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Ronco Showtime BBQ Rotisserie

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Last updated: May 22, 2017

54 Ronco Showtime BBQ Rotisserie Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: April 7, 2009

I bought 2 rotisserie ovens and was supposed to get a rebate on them. I mailed them in December and January. As of yet, I have not received them. I keep getting different excuses from them. I talked to them on 3/16/09 and was told they would forward my info to the corporate office because a new company took over. Now I'm being told my check was mailed on 2/28/09 by Caroline. One of the customer service reps I talked to just minutes before this told me I had to resubmit everything or I wasn't going to get my rebate. I don't believe either of them.

Original review: March 19, 2009

I ordered a Ronco Rotisseri in Oct 08 after watching tv. The total cost with shipping and handling was $261.79 The Packing slip date is 10/14/08. I received it on the 22. It was bent. I contacted Customer Service at 800-486-1806. From then on, I got a different story or run around, i.e. different instructions for returning the item such as a label will be sent to you in the mail and then later I was told that UPS will come by and pick the item up.) Each time speaking with persons from overseas that appears not to have up to date information. I had to inform them of the latest information.

Finally after getting it returned, one person would say the second item has been shipped and later on I find out it hasn't. So in mid Dec 08, I canceled it and asked for a complete refund. As of this date, Mar 18,2009, I have not received a refund. At some point I was told that another company was taking over Customer Service and I was given another number to call 800-769-3322.

Situation is no better. They new CS said they didn't have my order info and asked me to fax my order form to them at 818-253-3862. And that it would be faxed to corporate office. I faxed on Feb 4 and still no joy. They can't even verify the date they received it and sent it to the corporate office. They can't tell me whether the Corporate Office has received it but they say a refund will come but can't tell me when. I keep notes on all phone calls I make and what they tell me.

I have not received my rotisserie and don't want it now. And with the economy the way it is, I need my $261.79. Despite the economy, I paid my money for a product that I do not have and now, do not want.

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2009

we ordered rib basket,kabobs,and elastic strings...for our compact showtime rotisserie..realized we ordered accessories for wrong model. we tried to contact them by phone next number is no good..and the only other one we had to try...kept saying due to heavy volume...they could not take my call,,n try later........we tried all week...n finally gave up....

we emailed ronco...several times and get no replies. About three weeks later we get a post card..from some..FULILLMENT CA.Again no phone number.The post card..said we might get part of the March(rib basket) gave us the option to cancel our we did...and it will be mailed out feb 2/09.They took a $1.00 from our account in early january..i guess to see if the account was ok..........we will not order anything from..ronco again.........and it is not because of the is because..there is no customer one to talk too

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Original review: Jan. 31, 2009

we ordered rib basket,kabobs,and elastic strings...for our compact showtime rotisserie..realized we ordered accessories for wrong model. we tried to contact them by phone next number is no good..and the only other one we had to try...kept saying due to heavy volume...they could not take my call,,n try later........we tried all week...n finally gave up....we emailed ronco...several times and get no replies. About three weeks later we get a post card..from some..FULILLMENT CA.

Again no phone number.The post card..said we might get part of the March(rib basket) gave us the option to cancel our we did...and it will be mailed out feb 2/09.They took a $1.00 from our account in early january..i guess to see if the account was ok..........we will not order anything from..ronco again.........and it is not because of the is because..there is no customer one to talk too

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Original review: Jan. 21, 2009

just would like to add.......I've tried contacting Ronco agian since my last contact with Alex or David and their phone has henced been disconnected and no longer in service. But, after learning about all of the consumer complaints agianst Ronco dated way back since 1999. I am so disgusted.... I am so glad I've found this web site. I will NEVER do business with Ronco agian and will think twice about ordering ANY products from as seen on TV ...EVER AGIAN!!

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Original review: Jan. 20, 2009

November 5, 2007 I saw your commercial advertisement for the showtime rotisserie oven and thought perhaps, I would be making a really great investment, so I called the 800# and bought it. However, a few weeks later, I received a letter in the mail from Ronco letting me know there would be a delay in shipment due to a pre-tested or factory serviced oven confusion. They apologized for the confusion and provided me with an 800#. If I wanted to be reimbursed for a full refund all I had to do was call that number, and if not I could wait until the later shipment date for a factory serviced rotesserie oven.

ALthough, the time frame was not specified, I thought I would give these guys a chance, so I decided that I would wait. Well, after 3 months of waiting, I never received any oven. I did however, lonely rod. I began to feel rather skeptical, so I phoned Ronco. Spoke with David, CSR. I explained to him that I was notified in writing that the shipment would be delayed, and I am still waiting for the rotisseri oven I purchased back in Nov. David, CSR says, the oven was shipped to me. I explained to him, that I did not receive the oven. The only thing I did receive was the (1) rod.

By this point, I really just my money back, so I asked David for a full refund. David tells me that first, I would have to return the rod. Once, I ship this to him, call him back with the shipping tracking number,and he would refund my money. Well, 5 months passed, and I still have not heard from Ronco or received any refund. I phoned Ronco agian. This time I spoke with Alex, CSR. I explain to him what has taken place upto this point. He says, okay. He will send me a full refund. Now, it's been another 6 months (14 months total that I've dealing with Ronco) and I have never received my refund as promised. I am not happy.

I am anguished that Ronco, has first of all, taken advantage of me, and second, lied. I could go on and on about the way I feel. This is just not fair. I know $150 may not sound like a lot of money. But right now, the financial distress that my family is enduring. I really counted on this money to pay my utility bill, so that my children can have a warm home this winter.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2009

On a saturday morning 3am nov. 9 2008 ronco was advertising this rotissire mod.#3000 for 49.89 credit card frist payment and 4 payments of $19.99 a month are something like that were the total payment was $ nov. 20,08 they took $49.89 jan.02/09 they took $19.99.

today is 1/11/09 and they have been giving me the run around. it,s been shipped out a week ago. i have been calling often so they gave a nother#. they lied gave me another#. my order has been shipped out two wk,s ago. they gave me a nother# an said i have two contact the last 2 telephone numbers in order too cancel or get my refund and when u call a tape comes on and says due too high volume i have too call a nother day. this has been going on every since 1/02/09.

as of today i am call my credit card comp. to dispute this action. i am tired. PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MONEY BACK.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2008

My hubbie & I purchased a ronco set it and forget it item many years ago. it was wonderful and we finally wore it out (no problems). we purchased a second one and wore it out too. No problems. I wanted to buy one now (11/2008) but I am concerned that the previos quality is gone. Now I will have to investigate further. I bought one of those Flavor-Wave, etc. items and they are NOT what they claim to be. The ronco basting chickens, salmon and wings was incredible. oh well.

Original review: Nov. 20, 2008

I returned my Showtime Rotisserie in Mar or Apr 2008. it was on the recall list because of the cord. I was given the runaround on the phone, befor I even mailed it back. I have not received a replacement YET and when I call them on the phone, I am told that the line bizzy and to call later. I did and got the same thing. I have a feeling I will never see my rotisserie again. I loved the rotisserie, but I don't think I will ever buy another Ronco product again.

Original review: Sept. 30, 2008

I have been hosed by Ronco, I sent back my Showtime Rotisserie for a warranty issue on Oct 7, 2007 and I've been getting the same story since January of 2008. The sad thing about this is they continue their infomercials to sell their garbage.

I want my rotisserie back

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Original review: Aug. 10, 2008

I have purchase a rotisserie over a year. My rotisserie was broken, the timer did not end the cycle as it should, so the fire department had to break down my door to disconnect it because I had left. I sent it back to the said address for a replacement. Its been over 3 months since I`ve sent it and after numerous phone calls I am unable to get my rotisserie back.

I want to have the full payment refunded of what I have paid for the rotisserie.

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Original review: July 8, 2008

I had purchased a Showtime Rotisserie from Ronco several years ago and also purchased an extended warranty through them. In January 2008, I sent the rotisserie in for repair under the warranty (which i still had to pay $18 for shipping, not including my own cost of shipping to them). The rotisserie has now been with them for 6 month's! All that they sent back was the glass door for the front.

I call them every 2-3 weeks on the status and they continously tell me the shell is on backorder, but will be shipping out soon. Everytime i ask to talk to a manager, they tell me that the manager is unavailable and to call the headquaters. But when I call, all i get is a busy signal. To send an item in for repair (especially when your paying for it) and not get it back for over 6 months is completely ridiculous.

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Original review: July 2, 2008

We bought a Showtime Rotisserie from Ronco a few years ago. In September 2007 they had a Safety Recall because the cord can catch fire. We had noticed that the cord gets very hot so we were always sure that it wasn't resting on anything when the rotisserie was running. My husband called them about the recall and they said they would send us a shipping label and that we should send the rotisserie to them and they would send us out a new one. They recieved our rotisserie October 4th 2008.

My husband has called them every week or two since November of 2007 - it is now July of 2008 and we still do not have a rotisserie and they have taken to hanging up on us. He has remained calm on the phone but is completely fed up at this point. They constantly tell us that it is out of stock or it will be shipping at the end of the week or they are so sorry they don't know why the last person said or did this or that. At this point I feel like they have stolen OUR property and I can't believe this company is still in business.

I JUST WANT MY ROTISSERIE BACK! We used it all the time! Why isn't anybody doing anything to this company and why does the Better Businees Bureau say they licensed them last year even though they have hundreds of complaints against them?

We paid for the rotisserie and have spoken to them at least 30 times with every phone call and name documented. We have tried going to 'the front door' so to speak and every back door we could find. We even tried Ron P.'s wife's website. NO response. AND others are right - good luck finding an address. Every one we speak to is in a foreign country at a call center! Why isn't there a class action lawsuit against a company that issues a Safety Recall and then never replaces the product after they said they would?

We are obviously out the $160.00 dollars we spent on the rotisserie plus the time and energy we have spent on the phone with them over the last 10 months.

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Original review: Feb. 26, 2007

On January 5, 2007 I ordered the large knife set from the informcial on television. I have been charged for this and and a set of large scissors that I did not order. My total bill so far is $124.07. I have not received anything. I was told it would be 2 weeks. I then received an e-mail that it would be 4 to 6 weeks. I was put on hold when I called to ask about the scissors. They left me on hold for 35 minutes and I was disconnected. I called back, and they said they had no record of my calling, asked me to hold, and I was finally disconnected again.

Original review: May 2, 2006

Watched an infommercial on March 9 early morning ordered the Ronco Sixtime show knives for 61.69 via electronic check. March 14 charge of 70.19 was done from Popeil aka Ronco called that day March 14 asked for supervisor rep put me on hold and was told they could not do nothing because I did not get the person's name when I first called. And was told the package was being delivered that day.

Weeks went by. May 2, 2006 called to see where package was still in the warehouse because they could not ship to a PO BOX. Gave them another address and am now waiting again for the package Fedex ground/Express.

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Original review: April 14, 2006

On March 8,2006, I called 818-772-6450 and ordered Kebob rods for my Showtime rotisserie. My credit card was charged on March 10, 2006. I was told that they would ship in two weeks. On April 1, I called to check the status of my order and was told 'they are on backorder'. On April 14, I called back and was told they are still on backorder and should be in by the end of April. Had I looked on this site first, I would never have ordered from them. How can a business take your money and not produce the goods?

Original review: March 1, 2006

A major component of the stand on my Ronco Pro Rotissiere Oven broke, causing hot grease to spill onto curtains and windowsill.

I tired to call Ronco to order the plastic part, which joins the upper and lower legs. The people answering the phones opined that Ronco will only sell an entire stand assembly ($25). Since the metal tubing which constitutes a majority of the stand is fine, I really don't need a whole stand, but if I want to use the oven I am stuck.

I would not buy another of their products.

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Original review: March 1, 2006

I ordered a Ronco rotisserie for a family member in the fall of 06. And inbetween two brain operations for a malignant cancer tumor, I received a couple of real small checks in the mail that mistakenly took for a rebate. In my current condition I did not read thr real fine print. By cashing those checks, I was signing up for something I did not want ( like home protection) I don't even own a home! As a resut of all this they started taking monthly payments out of my debit card account, which I stupidly didn't notice. I think they could only have gotten that card # from Ronco. Of course I can't get thru to them!

Original review: Dec. 18, 2005

In a period of one year, we purchased 3 Showtime Rotisseries. The first one the oven door handles cracked and broke off, we had the handles repaired at an automotive shop as the Ronco people would not respond to our complaints or emails. The second one was given as a gift, so far, so good, not used much by the 70 year old Mother. The third one is used maybe 3 times a year. I just did a beautiful Prime Rib in it a few minutes ago. BUT, I now have the timer knob laying on my counter as it broke off for some reason. A few months ago the steamer tray cracked, it had plenty of water in it and there was no reason to do so. Customer Service at Ronco does not happen, none of us should waste our time trying to contact them.

Their product is wonderful, just poorly made, I will miss my Ronco, no more for me, 3 is enough, now I am just waiting for my mother~in~law to tell me what is wrong with her's.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2005

I ordered some Ronco Showttime knives advertised on TV last December. As a result, I keep getting letters to join different shopping clubs, which I have never responded to. They charged my Discover card anyway with 2 of these clubs: Shoppers Advantage (800-526-4848)and Complete Home (800-636-2379)in Sept. I got these phone numbers off my Discover bill.

I called and told them I had not joined, had never received anything from them, including a membership number, which they kept asking me for and told them to remove the charges. They agreed to remove them on my October bill, which they did. Then lo and behold! the fools recharged me again on the same bill they had removed the charges from. They are relative companies (which I discovered from our phone conversation) and I believe they are all under the Ronco umbrella. Today I recived a promotional from yet another company which claimed to be Ronco-related whose name is Consumer Profile 2005 Elite Excursions.

This is driving me nuts because Ronco has my credit card number and apparently they are doing with it whatever they choose. Ronco is very crafty. I cannot find their address online anywhere. It didn't appear on anything when I received the knives. The knives were wonderful. That is not my complaint. But it's been a nightmare ever since.

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Original review: April 7, 2005

Copy of e-mail sent to the Company: :As it has been far too many weeks since placing this order, following my several telephone calls and e-mails, I would like confirmation that this order has indeed been cancelled. I have put a stop on it with my Credit Card company who are no doubt in touch with your accounts people. As I mention every time I was in contact with your company, I left the address on the order last week, which was 8/9 weeks after the order date.

I have also yet to receive an apology for this shocking service, as well as an explanation as to why the order is still showing as sitting in your warehouse, which according to your website is actually in Ontario. Quote - "All Canadian deliveries are shipped from our Canadian fulfillment center located in Ontario.". It also says, quote - "While we strive to deliver all orders as quickly as possible, we ask all customers to allow up to 4-6 weeks for delivery even though an order may be delivered in quicker time. Once an order is placed into our database, it takes time to process in fulfillment and ship out. If after 6 weeks, you have not received your order, please contact our customer service department at (800) 486-1806." I did this and received no help or explanation. With regard to your back order policy as stated on your website, quote - "the customer will not be charged for a backordered item until it is available for shipment"

I was charged twice! Samuel Popeil would turn in his grave to hear of such a dire level of service.

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2004

I ordered a set of steak knives online, bought, paid for and received them. No problems untill a month later I noticed that they had taken an extra $13 out of my account. Now another month later, they did it again. I purchased the knives in full when I ordered them and they are taking money out of my account at there own will. I called them and they stated that there was nothing I could do. I had to cancel my credit card to avoid more fraudulant charges.

Original review: March 2, 2004

I received the rotisserie three years ago, but there is a design flaw. The side rails that hold the glass door are made of plastic and they crack and break away from holding the weight of the termal glass door. From having read the other complaints I don't envision getting a resolution readily. I am writing this to warn other prospective buyers that the product is flawed and causes it to ultimately to become useless. You cannot cook in a rotisserie if it has no glass.

Original review: Oct. 17, 2002

Ordered Ronco Showtime Rotisserie from an infomercial on August 15, 2002 with credit card. Was billed August 18, 2002 for over $200 ( I order the BBQ plus an accessory pack). Was told by the CSR that it would be delivered in 10-21 days. That time came and went and no BBQ. Called Ronco back the 1st week in September. Was told that it would take 6-8 weeks for delivery. Called Ronco back on September 25, was told that there was a problem with my address and the BBQ was returned to them. I verified the address and it was correct and told them that I had ordered several things before that was shipped by UPS and had no problems. They told me that they would ship a BBQ out by Fed-Ex and I would receive it in 7-10 days. Called Ronco again the 1st week of October and was told that they were taking inventory and they would ship a BBQ out by Fed-Ex and would receive it in 7-10 days. I still have not received the Rotisserie BBQ, but I have been billed for it.

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