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Last updated: May 16, 2017

14 Dynacraft Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: May 16, 2017

I got a ride on Hello Kitty car for my daughter. It was new and in the box because she was small to ride the car. When we took the car out of box in a year the battery is not working. I tried to call manufacturing service they said I had to purchase the battery (even though I am under manufacturing warranty for batteries they only have 6 months) I called service plan I got from Walmart didn't work either so I am mad at them and their service and that no one can help me with that stupid car...

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Original review: Dec. 3, 2016

Ordered a BMW power wheels from them back on November 17th 2016. Took forever to start shipping and once it shipped it was sent to the wrong place delaying delivery even longer. It was supposed to be here December 2nd 2016. Kinda pisses me off when it was almost 200 bucks.

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Original review: May 23, 2016

My niece proceeded to mount her 21 speed Dynacraft Alpine Eagle Mountain bike Model 8206-65TJD 01293015 and out of nowhere we hear a snap! I couldn't believe something like that could happen to an immobile bike. She just received this bike as a gift from Adoption RI for Christmas. She has only ridden it a few times. We live in the city and she and her sister only ride on the church plaza. Was there a recall on this bike or in the building of this bike?

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Original review: March 4, 2015

Last week I called and spoke to ** in customer service. She immediately understood the problem and sent a new crank and bearings to solve the problem. The parts arrived yesterday and now bike is as good as new. We have two of their beach bicycles and they are perfect for our needs. ** was very customer service minded.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2014

Girls 20" Dynacraft Magna Bicycle model#8106-80TJ - Brand new bike from Target, tire & tube problems from day one. Kept going flat, needing air & wouldn't stay inflated. The brakes didn't work properly because tires didn't fit on the rims correctly, they slipped off the rims so air came out. Brakes caused my granddaughter to fall off bike, & the chain cover busted off. Hard plastic not sturdy, (cracked) should have been rubber. There should be protective fenders on the tires also! Dynacraft was very nice and sent us new tires & rubber inner tubes. New tires now fit properly, but we need chain guard & tire covers (fenders) for safety. When the brakes didn't work, she was hurt on the chain & hard plastic cover. The cover is a great idea, but made with wrong materials! Overpriced at $99. We didn't know all these issues. She's happy with it now, although we're not sure she's Safe with the other issues I mentioned. I trusted Target & Dynacraft, it's a nice looking bike.

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Original review: Oct. 8, 2014

I bought the 29" Genesis bike on June 29, 2014 and have had nothing but problems with it. I thought it was a good bike. I use it to get back and forth to work every day and didn't have a problem for the first couple of weeks. Then the problems started. The crank started to loosen. I could not buy tubes or tires anywhere. No stores had them in stock. The big problem started the beginning of August. I take and check over the bike on a regular basis and I checked the back axle and found that it had a bend to it. So I took it to my local bike shop and they put a new axle in it but told me that the entire inside of the axle hub was eaten away. He informed me to call the company and tell them considering the bike was only a few months old at that point.

I called DYNACRAFT and they sent me out the new rim and axle without a problem. SO I get the new one and I took notice that the axle was bent right out of the box. Well by this point the next problem came up on the bike. The bearing on the inside of the crank were grinding. So I called them back and told them my problems with the axle being bent and the crank problems. They sent me out the parts without a problem. I took the crank apart when I got the new parts and found out that the old one had not been greased properly. I replaced the parts and greased them correctly and I have not had a problem with them since. But my big problem is that bent axle that they have sent me. I had to use the one they sent me because the one that was on the bike was bad. So I took and greased it up and put it all back together.

I called the company again on Sep 29 and they said they would send me out a brand new one that I should have within 3 days which I did not receive until October 7th. I open the box to find that it is bent. I at that point got pissed. I called the company and left a message to call me back. They returned my phone call and was unable to take the call at that point. So I returned the call to them and told them I am at the point that I feel that they should either send me a new bike or get my money back to me. I should not have this much problems with a bike that is less than 4 months old. I would never recommend this bike company to anyone.

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Original review: Aug. 31, 2014

For Christmas 2011 when my daughter turned six she got a Monster High Dynacraft bike from Santa. We purchased it preassembled. It was her first bike. It has been a terrible experience and brought all of us nothing but misery. She LOVED Monster High and was so thrilled. She went out to take her first ride and one of the training wheels came flying off. She balled. I was horrified. I said "wow Santa's elves didn't do a very good job I can fix it." When she took her second ride the both came off. She was convinced she wasn't ever going to ride a bike because fate was working against her. Upon further inspection the plastic wheel had worn though. That shouldn't happen.

Not knowing what to do I went and bought universal training wheels to put on. It was a nasty winter and as sometimes happen we got busy with work and school so it was awhile before she was ready to ride again. When she did it wobbled and I noticed the wheels weren't going on evenly. No matter what I tried I couldn't get it to work. She was heartbroken. I promised her I would take it to a bike shop (really shouldn't have needed to). We all got busy and here we are - technically according to the specks she can still ride it but it's a bit small. She's nine and only just getting around to learning to ride because her first bike was so poorly made. I taught her without the training wheels. She got to ride for about two hours over two days. We went again today for her sixth ride in three years and only two of those lasted longer than ten minutes.

Today within the first 20 minutes a pedal came clean off. I couldn't get it on without a wrench -so we had to go home. I got it on but not without scratching the bike up. Then I noticed the bolt holding the handle bars was loose. I wasn't able to tighten it back down - ended up taking them off to get a better look. It seems like the piece that holds it together is too short not how it was all together in the first place. I tried for hours and have aching hands - I couldn't get it to tighten back down and hold it all together. While messing with that the front wheel came clean off although nothing had been loosened. I put it back on but now I am not confident it will stay. And by the way the bike never had a kick stand.

It was looking to small for my daughter but seeing how it has only had two real rides (if that) I was hoping I could use it for my other daughter who is now 5 going on 6 (although I feared I would not be able to even think about training wheels on it). This is very disappointing and I am heartbroken my daughter has had such a lousy experience. She even mentioned that she should have known a bike from Santa wouldn't be good quality. Now she doubts Santa because Dynacraft makes lemons. At this point I need two new bikes and this one I purchased which should have brought a little girl so much joy was hardly used at all but is an absolute junker. One things for sure I'll have to make sure I don't purchase Dynacraft bikes.

I don't even know what to say other than I am deeply disappointed and frustrated over this product and I intend to tell other mom's not to mess with Dynacraft bikes if they want happy experiences. I can't believe I wasted three years trying to make this bike work. Furthermore after reading through other statements I am relieved my daughter didn't have a serious accident. Yikes! I have tried contacting Dynacraft with no luck.

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Original review: Jan. 29, 2013

Our daughter received a Pretty in Pink 20-inch NEXT bike for Christmas (2012). She rode the bike approximately 3 weeks. As she was riding, the right pedal flew off. Her momentum kept her going and her foot got caught in the chain of the bike. When I ran over to her (I saw the accident occur and it was horrible for a mother), she was lifting the bike off her ankle and there was blood streaming down her leg! She had a bad road rash on her knee. We originally thought she had the road rash on her foot but after taking her to urgent care that night to ensure her ankle wasn't broken (she could not apply any pressure), the doctor informed me that the "rash" on her foot was gashes from the chain!

When I called Dynacraft to file a report, the customer service rep offered to send me a new pedal! I was less than thrilled as was my husband. After investigating this accident, the crank shaft where the pedal is supposed to be does not have any threading to keep the pedal in place. We purchased this bike already assembled so we had no idea! After speaking with Dynacraft's 3rd party arbitration company, they sent someone out to inspect the bike in which we were told afterwards that he wasn't a bike expert but just an average guy to take pictures.

We were then told in an email that "everyone is sorry about (my daughter's name) accident and her injuries, but being sorry is not the same as being liable for the injuries and the physical evidence is very telling that someone did something to these pedals after the bike left the store." So now, my husband and I are being accused of sabotaging our daughter's bike on purpose!

Mind you, our daughter will not get on a bike, is still having to have her injuries wrapped because they have not healed. We have medical bills/first aid supplies and the pain and suffering our daughter has had to go through and all they will say is we did this to her. I'm appalled to say the least! I have the horrific pictures of her bloody injuries, but I will spare the general public from seeing these. I have sent them to the arbitration company who couldn't care less! I would not recommend a bike made by this manufacturer!

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Original review: May 28, 2009
Original review: July 30, 2008

My 14yr old son was riding the NEXT Ultra Shock bicycle and we believe the fork somehow comprimised the wheel in some way that made it come off and lodge in the sprocket of the pedal.This sent him head first over the handlebars of the bike.

He has suffered numerous injuries that include,several broken bones in his face. Cheek,nasal cavity,eyesocket,front base of the skull, and a small bone that protects the optic nerve.He required three stitches in his forehead above the left eye. He has second degreee burns on his face and shoulder from the pavement.This has required emergency services,numerous x-rays,CT scans, MRI's,six different specialists,four days in the hospital.

We have been sent to Dallas to an eye specialist and are currently waiting for results to determine whether he will require surgery to remove a bone from behind the eyeball. He has lost the use of the eyelid,the movement of the eyeball,and most of the sight. The doctor's cannot yet tell if he will regain sight or use of the eye and lid.

The financial damage is tremendous but the possible permanent damage to my beautiful son's face and eyesight far outways it. I am deeply angered and saddened that this event has occured and although it was an accident I now know that it could have been prevented. My whole family has fallen victim to a manufacturer's defect and my son will be permanently scarred and handicapped due this event.

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2007

My son was riding a NEXT mountain bike down a street with his friend aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune the night of September 15, 2007 when the front wheel frame failed catastrophically and sent him over the front of the bike onto the street.

The bike has never been off road and only ridden approximately 10 times. Upon inspection of the rear wheel, it also has hair line fractures. Faulty crafting in cast aluminum or inferrior quality metal used in contruction.

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Original review: July 14, 2007
Crashed it and have the Hospital bills to prove it.

Have not ridden the MAGNA X12 since! I lost my job, couldn't walk for quite sometime & still owe the Hospital. I probably need a new knee and my ankle gives me problems often.

Original review: Aug. 3, 2006

first my bike is a triax vbx3000 by dynacraft bikes within 1 month buying the bike my pedal fell off causing me to crash then a month after that the chain snaps causing me to crash again

Original review: June 1, 2005
I have recieved 3 Magna 26" Excitor bikes from Target since Dec. 11,2004. They have all had the same problem. The tires go flat when the bike is just sitting in my daughters room. Magna sent me a second set of tubes and liners last week and I went to repair the bike today. Once I removed I immediately realized what the problem was. The rims are made from a one piece extrusion and the seam is not finished. The only thing holding the rim together is the spokes. It seems to me that this is a manufacturing defect, a quality control

problem as well as a safety defect. I believe if you hit a surface at the point where the rim is seperated the rim could collapse and injure someone.

I have contacted Dynacraft and Target on several occassions and they continue to deny there is aproblem. I have had three bikes and all have had the same problems and I have seen several bikes in Target with the same problems. They have a problem and do not want to admit it exactly as they did in 2000. What do I do?

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