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Months after Books-A-Million offered my wife a "free" magazine, I noticed reoccurring charges on my account. Naturally the bank reversed them, but you should know that TMX is a fraud scam and they prey on the underbelly of those who don't check their accounts regularly.

TWX unauthorized withdrawal from Visa debit card $142.00. Total bank says past 90 days, sorry.

My wife ordered three months of free trial magazines and then cancelled all of them, well, within the trial period or so she thought. She has confirmation numbers from TWX. Four magazines (about $100 total) appeared on my credit card statement recently. When I went back through the statements, there were two identical charges from six months ago. I called Citibank. The first time, they called TWX for me. It was evident I was talking to someone in some foreign country. He was quite put off, took some information and then agreed to refund some money within 72 hours. He wouldn't give me a name. I called Citibank again and talked to a surprisingly rational person. She said they would credit me for the four magazines that appeared in the last month plus the two charges which appeared six months ago. TWX is absolute scum. Don't ever sign up for free magazines. My wife did it at TJ Maxx.

I was not notified of a renewal for 5 different magazines that I'd ordered about a year ago for $2.00 per subscription. The charges resulted in approximately $96.00 in NSF funds to my account. I did cancel the orders through the automated phone service. I have confirmation numbers. I will be calling to speak with someone live during the week to try to get the NSF fees back. I believe that they're very conscious of what they are doing. I hope that the company runs into a major (possibly class action) lawsuit.

In November 2011, four charges appeared on my PayPal MasterCard statement totaling almost $200 for four magazines, one of which I have never subscribed to in my life. I called the listed TWX 877- number and got most of the charges reversed through an automated phone system. However, in February 2012, the same charges appeared again and this time, I'm unable to get the charges reversed using TWX's automated service and I can't get a human representative or agent.

After talking to four different agents on the phone, PayPal was not very helpful in getting these charges blocked or reversed. They are basically saying that it was my fault for giving out my account number. It looks like my only recourse is to cancel my credit card to avoid future billings.

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This company is charging me for magazines which I never ordered and never wanted. When you call the company to cancel the subscription, you get an automated phone system which is tricky, and you are told you will receive a refund. However, no refund was ever made. Watch for this company on your credit cards and debit cards. I have no idea how they got my credit card number. Shame on you, TWX.

This is the name of the company involved in the TWX magazine scam that took money out of my bank account. This man said I would have a refund in a few days. We'll see! Meanwhile, watch your bank account & statements for bogus charges from this company. Tell them you didn't order any magazines and demand a refund. Good Luck! My bank is also trying to get my money back.

They got $87 out of my bank account by fraud. I don't know who they are or what they sell. They had my debit card number, but wrong code/expiry date, so 27 times, they tried and failed. I am blessed that they didn't wipe me out. Watch your statement and check your balance regularly, not just monthly. Failed attempts don't show on your statement, only when they get it approved --still stealing. There's no solution for this kind of fraud yet. We have to come up with a solution ourselves. Report scam to FTC Identity Theft Hotline at 877-438-4338 and Social Security at 800-269-0271 Fraud Hotline.

In 2007, after filling out a survey on a merchant website, my ex-spouse was rewarded with a year of 3 free magazine subscriptions. He did not provide any financial information, so he apparently felt secure about agreeing to the reward. We received the year of magazines, and that was that.

Until now: four years later, in 2011, a charge for over $200 appeared on my credit card bill for magazine subscriptions. We did not sign up for or receive any of them, so I canceled the credit card, fearing someone had gotten the number. But the fraud investigator at Chase accepts TWX's claim that the charge was authorized in 2007, and that "we have been a customer since that time." I pointed out that even if that had been true (which I do not concede), my ex-spouse has not been an authorized user of my account since 2008. Chase suggested that I could file a police report against my ex, but otherwise "their hands were tied."

I did get the phone number for TWX, and it took an hour to negotiate their automated phone system, through which I was able to cancel each subscription separately only by passing through three additional levels of scamming ("I can refund the rest of your annual charge and give you $20 in gasoline rebates--just say 'yes.'") Anyone trying to cancel TWX magazines--say "no, cancel now" at each automated statement, because even if it sounds like you're being offered a cancellation, you're not. In any case, the automated system finally informed me that I'd be refunded about half the price of each magazine, but that it could take two billing cycles for the refunds to appear.

In the past several months, strange activity has appeared on my credit card and when I call the merchant phone number listed, no one is able to help me nor tell me what the charge is for. On March 13, 2010 a transaction for $24.95 appeared on my bill, on April 2, 2010 an amount of $49.95, on November 5, 2010 an amount of $34.95 and today, December 27, 2010 a transaction for the total amount of $55.94 appeared on my account. I have contacted my bank which is where the credit card is through and I haven't been able to resolve this issue. I have been charged a total of $165.00 of which I am upset that no one is able to do anything to refund my money. Ever since this charge in March I have been contacting them and they are reluctant to explain the situation.

I tried to use my Citibank bank debit card to make a payment this morning to another company, and found out that my balance had been lowered and was over 50 dollars less than the original amount. I called the bank and found out that the company, TWX Magazine debited my account without my authorization. I have not a single idea how they got my card number nor account number, the only thing I can think of is the fact that I had gone into a store called Loehmann's and was offered free magazines. I never spoke to TWX Magazine nor have I ever given them my account or bank card number. People need to be aware of the fact that TWX Magazine debits their account without their authorization.

TWX Magazine is charging people's credit cards without authrization. It happened on my husband credit cards now it is happening to my son who has a limited income. Something needs to be done about these people. If you need examples: Pull up TWX Complaints on the Internet. Too many and this company should be shut down for good.

I originally received FREE magazines for 1 year for filling out a survey. Starting in august 2008 they started charging me $17.95--22.00-14.95-29.00 on 9/12 & 15 & 18, 2008. I called them and told them I did not renew. They said we will refund your money but only partially. I said ok because the woman was not pleasant and figuring I would call back and talk to a supervisor. They gave me partial refunds 10/3 & 10/23, 2008.

I called back and talked to a supervisor and she said she would refund me the partial amounts, which she did. Both on the first call and the supervisors call I told them to be sure and close that account which they both assured me they would. Now they have charged mea gain and in bigger amounts 3 x $29.00 and 1 $44.00. First I tried to call them. They put me on hold.

We--my husband and I--held for 1/2 hour by each of us taking turns while watching TV. They don't know me, I don't give up. They never answered. Then I called Visa--verified the new charges I saw on my acct. on site. however, due to Thanksgiving, the dispute dept. is closed. However the man said he will mark down my complaint for today. I will be calling them first thing in the morning.

I then went searching Google and found many complaints exactly like mine! When I tried to do a complaint on line with BBB, they wouldn't accept it because I did not have an address. I did serach here and it says no such phone number (the one on my Visa bill). I also will be calling my local BBB and the Office of the Attorney General of Nevada with my complaint.

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