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I was online with Wes ** for a week. During this time I complied with paying for Certification and UPS shipping, IRS, following an "apparent UPS delivery accident", an SBG release, and a 2nd UPS shipping for a total of $12,500.00. I am now being pressed for a payment of $10,000.00, that I am not going to pay. I have been "guaranteed" shipment of my money package of $150,000 that is now increased to $200,000, for each of my 4 payment, with no shipment being made. Walmart will no longer transfer "Money Grams" to these people, having identified them as SCAM artists.

I received a call from a apparently the 'Federal Govt. Grant Department' telling me that I have been chosen for a $9000 grant. I asked "why me?" and the person replied saying "you have been an exemplary tax paying citizen and your name is part of a lucky draw conducted in December last year." When I asked what is needed from me, I was told I just have to call a number and tell them my confirmation code. I told him something doesn't seem right since I wasn't in the country last December and the person started off with "listen to me lady" in a very aggressive tone. I told him "you don't have to be rude" and hung up. His accent was extremely fake. I googled after the call to realize this is a scam running for a few years now. I hope something is done to close down such businesses soon.

It started about 3 months I kept getting calls from random US States they would call 5-10 times, and never leave a message. Then they started calling from blocked or unknown numbers several times a day starting at 8:00 am and continue until 11:00 pm. Then they started calling from numbers with a 000 area code, which I knew to be a call center. I finally answered a call, told them to remove me from their call list, but they continued to call even more. I am on the do not call list (have been for a while now), and yet I still receive multiple calls a day. Today alone at 4:00 pm I am at 24 missed calls from them. From the get go I knew it was a scam. The government was not offering me $30,000 in grant money, but now I am more annoyed at the fact they constantly keep calling me.

So today I received a phone call out of nowhere by a lady with an Indian accent. She told me that I qualified for a federal grant for up to $9,000 because I paid my taxes and had no criminal background. COME AGAIN... that's when I knew it was some bs. I HAVE A CRIMINAL HISTORY but I'ma let you keep wasting your time. So she gave me a reference number then gave me a 202-643-1078 number to speak to someone so I could receive my "free grant"????

I called the number and the guy picked up the phone... didn't say his name or the business that I was calling. Very unprofessional. He too had an Indian accent. Anyway he started to go on and on about how and why I qualified for the grant but he kept telling me the same thing over and over. He asked for my bank account info, which I wasn't gonna release... then told me he could wire me the money via money gram or western union. He then asked me if there was a CVS or Walgreens near my residence but in order for me to receive the money I had to complete a registration process... which he told me I had to come out of my own pocket to pay for $250.

So now I'm really sitting here thinking if you're gonna wire money from the govt, why would they have people pay for a processing fee instead of taking it out of the $9,000 but I'ma keep playing along. When I told him I didn't have that type of money on me at the time, he then began to ask me how much did I have. When I told him nothing he actually hung the phone up on me. So me being the person I am I googled the number to federal complaint line for people who are scamming individuals like me out of their hard earned money. 1-877-332-4357. I want everyone to know this is not real. DON'T GIVE YOUR HOPES UP AS WELL AS YOUR MONEY BEFORE YOU DO YOUR INVESTIGATION FIRST.

I received a phone call from 202-122-5463 twice today. The guy with a Indian accent said that he was calling from the Finance department of the Federal Government. He told me that I have been selected for the grant of $6700 from the government. He gave me verify number and told me to call a phone number that start with 626 in order to receive the money in 15-20 mins. I told him that I don't understand why I can receive that amount of money and he was laughing on the phone and said, "Miss, As I said you have been selected, all you need to do is to call that number and they will explain more to you."

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I just received my second call from these people. The first time they called, I asked them so many annoying questions that they promised to call back in an hour and then changed their phone number. This time I decided to have some fun with them. These are the people others on this forum have described: thick Indian accents, sometimes a male caller and sometimes a woman, calling from a 202 area code. The first time they contacted me the number was actually 253-741-1124. Once they realize you are on to them, they will immediately change the number. Maybe they are using prepaid cell phones.

They claimed to be with the federal government. The first caller just vaguely told me he was "from the Federal government," no kidding. The second caller, a woman this time, told me she was from the "Federal Grants Department." Ok, I told them, so if you're with the government, you should have a government website where I can apply for my wonderful grant! They directed me to, both times. "Why isn't it a .gov website?" I asked both times. They seemed not to know what I was talking about. "You're with the federal government, your website should end with .gov, not .com."

I managed to keep this lady on the line for four minutes, asking her to repeat things, interrupting her and then letting her speak and then interrupting again, and asking for strenuous detail on every point. We never even got to the part where she starts fishing for my personal info, which I regret because I put her on hold to answer an incoming call. Guess I got cocky but I really wanted to test the limits of their patience. I managed to get quite a rise out of this person before the call ended.

I am saving every phone number they contact me from, as well as the others I have found on this forum, though this is probably useless. As I said, they make it impossible to contact them again once they realize you aren't a sucker. But I have yanked their chain twice and still got a call back. I sincerely hope to hear from these vultures again.

Please, people, if they contact you again, please do whatever you can to waste their time and infuriate them. Every unpleasant encounter they suffer is a justice. Every time they must disconnect a number and use another, it likely costs them time, effort and resources. I have a few tips from my own experience and research:

If you tell them you are at work and ask to call them back, it seems they might keep that number active for you to reach them again. Just don't give any indication of skepticism. I haven't tried this myself, but other users on this site claim they have. Doing this may provide an opportunity to go to the authorities or find out more about the number they are using. The FBI might be a good place to go.

Ask for details about this supposed grant. Anything you can think of. Is there a place online where you can read details about this specific program? What program funds this grant? Is there a way to process this application electronically instead of over the phone? Who is the grant supervisor? Can you find this grant on social media? Ask them as many questions as you possibly can, not only to waste their time but learn as much as you can about their responses. Watch them get frustrated and lose patience with you.

Be aware of where your information is. These scammers must have gotten my personal information online. They knew my full name, address, phone number, and social security number. These calls came recently after I had posted my information on job search sites like and From what I could see the sites I was using were not related to scams, but I had uploaded my resume to several sites. I wish I had been more careful about keeping track of where I had sent that information. Doing so may aid any future investigation by authorities if such a route is traveled, as well as warning fellow consumers away from potentially vulnerable sites. If I hear from these people again, I intend to keep them on the phone as long as possible, attempt to learn as much about them as I possibly can and then contact authorities. I urge you to do the same.

I was contacted a couple days ago about a government grant and since I was such a good citizen that I would receive $9,000.00. I was told to call another number and give a confirmation code. I thought yeah right. So I never called. Now today I get another call claiming that I lost out on the $9,000.00, but I still qualified for a $7,000.00 grant and same thing. I needed to call a phone number and give confirmation code. So instead of calling right away, I googled Govt Scams just to see what this was all about. Once I found what I was looking for, which is that you have to purchase iTunes card for $250.00, I knew I had the right one. So I let this person talk on and on about how I can use the money etc. When he got to the part about iTunes, I asked him, how does paying for an iTunes card in the amount of $250.00 give me access to 7,000.00? I get the same old story "We work for the government and we need to make sure that you are a US citizen."

I then informed him that he should be ashamed of himself and that taking advantage of people who don't know any better. Please be aware of these scams and not let yourself get taken in trying to get a lump sum of money that you will never receive. These scammers are terrible preying on people who need money and willing to sacrifice the little they have to get more. I don't have the first number that I was contacted from but this is the second 207.223.6716 and the number that I was told to call is 202.810.5493 with confirmation no **.

I have been called multiple times daily by persons claiming I have been selected to receive a $9,000 grant. I have been chosen because I have no criminal record and have not filed bankruptcy in the last six months. The number is a 202 area code and they gave me an 800-408-0517 number to verify this with a manager. All the calls were from persons with Indian accents. Obviously a scam but I would hope to prevent vulnerable individuals from falling prey to these persons.

I received call from 201-362-0000 claiming I was chosen to receive $9000.00 grant to use however I wanted. They had my address which is temporary. Told me to call 206-451-5019 and set up how I would receive bank wire. Walmart or CVS gift card, moneygram. Of course I did not call. Everyone knows our government does not call you to just give you money! So be careful!!

I received a call this morning from Washington D. C.- 202-248-9523. A woman with a very thick Indian accent said I had been randomly chosen to receive a $9000 grant from the Federal Govt. Wow! I was one chosen among 1500 people from this area. Woweee! I was chosen because I paid my taxes on time, paid my bills on time, had no criminal record & haven't filed bankruptcy in the past 6 months! Yay for me! Ok, after questioning her, she did seem to answer them quickly & with confidence. She next asked me how I wanted the money deposited. I could either give her my bank acct info or credit/debit card info! Now I must confess, at first I was a little intrigued & excited. Because I have recently researched grant money. Anyway, back to the story...Of course I refused to give ANY personal info due to all the scams out there. She said, "ok, how about Western Union or MoneyGram?" I said ok to that.

Next she gave me my "Grant I. D." number! I am now supposed to call the following number: 202-738-1394 & speak to a Grant acct rep. So by now I'm convinced it's a scam, but let's play it out! So I did call the # and a man with a very heavy Indian accent answered. What happens next is classic! Pls keep reading...This man says he's with the "Federal Grant & Treasury Dept." Lol Actually, the correct name is Federal Treasury & Grant Dept. Ok, next he begins a lengthy spiel about what I'm to do next. All I have to do is go to CVS, buy a gift card for $250, & give him the registration number off the back. Listen to this though - he wants me to call him from the PARKING LOT of CVS! WHAT?! The parking lot?! Whoa! This is legit! NOT. So please everyone, pay close attention to this information. Often the call comes in as "unavailable". They can be very convincing.

I have had several attempts at these people trying to contact me. Finally I decided to amuse myself and let them fill me with bull. A man with a very thick indian accent offering me 8,500$ because I have never filed bankruptcy, never been in trouble with the law, and have always filed my taxes on time. Yeah, ok. Amuse me then. Called from 1-202-657-6828 gave me a reference number of CH177 and told me to call back to this number 202-681-8664 to speak to the people that releases the money. I didnt trust it the whole time, he knew so. I told him it's a scam. He says no. Asked me if I wanted my money direct deposited or western union or walgreens. Um I dont think so. I wonder if anyone has ever actually went through with any of this. I wouldn't suggest it people it stinks to high heaven!! Have a head on your shoulders.

I am an elderly military widow of AF officer, 100% disabled. I was contacted by David ** in that I was approved for government grant as a beneficiary of veteran.

He is a grant writer and in order for grant to be completed, he needed to provide more information to board doing the reviews. After 8 weeks, he disappeared. There was a cost of $1500 and it is a scam. It never ends, does it? I checked veterans' websites to check it out. There is actually a website for Government Grant writers and they do charge but not the same large amounts. Later, I received a phone call from the lady working with them and advised my "pre-approved" grant was not approved. I fell for this one hook line and sinker but there are people out there scamming elderlies related to veterans. I do not know where to report this. I am looking for my charge and will call the bank.

I was just called today also... Called from private number... After I was "approved." Gave me number to call 7273246231. Ask for Richard. They both barely spoke English and wanted me to send money before I got my grant. Be careful out there... I'm gonna crank call them just for fun.

I got a call from a Iranian person from a private number then got money approval number and she gave me 12532058697 for a Steve **. Waited cause I was at work. I called them back and got an Calvin ** that was now gonna help me. He told me to go to a cvs and activate a prepaid debt card for 450$. I told him I doubt have that just kind of money so he told me in luck I can get it for 250$. I said I didn't have it so he then told me 100 will do it. I talked to my father and mother in-law. They said its a scam. These people are making millions on poor people. wtf.

I received a call from 206-946-8175 today & it was a lady with a very heavy accent. This lady told me that I had qualified for 9200 grant from the federal government because I paid my taxes on time, & I had no bankruptcy within the last 6 months. She gave me another number & told me I need to call and speak with an account manager & give him my verification #. Of course I didn't believe her, so I asked her for their website so I can do some research, well of course everything they offered is not what the Fed Gov. does, so I called the other # they gave me, and a guy with a heavy accent answered, when I started to tell him they were a scam, he started cursing at me, calling me a **, & threatening me. I have blocked their number, & someone has called & left me a profanity laced message. What a scam. These people are losers & pathetic.

Called from 202-014-7497, gave me a ** code number, and to call this number 253-220-9980 just 15 min ago. This government, giving me money, yeah right! Ok, cyber police get them, cause I didn't call the number and give them a code. I feel free to do it for me.

I received a call this afternoon (Aug 5th 2016) at around 6 pm from a guy with an Indian accent telling me that I was selected to receive a $14,000 grants due to some selection process. I was to provide my address and the number of my drivers license. Of course I gave him a wrong number. They did not ask me to buy anything but it was certainly suspicious. I recorded the call 330 733 4519.

I just got a call from a lady on my private cell phone number. The call came in as "unknown", but I answered it because sometimes my lawyer calls me from a private number. There was a lady with a heavy accent talking about me being selected to receive a $9000 grant from the Federal Reserve Bank. She sounded like she was from India. When I asked her why she was calling from a private unidentifiable number, she tap danced around answering me. She assured me that all calls are recorded, but I knew that was not true, because I work in an industry where before you start engaging in conversation, you have to disclose that the calls are being recorded. She didn't do that. Then she said I had to call 206-629-6012 and give them a code that has two letters and three numbers FD135 to claim my money.

She kept saying "I'm going to give your file to our financial department." I said "What file are you talking about?" Then she gave me my address. Thank God, I don't ever give anybody my real address!! It was still creepy. She said if the number is busy just keep calling back. She asked me what I would use the money for and I gave her a stupid answer. She probably wasn't even listening to my response anyway. She assured me that they would send me the money either Western Union, Direct Deposit to my savings account (WRONG!!) or in the form of a Visa gift card. I know a scam when I hear one, but I am a Christian Woman and I have absolutely NO intention of dialing that number!! After I read the reviews on here, I am more than certain this is a SCAM!! If you're reading this, please don't be duped by these people!!! Shame on them for doing this to innocent honest people!! They need to be stopped!!

This freaking indians called me from unknown number telling me that Ive been granted 14,750 and tryna get my bank acct info. And then when I asked them if its a scam the freaking indian got mad at me that if I dont believe him then he said just let him know coz hes not gonna waste his time talking to me. And Im like??? "You ** stop this scam. Dont ever call back."

I recently received a phone call from a woman claiming that I had received a $10,000 government grant. She then transferred me to another department where I was directed to go to Walgreens and purchasing $250 iTunes card for a processing fee. It was assured that it would be refunded. I did not bother wasting my time on this scam. It just did not sound right. I'm happy I found these reviews and to know that I am not the only one who was targeted by this scam.

My sister received a call from a # and this person was calling for my mom to let her know that she was gonna get 9000.00 from the Government. I didn't believe this was true so I waited for my mother to get home and I proceeded to call them back. While I was on the phone with this man his thick accent was really hard to understand so I looked the whole thing up and while I was on the phone (reading the reviews!!) I told him "I know this is a scam so I'm gonna hang up now." And he has the audacity to say "** you **" and hangs up!! So I got pissed - lol - and called the number back and was directed to a woman who also had a thick middle eastern accent by the name of Angela and I told her that some guy just cursed me out and at this point I was furious. So I cursed her out because she told me to not waste HER time. It's safe to say that I didn't take this very lightly!! SCAM!!

I received a call from an unknown # from a man with a heavy accent, sounded like he was from India or Bangladesh area. He proceeded to tell me that I was to get a $15,000 grant from the Federal Government. I had him spell it out to make sure that he was, in fact saying this and he was. I asked from which government, he replied "U... S... A" then told me to contact the Treasure, Ronald ** @ ** to confirm my personal information. Despicable, the theft that people get involved with. Of course I said no...

Free $7,000.00 grant. Received SEVERAL calls from an "unknown" number with man telling me I had received a FREE loan from the Grants department at the U.S. Treasury dept... and I was to call (315)-605-2077 and give them my pass code ** to get further info on the FREE GRANT... WHAT A SCAM!! Then go to CVS and purchase a $250.00 cash card and then call the 315 number back so they could talk to cashier at CVS... SCAM-a-RAMA!!!

I received a call from a guy saying that I was selected for a government grant. He said before we can move forward I have to pay 310 on an iTunes cards... and then he transferred me to a guy that supposedly work for the "federal reserve bank". The number he called from is 315-215-0752. His name was Sam **. So he asked for more money. I refused. It's a Scam!

I just received a call from a block # +0000000 saying I've been selected to receive a $9,000 government grant. This guy's accent was so thick I thought I was in India. I knew immediately it was rubbish. I played along with it just cause. I began questioning him where he was calling me from, he said Manhattan N.Y. The background sound like a call center of about a thousand of them scamming people. I probed a little harder and asked "where in the city are you calling from," he said "I can give you the zip code." I said "I don't want the zip code just the address." He proceeded with 80110, I blew his cover and told him that is not a Manhattan zip code. He got snappy and said, "oh you think you know everything about Manhattan." I just laughed to myself. I left him with this, "it is unlawful what you are doing in the eyes of God and may the blood of Jesus shut down your operation. The blood of Jesus is against you" and hung up my phone.

I had 3 calls today about getting a free Government Grant. Just had to give them all my info of course. Phone # 1-646-111-0011. Tried to call back, but of course it wouldn't go through. I've had these sort of calls for the past 2 weeks. First one was that my computer was hacked, email was hacked, and now this!

Received a scam phone call from 202-800-8381. Gentleman left voicemail with generic greeting, then said that he was calling regarding a very important tax matter and that if I did not call him back, "they" (insinuating government) would come and arrest me and I'd have to appear before a federal magistrate. Upon searching the phone number, I have found that many others have received this same scam phone call and the gentleman/organization is looking for wired money.

Got a call from 347-708-1642 claiming that they are from US Grants department and I won a $7000 grant. Also gave me a code MA7202, which will send to Walmart Moneygram or into my account. They told me to call (347) 688-2992. I called and another guy with a US accent answered and wanted me to put $250 on an iTunes card in order to receive the grant and was asking me to go to Walmart and will complete the process in 30 minutes. I refused him as I knew that it's a SCAM!!!

I got a call from 206-466-7113 Cellphone,WA. He said his name was Michael. He had what I thought an Asian accent. He then went through a very convincing routine about how I had been selected to receive $7000 in grant money from the government. He gave me another number to call and speak with at the end of our conversation to Acct.Mgr Irene (646-389-1916) to activate my money transfer which would be available in 15 to 30 minutes. He asked if I had any questions and I did. I asked him if it was a scam and of course he said "no". I called the number and a woman stated her name as Irene Watson who by the way had a very heavy accent as well.

By this time I was on the internet checking on this recent scam call I was receiving. Irene wanted me to go to CVS, 7-11 and I forget the last option within 10 minutes and buy something for $200+ dollars. I stopped listening. Scam!!! The most disturbing part of these calls were that they had all my info. These people mentioned Homeland Security and all types of government entities in their scam. The "real" government officials should stop these crooks and protect US citizens from wolves like these.

I received a call today from (315) 675-0000, @ 12:17pm. A female said she was with the Federal Government and I was chosen to receive a $9000 federal pell grant. She gave me a code (**) and told me to call the Federal Government @ (315) 544-1181 speak to Alfred ** and give him the code! I called knowing it was a scam. So Alfred answers and asks for code, tells me in order for them to send the money they need me to go buy a iTunes gift card add $220 and call him back. I asked him if thought all Americans were that stupid. He says "yes, you are a stupid b!!" And we had words, not very nice. I hung up. A blocked number calls so I answer. He was coughing and gasping and saying "Give me W-A-T-E-R"! I told him I hope he choked and died. Hung up. He calls back. Same blocked number!!! I answer and he says, "I NEED... WA WA WATER!!" I hung up again!!