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    1 Solar Universe Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
    Verified Reviewer
    Resolution response: April 16, 2015

    Once a new project manager, **, took over the project was completed quickly and smoothly. She got new installers to fix the mistakes made by the original crew and the project was completed, inspected, put online and is currently working as designed. My electrical bill went from the $230 range to $95 last month. It took a while but once Ms. ** took charge things progresses rapidly and smoothly.

    Original review: Jan. 31, 2015

    I entered into a contract with GEN 110 and Solar Universe through the HERO program to install a solar system to reduce my electrical use from SoCal Edison. The panels were installed in November and the converter in early December. The electrical panel was supposed to be upgraded and that is the part that has not been completed. Numerous contacts with both GEN 110 and Solar Universe representatives have produced only scheduled installation dates where no one shows to do the work.

    This has happened at least three times over the past two months. I have rescheduled other projects and personal appointments to accommodate these dates only to have no one show. The HERO program has deadlines for work completion and I have had to ask for an extension once already. The next one is 2/20/15 and at this rate the work will not be done by then. After the electrical panel is upgraded it still needs to be inspected and approved by the city then integrated with the existing electrical system. The work has taken much too long and the responses, from GEN 110 and especially Solar Universe, to my complaints have produced nothing.

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    REPOWER by Solar Universe expert review by Zachary Shahan

    Founded in 2008, REPOWER by Solar Universe has been around for several years yet pursued a different business model than most of its peers – franchising.

    • Local focus: If you’re interested in boosting your local economy and starting a Mom-and-Pop business, REPOWER by Solar Universe helps you get your solar from locally-owned franchises.

    • Experience: In business since 2008, REPOWER by Solar Universe has had time to develop standards and systems that work well. It has also likely developed useful economies of scale and efficiencies it can pass to consumers in lower costs.

    • Focus and flexibility: Not being involved in other aspects of the solar market (such as manufacturing and financing), REPOWER by Solar Universe is able to keep a focus on one specific aspect of the interest and work to master it. This also makes the company more flexible as improved solar panels and solar financing options hit the market.

    • Costs: Without any manufacturing arm, REPOWER by Solar Universe doesn’t have the vertical integration benefits that allow some companies to offer customers a better deal.

    • Financing options: Without a financing arm, REPOWER by Solar Universe can’t offer solar leasing or PPAs.

    • Best for: homeowners, small and large businesses, government agencies and nonprofits, solar beginners and cash and loan consumers.

    Profile picture of Zachary Shahan
    Zachary Shahan

    Solar Energy Contributing Editor

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    Zachary Shahan is the director of CleanTechnica, and his key areas of focus are solar energy and electric vehicles. He has been referenced or interviewed by essentially every major media organization as a recognized global thought leader on solar energy.

    Solar Universe questions and answers

    What problem is REPOWER by Solar Universe trying to solve?
    Solar has a powerful impact. Generate your own clean energy, reduce your monthly power bills, insulate yourself from rate hikes, and use those savings to improve your life. It’s a pretty big payoff, and you get the feel-good bonus for doing the right thing. This, combined with the ability to manage your home more smartly, is the foundation of REPOWER.
    What sets REPOWER by Solar Universe apart from the competition?
    REPOWER is the only solar power system that allows homeowners to generate clean power on the outside of their home, then monitor and control their power inside their home. With REPOWER, our customers get a savings, comfort and control in one integrated system. REPOWER is nationally known and locally owned. We are your neighbors. We live and work where you do, and we care about what happens in our communities. Solar is a word-of-mouth business, so we work hard to build strong relationships in every home, block and neighborhood we visit. Our goal is to provide an easy choice to homeowners who want better, more affordable power and the ability to manage their home more efficiently.
    What needs do your products or services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?
    REPOWER offers a seamless approach to design, financing and installation of solar power systems. We make going solar easy, and take care of everything for our customers. The technology we use in our solar systems is best-in-class. We aren’t tied to any specific brand of solar equipment or financing, which allows us to offer best options to meet our customers' needs.
    How does REPOWER by Solar Universe measure success?
    REPOWER has the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the solar industry, and has maintained our lead for four consecutive years. Customer satisfaction is core of REPOWER, and everyone on the REPOWER Team works hard to ensure our customers have an extraordinary experience every step of the way. We are tremendously proud of our accomplishment, and our unparalleled service is reflected in our high customer referral rates – the ultimate sign of satisfaction.
    What’s the most common misconception consumers have about your industry?
    Many people still think solar is too expensive, when the reality is prices have dropped significantly in recent years and solar is more affordable than ever. Plus, there are so many options for going solar that nearly everyone who wants a solar power system can now have one. The other misconception is the time it takes to install a system. Typically, REPOWER installs the entire system in just 1 or 2 days, so it’s a quick, easy process for homeowners, and they can begin enjoying their savings fast!
    How has your industry changed in the last 5 to 10 years?
    Consumers want alternatives to the restrictions and cost of grid power, and they already understand many of the benefits of solar. Now, they want to elevate their in-home experience with insight and control, and make their power work harmoniously with their home. We have seen a dramatic shift toward the idea of combining solar power with smart home technology that gives consumers a smarter, more comfortable home, day and night. Homeowners are now looking for a complete, seamless solution and REPOWER is the answer.
    What is something you wish every consumer knew about REPOWER by Solar Universe?
    Only REPOWER offers a fun, easy, approachable experience that allows you to generate clean solar energy outside your home, and make it work in harmony with innovative smart technology inside your home. Our locally owned and operated solar franchises recommend and install solar systems and financing options that are uniquely tailored for each customer’s home, lifestyle and future plans. The result is a completely new relationship with your power, and your home – plus savings now and for years to come.
    How has your company grown or evolved?
    REPOWER (formerly Solar Universe) was founded in 2008, and since then we have grown to become one of the largest residential solar installers in the U.S. REPOWER is unique among solar companies as the only major solar provider that offers franchise opportunities. We operate a network of 40 franchises across the U.S., from Hawaii to Puerto Rico. We have installed a whopping 46 megawatts of solar, and network-wide, we have over 1,000 team members who are dedicated to delivering clean solar energy. Since 2012, Solar Universe has been ranked annually on Franchise Magazine’s Franchise 500 list.

    Solar Universe Company Information

    Company Name:
    REPOWER by Solar Universe
    Year Founded:
    1152 Stealth Street Livermore
    Postal Code:
    United States

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