Once a new project manager, **, took over the project was completed quickly and smoothly. She got new installers to fix the mistakes made by the original crew and the project was completed, inspected, put online and is currently working as designed. My electrical bill went from the $230 range to $95 last month. It took a while but once Ms. ** took charge things progresses rapidly and smoothly.

Original Review

I entered into a contract with GEN 110 and Solar Universe through the HERO program to install a solar system to reduce my electrical use from SoCal Edison. The panels were installed in November and the converter in early December. The electrical panel was supposed to be upgraded and that is the part that has not been completed. Numerous contacts with both GEN 110 and Solar Universe representatives have produced only scheduled installation dates where no one shows to do the work.

This has happened at least three times over the past two months. I have rescheduled other projects and personal appointments to accommodate these dates only to have no one show. The HERO program has deadlines for work completion and I have had to ask for an extension once already. The next one is 2/20/15 and at this rate the work will not be done by then. After the electrical panel is upgraded it still needs to be inspected and approved by the city then integrated with the existing electrical system. The work has taken much too long and the responses, from GEN 110 and especially Solar Universe, to my complaints have produced nothing.