, including a few who tell me about their abusive store manager.

3 out of 5 times I have to let them know about wrong pricing on my receipt, and they come back with a suspicious and untrusting attitude towards my wife & I. I really hope the higher up management will read this review, and many others I've seen on this website - in such a highly competitive NJ market, it's only a matter of time Acme will be lost to history. Wake up, Acme... You've ruined a good name for the sake of greed... People are not fools! Just check to see how few cars there are in your parking lot... Written by another disappointed FORMER customer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2017

Acme on Bristol Pike Bensalem PA - Went to Acme this afternoon. Picked up about 30 things, frozen dinner, 2 bags rolls, 2 bag of potato chips, 2 Keurig Maxwell House coffee, a bag of cat litter, Claussen pickles, 14 pack dishwasher pods total $236.00. I was like really did I just hear that, the young cashier had a attitude because I had to go through my purse to get that much. I asked again. He said the total amount with a attitude. I paid, got my order and left. Tried to review my receipt. The receipt is showing only the last number eg: 10.99 only the 9 was visible. I go to manager and I they told me his register was running out of ink. Really. I said "I need a visible receipt so I can see what I paid for." Her answer was it was the register fault. Really. I will not go back to that store again but I am making every phone call I can.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2017

It used to be that there was a small Acme store in Shrewsbury, while across the street in Tinton Falls was an A&P. I shopped at both, but the Acme was my favorite. It was small enough to run in and get what I needed on the way home from the train, and the people who worked there were very friendly. Then A&P went belly-up, and Acme moved into their former store and eventually closed out the little store.

Since then, Acme has just let this store go. They removed A&P's self-checkouts, and now there is often only one register open. It's apparent that they hire people who are on the spectrum, a practice that I applaud and encourage. However, too many times, especially at night, there is no one in charge, and the lone cashier can't handle the customers. More than once, more than three times, in fact, I have been at Acme while the line for the one open register snakes back into the frozen food section. No one cares. No one is in charge. Once when this happened, I looked over at the customer service desk to see if anybody was there who could do something, and the person standing there was staring into space with a vacant look, digging in her ear with a pen. I didn't bother. The shelves now frequently go unstocked, and sometimes the next day they still haven't been filled.

Shop-Rite is a building a new store across the street, so the Tinton Falls Acme is doomed. I feel bad for the employees who will be out of work when Acme dies, and I feel bad about the lack of competition and choices that consumers in such a densely populated area should have, but Acme Markets seems to have brought this on themselves almost deliberately, and I don't know why.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2017

I will start off by saying don't even bother shopping at ANY Acme. They're ALL horrible and after reading the reviews I know I'm right. Between the expired food and employees with horrible attitude I don't know how much worse this store can get. Apparently these employees forget they're at work and there to do their jobs. They act like we're bothering them at home and they're not at work. Apparently the owners don't care because it's never fixed if they were getting paid to be on their cellphones all the time instead of working. I could understand.

I went to the acme in Jersey City on rte. 440. Can I say dirty flies all over bad produce bad meat and expired items? I will not be buying food from there ever again. I won't even buy pet food from there. If I need Windex or bleach ok but never food and check your receipts, they love to charge you twice for the same item hoping you don't notice but honestly the employees' attitudes alone are enough for me not to shop there ever again. I will gladly drive to the next town Bayonne and shop at ShopRite or Stop N Shop. Acme is gross. Don't even bother going.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 18, 2017

Bought 7 items. Found 4 overcharges on the receipt. Innocent errors? I think not. Has Tony Soprano been reincarnated?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 5, 2017

Acme is one of my favorite supermarkets. The selection is great, the stores are always clean, and the staff is very helpful. Sales prices are very good but some products are overpriced compared w/ other supermarkets. When Acme does run a sale on different items, the prices are unbeatable. Acme is the closest supermarket to my home so much of my shopping is done there.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

I love shopping at Acme and the large selection of items, the prices are good. I especially love it when you buy a pack or two of meat and get one free, and it's not just on meats. But it's great that meats are also included in the buy one get one free deals. The staff at Acme are very friendly and helpful. I have used their bakery numerous times for party and everyone was happy with the selection and taste of the desserts. Their hoagies trays are also excellent, great place for shopping or to let them prepare your party platters.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

From the Bronxville location we purchased some strange "ground beef" on 12/4. I had already made really fatty hamburgers (it says 80/20 more like 70/30--pan 1/4 inch full of fat) and we didn't notice the off taste. Tacos last night, however, and this odd chemical taste and consistency came right through. A weird kind of chalky mouth feel with some sweet note chemical taste like floor cleaner or something like that. Something horrible was done to this meat. I took photos in case I get sick or dead. I have shopped here before and the ground sirloin was actually great. This wasn't that. Never shop here on Sundays or perhaps ever, something went horribly wrong.

Original review: Nov. 23, 2016

I have had several bad experiences with deli meats that spoiled within 2-3 days and bad produce from the Acme on High Ridge Road, but this was the last straw. I bought a rotisserie chicken yesterday and invited my husband to eat some for lunch the day after I bought it. Turns out I almost poisoned the poor guy because after the third bite he figured that the strange ammonia flavor just was not right. He Googled it and to his horror he confirmed that he had just swallowed a few bites of spoiled chicken. I will never set foot in that store again. Acme Chairman of the Board hear this: Please send your CEO to business school for some basic management training. You are missing the boat and your operation needs a lot of work or you will be out of business soon. Good luck with that. I will stick to Whole Foods.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 27, 2016

We will not shop in your store again. No one loads your shopping cart. When one cart is at the end of a checkout counter, another cart cannot possibly pass. You do not have many standard items such as carrs crackers, port wine cheese balls, black rice, ziploc sandwich bags, etc. Your produce is horrible, rotten and old. I'm surprised people don't get sick from purchasing food from your store. It's worse than a third world country food and I've visited them. It took 2 checkout girls 3 times even after writing down my telephone number to look up my mixx card. Please hire americans who speak english!!! I showed my app to the girls many times but they just giggled, and I could not get my mixx number from the app.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 18, 2016

I was shopping for nail polish & I reached into my purse and a tall ** male comes over grabs my purse and he accuses me of stealing. He yanked my purse out of my hands and dumps all my personal items out and he humiliates me in front of everyone. I picked up my belongings and left. He followed me out of the store all the way to the next store which I'm sure he's not allowed to do. I came back and told someone what happened and they couldn't get me a manager. So later on that day he called and told me I wasn't allowed back in the store and I said to him, "Good. If your employees are going to attack people I gladly wouldn't step back into your store." Now I pretty sure if I was stealing they would have called the cops instead of someone attacking me.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 10, 2016

I just returned from a pitiful Acme Paoli shopping experience that I would equate similar to a prior Wal-Mart experience. The problem is a repetitive issue with the store and hopefully someone within Acme will recognize the complaint and take action. I was attempting to purchase a product that was offered as a two for $5 bargain, however the register was not aligned with the price tag and the cost was the normal price without any savings. The tag was clearly placed below a full stack of the product.

After having someone verify and check the price and the tagging, I decided to return to the shelf and see if the product remained above the erroneous tag. Sure enough the whole stack remained above the price tag. I proceeded to verify if the bargain product was even offered for sale. I checked each product of the brand with the tags code and it did not exist on the shelf. I did not ask to speak to a manager to request the reasoning. I will say that Wal-Mart would have given me the products for the price that they were displayed and priced. I left without purchasing the product.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 9, 2016

This store has compromised my personal information, which I have received personal calls at my house harassing me. I am a disabled veteran with severe PTSD. I have tried now 4 times in getting help from managers, district managers, and higher ups, with no results. They have not showed any professional, courteous, resolution, nor looked into how within a store my personal information, name, address, and phone number was compromised. The people that are in the Denville, NJ store are nothing short of nasty, unprofessional staff, which stemmed when it was dingy A&P. The store got cleaned up, money put into it. The staff stayed the same, and this is where it has failed. Since there are numerous other stores in the area, I will never step foot into this store again.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 1, 2016

I have tried hard to allow this store to get settled in. I wasn't a fan of the A&P and hoped we would get a better store. Today I went and picked up a few groceries. Stopped at customer service to buy a few powerball tickets. No one came for 7 minutes. Saw a guy in desserts and I said, "Anyone here?" He turned around and walked away. Finally a young woman came and I said, "Is there anyone here who can help me?" She said that was why she was here. I said, "Great. I need some pb tickets." She said, "Oh I can't do that." I asked if there was anyone who could help and she said, "No." I put back my groceries and headed out the door. Not about PB tickets, it's about customer service. There is absolutely no one there that is helpful. Very unfortunate. Will shop at Scott's Corners from now on. It's worth the drive.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 20, 2016

Several times I went into the Acme Supermarket on High Ridge Road in Stamford, CT and found outdated food on the shelves that they were trying to sell. Two weeks ago it was containers of macaroni salad with a very outdated Sell By date. Today it was cream cheese that was dated Sell By Feb. 14. Today is Feb. 20. I placed it up on the Customer Service counter and told the lady staffing the counter that the cream cheese was outdated. The lines at the register are so long they look like the bread lines at a refugee camp.

Today, on a busy Saturday there were only two registers open and the manager said she didn't have anyone to staff another register. Last Saturday it was the same, with very, very long lines. Some employees have told me that management has cut the hours of the workers so they don't have enough people. Today as well as last Saturday there was only one employee working the deli counter. The employees seem to be working very hard with the few staff that are working at any one given time.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 27, 2016

In a rush, I recently purchased a package of garlic that was stocked in the organic food section of our local Acme Market. When I got home I realized that it was not organic and, to make matters worse, was sourced from China. In addition, the entire offering of fresh vegetables and fruit is sub-par.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2015

On Christmas eve they had one young woman working by herself. The bakery section was mobbed. Customers were waiting in line to get their cakes decorated with names printed on them. There is not a variety of cake goods like you have in other Acme Stores. Customers were going to ShopRite farther up the Roosevelt Blvd to purchase their bakery needs. I find it hard to believe that the revenue from that bakery can compare to other Acme Bakery. It seems like your manager Karen throws the bakery goods out instead of reducing them to generate revenue for the store. I am sure you can do an inventory. Why is so many bakery employees quitting? Paying your employees $7.25 an hour is not as bad as how much work you expect out of them.

Original review: Oct. 16, 2015

On October 11, 2015 at around 7:30 p.m. I walked over to the deli counter to purchase some deli products. Initially there was no one behind the counter and I had to wait approximately 5 minutes for someone to come out from behind. Finally a young girl came out, but she was rather busy cleaning a slicing machine and I do not believe she had any desire to wait on me. After waiting almost another 5 minutes for her to wait on me, she approached with an attitude and I had not yet even said anything to her. My daughter is gluten free and I know that other Acme stores have their GL deli items in a separate case. I asked her what turkey items were gluten free and in a rude manner stated, "We don't have anything like that." I know that is not true and when I pushed for her to try to find out, she just kept saying they have "low fat and low salt" but no "gluten free". She seemed oblivious to what I was talking about.

My daughter then looked at some of the labels and we did find a turkey meat that was GF. I told the girl what I wanted and she looked in the case for what seemed like a fairly long time. She could not find the product and proceeded to go to the back to find it. After another 5 minutes she emerged with no product and had to come to the front of the deli case to get the one out the case. All the while her attitude was becoming worse and she was banging things. I asked that she cut the turkey thin and as I was watching her cut the turkey I could see that it was not as I requested. I then asked her to stop cutting and to simply give me what she had already cut and that I was not interested in getting anything else as I did not feel she was acting appropriately toward me.

At this time, she practically slammed the turkey down on the scale and was becoming even more rude towards me. It was at this point that I simply said "Forget it I don't want anything from you" and asked to see a manager. A so called manager came out or at least identified herself as such and explained that this girl was rather new at the job. Since when does being new on the job excuse someone's behavior towards a customer. The manager indicated that she would speak to this employee about her rude behavior. In an attempt to get to the bottom of this and to make sure that this person was reported, I went on Acme's website and sent an email explaining what had happened. It has now been 5 days and I have yet to receive any response from them despite the fact that I have now sent them 3 emails. If this is the way Acme chooses to do business by ignoring a disgruntled customer, maybe it's time for me to start shopping elsewhere.

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Original review: May 8, 2015

At the check counters, the 2 regular lines where 3 or 4 people deep. There was nobody in line at the 2 express lines. I had 17 items if you counted the 6 cat food cans separately. So I thought the cashier would allow me to use her express line. But I was wrong. I mentioned that the regular lines were backed up, but the cashier just repeated, "15 items only." I moved down to last line for regular shopping orders. Now 4th in line. The manager, seeing the back-up at the regular lines, comes over and move 2 shoppers (with their carts full) into the express line.

Original review: Jan. 6, 2015

Every Monday I go into the Newtown Square or Broomall Stores. At one time the chicken was freshly roasted. Now when I go in what's in the case has been sitting way too long. The skin is hard and the chicken is very dry. They apparently make too much at one time and do not make anymore until what is in the case is well past selling time. When you go in the store at 5 or 5:30 the chicken should be ready. Apparently there are new managers, not doing a good job. I have seen roast chickens sitting on the hot table with a time stamp of 12:30pm at 5:30pm. They looked disgusting. I now go to Kentucky Fried or Popeyes chicken and get freshly cooked chicken, cost a little more, but better than the dried stuff in the cases.

Original review: Dec. 6, 2014

Just finished a shopping trip to Acme and was so frustrated with the EXCESSIVE isle displays. It was like a gigantic obstacle course for customers and it was not even that busy. I took a picture of an over 5 foot tall display of canned product that wobbled when I touched it. If I could post the picture here I would but the option doesn't exist. The danger posed to small people and children was irresponsible on the stores' part. I'm not sure how this type of store setup even passes fire was that bad. Very unpleasant shopping experience!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2014

I was at the Acme in Browns Mills NJ on 10/26/14 at approximately 7:15pm. I was crossing in the crosswalk and was almost hit by a car because of Acme's poorly lit parking lot. When I mentioned by incident to the manager her excuse was that the lights are on a timer. Every other light in the parking lot was on except Acme's side. Acme is very lucky I did not have my 7 week old son with me when I was almost hit by a car in their parking lot because I probably would have called the police. That is very dangerous and unsafe for the customers who shop at Acme at night.

Original review: Aug. 8, 2014

Today I shopped (well, tried to shop) at Jenkintown, 323 Old York Road, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 19046 for the first time in over 3 years. This will be my last time shopping at Acme. I went to self checkout at 10:30pm. There was a manager, skinny, around 40 years old, black, can't remember if really short hair or bald.

I went today to the supermarket to buy Kellogg's cereal. I tried to use some coupons I got from the Kellogg's website. Each coupon is worth $0.75 on "Any Kellogg's Cereal". I scanned the products and when I pushed 'Pay with Coupons', a message said that the action requires some kind of permission. The man there, I believe the manager, took my coupons and without scanning them and without reading them, told me I could not use them because the products I bought are not in the picture in the coupon (Yes, I know, I have bought with coupons for many years and this was the first time I was told that. I had always wondered when it would happen because I had heard about it). I told him "it's what it says in the coupon, not the picture it has."

He gave an angry look and told me I could not use it because the product is not in the picture. I said again "But the coupon reads 'On Any Kellogg's cereal'". He again said that the product is not in the picture "Look", he pointed at the picture. I am the kind of person who doesn't like to argue with people. So I just told him to remove the items because I am not going to buy them. He gave me an angry get-lost look. I suppose they don't like to remove items. I took my coupons to a lady in the counter, asked "Do you know about coupons?". She said 'Yes'. I asked, "Can I use this coupons on these products?". She read it and told me "absolutely".

She scanned the products and right after she scanned the first one successfully, her phone rang. She picked it up, I waited... And she told me that her manager just called her to tell her that the coupons could not be used. She looked at me very serious and told me 'You cannot use the coupons because the products are not in the picture'. I said, but the coupons say "On any Kellogg's.." She cut me off in mid sentence saying 'bye' and turned her back to me. "WOW", I thought and smiled. Employees here are very rude.

I have never in my life felt more disrespected and treated like a criminal than today at this Acme store. It was my first time shopping at Acme in more than 3 years and it will be the last. You should train your employees or at least hire employees who can read and treat people respectfully. Right before I got out, I flipped the finger to where the manager was, I hope he saw me. Now I flip the middle finger to you, Acme.

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