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Last updated: Sept. 10, 2017

130 Stores Online Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

Purchased fish and inverts from this retailer. Paid 436.60 dollars and two weeks later the retailer told me the fish died and would refund my money. So far I only have received my shipping costs back and still do not have the bulk 360 dollars. The retailer will take you money immediately however your money will take/could take up to a month to get back. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS STORE IF YOU VALUE YOUR MONEY!!!

Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

Tried this in 2008. Could not get any of the help that was promised. After trying to work with it for several months, I was told I could not sell my adult products on the website. It was made perfectly clear to them before I signed anything what type of products I sold. Even with the products I have available that are not of adult nature I could not get this site to work. So without the promised help, I stopped paying because I felt I had been scammed. This evening I get a call from a collection agency saying I owe $11,000 to stores online because it was an interest bearing loan. I would like to know if anyone has spoke to an attorney about a class action suit against this company. From the previous reviews it sounds as if they are taking a lot of innocent people's hard earned money. They need to be stopped.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 24, 2016

I was invited to attend a stores online in Charleston South Carolina in 2003. They made it sound like it was a good investment and that I would be help the entire way create a new website as well as selling the products. Initially they never said that my first customers would need a card before they could actually access the website and I have to purchase cards. When I ask for extra help they wanted to charge an extra $3,000 and when I didn't agree the representative actually hung up on me. I never made a dime. It was all a scam. I can't believe in 2016 they are still getting away with this.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2016

This was purchased in 2007, I had attended a conference in Washington DC. The pressure was huge, but what was advertised was not delivered. It is not a fluid or easy workable system, nor can you really put your own spin on it. I spent more time being frustrated than productive. I put a lot of time into this system to make it workable but it was impossible, the help received from the staff was superficial and never really fixed anything. They made it sound like there would be a coach to walk you through the setup process and beyond like they really wanted you to succeed.

That is not the case, I was never able to get the help and some of the advice given on the phone had nothing to do with reality and was not viable. I worked with this system for 2 years before I called it quits. I sold very little and was not able to even come close to recoup loss of initial investment and I at the time I stopped I had gained little insight as to how the system actually works due to the lack of help.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2016

I received the invitation to a free dinner from Stores Online. I called the number and signed up over the phone. The main reason I went was that this was my field and I wanted to see what they were doing. I went to the meeting and listened to the presentation. I even got $5.00 free because I raised my hand when the man asked if anybody wanted $5.00. What they offered sounded too good to be true - and it was. Then came the pitch for the second meeting. To attend that one would cost $50.00. I thought they were out to deceive people and wanted to know for sure. I paid the $50.00 and went to the second meeting. Before I went I did some research. Good web developers are always doing one research or another.

What I learned from was they were banned in seven states and two whole countries for their business practices with an "F" rating on a scale of A+ to F. I printed all 26 pages of the report and took them with me. The second meeting was held at a casino in Laughlin, NV and drew well over 400 people. At the meeting I listened and remained quiet through things I knew were not as easy as they were portraying. Then I saw the outright lie and had to speak up. The speaker was demonstrating an online keyword search tool from a website that I knew had been bought by Yahoo and closed. When he typed in the address bar in the web browser he typed a path rather than a web address and popped up a picture of a page from the website.

The problem is that the picture was stored on the hard drive and he was not actually on the internet. He couldn't be because that site no longer existed. I stood up and asked him loudly why he had typed a path rather than a web address? I asked if he knew that that site no longer existed. He had to or he wouldn't have put the picture up. I asked if he could explain their "F" rating with the better business bureau and why they couldn't do business in Australia. At that point the guy seated in front of me turned around and told me to shut up. He wanted to learn this. I asked him if he really thought he was going to be able to learn in one afternoon what had taken me 10 years to learn.

Then a guy showed up behind me. He was even shorter than I am and very well dressed. He informed me that I was going to have to leave. He didn't impress me but the four guys behind him with no necks did. So I left. The four guys followed me. When I stopped at the elevator they told me I had to leave the building. I told them I didn't think so and produced a room key for that casino. They said that didn't matter and started pushing me towards the exit. At this point I started making such a commotion that the casino's security showed up. They said they were escorting me out. While they were talking to one guy I spoke to the guy with the supervisor badge and explained what had happened.

I showed him my room key which he verified. He explained to the private security that I was indeed a guest there and they would have to leave me alone. They were not happy. I went up to my room, grabbed a bunch of business cards and my laptop and then stood by the exit. When the flood of people came out of the hallway I had been forced to exit through I started offering my card and told them I would offer help if they needed it. Some people took the card. Some didn't. A few people stopped to ask if what I said was true. I opened the laptop and went to the page that had caused my early departure. There was the Yahoo banner saying the keyword search tool was no longer available and sorry for any inconvenience.

I gave away over 200 business cards that day. All total I talked on the phone or in person with about 75 of them. I didn't charge any of them a dime except for the three people that actually hired me to build a web site for them to make this work. I charged them half my going rate as they had already been taken to the cleaners once. Those people I taught many things. Like how to transfer their domain to a less expensive hosting provider and registrar. I told them how to research keywords, optimize titles and descriptions, and how to lace content with their keywords. As I have never used a drop shipper I was very little help with finding a good one. One of the women I was helping through this said that she had bought five sites at $5000.00 apiece. She felt incredibly ripped off. I don't blame her for feeling that way at all.

She also said that at least 300 of those people had made purchases that day. I felt badly for all of them except the guy that told me to shut up. I hope he lost a house out if it. I know a woman who did. I met her well after she had used their "service" and could do little to help her at that point. She just kept throwing more money at them trying to make it work which it never did. Eventually we did get a site up for her where she sold baby items that she crocheted. She didn't get rich off the site but did show a profit and made a little money. But nowhere near what she had lost. If anybody needs help with a site they have purchased from these scavengers I would be more than happy to help if I can. Whole sites will cost money but advice and knowledge are free.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2016

I purchased with this company in 2007 to the tune of 6800 dollars. The promise of 6 certificate to start my online business, a book of instructions to get started with a DVD on how to proceed with eBay and nothing more. Needless to say I received no sites, no assistance with getting sites up and running and no online support. This is one of the worst companies and I feel it's a part of a pyramid scam. It draws people in and take their money. Sure they are rich because they have made their money off others. They served you lunch but they could afford it, after all it was your money they used.

I also feel like they should be made to pay everyone back that was falsely lead into buying into this scumbag company. My payments went into collection and so I therefore just finished paying this off so I could repair my credit. I had pack the items away and had started destroying some parts of it before I decided to check and see if there was any information out there about them. There should be a lawsuit against class action lawsuit brought against this company so that people can recoup their losses.

Anyone out there that is doing or a part of a lawsuit against this company, please keep me in the loop. I am so hoping they schedule another meeting in my area so I can go and warn others not to jump off that bridge with them because they'll be the only ones with a life vest on and anyone else will drown. Something really needs to happen because they are still out there doing the same thing, taking people's money and offering nothing in return.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 7, 2016

These guys came up to Ottawa a few years back, and I bought in to their very appealing business venture, for a hefty sum of $6,500.00, with the promise that the package they offered would provide me with all the information I would need to successfully launch my business venture online. Apart from a few set templates and sample pages, it provided me with little to no assistance to set up my venture. After several unsuccessful attempts, and now subscribed to their monthly service for a recurring fee, I was no further ahead than before. I soon received a phone call from one of their reps (who certainly noticed my difficulties with setting up my site) who offered to help me... once I bought into the program.

Having already invested more than $6K for a service that was generating nothing to date, I was certainly reluctant to accept anything... just a little too cautious, and after speaking with the rep, a little suspicious. I enquired as to how he could help me, after which he proceeded with yet another sales pitch - with a hefty price tag of $7,000.00. No thank you! I hung up immediately, decided to cut my losses @ $6K... a costly lesson learned.

Be careful the initial presentation for any of you who have not yet seen it. They insist you purchase from them at the time of the presentation, and that any offer they presented would be void as soon as you walked out the door empty-handed. Word to the wise... keep your money, find a local mom and pop outfit for a lot less that can assist with SEO, and you'll be as successful, with money already in the bank - money that you would have otherwise spent for a sales pitch that doesn't deliver.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2016

This company is a total scam... any positive reviews on this site and others are more than likely written by employees at Stores Online. I attended a sales seminar with the promise of a laptop - which was a very cheap useless toy. I gave it to a 4-year-old relative. They prey about vulnerable folks, give false statements and claims, and lie about their services. They do not disclose full costs including hosting fees, how difficult it truly is even for techies to set up and maintain websites and couple them with vendors. True answers can be found on Google. I plan on suing either individually or class action. High pressure guilt sales tactics. I was told in the seminar that there would be several future training sessions in mass included with the fees - never happened.

I was also told that their customer service was outsourced to call centers such as the Philippines, India, etc., where ENGLISH is not the native tongue. I spent 100's of hours with folks who not only did not understand nor speak English, they were poorly trained and half the time I ended up figuring out solutions myself. Truth be told with huge companies such as Home Shopping Network and QVC, whose model is to drop ship and they outsource every vendor, why in the world would anyone of us attempt to compete. There should be federal legislation to prevent fraudulent companies like this from operating. It is the similar sale pressure in the Timeshare industry. Walk out. Don't sign anything.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2016

I didn't see how I could reply to a review, so I hope at the least, Sheila reads this. It's not entirely true about the crawlers, for sure. Please, stop paying the monthly hosting fee! I've had these websites for almost 11 years. I used to get tons of orders, until I let the sites go in 2013. I was really busy at work, and had other interests. But, I recently started one of the sites back up and had to do a little tweaking and started getting orders. There is plenty of SEO to do for the sites. It takes some great effort and complete optimization to retain a good conversion rate. It's not the easiest thing to find a great dropshipper, but I can be done. I can help out and try to answer questions if anybody needs wants to contact me.

Original review: Nov. 23, 2015

I am heartbroken and in tears as I have been trying for 7 years now to get just one of these Stores Online sites together. Trying to build this on my own has been one of the most devastatingly hardest things I've ever done. Still not one of them up and paying $29 per month to host as they said I needed to have a minimum of 1 year for the crawlers to pick it up. I want my money back... right?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 30, 2015

About 10 years ago I was a young and foolish 20 yo. I was in college for business and thought I knew what I was doing when I received an "Invitation" to a "very selective" group that you had to reserve a seat for because it was "limited". I brought my father with me. They were definitely smooth talkers and showed success story after success story. They even brought in a man who claimed to be a local who found success (200k/yr) with SOL. By the end, we were suckered. My father paid with a check $20,000 for 10 or so websites. I went home ecstatic with a start up kit.

Within days I was contacted and offered help. After finding myself struggling with things like drop-shipping which they made sound super easy. It wasn't. I couldn't find one company who would offer that so I'd for sure have to purchase inventory. Okay, so I went to Ali Baba (or something like that), a company they referred me to. It was awful. The products were horrible and cheap. So, I went on my own hunt to find a wholesaler. After finding nothing but dead ends, I called SOL. I too got the one question per call response. After they answered one question, they'd rush you off the phone saying there were other people waiting.

Soon after, I got a call from SOL offering an in depth training on how to find products, market and sell. Well, my poor father had already invested 20k, what's another $1,000??? They called weekly at the same time and read out of their pamphlet (you could totally tell they were reading) on how to build my website. I was a good student and believe me with that much money on the line, I busted my hump trying to make this happen. After a few months of nothing, I began getting more phone calls offering more help for more money. Let me tell you to save your money.

Here's why: First, everything they tell you you can find on Google. No really, Google how to start up a website or market a website. Second, you pay THOUSANDS for these "websites" which YOU build using their templates. You still have to purchase a website address oh and did I mention once you activate your account, you have to pay monthly per website? It was $40 I believe. $40 each month per website you host with them. So what on Earth were those thousands of dollars per website paying for??? A template and a phone number that only answered one questioner a time???

Third - they butter you up with accepting credit cards - you don't need them to be able to accept credit cards. Lastly, there are plenty of other build-your-own websites that don't cost thousands. Or, pay a professional to set it up for you. You will still save money and your dignity! I'm filled with guilt that my dad felt he was doing me a favor by giving me that money. If you read this and still feel the urge to invest in SOL you are nuttier than I was. It will be the equivalent of setting your money on fire. You will never see it again and it pays for nothing. This company is a SCAM. Please, please don't do it. If you're flush with cash and just want to spend it, donate it to a charity but not to these people. RUN!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 22, 2015

StoresOnline provides a valuable product. Unfortunately, it is technical in nature and many people cannot implement it. I purchased 6 websites in 2007 (ok, 5 more than I actually needed :-)) and started my business. I spent $5500 on this set-up which was a ton, but was almost immediately able to earn a living online with my business. The hosting platform was sufficient, and the support was excellent (back then), and it got me from nowhere to "in business." I outgrew it eventually due to some complex business needs, but in 6 years or so, I made a lot of money with it.

They provide the tools to be successful, if you are a person who demands success. If you are the type to become confused, angry due to your misunderstandings, and look to lay blame for your failures, then you will not benefit from the products this company offers. I'm not an employee, just a user, and I was regularly annoyed with the technical features that were unavailable to me as a business. The product is not perfect for all businesses, but it's darn close for 90% of them. You can really get something up and working in a very short time. I give them much props for attempting what they did, and it has always annoyed me to see the bad press they get from people that don't succeed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 13, 2015

I purchased three stores in 2007 and was in contact with them but was too busy at the time to create a store and tried to find content for the stores. I knew what was involved was more complicated than the high-pressure salespeople made it out to be. I have not given up on this and do own the stores thinking one day to utilize the product. Since my full attention wasn't given, they stopped calling and haven't heard from them since.. When ready, I will contact them to see where everything stands, assuming the business is functioning and solvent. Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.

Verified Buyer
Original review: May 7, 2015

My husband spent his hard earned dollars and purchased a website package, to build 7 websites. He spent over $7,000. I began trying to set up a site for one of the seven, which is where the disturbing reality of dealing with this Company begins for me. Every time I called during business hours to ask for help in setting up the website, I would ask a few questions, then the person on the other end of the phone would either rush me or say "I need to help others. You can call back with any other questions." I would call back, and begin the process all over again. My support would last at most 30 minutes then they would end the call.

I also felt highly pressured when dealing with **. She worked with me on setting up Google keywords, which was to help the site get high rankings. After dealing with her, I was realizing, I was not dealing with a good Company. The site never did get finished, because I was disgusted with the way this Company treated me as a client. Absolutely awful. Plus, they have a 24/7 online Chat. My experience with this, also, was shady. Sometimes no one would be there to chat, even at 1, 2, 3 in the morning. It was extremely difficult and when a Company has really no customer loyalty, or good customer service support, what is the point of being in business.

After reading other people's complaints, it is clear to me, more people are unaware of this and get put in a corner to purchase maybe even to a point of being Bullied, with forceful tactics, and prey on peoples for their own game of power into making money, without ethical practices. Perhaps taking this to one of the large Channel News stations for them to investigate is a good idea. I would love for my husband to get his money back.

PS -- is a resource for anyone needing a website where web developers bid. I just found my guy to build my site for $600.00. Good Luck everyone. Stores Online needs to face it already! What comes around goes around.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 25, 2015

They sucked $6000.00 from me and left me with a service that cost more than any other web hosting service I've ever seen. I will love to join with whoever files a class-action-lawsuit.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 6, 2015

I signed up for Stores Online about 10 years ago and it's the biggest ripoff I've ever seen. They convince you to buy six websites, offer financing then fail to provide adequate support. Not being a computer expert at that time I thought it would be a great way to make way. You can now do the same thing they're offering at a fraction of the cost. If anyone is filing a class action lawsuit I'd like to be a part of that suit. Consumers need to be better informed before signing up with a company like this.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2015

I had recently purchased a competing website building software and had met in an evening through an ad in the paper with someone suggesting a free iPod to sit and listen to their company's outline for a product. I was sold their product and was informed that it was a much more superior program than the 1 that I had. I never opened the box and I still have it after 8 years and the company would not give me a refund.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2015

I'm writing right now because I am so SICK AND TIRED of StoresOnline (now part of Crexendo) locking me out of my online store's dashboard the HOUR that a monthly payment is due if that money isn't in my bank account or debit card. I'm a small shop and I am often very close to the bone financially. StoresOnline locks me out the moment the invoice is sent at midnight and they only send it when they don't get the money AT THAT MINUTE. Yes, I know the bill is scheduled on my calendar (they don't give advanced notice like every other company, utility, etc., they are too lazy for that), but we all get caught off guard running small businesses on the side with regular life also happening. They don't understand that -- or if they do, they don't care.

I woke up this morning to see I have an invoice and I was going to send out my weekly newsletter through the dashboard but they've locked me out. NO OTHER COMPANY does that -- not your utilities, not your water, not your mortgage, not your leasing agent. ONLY StoresOnline locks you out the moment the money is due and THEN they send the invoice. NO forewarning, and NO grace period. And since they are hours behind me (I'm on the east coast they are in Arizona) it will be hours before I can talk to them.

I have complained about this for years but they don't change their policy and the cost of moving to a new site is prohibitive right now. There is NO company who locks its people out of their business as aggressively as this company. Can you imagine if you had a bricks and mortar store and you didn't pay the rent due Monday and on Tuesday morning you come to find your store is padlocked? That's what close to what this is.

I could go on about what crap the software is but that's not why I'm writing. The software is crap, by the way. You cannot access your dashboard on anything but a full computer because it is all in Flash.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 2, 2015

Did you know that 8 out of 10 start-up business fail? Basically because of ignorance. I've gone through the SOL seminar twice many, many years ago. At that time, they were willing to finance you to have x many sites at big money. They also had a beginner limited kit for just $25. Since I don't invest more than I can afford, I bought the $25, and they researched using all the FREE resources that the internet has to offer. I found my niche, I found my supplier, I set up my FREE PayPal account. I was good to go. I did low cost marketing, and to generate business. Now has business been great and have I made money hand over fist? Nope... I have lost of competition, but I do make a few hundred a month, and have lots of tax right offs.

How much of this is on SOL, and how much is on me? I got from Stores Online what they promised. A web store, I learned to build it, market it...blah blah blah. Unfortunately seem that this will all come to an end as SOL is going to HTML5, and now want to charge over $3K to convert my site. Not paying it. So I told their high pressure salesperson, I don't borrow money and I'm not paying. And If I have to go out of business after 7 years, I will. If they are going to upgrade their platform, fine. I just need to research my paperwork that says I'm obligated to pay for it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 22, 2015

The price that I was paying seem to be way more than I was getting, but I paid steadily for 2 years. Finances got a little rough for me, so I stopped paying after getting behind. When they reported the information to the credit unions, they disregarded the amount that I had paid in & reported the total amount that I initially started with; that's deceptive.

Original review: Jan. 13, 2015

It's really simple, both tax and shipping are too costly. I am definitely dissatisfied.

Original review: Jan. 7, 2015

I went to a Seminar in So. CA 14 yrs ago. I was thinking about setting up 1 website myself, but was persuaded to buy 6 sites from Stores Online. I paid to have the technical backdoor work done, but (as a writer) provided the text and graphics for 1 site only (I wanted to be sure it worked). I did everything the webmaster said, but 3 months after he said it was ready to go online (& after adding AdWords, several affiliates, links, and an ad on to promote my 15% discount to all military) I had no orders. (I learned enough to go through the backdoor to check and discovered that >400 orders had not gone through. I complained enough to get to a supervisor & learned that the webmaster had not activated my 4 merchant cards NOR my shipper (UPS). She fixed that & said I was ready to go. However, she did not go further into my site & I didn't learn until after I had lost hundreds more orders that the webmaster had left (my gateway) on hold while he was working on my site. This time the supervisor told me I had to go to them to take it off hold. All this time I was paying >$100 a month for hosting fees, merchant card processing fees, and marketing. I had also paid thousands for inventory of my security lockboxes.

At 66 yrs, I had a stroke in 2001, and after recovering enough to live alone, I had to move to a 400 sq. ft. shack that a relative had won at poker in NV, as I couldn't afford to live in CA on Soc. Sec. I've stayed with SOL since then as I kept trying new mktg. ways, but something was always wrong with the website and orders were not coming through. I am now 79 yrs. and am ready to start a class-action lawsuit, and for any others who would like to join me, check out Keep-Safe Lockbox Corp. on Facebook, or contact me in a private message on FB.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2014

I went to several Stores on line sessions. An initial and 2 refreshers. Each time ALL and I mean ALL the costs large and small were spelled out in their entirety by the papers I was given at the START of the session, by being talked about and by diagraming on a dry erase board. ALL of the mentioned programs and courses and other offers were CLEARLY indicated if it was SOL or a partner company AND we were warned if we ever had any question on that to CALL SOL and ask if it was legit!!! It is very typical of humans when they don't listen, don't pay attention, over extend their credit, or otherwise are just plain in the wrong to put the blame on anyone else rather than take responsibility for their own screw-up and/or laziness to not do the work required of any business person!!! SOL NEVER promised to find people websites at these sessions I attended. It was clear you would be creating your own website!!! Also SOL NEVER charged me for design help setting up my site!!! If you’re lazy and not willing to work many hours a week then owning ANY business including signing up with a website company is NOT FOR YOU!!!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 18, 2014

In 2007, I attended a luncheon sponsored by Stores Online. I liked what they had to say, and signed up to purchase their six websites. I paid them $2,500 and intended to pay off the rest over the next year. I called them the next week and asked them if they could tell me what websites I could use. They immediately started asking for more money. I countered by mentioning what I had heard at the luncheon, that they would help us to find a website and to get it up and running. They did nothing to help and they then added insult to injury by having people call me asking me to pay more money to do the websites.

I had thrown $2,500 plus the few monthly payments I had made to them away. Today I looked up my credit score only to find that Stores Online had added $5,858 to my debt. This is an outrage! For months, I received calls from these people asking for as little as $2,500 and as much as $15,000. I wrote the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU IN 2007 and called Stores Online to protest their treatment of me. To this day they have done nothing to restore the $2500 they stole from me and have put and outrageous charge on my credit score. What should I do to get justice in this situation?

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2014

I placed an order online through Costume Discounters for my 8 year old son's Halloween costume on September 27th. I received a confirmation email from them within 24 hours stating that both items ordered were on backorder. The email stated that one item would ship by 10/3 and the other would ship by 10/6. Of course my son was constantly asking when his costume would be delivered. Well tonight, October 14th, I thought that it had been an unreasonably long wait time, so I decided to get my information and track the order. The information on the company's website said that one item was "in process" and the other was backordered and would ship by 10/13 (yesterday). Because I had paid on the 27th of September and had not received any further confirmation, I was mildly irritated. So, I decided that I would call customer service to see if I could find out what the hold up was.

First, I spoke with Stephanie and she had told me that the items were not in stock and they did not expect them to be in stock until the 21st of October (just over a week before Halloween). I asked her if they would expedite the shipment (at their expense) because they had taken the money, and pushed the order out twice with no communication whatsoever. She said that she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. So, I asked to speak to her manager to see if there would be anything he or she could do. I waited on hold until Megan got on the line (with Stephanie as well). In speaking with Megan, I asked her how I was supposed to know that I would receive the costume before Halloween. She said that she could not guarantee that I would...this company supplies Halloween costumes...and they can't make sure that customers who order their costumes over a month in advance will get their costumes?

At this point I was more than mildly frustrated. So, to make a long story short...they are sorry. Regardless, the only option I have at this point (because now this costume is backordered everywhere) is to wait until the 21st and call to see if they got the costume in from their vendor. At that point, if they did get it, I have to hope that we are far enough at the top of the list that my son will be getting his shipped the next time it's in stock. Honestly, no communication whatsoever, whole purpose of the company is to get people Halloween costumes by Halloween and they can't??? Very frustrating and now I don't know what else I can do to get my son his costume in time. Not happy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2014

After a seminar in 2006, I signed up for the 6 sites at $6,000. I made my money back within 6 months following their strategies. Unfortunately, I didn't follow all their strategies and complete my StoreonlinePro University which I regret. During a refresher around 2009, I ran into an aspiring women duo who were first timers. In 2014, based on the information from that seminar, she now owns the largest South Western networking company in Alberta, Canada. Don't believe me, look her up online under Kerry **. Another friend of mine signed up to use websites for his chiropractor business and though he did not utilize the Stores website licenses, he learned through their concepts how to launch his own local website.

Yes, it costs a lot. Yes, for that kind of money I agree they should waive the $25/month. However, I can always get tech support 24/7. I do get to contact them personally or leave a message and they return my call. The website format is very user friendly IF you follow their directions step-by-step. Yes, it does take a long time to get your website optimized. You are looking at least 3 months to complete it working 6-8 hours a day. That being said you can get all your basic information up in a few days, but the real selling merchant portion populated with product will take at least that long.

I paid extra for my site's optimization, backlinks, header and logo and the process took about another 3 months in year 3. It did appear to bring in more customers. My website was no genius as I did it myself, though it had brought in consistent income for 6 years. The only problem now is that Google changed its analytics and I need a real web developer to fix all this issues to put it back on track and have me up on Google Page 1 again. I would recommend StoresonlinePro for a simple working platform and follow their advice with building 6 websites. If you need help, shop around. Web developers can help optimize your site or have Stores do it. The choice is yours. Don't forget, the website cost is a business write-off and a big one! Use it wisely. Good Luck!

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Original review: May 14, 2014

My husband and I went to a presentation done by Stores Online in Fargo, North Dakota, in 2006. By the time the day was over, the presenters had done a wonderful job of convincing us - and many others there - that we could succeed at selling online (I did not even know how to turn a computer on at the time, mind you... but they told us that anyone could do it). So we ended up spending approximately $6,000 - which we didn't have and had to put on a credit card - to buy 6 websites. We then were instructed to set up a business entity to do business under, which cost us some money, and we had to pay some sort of monthly fee I believe, but I can't remember how much that was.

However, the biggest financial hit was what happened a couple months down the road... My husband and I were unable to figure out how to set any of our new sites up. I studied and tried to figure things out, but it just seemed too overwhelming to do. And then we got a call one day from someone we thought was with Stores Online, but it turned out they were some sort of "partner company" (I don't truly know if they were affiliated at all with Stores Online... they came across as if they were on the phone, but it may just have been another company they sold our information too... from what I have heard, though, they probably had some sort of business deal going). They offered to coach us weekly with site set-up and they also told us that they would fly us out to Salt Lake City for a 2 day conference, where we would get all the help we needed to get our first site up and running by the end of our time there.

We wanted so badly not to have wasted that initial $6,000 that we were desperate to do whatever we had to to get some help with these sites so we could start making the money they said we could make with them... So we ended up putting another $15,000 on a credit card for the weekly coaching calls and weekend retreat to Salt Lake City. They did put us up at a nice hotel, but most of the things they talked about went way over my head and we never did get a site built for us that weekend...or ever, for that matter. Long story short, we wasted over $21,000 on sites that were too complicated for us to set up and and on training that never really helped us do much of anything.

Since then, I have gone through foreclosure and filed bankruptcy due to excessive credit card debt. Stores Online and its partner training company were definitely the start of that credit card debt which just kept snowballing. I heard there was a class action lawsuit brought against the company a few years ago, and I guess I might be too late to recoup any money from them now. But if anyone knows of any other lawsuits against the company, I would be interested in learning more. By the way, I have never written an unfavorable review about any type of purchase I have made or any company I have dealt with in the past. But reading these reviews definitely brought back memories, and I would warn people that if they are ever considering doing business with Stores Online, DO NOT DO IT!!

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Original review: Feb. 22, 2014

I received a postcard from Stores Online. Its a company that sells ecommerce websites and training. They advertise seminars that are taking place all over the world and they invite you to come in, have some lunch, receive a free MP3 player and a netbook in which doesn't work right, and listen to their pitch on how they'll set you up with a profitable website. They are a very intimidating and pushy bunch and try and convince you that you need Stores Online if you want to have any shot at making money online.

After the presentation, you'll be forced to talk to a closer who will try and scare you to sign up on the spot with the company. He or she will promise you that the company will build a couple websites for you and help you maintain them. Total cost? $6,000 plus interest when financed and monthly fees for website maintenance went to one of these seminars for stores online on April 6th 2011. They talk about how wonderful the business is, in the seminar and all about the website, marketing, how to get to google page 1 in 3 days. What they don't tell you is the marketing cost extra.

I found all of this out after the fact of going to the seminar, hosting is $29.95 a month in which I paid for almost 3 years. I recently cancelled my hosting cost and ask if I would have access to the back end of the website and I was told it would cost me $10.00 a month to have access to the website. I have no documentation stating the cost of the hosting costs, and why pay $10.00 a month for a website that I already spent $6,000.00 for? I do see from research I have done on this company there a lot of complaints on them. Also they have a new name Crexendo.

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Original review: Jan. 26, 2014

In all honesty, I try to forget about the $5000.00 I got suckered out of me at the SOL seminar I attended in Madison, WI several years ago. I'm too embarrassed to even tell my friends and family I fell for something so stupid. I just handed over money that I didn't have and got nothing for it. The promises made and the need to decide and act quick were very high pressure. I think they they even plant sales people in the audience. The woman next to me kept talking about how wonderful it was and that her sister was making thousands each month off of her SOL site. She was going to sign up right away. I should have been warned because that woman was nowhere to be seen at the checkout with the rest of us idiots.

At the time I was a single mom looking for a way to supplement my income. My kids were creative and internet knowledgeable and I thought this would be a good way to involve them in business to earn money for college. That never happened. I was left with $5000.00 less to raise them - which I put on a credit card that led to a rapid decline in my credit rating that I had worked so hard to build and maintain for years.

I just happened upon these reviews and it brought back a lot of anger and frustration over SOL. I had forgotten about all the phone calls that I had at first politely listened to and then realized I was repeatedly being scammed for more money and stopped answering the phone. I hope to God that by my signing up for this review site I don't get more new scammer phone calls. In reading the other reviews I can see that most are well written by seemingly intelligent people that unfairly got ripped off just because they wanted to invest in a better life for themselves.

Why hasn't something been done about SOL? Do they have proof that anyone has actually profited from their sites? What can we do? Any way to start a class action suit? I could really use that money back. How can someone lie and just take people's money like that and not have a conscience????? It was a very expensive lesson.

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2013

I was contacted by mail in January of 2011 about this internet opportunity. Promised a netbook and MP3 player for attending a sales seminar, I did attend. At the meeting, we were told about ways to start an internet business that would be seen on the first page of Google. They promised to show us the techniques that would make ours the site the buyer would select first. They discussed the importance of Link Building and Google Rank. We were promised to be taught how to do this on our own. It was even offered that we could make a strong living charging others for the service of these new skills.

After further interacting with the Stores Online people, I was convinced and bought the program. They offered a monthly payment that I paid as I built a web site and followed the instructions they gave to become visible on Google. But, when it came time to contact SOL customer support as instructed to walk through the link building process, I had spent over three months building a College supplies online store that was very marketable. Only, now I was informed that I should pay another 750 dollars on top of the over 5000 dollars financed to have them link build for me. The fact is, I could have built a better site for almost nothing.

Now, the most important thing offered, training on Search Engine Optimization, was not delivered and I was expected to pay more. I called several times and it became clear that even the customer service people that we were told would walk us through link building did not know how. They simply referred to another part of SOL that did the link building for you. I did further research and discovered that the techniques that were used by SOL were, in fact about four years outdated and even their own customer service agent at one time informed me that they did not work. He suggested placing hot words in blogs. I received so much complicated, conflicting information that I could no longer continue my efforts. One thing that all agreed on was that if you used the wrong methods, your site would be negatively affected on search engines and never seen by a customer. After five months of hard work, I had to abandon my efforts and admit defeat.

They have now destroyed my credit and I am starting a suit against them in Massachusetts. This company is a scam and should be shut down by law enforcement. I directly contacted Samuel **, Supervisor at Store Online several times between June 2011 and September 2011. I told him of my issues and that I intended to contact the Mass AG office about the matter. He told me that he would talk to others and see if they could sever the relationship. Later, he said the answer was no. I never got around to contacting the AG office but now that this statement is in writing, I think I will.

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