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About ADT Solar

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ADT Solar sells and installs solar panels from four brands, including Enphase, LG, Unirac and Outback Power. It takes care of all permitting and inspections and backs up its work with a 25-year guarantee that covers labor, power production and certain parts and systems. The company is available in 22 states nationwide.

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    • 25-year guarantee
    • Free consultation
    • Handles permitting
    • Provides roofing support


    • Not available in all states
    • No in-house financing

    Bottom Line

    ADT Solar sells solar panels and handles permitting, installation, inspections, electrical work and grid connection. Systems come with a 25-year, legally binding power production guarantee, along with warranty coverage.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 29, 2022


    Install techs and energy pro tech (Sean) were customer-centric. It was great to hear them talk about the company and the confidence they had in their product.
    The techs were respectful of the property and neighbors.
    I felt valued talking with the techs about questions I had about the product.

    Install was clean and app is very user friendly.


    Salesman not knowing product and relaying false information.
    Salesman not knowing the actual timeline of the process relaying false information.
    Sales manager not knowing the actual timeline of the process relaying false information.
    Errors within the control of the company that caused 2 months of delays.
    Account manager that doesn’t respond within 24 hours regarding consistent issues.

    Account manager that isn’t proactive regarding issues that arise. (“Hey, just saw the email, this is what we’re doing to fix it”) Not wait for the customer to reach out.

    Final thoughts:

    Have salesman that are educated on all products and can answer all questions correctly and confidently. Now we have been put in an incredibly difficult position due to the lack of communication and deceitful tactics of Sunpro. We are going from $130 a month, not to $194 like we were told by our salesman and shown on our contract. No, now we will be paying $500+ a month due to no longer being eligible for the plan we were on with NVEnergy and having to pay the solar loan until the utility credit is applied in 4-6 months.

    Have customer centric minded support staff. In my instance, the sales/account team are hindering the growth of the company. I would not refer sunpro to anyone due to the simple fact I would not want anyone to go through what I did. I truly feel like I spent 50K on an investment and it is an inconvenience for sunpro to email me. I scrubbed my social media and had to edit my reviews that I had written. I feel embarrassed when asked about my experience because I told so many of my friends and relatives about going with sunpro in the beginning. While the product itself is great thus far, the customer support is incredibly unsatisfactory. This was a project my wife and I were so excited for and then piece by piece it got less and less exciting. Communication is key with every business, it is severely lacking at sunpro.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 25, 2022

    I apologize this is lengthy but consumer beware. I gave 1 star because you can't give zero. First I want to say that the crews that came to our house were nice & friendly but that's where it ends. These people do not communicate with the customer or each other. They also brag about the owner's personal phone number being on the welcome card and you can contact him personally anytime, this is a lie, there is a number on the card which I have called & txt several times, no one answers and never got a response.

    This company is terrible, signed paperwork in May of 2021, now it's March 2022 and we are paying for a system that is still incomplete. We were told installation would begin 30 to 45 days after signing and that it would be a 1 day install because our setup was "simple". A little over 90 days later the installation started but only after I made few calls, and was given the excuse of scheduling mistakes and heavy workload. Then the 1 day installation was the panels only. By the way the reason they put the panels up on day 1 is so they can tell the loan company that the job is complete so they start getting paid, also once the loan company starts payments you're stuck.

    I contacted the loan company Mosaic that Sunpro setup by the way, and explained that the job was barely started & far from complete. Mosaic said because the last payment had not been made they would hold it until I notified them that the job was completed, this also did not happen. Back to the install, it was a little over a month after the panels were installed before the trenching crew made it out to do their part of the install again after I made a few calls. Finally everything is installed just waiting for it to be commissioned, get tired of waiting and make another call. They emailed the start up instructions to me to have me turn everything on which is against their policy.

    I followed the instructions and a few weeks later was having problems so I called again, they sent an electrician and a tech support out. They both agreed that I should not have been the one to turn the system on and because there was no wifi connection the components could not communicate and burned up a $15k to $20k battery that they had to replace. Because we are in a rural area we were on a Hotspot but the system will not operate on a hot spot. To sunpro's credit they have offered to set us up with Starlink and pay for 2 years service, problem is starlink is not supposed to be available in our area until the end of 2022. So we are still waiting and getting no communication. Really just want them to come remove the equipment & have nothing to do with them.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 23, 2022

    I do not recommend SunPro Solar to anyone looking for solar. They are a terrible company with horrible customer service. DO NOT get sold on their "Tax Incentive/Rebate" because it is deceptive marketing. You do not get the tax incentive within 18 months and your bill after that 18 month WILL go up because you won't get the money to pay toward the loan like they say. They are a bunch of crooks! No one knows which way is up when it comes to getting things installed.

    They came out after a few months of waiting, unannounced to install panels, got the wrong permits, didn't tell us that they got the wrong permits, installed the wrong electrical devices and then hoped we wouldn't notice, took an additional few months to get new permits, cut through vertical studs, tore apart the interior and exterior of our home, cut into the drywall behind the electrical panel exposing out kitchen cabinet and countertops, patched the outside with yellow putty (we have a grey house), failed inspection and washed their hands of us.

    They have left us with unusable panels, holes in the inside and outside of our home, with a monthly payment to our utility company AND for the solar payment because they got paid for merely putting the panels on our roof. Did I mention they failed the county inspection for negligent installation and then sitting almost 3 months later, and still no one has touched the house and won't return our calls or emails to their "legal" department. I cannot express enough how much someone thinking about going solar should stay away from this company! It has been nothing short of an absolute nightmare! They got paid and left us with their mess! LG solar panels are not LG, they are Hammer.

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 20, 2021

    I was sold a solar system in April 2020 that was to offset the average annual cost of my electricity. I have 32 solar panels installed on the south roof top of my home. These 32 panels were suppose to generate enough solar KWH to offset the KWH provided by the electric utility company. Also, with the purchase of a Tesla backup battery, the utility company would purchase the overage generated solar energy and return to me the overage in cash or credit.

    As of Sept. 2021, I have not received a return of of cost or credit for over production of solar energy. In fact, the monthly payment for the solar system and the monthly electric charge by the electric utility company has nearly doubled my energy cost. These 32 solar panels, without the backup Tesla battery, were suppose to return to the electric grid enough solar generated energy to off-set the cost of fossil generated electricity.

    Sample utility bill:
    Energy 219.08
    2 outdoor lights 18.00
    Sales tax 14.85
    Distributed Generation (solar savings) -27.83
    Operation Roundup 0.12
    Current charges 224.00
    Solar System Cost: 50,550.00 (amortized)
    Monthly payment (17 mos.) 254.59

    Monthly payment (18+ years) 345.40

    The average solar energy savings have been approximately 30.00 per month. Where is the off-set? 224.00 + 254.59 = 478.59 - 18.00 (night lights) = 460.59. My energy cost has more than doubled. Not a good investment for retirement dollars.

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    Rated with 2 stars
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 14, 2021

    First of all, we would not choose to install solar if we had it to do over again. If we had been informed, we would have avoided getting sucked into the sales pitch we were given about selling power back to the electric company. Sunpro sales failed to inform us of the paltry pay-back the utility would give us for the power we now generate on their behalf. Basically, the electric company charges thirty times more for power than they pay us for our meter "running backwards". Oh how the solar industry loves to use that term, but what it means at the end of the day is that we are paying on a large loan to generate power for them. Nor were we informed that the loan we took out for solar would be considered by most banks a 2nd mortgage on our property.

    We had endless problems with Sunpro and would NOT recommend this company to anyone. From the time we signed a contract it took TEN months to get hooked up to the grid! Along the way we had regular and innumerable problems with Sunpro dropping the ball on us, to the point of ridiculousness. We are thoroughly disgusted at this point, especially because the state inspector that finally showed up informed us that we had just that day appeared on the state docket — after being told by SunPro that they had submitted the inspection request weeks prior. We kept hearing things from the SunPro office that turned out to be false. There were multiple problems with the administrative offices of this company — while we feel that the ground crews did a good job when they were here for installation work.

    Here is the list of issues we've had with this company —

    1 - The salesman did not convey the complexity of our installation — either to us (ahead of signing) or to the SunPro staff so that they could assess the installation ahead of time. This resulted in confusion and delays, and a less than optimal execution vis a vis protecting our trees.

    2 - There were multiple miscommunications on SunPro's part that resulted in project delays. We often felt that it was only through our own diligence that information got conveyed between involved entities, to wit: SunPro's various teams, our electric company, and government offices.

    3 - Our installation was supposedly scheduled, and we were ready and waiting at home for the crew...which never showed up. In following up, we learned that our "account manager" had spaced it out. This resulted in another two weeks' delay.

    4 - On a regular basis we were told we would receive call-backs from SunPro staff to update us on status and in answer to our questions. Frequently we did not receive promised phone calls from the seven different "account managers" that were assigned to us (including at least one supervisor). We found it surprising and confusing that we kept hearing, "I'm your new account manager." This shuffling between staff members demonstrably contributed to delays and misinformation. We ultimately found out that we'd been lied to about inspection scheduling, resulting in six more weeks delay. While it is still unclear which SunPro entity was responsible for the misinformation we received, we definitely lost trust in the company's word.

    5 - The incompetence we've suffered at the hands of this company has also cost us in much wasted personal time, and stress. If it weren't for our time-consumptive monitoring of the situation and our constant follow-through, who knows how much longer the delays would have been???

    6 - The installation crew was not provided with either training or the type of equipment that could have prevented damage to tree roots on our property — trees that are very important in terms of both property value and environmental benefits in a desert climate.

    We cannot recommend Sunpro Solar. While we appreciated the two installation crews who did a good job, the administrative-level problems were continuous and daunting, up to the very end. Our impression is that this company jumped into the home solar market without having sufficient infrastructure in place to support its customers. As is so often the case, accountability to the consumer has been sacrificed on the altar of company profits.

    66 people found this review helpful
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