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Customer ServiceCoverage

Reviewed Feb. 3, 2022

I have a 2018 Polaris Ranger 1000 XP and was having some shifting issues which unfortunately left me stranded in the bush! I found out that there was a recall on the machine for quite some time, but no one from Polaris had called me even though they knew the product had the issue. Now they are saying the recall has expired and they will not cover me, they say it's under my own due diligence to look up the recall and get it fixed, that's where I'm not too happy.

I paid a lot of money for the product and if there is an issue with the product they should not be turning a blind eye on their product and be leaving it for the consumer to have to worry about it. I will most likely not be buying another machine from Polaris just for this reason and I will be informing other people who go to buy a Polaris product about this. A simple letter in the mail about the recall or phone call does not seem that difficult to me and I understand if I got the information it is then in my hands to bring in the machine, but this never happened and I was left very uninformed.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2022

Purchased a 2018 new XP 1000. The ranger stated off the bat with a seal in the clutch housing. Leaking oil and throwing belts. Then front A arm bolt fell out twice left me stranded in the woods. Last to least the top end of the motor is now bad, blew a valve and a piston burning oil like no other. Now I am stuck with a fairly new expensive machine that I can not drive or enjoy. I am very very disappointed and will not recommend anyone to purchase any Polaris products. Not made with quality and longevity.

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Customer ServicePriceStaffReliability

Reviewed Jan. 12, 2022

3.5 months ago bought a brand new 2021 Polaris General XP 1000 deluxe. From the minute we took possession of the vehicle there's been problems with it. If it wasn't the uncontrollable bouncing and shaking it was the I'm alignable front end. The defective tires there is problems with a front differential. There is problems with the secondary clutch. There is problems with the body. There is problems with absolutely everything on this machine. It has under 3,000 km on it. It has been back at the dealership getting fixed half a dozen more times. It's my everyday vehicle because where I live we're legally allowed to drive them up here and with much aggravation and arguments the dealership has not fixed the problems. He has acknowledged that I've complained about things on the machine, still hasn't fixed them, a contact at Polaris Industries and where Minnesota arguing that with them for three and a half months.

Finally they agreed to take the machine back and get me into a machine that's actually working to back down on what they said to offer us $2,000 towards a new machine. We just paid over $40,000 for this machine and we're still on the hook for the loan and they want to take the broken machine in and give us a trade-in value and give us $2,000 towards a new machine so they're expecting us to drop another $30,000 for another machine minus the $2,000 for the completely defective machine which has zero value on it right now because it is broken and they refuse to do anything about it.

I have pictures, I have videos, I have a voicemail from Polaris stating, "Don't worry. We'll get you out of that machine and get you into a machine that is more suitable for you. We will help you through the everything." Yeti at yada. I turn around and they're not willing to do so so my suggestion to you is do not buy a Polaris machine. Do not buy a Polaris anything. They do not stand by their warranty. They do not stand by their word. For a company as big as Polaris who prides themselves on the quality of their products that they pump out and their customer service they're really doing everything in their power to make the customer unhappy. Not willing to work with the customer. They acknowledged the problems and not willing to do anything about it. Basically what I am understanding is, "Oh well you got what you paid for. If you want some networks give us another 40 Grand. Will give you something that works."

So after three and a half months of arguing and fighting with Polaris and the dealership it's time now to go to the media and obtain a lawyer and start looking for all the other people in Canada and United States and globally that are having as many problems as I am with their brand new machines and getting nowhere with Polaris or the dealership. Absolutely nothing for them to take this defective machine back and give me a machine that works that I paid for. But you know the globe is in a pandemic right now and these big companies that rip people off on a daily basis are just getting away with it and it seems like there's nothing to customer can do anymore.

Go again my suggestion to anybody who's reading this: do not buy Polaris. Kawasaki is better than Polaris. Arctic Cat is better than Polaris. Hell a Chinese knockoff is better than Polaris only because they're willing to work with the customer to rectify the problem not string them along and string them along and string them along and ignore them and not return their phone calls or their emails or reach out in any way shape or form until the warranty is over and then all of a sudden the phone call. But I was smart like I did from day one. I took pictures. I gathered evidence videos. I even had part of the complete cab enclosure explode in my hands and sliced my finger open so please we Need to all STOP BUYING POLARIS AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR SUBPAR PRODUCTS, DAMAGES INJURIES ETC.... it's just ridiculous.

I own this machine for a month and a half to two months before I got a recall notice telling me to stop using this machine at once. I've never seen a company with this many recalls on any of their products like I have Polaris and I'm a lifelong Polaris guy. I bought and lots of Polaris Vehicles over my lifetime, is my second brand new vehicle from a dealership and I can guarantee you one thing right now on my children on my life I will never ever ever give one red Cent to Polaris ever again as long as I live.

It is Criminal what they are doing but I'm assuming because they have all this money all this power that nothing ever comes of it show folks. If you're looking for a good machine don't buy polaris. It is not worth the headache, aggravation or stress. If you want to spend that ridiculous amount of money to get upset contact me. I'll charge you half the $$ and still upset you. We need to hold these businesses accountable. It is unfair they can rob us like this.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2021

When I bought it I was told that I would have it by the end of October. NOW THEY ARE TALKING DECEMBER!! The riding season is half gone!!! I will lose a lot of value as when I get it, it will be LAST YEAR'S MODEL!! I ordered it in the spring! Wait it get better.. They may ship it without all the parts!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2021

After purchasing 2 vehicles from Polaris and considering a 3 purchase come to realize that the 1st and only time I tried using my warranty they denied the service or even helping out on any way because my vehicle is modified, however the modification has nothing to do with what is wrong with the vehicle that is 5 yrs old. Not mistreated as I only have 6,500 miles on it. That comes to show what a poor service they offer when they come up with an excuse rather than help. Look out. Keep that in mind before purchasing the product. I know I didn't but learned from my mistake!

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Verified purchase
Customer Service

Reviewed Oct. 20, 2021

I have a 2021 RZR XP Turbo that right out of the box had a bad clutch and a turbo diverter valve that was miss adjusted. Many calls to Polaris & visits to the dealership, still no help from either. Had to put an aftermarket clutch in myself to make it driveable. Finally got the diverter valve adjusted. 1100 miles on the aftermarket clutch and it drives great. Too bad I had to spend $800 plus my labor to make a new machine drive the way it should have in the first place.

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Reviewed Sept. 15, 2021

The Ranger 500 has no gauge or idiot light for oil temperature or pressure. The owners manual says to check the oil dipstick before each trip. That requires laying on your belly and unscrewing the dipstick in front of the right rear tire -- not something I want to do in dewy grass. A mechanic for a competing brand says that the Ranger is a "Play UTV that can work". His brand, and several others are "Work UTVs that can play". Although the Ranger is cheaper than a Kubota or a Kawasaki, I think that I will consider those next time.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed Aug. 13, 2021

I have bought two machines from Polaris. Big mistake had Can-Am before. Can't get parts. Everyone I spoke to is very rude and do not care. You spend 55000. Got their money. Now my RZR sits. So now needs care a little about their customers. Hope I get a reply back but good chance. Now they got their money. I will trade my RZR and get another machines where people care about their customer.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Aug. 4, 2021

2021 Polaris Ranger XP1000 Northstar Ultimate. At 9 miles on the odometer the front left wheel bearing failed and destroyed most of everything attached to the hub. 3 weeks without machine, way too many phone calls w Polaris. At roughly 1100 miles, engine was destroyed because the factory doesn’t pay attention to detail. They forgot to tighten clamps on hoses and boots. It’s been 11 days and no closer to resolution. Forget that I purchased a 5 year wrap. Doesn’t matter to them. Polaris and dealer have horrible communication. I have spent way too much of my time on this. They both say they care but won’t do much without prodding. Beyond disappointed!!!

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Customer ServiceReliability

Reviewed June 22, 2021

Just now NEW. Erie, PA....We are beyond disappointed with the current events with Auto Express and Polaris.. We pd. cash on a 2021, Polaris 1000 ATV on 4-23-21. It came in approx 1 month after and was defective (Auto Express still has it at their shop)... So we still have NO 4 WHEELER. AutoExp states "It's out their hands," "They have to try what Polaris says to do"...yet? It's been weeks, several attempts and it's still unrepairable.... Yet? They have our Money? We have NO 4 wheeler and not once were we offered a loaner or did they even attempt to find us one and we use an ATV daily on our farm....(well, until now)... Polaris? They are just as bad... (at this point they have tried everything to correct it and can't.... it's now been since 5-24-21)...

All we want is our money back.... Polaris says it can take 3-4 months longer for that to happen... Auto Express..? NOT one resolution attempt for the customer.. Response... "Our Hands are Tied"... Their hands were not tied taking our funds??.. This is BEYOND acceptable. Customer Service is def not a priority for them unless you are handing the money over to them.... They need to resolve this issue and I am certain our future holds ZERO chance of dealing again with their stores.

Even after numerous calls to leave a message for the owner of stores, we hear nothing more than... It's out their hands... Polaris is in control.. and NO CALL BACK from the owner of Auto Express because he's too busy for this kind of thing. Well? If this is how an owner wants to run his business... shuffle the bad situations under the rug... and look the other way? All I can say is... Wow?... Come out and PAY your customer and make it right. This has now been well past telling the customer to be patient. Our Patience? GONE.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed May 25, 2021

Hey guys and gals! Please read this before purchasing a new 2020-2021 RXR XP Turbo. I want to share my experience with you so you can have an idea of what kind of company Polaris is and make an informed decision on your purchase. Some background -- I am a major lover of all things off-road. I grew up around all types of off road machines & am a seasoned rider. I'm also a disabled vet who recently sold all of my dirtcbikes (3) and ATVs (2) due to worsening service connected physical issues with my back and shoulder. Under the recommendation of a friend who also suffers similar issues, I purchased a brand new 2021 RZR Turbo February 1st of this year and boy do I regret buying a Polaris.

This has been the worst purchase decision I've ever made -- not because of the type of machine, but because the machine I bought is a lemon. Even worse than that, Polaris refuses to believe their own Gold-Level Certified Polaris technicians that are telling them there is a problem! These are guys who have decades of experience with these machines who have hands on the machine and are the ones testing and repairing the machine. The ultimate diagnosis is made by a "Polaris Tech" that works in an office at Polaris Corporate, who is probably following a decision tree directly linked to their P&L Unsaleables & deciding if it makes financial sense to provide good customer service. The fact that Polaris doesn't trust their field techs really says something about the trust they have in their training & products. My machine has been plagued with problems since purchase.

Issues chronologically;

1 - Throttle Position Sensor fell off on first ride. - Dealer Repaired.
2 - Belt slippage on 3rd ride - dealer replaced belt under warranty.
3 - Same slippage on next ride - dealer replaced primary & secondary clutches and belt under warranty.

4 - Same belt slippage on next ride - dealer (Gold Cert. Polaris Tech) tested it, took video of the machine having the issue, & submitted it to Polaris corporate who also acknowledged and confirmed the issue. Currently the machine struggles exceed 50mph (on trails or pastureland) without revving to high rpms and emitting a burning rubber smell.

The dealer contacted their rep (a Polaris employee) who openly acknowledged that these are widespread issues with 20-21 RZR Turbos. Read more on that here: **. On their reps recommendation the dealer replaced the spring in secondary clutch with a stiffer one. After testing again, the dealer found that it's still slipping with no ideas on what to do next. Polaris Corp calls and tells me that slip is normal when riding machine on non-slip surfaces. The problem is, I don't ride it how they described -- I ride exclusively on wooded trails and pastureland. My dealer GM and his seasoned certified techs tested it under recommended riding conditions & confirm the issue is still present & not normal. The Polaris Corp. refuses to acknowledge that this is a REAL PROBLEM and make it right.

This model already had the clutch recalled and replaced once (before I even bought it). I'm guessing a class-action lawsuit or recall will follow shortly. The purpose of this post is in no way meant to rip on my dealer. They have bent over backwards to help me resolve the issue & are totally aligned that my machine is defective. The purpose of this post is to warn others to avoid this machine and to inform you that should you decide to purchase one and run into issues with it, Polaris will try their hardest to make you eat it. Not what I'd expect from a premium American brand. I’m not telling you that you should — but feel free to share the hell out of this. Good luck to all and happy trails!

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Reviewed April 27, 2021

Bought this 2019 rzr 900s new. Took it home second time out and still breaking it in check engine light comes on. Take it back to the dealer 2 hours away. They say my belt is burn. Not happy but I believe them. Buy a new belt. Take it home second ride again lost power. Speedo quit working and power steel light came on. Take it back to the dealer. They tell me I’m hitting the break and gas at the same time. I drive with one foot not 2. All they did was reset code. And when it happen I was on the throttle. Get it back home, take it out right away and guess what lost power, no speedo and power steering light on again. I call right away and tell them what happened. They tell me to take a video of it doing it. I can drive and video at the same time. There's a faulty sensor somewhere. They blame the owner right away. And gets very frustrating when they jump on you and it's your fault when you did nothing wrong.

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Reviewed April 26, 2021

My machine has 1300 miles on it and the rear upper A-frame mounting holes in the frame are egged out and rear wheels are leaning in. This makes the machine wonder around while riding and tires wear uneven. Wish I had bought a Can Am Outlander or a Suzuki King Quad not this overpriced pile of crap!

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Reviewed April 26, 2021

I bought a 2021 Polaris rzr xp1000 just a few months back. My machine broke down with 4.5 miles on it with the check engine light and the power steering light on ....Took it to the dealer and they reset my computer/ speed sensor. Brought it home ....Went riding ....It broke down again....Same thing check engine light and power steering light. I took it back to the dealer. They replaced my speed sensor. Brought it home....Went riding and less than 100 miles ....same thing....Check engine light and power steering light is back on.... Every time these lights come on I lose all throttle. I was on a steep hill climb this last time and almost wrecked cause of losing power!! This machine is dangerous and should be recalled or polaris should buy it back.... Ill never buy another polaris again!!!

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Reviewed March 20, 2021

So I have a 2003 Polaris scrambler which has few too many issues although I just wanted the cv and boot replaced. After waiting one week I called. They told me what was wrong. I said, "Ok let's fix it." The service department told me right there on the phone they are not working on it as they don't want a piece of junk in the shop ...and "don't want to open that can of worms." I explained I would like it fixed as I would be paying top rate 150$ a hour for their services ...They told me to take it to a backyard mechanic ...like are you kidding me? I've never heard of a mechanic shop tell me they won't work on my equipment. Extremely disappointed....Spring is here. I need this fixed and thought if anyone could fix it Polaris could.

Unfortunately a backyard mechanic sounds good about now as they don't want to do nothing but overpriced oil changes ....and the service desk guy was terribly rude. I'm going in tomorrow to have to pick up the quad now and pay 225. I knew what was wrong. I just wanted it fixed and I told them what I wanted before I dropped it off. They said, "Bring it up. That's what we're here for..." Well polaris maybe you have less than backyard mechanics in your shop if you disagree fix my quad and prove it ...Very disappointed. Have to find someone else to fix it and accept the hundreds of dollars I will spend. Thanks for listening????

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Reviewed March 1, 2021

This is a complaint that I ordered a part through Polaris at Rocky mountain atv. The part was boxed wrong had no part number on the box. I ordered a rocker panel for passenger side. They delivered a driver's side but would not exchange it. For me that is the worse customer service I have ever received. They should not be a polaris parts distributor and really need to look at their business practices. I have never recieved such bad service. I will not be buying polaris in the future. I can not believe how many bad reviews are posted about them. It seems like they do not care. I am 60 years old and always thought polaris was great quality but have started to change my mind. I am sure this will get no attention like all the other reviews.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2021

I drive this 2017 ranger easy, no abuse, I am 63 yrs. old. Under 200 hours, had to replace a starter, 500.00 dollars, it has a known Polaris defect built into it. Now a boot came off of the front of the driveshaft and the joint is clicking. These things are engineered to break and to make Polaris customers break in the process. By virtue of how Polaris builds things they make their customers the enemy?

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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2020

I bought a Ranger 1000 brand new (2020) and a month later put over 500 dollars for a drive belt and an axle. Of course warranty wouldn't cover it because they said they are wearable parts. I understand that but a month after I bought it? At least back up your product. DO NOT BUY POLARIS. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE YOUR BACK. COMPLETE JUNK.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Dec. 24, 2020

I purchased a new 2020 Sportsman 450 on Aug 24, 2020 for my son and it has been an absolute nightmare. Has spent the last 4 months at the dealership under repair. Constant stalling, new wire harness, new clutch, belt, plugs, gas, and now they are rebuilding the engine? ATV has less than 500 easy miles and is the biggest piece of junk I have ever owned. Polaris Corporate Warranty department is a joke. Mitch has used and manipulated the Covid-19 crisis as an excuse to for selling me a Lemon. Today is Christmas Eve, I bought my son all new riding gear and he will be standing outside with nothing to ride. For 4 months they have been trying to fix this quad while we just sit here with nothing to ride. Here's advantage? Another joke...

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Reviewed Oct. 25, 2020

Purchased a 2020 Polaris ranger 1000 highlighter on 3/3/2020 this year. Took the bike home and put it strait in the garage. Went out 3 days later to ride it and no start. Found it was missing tons of bolts winch didn’t work headlights were not plugged in etc. no big deal I fixed all these issues. Had the machine out 5 min and both front axels snapped as soon as I tried the 4x4. Had that fixed back at dealer. Got the machine back and again same issue axels broke as soon as 4x4 was engaged back to dealer. It had 2 hours on the bike and they said it also needs new wheel bearings. How is this it’s a brand new bike? Got it back had it for about 2 weeks and took it in for its first service at 20 hours. Also had recall fixed at same time cost me $250.

Left the dealer took the bike or next morning put 2 hours on the bike and motor locked up. Took back to dealer where bike sit for a month and a half before a new motor was installed. Got the bike back out 10 hours on new motor and back in the shop come to find out timing chain came apart and blew a hole in the crank case. Has been at the dealer for 2 months now parts on backorder. Called me on Friday said we rebuilt your motor but bike has more issues so we need to replace the complete motor again. Needless to say it’s still at dealer waiting for a new motor to come in. Bike has been in the shop for 5 of the 7 months I have owned it. No help from Polaris. They state you can trade it in but you will be upside down. Don’t deal with Polaris. Stay clear.

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Reviewed July 31, 2020

Updated on 08/05/2020: Is now 8 days later and they now tell me it could be 3-5 days or a couple of months. Called Polaris Customer Service, no help whatsoever. Brand new $15000 machine and have to use a wheelbarrow to clean up after this hurricane that just went through. Won't entertain a loaner or replacement vehicle. As soon as it's fixed, it's out of here. Was a manager for multi franchised car dealership for 21 years and know I deserve a lot better customer service. DO NOT BUY POLARIS!

Original review: Purchased 2020 Polaris Ranger 1000 Crew in April (3 months ago), currently have 50 miles on it and it simply died while riding (3-4 mph) around my back yard. Called dealership (Lejeune Motorsports, Jacksonville, NC), service department sent someone out immediately to retrieve the vehicle. Upon inspection, determined fuel pump had come apart and ceramic on spark plugs were cracked. They informed me that Polaris says has never happened before and am currently awaiting (3-5 days) for a new fuel pump to be received at dealership. Highly recommend Lejeune Motorsports, couldn't ask for better service, but have to question the reliability of this vehicle.

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Reviewed April 14, 2020

Purchase 01/2018. After a 45 min leisurely ride & 48 hours on engine my ATV motor exploded underneath me with metal and oil from engine hitting my legs. Not to mention how worse this could have been! After contacting Polaris with runaround after runaround they decided not to help me at all. After 3 months in their possession I had to call them for them to tell me that they would not replace or repair my ATV. I drove to pick up my pieces of 1000 and had to pay $500 to even get my own ATV back and did I mention in PIECES. I would never recommend in anyway for any to ever purchase a polaris product! They do not stand behind their product or their customers. They need to take lessons from SUBARU on customer service and product backing!

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Reviewed April 11, 2020

I bought a 2018 Polaris general from Ride Now in Surprise Az. It had 350 miles on it and I was told it was a demonstrator, I found out from DMV that it was registered in another person's name not the dealer, it now has 1300 miles and I have had nothing but problems. The first time I took out it had rained, the radiator is exposed from behind and allowed mud to get between the fan and radiator, guess what new radiator. Then the fuel pump went out. Now it sounds like a rear shock is gone, ($650. a piece) I have had four other atv's and side by sides, I'm 70 years old and not hard on them. I can't recommend Polaris to anyone.

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Reviewed March 6, 2020

I bought my RZR Turbo S 4 seater last May and within 4 months the paint on my trailing arms started fading away. Now is building some rust. I only have 260 miles on it???. I tried to open a case but they denied it. Don’t buy this crap brand, they don’t want to be responsible for anything. Nothing but scammers.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2020

Bought a brand new 2019 Polaris Ranger XP900. Crap crap crap. 3 hrs out of its first service I blew the belt up 15km from my house in the snow middle of the night. Had to walk out. Came back with another Polaris Rzr tires towing me out his 4x4 blows up. Went to polaris today in Comox BC. They laughed when I asked if they'd give me a free belt to replace the faulty one that blew up.... so I bought two belts one to have as a spare. Complete Chinese **. Wish I bought a Can-Am. I'm going to bring down polaris if they don't compensate me

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Reviewed Jan. 24, 2020

We bought our son a 10,000.00 Polaris Ace for Christmas. My husband took it for a spin. He came out of a turn not going fast at all. One of the front wheels bent inward and it flipped. We took it to the place of purchase for repair. They said the arm and frame were bent. Estimate of 5500.00 to fix it with 2 miles on it. Their general manager said they were built for abuse and we should not have that kind of damage. A month later still making payments, Polaris will not cover anything under warranty and the shop is seeing what they can do to get cost down for repair. We are planning on getting another ATV but it definitely will not be from Polaris.

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Reviewed Nov. 13, 2019

I purchased this quad in October 2018 new. Since the very beginning I had issues starting it. Polaris just says it's the battery. Had the replaced and the next dealership just says that it is because it has one big cylinder. It wont turn over complete sometimes so you need to click the key back and forth a dozen times before it starts to turn.

The second issue is that the check engine light has been coming on for the last six months. Taking it to a dealership seems useless as they really don't seem like they want to work on them, just sell new ones. When the check engine light comes on it sputters which is dangerous if you're going up a hill. The electric power steering has been blowing fuses from day one. In one year I have gone through about 24 fuses. Each time you need to remove 4 screws to get to the fuses. Another issue is that the suspension is very soft compared to the competitors. I was going back wards on level ground, turned and hit the brake, not crazy speeds and plus it has a speed limiter in reverse so your really can't go fast unless you override that limiter. The quad turned on its side breaking my color bone and ribs. This Quad is total crap.

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Reviewed Nov. 10, 2019

I bought a Polaris Ranger 900 XP Crew 2019. I've had it less than a year and it's not been good. Problem after problem with it. Can't Polaris can't fix the misfire code I keep getting. I have less than 1200 miles on it and I have to replace all my u-joints. The warranty from Polaris is a joke. They find a way not to fix anything. I will never buy Polaris again and I will not recommend Polaris to anyone.

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2019

The 850 EPS has had some minor issues but has been used the last 7 years every plowing season for a 600 ft driveway and summers mainly to move trailers. The only issue has been after 5 years a starter issue and the first year an electronic issue in the brain to the check engine light appeared. My machine has more than almost 2000 miles and has only needed a battery replacement with a maintenance repair to the brakes/basic maintenance to all the lubricants without issues for $550. A common issue does seem to be at some point the shifter may break and require a repair for around $100. Overall, my machine has been used worked and not abused without issues. In review of the reviews, it looks like it can be hit or miss if it was put together from the factory well or not. Good luck.

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Reviewed Aug. 28, 2019

The Polaris 570-4 I purchased is not assembled in the US. After purchasing the UTV I discovered that the machine is assembled in Mexico. I would never have purchased knowing that a company that brags made in USA is actually assembled in Mexico. After shipping the product to the USVI I discovered that a 6.5% duty was owed because the vin # starts with a #3. I really had to dig deep to verify this as I am sure Polaris has worked hard to hide this fact. Shame on you Polaris!!!

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