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Douglas of Overland Park, KS on
Satisfaction Rating

5 straight years I have gone into Academy Sports in Overland Park, KS. To buy deer tags or turkey permits because it's close to the house. All 5 years the tag machine thru Kansas Wildlife is broke and can't print tags. 5 years times two is insane. Get it together people. It's stupid!!!

Randy of Humble, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

On 5/1/2017 at approx 1:30 pm I talked with the Humble, Tx Academy store manager/assistant manager about matching the price of a gun safe with the Walmart price. The gun case was described as an "18-gun fully convertible steel security cabinet". The dimensions were 21.00 x 18.00 x 55.00 Inches. The Walmart price was $149. The Academy price was $179. After comparing the two cabinets, they were the exactly the same physically... Same dimensions, same height, same content, same number of shelves inside, same locking mechanism.

You would think a store manager would use some common sense and use some good PR in dealing with customers. He did not. He refused to match the Walmart price... Citing some minor discrepancy in the "Model number"... And I mean minor! It was obvious as day that both gun cases were identical except in some very minor detail in the "Model number". Think about it. This store manager could have sold an item, made a profit, made the customer happy. He did NONE of the above. AND, he lost me (And my friends and family) as a customer FOREVER! No more Academy Sports for me or my family!!!

Katie of Cartersville, GA on
Satisfaction Rating

My son, husband, and I went into the Academy store in Cartersville GA to get all things needed for fishing. We got our little boy his gear and then for us, we bought 2 spinner rods. We had the associate, James **, set them all up with the line so all we would have to do is put the hook and bait on. One of the rods would not reel in, therefore we went back to the store, talked with James again and he figured out that the rod was busted.

He then gave us a new one, put the line on and again got it ready so all we had to do was put the hook and bait on it. He was the greatest help. He even gave us a few places to take our kayaks (that we just bought at Academy as well) out to to fish. He was the sweetest person and you could tell he took pride in his job and wanted to make his customers happy. Academy should be proud to know they have an employee like James **!! Because of him, I will shop at Academy for ALL of my outdoor needs!! Thank you James!!

Ashley of Mandeville, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

My Academy treadmill has lots of programmable features and speakers. It takes your heart rate. It allows you to adjust speed and ramp. It also allows for you to plug in your phone for music. But they are expensive and very heavy. I would like it to come with a TV like the ones in the gym. But those are too expensive. It would also be nice to fold up and put out of sight. It is overall easy to use though.

Stephen of Princeton, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to one of your local stores for fishing baits. When I got to the store there was bare shelves of the baits that I was after. That was not a problem seeing that I had several left in my tackle box. So I went back 3 times for the next 3 weeks and the shelves were still bare. So I went to the next city over from me, by passing the Bass Pro Shops to another Academy and found the baits that I was looking for. That store didn't have a problem keeping items on the shelves.

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bobby of Deep Run, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I was at Academy Sports in Greenville, NC on Saturday, March 25 and I had been shopping there since last November and in Jacksonville NC as well. I went in to buy some running shoes and picked out the Gel Nimbus by Asics and the young lady did not have my size so she ordered them. Right then I paid for them standing on the shoe aisle with the store inventory type gadget she was using. I got an order confirmation and delivery method. I get an e mail the next day saying the order was cancelled and the money would be credited to my account. I called the 888 number and waited seemed like forever and when someone picked up they hung up. I called the Greenville store and asked to speak with the manager, they wanted to know who was calling. I said, "Skip the intro, my name isn't important to no one but the manager." The guy who answered said, "Oh Really?" My second complaint there!

I said I want to speak with the manager. Eddie come on the line and I told him about my experience and how I was disappointed in how an order can be placed and cancelled. He told me later that the item I ordered was sold out before they could fill my order and that they had no more orders for that shoe to come in. Now I want to know if there is inventory accounted for and the order is confirmed as well as shipping how can they send out shoes if they are not in stock, why can't they say back ordered instead of cancelling the order?? I don't understand this and I didn't like this at all.

The sad thing is I bought my GF a $100 gift card for Christmas and it's got to be spent there or maybe she will get her money back. I have receipt, and we can go to where the people know what they are doing, like Dicks or just order direct Asics shoes online and skip the middle man! I will NOT go back to that store again. I will add the lady that took my order was very nice and helpful. But I still don't have any shoes or my money back in my account as of today at 8:55 am.

andrew of Abita Springs, LA on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to Academy since it was close by. I had an ad from Home Depot with a portable table cheaper than Academy. The table was identical as the price match policy states and the store would not honor it. They gave me every excuse in the book. Very disappointed. Never shopping there again.

Nathan of Houston, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Bad product sold and don't want to issue refund - Bad customer service! Sold me a 1000 rounds of ammo that is damaged and not circulating at all. Came to the store to get an exchange or refund, the manager was rude and unwilling to help me find a solution to the situation and said to me, "IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT GO AND DON'T COME BACK!!!" If it's guns and ammunition you're looking for go elsewhere. They are selling defective rounds!!!

Miles of Corpus Christi, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a boxing uniform that I specifically paid for a certain color and they send me the wrong one. So I called customer service and told them they messed up on my order even though they sent the order paper with the uniform of the color I pick and yet they still sent me the wrong one. So the lady went ahead and re-ordered my purchase and again they still send the wrong one which is the same as the last one and again it had the order paper with it and yet they keep sending the wrong one. They must not know how to read or not caring to make sure they send the right product that was ordered that I paid for. Poor workmanship. Poor services.

James of Catawba, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to Academy Sports in Hickory NC last month to buy a gun and the guy behind the counter didn't really want to wait on me. I know people don't like selling guns out to just anybody but I had a permit to purchase a firearm. I have a clean record with not so much as a speeding ticket on it plus I had $1000 cash in hand. The only thing standing in my way from buying a gun was the guy behind the counter. I went to Gander Mountain in Mooresville NC and told them what happened and they were happy to sell me the same gun and they even price matched Academy and took an additional %5 of the difference off so thanks Academy. You really helped me out with this one and Gander Mountain just got 1 happy customer.

M. of Lake Tahoe, NV on
Satisfaction Rating

I went to the Academy Sports in Tulsa to get a swimsuit. They didn't have any swimsuits but they did have gym shorts that worked as swimsuits. Overall the store is pleasant and the workers are helpful. It's more like a 'Sport Target' than a 'Sports Walmart'. I go back there once or twice per year. There is a caveat is their prices are not cheap, but I'd rather buy athletic wear that I can see in person and return without having to ship back if needed.

steve of Camden, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

Went to Academy Sports in Jackson Tennessee and bought a new gun scope on December 12th 2016 and would not work on my gun. Dec 18th 2016 returned scope back to store and they wanted to put money on a gift card. I didn't want money put on a gift card. We paid with a debit card not a credit card. The manager said they can't give cash back even though they got their cash the day of purchase and the money still not been put back on my card and it is January 3rd 2017 and we have called customer service twice and they gave us two different reference numbers and stated they was going to email us a discount coupon on next purchase for our troubles and was going to make sure the money was back on card by December 30th 2016. We have yet seen money back or a email.

Corina of Aventura, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order on 12/16/16 and thought everything went fine! They advertised on their website that the package would be delivered in 3-5 business days which I was happy with since this order was meant to be a Christmas gift! After 5 days goes by I check to see if the item is being shipped and I see that the status of the item is still being processed. I call the customer support number and after being on hold for over 30 minutes I get a hold of someone. The rep told me they would notate the account and to give it 2 more days. I kept calling and EVERY time I called it was a 30-45 min hold!!! Finally I ask for a supervisor and get a hold of Brittany (HORRIBLE) who had no customer service skills. She gave me a reference number to call back the next to check the status. She also informed me they work with a separate shipping vendor and they weren't answering so they didn't know the status of where the package was.

On DECEMBER 30th I still had no information and called AGAIN - AGAIN on hold for 45 min - only to speak with Supervisor Patti. I gave her my reference number and NOTHING - she couldn't find anything out about my order based off the reference number! She apologized and promised to call me tomorrow with an update! The next day - I get an email stating my order has been CANCELLED!!! WHAT THE **!!! I call Patti back - FLIP out at her since I NEVER canceled the order!!!

She said the product was out of stock and I could replace the same order!! This was supposed to be a CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! And if the product was out of stock WHY WAS IT AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE!??? DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE!!! THEY ARE THE WORST!!! This was supposed to be an easy online purchase to save time and it only wasted hours of my life!!! Instead I will drive to Target for the product!!!

Anna of Murphy, NC on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a power pole for our boat online. Academy charged my card the full amount of over 1000.00. I received a cancellation from Academy 2 days later stating they were canceling the order because they couldn't fill the order. This was a Christmas gift for my husband. I asked them to upgrade the item to another they had in stock since they sold items that they didn't have. I was told no. To make matters worse they said it would take up to 2 weeks to have the charges reversed back to my card. I asked how they could hold money against my card... which was money they received. I was told credits took time. It has been over a week and I phoned them again and the charges were never reversed. They have the absolute worst customer service. I will never shop there or recommend them again.

lyn of Kansas City, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a very expensive professional 29" baseball bat for my grandson from Academy Sports online. The total for this purchase without shipping was $171.00. One week later a very tall box from Academy Sports was delivered by FedEx to my doorstep. The box was 62 inches tall! When I opened the box, I pulled out a very small plastic toy fishing pole and a long string of air pillows filling up the remainder of the box. The plastic fishing pole (it floats!) was meant for a small child and retailed for less than $10. Quite upset, I telephoned Academy Sports customer service and explained what had occurred. I was put on hold, and after about 10 minutes on hold I was cut off. I called back and was connected to a different person where I had to recount the entire problem again. She tried to be a bit more helpful by trying to reorder the bat for me, and again I was put on hold and cut off after several minutes.

Called back a third time and again a different person answered, and again I have to explain the same issue. This one tells me she cannot do anything for me like re-order the bat because it is too much money and has to be approved by the "higher ups". I ask how long this will take and I am told they will call me in several days to discuss the issue. She also puts me on hold after I tell her this is not acceptable, and again I am cut off after waiting several minutes. So now I am sitting holding a plastic toy fishing pole I paid $171 for, and I cannot get the issue resolved after 3 phone calls. Since I paid for the baseball bat order with PayPal, I was able to file a complaint and escalate it to a claim at the same time. Now PayPal gives Academy 10 days to respond and if they do not respond PayPal will refund my money.

I am required to ship back the plastic fishing pole with insurance and tracking to Academy which I did and it cost me $10 to do this using Priority mail with tracking. While waiting for Academy to respond to PayPal/me (they never did) I get a phone call from someone who wants to know the entire issue so once again I am explaining what has occurred. This person offers me a gift card and to reorder the bat. I tell her "no" I want my money back. At this point I want nothing to do with this store. I am told that I will be refunded and it may take several weeks... The 10 days pass without Academy responding to PayPal. I get yet another phone call from yet another different person who leaves a message on my recorder asking what the issue is; obviously she had been misinformed and did not have all the facts.

On the 10th day of waiting, I telephoned PayPal to press for resolution and my refund which they promptly forced from Academy Sports account. The lesson learned from this fiasco is NOT to order anything from this derelict company, and thank goodness I used PayPal who stood behind me even though I was forced to wait for my refund. In the meantime, I located the same bat on Amazon, got it cheaper because of the no tax and free ship, and had it in my hands in 2 days. Thank you PayPal, Amazon; shame on Academy Sports. What a total sham.

Chris of Gray, TN on
Satisfaction Rating

My girlfriend's father went into Academy Sports to purchase a NEW sub-compact pistol for her as a Christmas gift. He is 85 and cannot see well. He picked out a Taurus PT709 slim model with laser sight that was on display. The clerk went into the back and brought out one in box. Once she opened it, we noticed excessive scratching (from being fired), a bored hole in the grip, and gun powder residue inside and around the barrel. They attempted to return the pistol to the store for an exchange, because it was clearly used. The clerk that initially helped them with the return admitted that they should not have sold that gun as new. However, the Store Manager (who obviously knew NOTHING about firearms) intervened and would not allow them to exchange the USED gun for a NEW gun that they paid for. We were forced to contact Taurus in hopes that they will rectify the situation.

Lorna of North Attleboro, MA on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered a trampoline on Dec 4th. Delivery should have been 3-5 days. Followed tracking and it looks like it never left Academy. Called FedEx and Academy numerous times, with waiting 25 minutes on hold each time for Academy. Sent emails and received 2 different incident #s. Spoke with 3 different people and was actually told, "well it is Christmas". I realize this and that is why I ordered so early. I guess that this makes taking my money and the poor service acceptable. I did finally receive an email, that my money should be returned in 3-5 days with a 20% discount coupon code for a future purchase. My grandson did not get his gift and with all the aggravation, I will NEVER do business with Academy again!

Larry of Hamtramck, MI on
Satisfaction Rating

I placed an order on 12/15/16 and everything went fine. After 5 days goes by I check to see if the item is being shipped and I see that the status of the item is still being processed. How long does it take to process a damn order? So I call the customer support number and after being on hold for over 30 minutes I get a hold of someone. The rep told me to give it a few more days. 3 more days pass and I call again to finally have them cancel my order. I have no idea what the hell the issue was but it lost me well over a week where I could've easily ordered the same item from elsewhere and have it by now. I only gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because they actually canceled my order (at least they said they would).

Chris of Auburn, AL on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a trampoline around thanksgiving on a sale and the site said it would arrive two weeks later. I just received notice that it would be delivered two days before Christmas, somewhere between the hours of 11 am and 8 pm and I would only get a 1 hour notice prior to it being delivered. To add to it, if I'm not there when they attempt to deliver they won't leave the package. The next available delivery date is some random time about a week after Christmas. They won't negotiate the delivery time.

I put a review on academy's website and they sent me an email saying "it doesn't meet their requirements" so they won't be posting it on their website. Seems a little biased to me. Let's only post the good. False advertising? I think so. Since they won't post it, I will post this review on every website I can find and will tell every person I meet about my experience. Don't shop at academy. FYI. I bought my last Trampoline from Amazon and it arrived at my doorstep two days later for zero shipping and required zero signature. Next time I will pay the extra $50 bucks to get it when they say they will ship it.

james of River Oaks, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Ordered a basketball goal Black Friday. Paid $30.00 for shipping. Shipper CEVA called 5 days later to set up delivery date and time. Took the day off to be home. Between 10 and 2. Nobody showed up. Called CEVA. They told me they would be there between 3 and 6. Still nothing. Called back again and was told they had no idea where package was. Called Academy and sat on hold for an hour listening to crap about how great Academy was. Customer service was absolutely useless. Nothing but lies and excuses. Finally gave up and called my bank to dispute the charge. Have shopped at Academy for 30 years. But after this incompetence, never again.

PHILIP of San Antonio, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a rifle scope and requested a credit card from Academy with the promise that I would get a $25.00 discount on the scope. It turns out that I didn't get the discount but received the credit card. I sent a message to Academy explaining my complaint to them and they replied stating that they could not publish it. So here I am even more upset. I liked the scope but paid $20.00 too much for it as I could order it online cheaper than their sale price and I would not have had to pay tax. I would have saved over $20.00. They practice bait and switch and I will discontinue doing business with them!! Please check the competition online before ordering anything from this company that will not even consider making things right not publishing the truth about their unfair trade practices!! An X Academy Sports customer!

Steve of Lubbock, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I went online to order a hoverboard for my great grandson and found what I wanted at I had already spent about 900 dollars with them at the local store in Lubbock this year for presents for Christmas. I ordered the item and received confirmation of the order submitted and would arrive in three to five business days (ordered 12-07-2016). Still showed order submitted on 12-11 with no ship date indicated, reached out with live chat and talked to Christopher and was told it would ship in next couple of days. On 12-12-2016 the pending charge on credit card disappeared. I called customer service and stayed on hold for 22 minutes, then was informed after being put on hold that item was on backorder and they had no idea when it would be back in stock. Thanks for nothing Academy.

Rachel of Columbus, OH on
Satisfaction Rating

Have no idea what this company does. Called to place an order. After 57 minutes on hold. FIFTY SEVEN MINUTES OF LISTENING TO CRUDDY MUSIC I finally hung up in disgust. For that reason alone I will never consider shopping at this joke again.

Tomie of Seguin, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

Purchased online for a Christmas gift. Happy I did this early! Package never showed up. Was never alerted of the package being shipped or that it was delivered. Tried to contact company via email and phone. Spend over an hour on the phone calls and NO one ever came online. Sent emails with the promise of contact within 24-48 hours. NEVER happened! Will not be purchasing ever again from this company. I'll stick with Amazon!

Genie of Independence, MO on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered my daughters and my nieces trampolines for Christmas in Nov. I ordered these online and was told that it would be at my house in 7-10 days. It is now 2 weeks later, and I am still waiting for my product. Let me include that I paid over $100 for shipping and handling. When I emailed the company a week ago trying to get an update on my delivery, they emailed me back 3 days later saying that they had been shipped to Ceva to be delivered. Ceva called me and they were supposed to deliver the products today, then while I am sitting at my house waiting for them to show up, they call me 2 hours after they were suppose to be here saying they cannot deliver my product today because they did not get it from Academy.

I called Academy, and the customer service lady refused to listen to me talk, so much so that she put me on hold without saying anything to me, and while I was sitting on hold for almost 10 minutes, she then hung up on me and did not call me back. So then I have to call the 800 number again and wait another 20 minutes to get someone on the phone. I just want my money back. No matter how much I really wanted these products for my family and the kids, I will NOT spend my money at a place that treats their customers like **.

Robin of Surprise, AZ on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a child's bike for a Christmas angel program. I ordered the bike Nov 28th. The bike didn't ship until I inquired about it on December 8th. I sent an email to customer service asking where the bike was, it was answered promptly, but the bike will arrive late for the drop off. Not satisfied.

Courtney of Austin, TX on
Satisfaction Rating

I don't know how this company stays in business when they treat their customers so rudely. I went online to order a gift card for a young man in foster care. It was one of his holiday wishes. The shipping time frame was within the period needed to drop it off on time so I felt comfortable ordering. However, they still haven't even bothered to ship it and the customer service rep claims they can't refund it and can't tell me when it will ship. I do not want this card anymore because they are a horrible company and I do not want to give them a penny.

Jaree of Blountstown, FL on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a pair of shoes in one order. Then later that day decided to order 6 male shirts. I submitted both orders on November 28. It is December 8, I have only received 1 of the 6 shirts I ordered. 2 are on the way, and 3 haven't even shipped yet. On top of that the shoes I ordered earlier that day, haven't shipped yet nor have I been notified with a tracking number. I intended to purchase a ping pong table from this company but seeing as to how bad the shipping service is, I will NEVER order online from this company again. Let me just say, I made online purchases from 3 other companies that same day and have already received every item. Order number - ** for the shoes. Order number - ** for the shirts.

ronnie of Nesbit, MS on
Satisfaction Rating

Purchased a pair of Nike running shoes. Needed a size 8. Clicked the 8.5 size by accident, immediately after the order was placed I called customer service (they have no place on website to modify order). Spent over an hour on the phone waiting for customer service to answer (online chat was a no show as well). When they finally answered they started quoting policy to me about how unfortunately after an order is placed it cannot be modified. They told me that after I receive the item I can return it to the store for the correct size. Well that's the reason I ordered it online to begin with because the store didn't have the size I needed. This is beyond unacceptable. It is a keystroke on the order, no way that it can't be modified. It is a typical example of less than zero customer service. WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN...

kevin of Elizabeth, NJ on
Satisfaction Rating

I ordered a Barnett BC Raptor Reverse Crossbow seven days ago and have not received an order confirmation or a shipping notification still. I have attempted to call customer service four times and stayed on hold for twenty minutes before giving up. I will never buying anything from them ever again.

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