I filed a complaint with the Southeast Florida Better Business Bureau on March 14, 2007. While trying to work things out with Freedom Steel on Thursday March 15, they told me that they were turning my case over to their legal department.

In August 2006, we had decided to explore pricing on the construction of an indoor riding arena. We own several horses. I contacted several steel building companies, one of which was Freedom Steel. I found them over the internet. I talked to a sales person by the name of Michael **. He provided me with a quote. In November 2006, we decided to go forward with the construction. I contacted Freedom Steel, and asked for Michael **, I was told by the girl (Lori **) answering the phone that he no longer worked there, and I would need to get a new quote. I provided the information to Lori **, 65 x 100 x 14 high. I told her the purpose of the building. Indoor riding arenas are a standard minimum of 14 in height to allow you to jump your horse. I was provided a new quote by Lori ** along with pictures of riding arenas. She had given me 2 different quotes, one with sides and one as the roof only structure.

On December 18, 2007 I received a purchase order at my work at 9 am, and was required to have it returned to Freedom Steel that afternoon via Fed X at 1pm. I had to sign my husbands name. The purchase order consisted of a stick drawing of the building with dimensions drawn on it, but it did not show if that the interior height varied from the exterior height. I was told I would have blueprints in 4 days from providing them with 25% down. On December 21st I sent them a check postdated for January 15th for $8445.00 (25%). It cleared my bank on February 12th. They requested an additional 15% so I sent them a 2nd check for $5067.00 on January 25, which cleared my bank on February 12th for a total of $13,512.00 (40%). $20,268.00 would've been due upon delivery. I received a delivery letter on February 26th, stating that delivery would be on March 23rd.

Upon numerous calls looking for the blueprints, I was switched from a customer service rep named Jen to one named Tiffany **, I finally received blueprints on Monday March 5th. When I opened the package, I immediately saw that the height was incorrect and emailed Tiffany that there was a problem. She told me she had to put a hold on the building, and my delivery date was no longer valid. She said she had to go to the GO TO MAN?. At that point Tiffany quite responding to emails and phone calls. After 5 days with no answers, I called Lori **, who got Tiffany to answer my e-mail stating that she had no answers.

On Wednesday March 14th, I got a call from Debbie **, saying she was with the equestrian division, and the cost to change the building would be an additional $4074.50 but because of all the frustration Id had, they would give me 15% off making the additional $3545.00. I told her that I couldnt do that because I had taken a loan out for the exact amount of what was needed, and there wasn't additional money. She wanted me to put it on a credit card, or add it to the c.o.d.. I told her that wasn't possible. She said she had looked through Loris notes, but nowhere did it say indoor riding arena. But Lori had sent me pictures back in November of indoor arenas.

I told her that the building as it was is of no use to me. She said I had signed the purchase order, and I was committed, she said it would be turned over to their legal department. I told her that if Freedom Steel could not deliver what was promised for the price that had been agreed upon, that I wanted to cancel the building and have my deposit returned. No work was done on it, other than the blueprints.

I filed the complaint with the BBB on March 14th. On March 15th I again spoke to Debbie, who said she was the executive assistant, she said that they could fix it for an additional $2700.00. I again told her that wasnt an option for me. I told her that I did not expect Freedom Steel to take a loss on the building, and the only solution that I could see was to return their blueprints to them and them refund my down payment. She said that if I had talked to an attorney, or filed a complaint with the BBB that she could no longer talk to me because it would go to the legal department.

I tried to talk to Debbie and Sean Hackner, the owner, but neither would speak to me. We were never informed that the interior height and the exterior height would be different. The p.o. does not show that. I told Debbie, and she agreed that the p.o needs to be more precise if you had to base everything on that.I feel they misrepresented this building from the start. The salesperson was very unknowledgeable. I was told numerous untruths. I find out that Michael ** still works there. I also feel that at this point we would receive an inferior product.

I do not want to do any business with Freedom Steel. Thanks for all your help on this matter. I'd appreciate anything you could do to retrieve my deposit.