Olive Branch Funding

At Olive Branch Funding, we work one-on-one with individuals and families requiring access to future payments now. Tailoring a solution to meet your unique needs, our experienced representatives work to secure a lump sum payment in exchange for your structured settlements, annuities and lottery funds.

Contact us today, and let our experienced consultants develop a solution to achieve your goals, and get the money you and your family need as quickly as possible.

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Olive Branch Funding provides money to individuals who are expecting structured payments. The service provides consumers with the one-time, lump-sum payments they need now in exchange for ownership of their future structured payments. Referred to as future payment purchasing, Olive Brand Funding's service allows users to receive fast payment on everything from lawsuit settlements and annuities to lottery winnings.

  • Online quotes: Consumers can complete a simple online form to receive a free quote from Olive Branch Funding.
  • Customized purchasing plans: Olive Branch Funding takes a personalized approach to future payment purchasing, creating purchasing plans that fit each customer's unique needs.
  • Online document system: Olive Branch Funding uses an online process to allow consumers to provide required documentation, sign forms and get the money they need faster.
  • Swift access to money: Once the application and approval process is complete, consumers can receive their lump-sum payments via overnight mail or bank wire.
  • Cash advances: The company offers cash advances of up to 20 percent of the expected lump-sum payment for individuals who need even faster access to cash.
  • Best for individuals who need access to their funds fast, consumers with annuities and those with lottery or contest winnings.

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Olive Branch Funding
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