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Looking for the best solar energy company?

    Since 2006, SolarCity has strived to be the national leader in clean energy services and has become America’s largest solar provider. We specialize in residential and commercial solar systems. We provide energy at a lower cost than paying for energy generated by burning coal, oil and natural gas.

    Our mission is to see millions adopt clean energy services, which in the long run will save them from rising electricity costs. We will work with you through the entire process and will provide ongoing monitoring and repair services. Call today for more information!

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      Looking for the best solar energy company?

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        Rated with 1 star
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        Original review: Jan. 17, 2020

        Tesla, formerly Solar City installed a solar system at my home with a battery backup and inverter to run critical items in the event of a power outage. I met with the project manager to go over what would be wired in the home to power during an outage and was told that lights within the house, appliances such as refrigerator and some outlets inside the home would be connected. I was also told that things like microwave ovens and central heat and air conditioning would not be connected due to the amount of power they require. I agreed and the installation was performed. I did not go back and check the power panel to ensure they installed the service correctly and until recently I assumed in the event of a power outage, my inside lights and food storage would be operational.

        A few months ago, the power company needed to shut down power to replace a vault and when my solar system came on line, I was surprised to find that none of my inside lights were working which would be very dangerous at night in a two story home. Instead, what I determined was they wired my microwave oven and the outlets in my garage instead of interior lights. Since this power outage, I have attempted to get Tesla to make the changes to the way my place was wired and not add services, but to connect the correct ones such as lighting and disconnect things such as garage outlets and microwave.

        Twice now, after months of waiting I have been denied and was told they can make the changes for a $800.00 fee. I should have inspected the power panel when it was installed I guess to make sure they connected the services we discussed and agreed upon but I assumed they would do as was agreed. I'm now in a position where in the event of a power outage, a slip and fall incident could occur since none of the house lighting is connected or pay them to do what was supposed to be done from the start.

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        Rated with 1 star
        Verified Reviewer
        Original review: Jan. 10, 2020

        During year 6 of our solar installation, our system completely failed in July 2019. It is now January of 2020. Techs came-out and said it's the panels have failed and our system needs a total replacement with new panels. Several months ago, I was able to get a return call from Tech/Engineering Dept.. They said our system would have to be re-engineered and reinstalled and would be about a month until I could expect an update. Several months have now passed with no update. Level 1 support says there was an entry in my record (12/19), indicating the Engineering group decided NOT to replace my panels with newer models, but there is no further information. Support says they cannot forward my call to Engineering or anyone else and I just have to wait until somebody decides to move my project along.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 27, 2019

          Several months ago the Solar City system on the roof of my AZ home started to malfunction. Solar City said the problem was with the inverter and replaced it. However, the problem was not resolved. A second visit by a now Tesla rep indicated that the problem was with the panels and they needed to be replaced. That was in October. Several telephone calls later to Tesla I have now been told that replacement panels will be available sometime in the first quarter of 2020 with still no schedule for the replacement. Meanwhile I still have to pay Tesla and the power company their monthly fee and for the power supplied to meet our needs. This is costing me over $150 per month. Clearly Tesla clearly wants to install panels that are available on new systems rather than use them to replace defective units. I would not recommend Tesla solar systems.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 13, 2019

          Solar panels are great to have UNTIL the last 5 months. I would look at the app and see how the panels were producing and how much energy was consumed. My electric bill was nothing and the winter was maybe $10 per month. Now, Tesla took away the solar city app and replaced it with theirs. The app has no information on the panels at all. I have an electric bill of over $150 and still paying for the panels.

          I called them about a month ago and asked them about the electric bill. They said that the system was working and that I should clean the panels per the contract. So, I looked on the contract and it stated to wash the panels with a garden hose from the ground. So I did. It does not look any better and still have a high electric bill. What to do next? Call again?!!!

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Dec. 11, 2019

          I have hired Solar City in 2016 to install panels on my roof which they did. I pay $178.00 to Tesla besides paying my electricity bill. It work well in July and August but the rest of the year I don't see much a difference. So instead one bill I pay two bill which goes to up to $400/month. A month ago we noticed that there was a water leak from under solar panels to one of our bedrooms. I called Tesla and they sent someone to inspect it. The inspector to me that plywood under the shingles are soft and damaged. Tesla called me back and told me that the damage is not because of the panels and I should get it fixed on my own.

          When I signed the contract they told me to not worry about the roof and if there is a lease solar city would fix it for free. Apparently it is not so. Today I got a bill for $200.00 for sending a guy to inspect my roof. I am so tired Solar city. I am looking forward to see if other people have same kind of issues like me so we all together take legal action against Tesla.

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          Rated with 1 star
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          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 12, 2019

          The House I'm living in is being sold. The ONLY thing holding up the closing is the lease for the solar panels. My sister contacted them and found out that our DEAD before the solar panels were put on the house grandmother's name was somehow added to the lease. I don't know or understand HOW this could happen!!! Am seriously going to have this looked at by the Better Business Bureau, ConsumerAffairs bureau And the State Attorney's office.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Nov. 10, 2019

          I purchased property July 19, 2019 and took over the Solar System per agreement transferred to me from the previous owners. I really didn't want Solar but the house came with them or no sale. Ok. Well I never got any information from anyone about how the panels work or when I would get my first bill. After several months the first bill came. They sent me a gateway which doesn't really work so I finally reached Solar City only to find out the inverters don't work and haven't since October 18, 2019. Field Tech dispatched. Field tech came October 31, 2019 and said the inverters will all have to be replaced. He shut down my system.

          Now I just got a huge electric bill and I am trying to figure out when they will repair the inverters and I can't reach anyone and whether or not I have to pay my purchase agreement if the panels aren't working....Not being able to talk with customer service really is a problem and getting answers about the problem is even worse. I have no idea when they will be fixed. They are not helpful and if I didn't call them they would not have notified me that there was a problem. I would not recommend Solar City to anyone.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Oct. 8, 2019

          We bought a complete solar system from SolarCity, now known as Solarcity-Tesla. We paid the entire bill off, $48,761.87 on December 4th, 2018. THEY STILL HAVE NOT SENT A RECEIPT. All we want is a receipt. We went to refinance our home, and there is a lien on our home for the solar....IT'S PAID OFF. PAID OFF IN FULL. They need to remove the lien and send us the receipt! We've asked for a receipt repeatedly and their answer is always, "We've put a ticket in for a receipt." BUT NONE IS EVER CREATED, OR SENT TO US.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Sept. 30, 2019

          I purchased my solar system from SolarCity back in 2016 and shortly after that Tesla bought SolarCity. A few weeks ago Tesla contacted me to advise my system was not producing as much as it should be so they sent out a technician, took about 2 weeks for him to come out. Upon his review he confirmed that my system was completely shut down, the inverter was no longer working and had to be replaced. I had contacted Solar City / Tesla several times throughout the past years as I was getting error messages and they kept telling me it wasn't their equipment, the issue was with my electric company, EverSource. Of course every time EverSource came out they told me the issue was with SolarCity/Tesla's equipment so the issue was never resolved.

          Tesla gave me an estimated repair date of 9/4/2020! My system is going to be shut down for almost a year because they only have ONE repair team for the entire State of MA. I don't see how that is possible since they purchased SolarCity and they had plenty of repair technicians. Tesla also said there is nothing they will do to reimburse me for the down time. I have to pay for my electricity until the system is repaired as well as pay for the non functioning system.

          They said my contract has a clause that states if I don't generate a certain number of KW in a 2 year period I'll qualify for some type of reimbursement but that doesn't address the fact that I'm going to lose the credit I've built up with my electric carrier and once that is gone, pay for my electrical use. None of that will be reimbursed. Tesla refused to let me speak with a supervisor or manager, told me that they are aware of the situation and there is nothing they can do. HORRIBLE! I'd give them a zero if that was an option.

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          Rated with 1 star
          Verified Reviewer
          Original review: Sept. 20, 2019

          In 2015 we were approached by SolarCity. Their pitch was that we could save money on our power bill for no upfront costs. We would pay for power generated and we would get a bill from our power company with the net result of a savings. Because our installation was optimum (south facing roof) they would only be installing a small system. Everything worked as promised. The install was completed within 45 days, our average charge from SolarCity was $56 and change which saved us about $20 per month from the local power company. In 2016 it was decided to sell the house. Luckily we received several offers on the first day. All offers were for the system to be removed from the house as recommended by the purchasers real estate brokers. SolarCity had a provision in their contract that stated the system could be moved to a different location for $1,000. ($500 upfront for removal and $500 on completion for re-installation)

          The price sounded fair and since I had multiple offers on my house I wanted to get the sale completed. So I selected one of the offers with the provision that the system would be removed within 90 days of the closing of escrow. The sale of the house was completed and the system was removed within the allotted time. I continued to receive monthly invoices for $56. When I called billing about the issue I was told that my average bill would continue until the system was reinstalled. I mentioned that the contract was for "power generated" and that the system was sitting in a warehouse somewhere not generating power. I was told not to make any payments and all would be corrected when the system was up and running. It took awhile to get the possession of the new house.

          So finally a SolarCity "engineer" came out for a site survey to make sure that the "new installation" could be accomplished and what it would require. (A very professional and knowledgeable guy never to be seen or heard of again) He stated that there was two drawbacks to the new installation. Because of the roof design of my new home. The system would need to be split instead of all on what appeared to be one single panel. Which was not a problem, just that it would require a two day installation instead of one.

          The second issue was that now my panels would be facing southwest and northwest and the roof was a steeper angle that would block complete sun until later in the day. THE panels would not be as efficient as they were before. But that they would still be generating power. All this made sense to me. They proceeded with the installation which had some problems with quality that I noticed and had them return to make it right.

          After a fight with the the local power company on a net metering issue. The system was turned on. The first bill (once the system was turned on) was for about $35 which made sense to me. (I forgot that it was for a partial month) SolarCity did credit back the "charged for" kWH that was charged during the systems storage. The next months bill was $98! I called and asked what the charge was for. The answer was for power generated. My reply was, "until you can give me an explanation as to why my bill is nearly double for a system that is no longer optimum I will not pay." That has been nearly 2.5 years ago. We have been proactive (several times) in trying to have this sorted out by SolarCity both by seeking them out at home shows and by contacting the billing department.

          Each and every time there has been correspondence emailed back and forth with a promise of, “We will check it out.” No bills for a couple of months and then the billing and late notices start again. My gut feeling is that the system was originally "dialed down" to match the original claim/promise. But after the relocation all bets were off. I had recommended the system to several friends who had the system also installed and were initially satisfied with the results. The total lack of follow through and what appears to be deception on SolarCity's behalf has me looking for others that would like to participate in a class action suit. Provided that we can come up with a law firm that will take it on as a contingency. How can we do this as this forum does not allow any contact info to be listed?

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            SolarCity expert review by Zachary Shahan

            Perhaps the largest residential solar installation company, this California-based subsidiary of Tesla manufactures and installs solar panels, servicing about 275,000 residential and commercial customers in 19 states and Washington, D.C.

            • Solar panels: Called Zep solar panels, the panels have smooth skirts that adapt to the contour of the roof to protect it from harsh weather. They have no jagged edges and mounting hardware is hidden.ers.

            • Installation: Supervisors of the installing team are NABCEP-certified. The process begins with a consultation where an in-house team discusses whether solar is right for you based on your energy usage and house. The team also takes up warranties, guarantees and costing, followed by the agreement signing. Most solar panel installations only take a day. After inspection and permit approval, the team then turns on the system.

            • Various financing options: Homeowners, businesses, or organizations can get solar leases, PPAs, loans, or pay for their systems in cash with SolarCity.

            • Leasing: SolarCity has a strong preference for solar leasing and PPAs, as it makes more money from these options. SolarCity may try to steer customers towards leasing or PPAs when it would actually be in the customer's best interest to use a loan to purchase a system.

            • Acquisition: SolarCity reportedly has relatively high customer acquisition costs, which could result in higher costs for consumers.

            by Zachary Shahan Solar Energy Contributing Editor

            Zachary Shahan is the director of CleanTechnica, and his key areas of focus are solar energy and electric vehicles. He has been referenced or interviewed by essentially every major media organization as a recognized global thought leader on solar energy.

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            United States
            (888) 765-2489

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