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Received a scam phone call from 202-800-8381. Gentleman left voicemail with generic greeting, then said that he was calling regarding a very important tax matter and that if I did not call him back, "they" (insinuating government) would come and arrest me and I'd have to appear before a federal magistrate. Upon searching the phone number, I have found that many others have received this same scam phone call and the gentleman/organization is looking for wired money.

Got a call from 347-708-1642 claiming that they are from US Grants department and I won a $7000 grant. Also gave me a code MA7202, which will send to Walmart Moneygram or into my account. They told me to call (347) 688-2992. I called and another guy with a US accent answered and wanted me to put $250 on an iTunes card in order to receive the grant and was asking me to go to Walmart and will complete the process in 30 minutes. I refused him as I knew that it's a SCAM!!!

I got a call from 206-466-7113 Cellphone,WA. He said his name was Michael. He had what I thought an Asian accent. He then went through a very convincing routine about how I had been selected to receive $7000 in grant money from the government. He gave me another number to call and speak with at the end of our conversation to Acct.Mgr Irene (646-389-1916) to activate my money transfer which would be available in 15 to 30 minutes. He asked if I had any questions and I did. I asked him if it was a scam and of course he said "no". I called the number and a woman stated her name as Irene Watson who by the way had a very heavy accent as well.

By this time I was on the internet checking on this recent scam call I was receiving. Irene wanted me to go to CVS, 7-11 and I forget the last option within 10 minutes and buy something for $200+ dollars. I stopped listening. Scam!!! The most disturbing part of these calls were that they had all my info. These people mentioned Homeland Security and all types of government entities in their scam. The "real" government officials should stop these crooks and protect US citizens from wolves like these.

I received a call today from (315) 675-0000, @ 12:17pm. A female said she was with the Federal Government and I was chosen to receive a $9000 federal pell grant. She gave me a code (**) and told me to call the Federal Government @ (315) 544-1181 speak to Alfred ** and give him the code! I called knowing it was a scam. So Alfred answers and asks for code, tells me in order for them to send the money they need me to go buy a iTunes gift card add $220 and call him back. I asked him if thought all Americans were that stupid. He says "yes, you are a stupid b!!" And we had words, not very nice. I hung up. A blocked number calls so I answer. He was coughing and gasping and saying "Give me W-A-T-E-R"! I told him I hope he choked and died. Hung up. He calls back. Same blocked number!!! I answer and he says, "I NEED... WA WA WATER!!" I hung up again!!

I got this call too today. I wasn't born yesterday and know the US Government doesn't give away money, and if they did, a man with a heavy accent wouldn't be telling me about it. I played along for a while and he gave me 3 choice of how I would get the money. I would have to give him my banking info (haha), my credit card # (right!, or get the money by Western Union. He got annoyed when I told him to send me a check. So I played along and chose Western Union. He gave me a # to call - 202-643-9049. I didn't. I googled the scam and found out that it's big and wide.

A lady with a heavy Indian accent called me. I told her that I had reported them and I knew it was a scam. That's when she got mad and said that I was not to use that kind of language (not sure what that was about, I was calm and never curse). She said "we know who you are and where you live and I'd be careful if I were you." I said that didn't change the fact that it was a scam and the US government isn't a lottery and give money away. She hung up on me. But it left me with a really bad taste in my mouth. She was wayyy more threatening than necessary to run a scam. It felt very sinister to call and threaten in that way. Somebody needs to look into this. I know some people will react to threats and probably send money. At first it was just silly... but her tone and words changed it a bit for me. They need to be stopped.

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My roommate was called by a private number. The person had a FAKE heavy accent and knew their name and address. He then said he was qualified for a grant because he fell within a specific category. He gave my roommate the option to pick up this money at CVS or Walmart, said to call this number 202-643-5518 and give them the I.D number he provided us. Obviously we knew it was a scam so I googled the Area Code 202 which is Washington.

When we called the number it said "Please leave your name after the beep and Google will try to contact," BLAH BLAH. It was an un-understandable name. I have had a similar call before that just left me a voicemail saying "please call the following number." Both times it took me to a recording that asked me to leave my name. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR NAME. I am convinced they are wanting your greeting name so that they can use it for something else.

SCAM!!! Our United States Government does not "give" grant money by telephone, Western Union or money gram. Grant monies are applied for with a lot of paperwork and personal appointments in a federal building. I, too, have been solicited more than once to pay a fee to some type of gift card or service to obtain my $9200.00. Gosh, I may be blonde, but I have a brain. Do not pay for any grant monies. Do not allow your elderly parents or children return that phone call. It is a shame what dishonest people will do to cheat us. Phone numbers are incomplete, erroneous or obviously re-routed.

Got a call a few minutes ago stating from a man with a heavy accent stating that we were going to be awarded a grant. Since we've gotten these calls before, we already knew it was a scam. I asked him if he believed we were stupid, he said yes, he did believe that we are stupid, then began stating a variety of profanities. Hung up and he called back continuing on with the profanities. He called a third time and we let it go to the answering machine, where he left a long vulgar voicemail. Didn't think we could get any more disappointed in these Indian call centers.

Nasty little people with heavy Indians accents called me claiming that I won a $9000 grant. They told me to call (360) 591-7171. I called and another lady with a heavy Indian accent answered and wanted me to put $250 on an iTunes card in order to receive the grant. When I refused she got upset and said "** you", and hung up the phone.

The gentleman with a very heavy accent called congratulated me for being chosen in Memphis TN to receive a $9000 grant. I was chosen because I was in good standing with the IRS and no bankruptcy. It was creepy he knew my full name and address. I gave him a false age when he asked my age. He gave me 3 options to get the money. Western Union listing the stores near me, or prepaid credit card or my personal banking account. "You must have this code "PM8729" and call Zack ** at ** before heading to Western Union. Repeat the code and number to me." I knew it was a scam but wanted to provide details to prove it. When you need money, something for nothing sounds mighty good even if you can't understand all the words coming out of his mouth!!!

I just received a phone call from 206-629-6017 and 202-124-2859 saying I just got a grant from the U.S. Government for 7000.00. They told me to drive to CVS or Walmart and claim my money. They gave me a code to give to Walmart and I didn't do it.

I received a call today on my cellphone that appeared as 1-111-111-1111. It was a woman with a very thick ** accent telling me that I am receiving a Federal Grant for $8,500 that would never have to be paid back. I just kept saying "OK" to see where she was going with this. She gave me a confirmation number and gave me a phone number to call to claim my money. The phone number she gave me was 202-683-9664. She told me to call and talk to my account manager. I immediately knew it was a scam but was curious to see what would happen if I called the number. I called and it rang and rang and rang and eventually a voicemail saying "The Google subscriber you are trying to reach..." It's not even a business line. If anyone gets a call like this just hang up on them. I don't like that the woman had all of my contact information though... that's sketchy.

I received a call as well. I almost fell for it but it just didn't sit well and as they transferred me to what they called was a highly important officer. The original number called back and I told this officer they were calling back and he said not to answer any of the calls so I entertained it for a few till I said "So are you mailing my check then?" He said "No I would have to give my bank account number." I laughed and he said something funny honey... Then he said we could be friends if I would just talk to him for a little longer. I told him "No thank you" and hung up. The number continued to call me for a good 20 min after... I knew it was a scam when I mentioned scam and he got flustered. Don't fall for it.

I am very gullible and almost fell for this. I was told I was selected to get a $9000 grant from the federal reserve bank from our government. I kept asking him if it was a scam and I told him that I found it on the internet that it said it was a scam and he said to go to and see for myself that it wasn't. I was starting to believe him and then I googled, "Is a scam" and this came up. I read almost exactly what the guy was saying and he was from Australia or something and you could hear a bunch of people in the background too!

Then he said I just need $300 from you but you will get it back. That's when I said I know this is a scam so have a nice day. I wish I had said you ought to be ashamed of yourself taking advantage of people who work for a living and still struggle. The thought of $9000 free dollars went to my head but it is exactly what one comment said, "IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT IS!!!"

I received call from 206 454 1212 Jason with Indian accent. They want a apple voucher for $250 to grant me $9950. Scam scam scam. Transfer me at some other guy with accent of course and to call them back to 206 451 8263 to talk to Sean **. Try to convince me that this is real.

I keep getting calls on my cell phone from 000-000-0000. I finally answered today and a lady with a very heavy Indian/Pakistani accent told me I was one of 1900 people in my area who qualified for a federal government grant in the amount of $6,700.00 to use on upgrading my home or education. (Really?) She was very difficult to understand, but I asked her to verify that the U.S. Federal Government was issuing this grant? She said yes and that she works in the survey department.

I told her that the federal government doesn't offer grants over the phone and definitely doesn't transact business over the phone. She insisted again that she was from the federal government and that I needed to call 561-927-7463 and speak to another person (a ??? officer). Couldn't make out the first word and he would issue me the funds. She then told me that if I don't get through on that number to call 914-294-3596 to reach this person. She gave me a grant ID to give to the person I would be calling to verify I was eligible for the grant. Obviously this is a scam -- please don't fall for it!!!

Just got a call from 206-538-5100 stating he is calling from the US Government Grant and I qualify for $7K in grant because I have not filed bankruptcy and no criminal record. He verify my name which was correct and my address which was correct, then gave me a incorrect zip. I agreed that the zip was correct and then ask my age, gave him incorrect age. He proceeded with a confirmation # CR120 and that I needed to hang up and call 315-755-5518 to speak with financial officer to get my money. I called his # back and it's disconnected. WOW.

So I received a phone call from a 202 area code number from a lady named Clara with a very heavy accent (in which I could barely understand) claiming I was selected to receive a 9000 grant from the federal government. I asked where she was calling from and she stated repeatedly the federal government in the grant treasury department. Ummm didn't know that was even named a department so I went with it. She said I never filed bankruptcy and had no criminal history so I was selected. I asked her "How do I know it's true?" She continued to say she was from the federal government and I was on a recorded line. She gave me three options in which I could receive the money. I told her since I didn't know it was real there was no way I was giving her my bank account. She said "Ok Western Union it is." She gave me a confirmation number and an additional phone number to call and they will confirm it. So I took it down and she hung up.

Instead of calling the number I googled federal government grants and was directed here and found hundreds of reviews with the exact number I was called from and given to call back. So I laughed and went about my day. An hour later Clara called me back asking why I haven't called the number she gave to me. I informed her that I knew it was a scam and I wasn't going to fall for it. She stated she's from the federal government and it is not a scam. So I told her I found a website dedicated to their phone numbers and scams. She asked me to verify it. I told her look it up.

She proceeds to tell me she is from the federal government and doesn't know what I'm talking about. I told her it's **. She questioned "**" I said "Yes. Answer me this - how is the US government going to have someone work for them that can barely speak English?" She put her mouth straight to the mouth piece and said "** you". I said it back and she hung up. I called the number back and it is disconnected. I filed a complaint with the real federal government. I don't care if they don't follow up. However I wanted to share the way these scammers get by. It's almost scary that these people have our contact info. Please be aware and don't fall for the trap!!!

I received a phone call today from a man named Michael who said he works for the United States Government. He said I was randomly selected from a group of little over 1000 NC citizens to receive $7000 due to being in good standing with the IRS. I immediately thought this was weird considering the ironic fact that I just got finish dealing with the IRS as of last week that had my tax information wrong, and thought I didn't pay my proper taxes. Having a degree in Business and managing my tax returns myself I knew that was wrong but back on topic of Michael allegedly working for the US Government. He sounded very convincing, had my full name, phone number and address correct. Then ask how I'll like receive my payment, which I stated my debit bank card. He then gave me a confirmation number and a number call to finalize getting my so call free grant funds.

I call the number and now I'm conversing with a female who doesn't have a noticeable accent at all (Michael had an Indian Accent) who told me receive my funds that I got buy an iTunes Gift Card for $217.00. Once they verify that I'll get to keep both the ITunes gift card and receive my grant money. Up until I converse with this woman, this was by far one of the most clever scams I've experienced! If this really is the United States government, me verifying my name and address should've suffice, if not I can see them asking for my social but not to make a store purchase.

Even if they was require a store purchase of a specific item why the amount is so high as opposed to a $5 or $10 iTunes gift card. Furthermore she also made the mistake by saying I can purchase the card in cash at the store. If I purchase the card in cash how can you verify that I was the one who purchased said card? If they needed verify my account was active and mine they could've put in deposit in my account for of something small and random such as $1.30 and ask me verify the deposit amount, not ask me to purchase an iTunes card with the option of spending cash. I hope nobody ends up falling for this scam like I almost did.

I just received the call regarding a grant due to being a loyal citizen. The guy on the phone had a heavy accent. I felt it wasn't right. I was told to call another number and speak with their accountant to collect the money. After hanging up, I called the number back but obviously a number was missing. I didn't pursue it. It is a scam. Do not give anyone your bank account information! The government doesn't give grants and ask you to pay in order to receive them! Scam!

Got a call from someone claiming to be from IRS and that I was awarded $9,000.00. Lucky for me, I am sitting right in front of a computer, and while this person is speaking, I'm checking. Found out a few things that may be helpful if others get these kind of calls. IRS NEVER CALLS ANYONE!!! THEY SEND NOTICES. IRS does not issue grants for any reason!!! Most of the operators have middle eastern accents, and they should at least be one first language speaking individual.

My daughter received a call from 202-558-4745 79 (first of all, weird phone number), but came up as Washington, DC. The person told her that she had been selected as one of 1700 people to receive a $7000 grant because she had no criminal history, had always filed her taxes on time, and paid her bills on time. This was a grant being sent to her for her personal use - as long as not used for anything illegal. She was given a moneygram identification number of NP8993 and told to call 253-220-9950. She immediately called me to tell me about it and ask if it could be real. I checked into it and found all of these other reviews with almost the exact same story. SCAM! Such a shame, too, because she could really use that money for school.

Today I got yet another call from 202-047-6101. They said I was selected for free money. I have gotten many calls over the past few days and just ignored them. But I am so angry that these people keep calling. If I tell one caller to remove me from his list, a few hours later, I'm getting someone else calling. I am going to keep putting all the numbers that I get from these people until they stop. I have even changed my number and somehow they found me. So annoying.

I had been getting phone calls from a restricted number. I haven't been answering, curiosity got the best of me... so I answered. A man on the other end I could barely understand asked to speak to "Rhonda". I asked what are selling. As it was very loud on his end, I told him I couldn't hardly hear him, that he must be calling from a call center. He agreed he was. Said he was calling from Washington DC. But the voice wasn't American, so I asked again, "Where are you from". His reply was he was in Washington DC. Very ridiculously loud on his end. I made him repeat a lot of what he said because he was clearly not American. He said my name and number was chosen to receive a $7,000.00 grant because I paid taxes on time, and I have a criminal record... WHAT!

There were 1,500 people in my area that also had been chosen for same reason, same amount of money. He gave me a "grant confirmation" number and a number to call as soon as I hung up. First he wanted to know how I wanted the money delivered to me. Money gram, western union, direct deposit (I think he said), I chose moneygram at wal-mart.

First of all ain't nobody talk like they from the other side of the world gonna be calling from Washington DC about a grant. I was to immediately call 202-455-5679 and give them the grant confirmation #. Without it I would get my cash in my hands. If it was busy call back, a lot of people were calling to get their grant money... I bet. But he knew my name, my address phone number and zip code. For grins and giggles, I called the 202 #. It was busy. I left my name and said I had a grant confirmation #. I hope they call back so I can let them go through a spiel and give him a closed bank account #... So when he says it's closed, I can tell him he is too... Scammer not gonna get me!

I received a call from Washington DC. Usually I don't answer unknown calls but I have family there and maybe they changed numbers. There was a foreign lady that couldn't say my name correctly. She explained that I was chosen to receive a $9000 grant for being a loyal citizen and paying bills on time. After verifying my information she said I had 3 ways to receive the money, direct deposit to checking or savings, prepaid gift card or Western Union. I wasn't giving my personal info out so I chose Western Union. She gave me a code and a number to call back to speak to the senior account manager that's in charge of the transfers.

I called him back and his name was Ramon ** and he was also with a foreign accent. He said in order to get the money transferred I needed to go to the closest CVS or Walgreens and buy a $250 iTunes card and call him back. He will then have to make an appointment for me to go to the Western Union and receive the initial 9000 plus the 250 that I just spent. But under no circumstances am I to tell anyone about this grant and how I got it. It didn't feel right to me so I called Western Union and asked if they have had anyone coming in to do transfers using gift card numbers. The young lady was great and verified my suspicion. Needless to say I didn't pursue any further. Be careful. You may get the next call.

I keep getting the same calls every day. Today I got offering 9600 dollar grant for being a good citizen. Blah blah blah... They are so stupid. I told them to wait, that I was walking to walgreens with $200 to buy itunes card to register to federal reserve Bank. They have an indian accent. I asked the guy where he was, he said WA, he said his name was Michael. I knew it was a scam but I went along and listen to his instructions. ** this idiots.

I received a call from Russel ** a verification officer of the US Federal Grant Dept. saying I was randomly selected to receive an over $9000 grant since I was a good citizen & paid my bills & taxes on time. He said I could not use it for anything illegal or it would be taken back. He said I had 3 ways to claim it, by electronic transfer, MoneyGram or cash. I said MoneyGram. He told me to call 206-745-0821 to see how to claim the funds. This was the same number he called from. So I called & Sarah answered the phone. She knew my name & complete address already.

She said go to Walgreens to claim the grant. But I needed to deposit $250 on a gift card first but said the $250 would be refunded when I get the grant. She said I had to call her back when I got to Walgreens to get my grant. All of this is a scam. You don't pay for grants, you apply for them. Plus she said I had to go online & register & give the gift card number. She told me my grant approval number was **. Really. It's that easy to get a grant these days. None of these made sense. You don't pay for grants. All of them had an Indian & Pakistani accent. It's a scam!!

I had a number of missed calls from (315) 330-0055. I normally don't answer numbers I do not recognize. Being they called so much, I called the number back and it said it was out of service. Then they called me again from same number so I answered. They claim to be the US government, giving me a loyalty grant of 9,000. Hahaha. To get it I have to call (518)889-9667 Marco and give them my money approval number. IF THIS HAPPENS call 1-888-382-1222 or go to to file a complaint. If you gave away your bank info (derp) call 1-877-382-4357. LOL. THAT'S THE REAL GOVERNMENT. To file a grant through the US government is a ton of stipulations. If it's too good to be true, it is.

The man calling me claimed I had a Government Grant coming to me worth $14,500 plus dollars for being a good citizen and doing nothing illegal. He kept stressing this money was mine to keep as long as I didn't do anything illegal with it. Or they would "take it back." The whole thing sounded very fishy to me, but when he gave me a Seattle, WA address and phone number then proceeded to demand a VISA card number (debit card) I wasn't giving him the information and he plans to call back in ten minutes. I took the time to find this site and it sounds very similar to all the other experiences on here. He sounded like he was calling from a calling center in the Philippines, honestly.

So I received another call from someone claiming to work for the government saying due to the fact that I was a good citizen with no felonies I am granted $9000. The man sounded Indian just like the past men that called me about this. He asked me how I wanted to receive my money with a choice of receiving it via Walmart, Western Union or MoneyGram. I told him MoneyGram just to humor him because I have no intention of making the second call because I already know that they are going to ask me to pay some money to receive the 9K since that was the process before. The number he called me was a private number so that already proved to me that something wasn't right. And the number he gave me to call is 206-866-0398. I wasn't entirely sure if this was a scam or not until I looked it up on Google and found this site with all these other reviews.