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Just received a call from 202-246-1001 (call I'd says Keisha **) stating that my name and phone number has been chosen for a $9,000 grant that did not need to pay back. I did not even let him finish talking. I told them to never call again and I was reporting the phone number and name to the FCC and Consumer Affairs. Just out of curiosity I tried to call the number back after I hung up and I got a recorded message that says the person I am trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.

I have been getting calls from a 202- 930 3630 saying I have money from the Federal Grant then to go to the store and buy a iTunes card for $250 which will be reimbursed. Is there a grant loan of $9,250 to pick it up at Walmart? After I call him with the iTunes card number I told them to stop calling. This was a scam. They have continued call from numerous other numbers including 202-444-4444 and one other number. Then they hang up then they call back starting the whole process over. And even got into a argument with the man that called. Told me to call the police if I didn't believe him. I told him I have already contacted people through the Better Business Bureau are the consumers repair.

I have been getting calls from 206-629-603. Yes, 603. I guess they don't want me to be able to call them back or fully report them. I had already brushed them off a few weeks ago but today I got another call from a female with an accent so thick, I needed a knife to cut it. She was calling from the US Grant Department in Washington, DC. How exciting!!! And little old me was eligible for $9,200 in free money that I would never have to pay back because I haven't committed a crime or filed bankruptcy in the past six months! (Or ever, really...). So, I felt like being a ** and string her along. I said in a really excited voice "AWESOME! When will they send my check?" Oh, no, they don't do that she explains.

I can get my money 1 of 3 ways: Western Union, a pre-paid Visa card or a direct deposit into my bank account. I told her I want a check. She said they don't do that. I was tired by now so I said "You know what? That's a lie and please remove my number from your scam list! Toodles!" Then I hung up. I feel so bad for anyone who falls for this. And you know what? I am poor as ** right now, disabled, and fighting with SSA because I am too ill to work. That money would be a God send if it were real. Please don't let these wretched people take advantage of you.

So I got a call from "Peter **" of the "ARRA" saying I was approved for $9000 in federal grant money that did not have to be paid back. Just for fun I played it out. Luckily, he only had my name and phone number. He could not confirm my social and gave me the wrong city I lived in, but I didn't say anything. Of course he had a thick accent, had multiple people in the background and the number he called from (206-209-1678) was "incorrect" when I called back 15 minutes after I spoke with him. When I called the callback number he gave me, a recording told me to "state my name after the tone and Google Voice would try to connect me"... What? Can these con artists really be any less legit? DO NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING!

Today I received a phone call from a number 202-681-8664. Which comes up Washington DC. The callers voice was heavy Indian accent. Telling me I had been chosen for financial aid grant from the government. And gave me a confirmation number to call in later. Another Indian person answered the call took the number and transferred me over to someone with either a Czechoslovakian or Russian accent telling me to go to a Walgreens and buy an iTunes gift card for $230.00 which I will supposedly get back in the grant worth $8500.00. But they couldn't send me the cash through the mail. Which is so not how the government works. Because I received my financial aid for school through the mail. This is a total scam asking for money for a supposedly free government grant.

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Today I received a phone call from a guy name Robert phone number (202)798-3209 with a very heavy Asian-Korean maybe Indian accent. He told me that the he was from US government calling from Washington DC. He said that I was chosen with millions of other people in the state of AZ to get paid a grant of 9,200 for paying my taxes, not having criminal record, and not having any bankruptcies. Of course because I am in need of money the news sounded great. He confirm all my info, name, phone number, address and asked how I would like my money in 3 options - (1) Bank Account, (2) Walmart prepaid card, (3) Western Union or Moneygram.

I was even more convince this was true; I said direct deposit. Foolishly I gave him my bank info and he told me to call a second number (202)697-8857 where the account manager Bruce ** would just confirm all the info and the transaction would be made in a few minutes. I was in shock and couldn't believe how lucky I was. I even cried because I couldn't believe it. LOL. I quickly called the second number (202)697-8857 and a answering machine came three times. I left him a voice mail requesting a call back but no respond. On my fourth attempt Bruce ** finally answered. He too had a big, deep accent. He asked for my personal ID# which I was told by Robert that I shouldn't share it with no one because "anyone would be able to claim my once in a lifetime grant from the US Government Federal Reserve Bank".

Anyways I proceed and gave Bruce my ID number and he confirm my account bank information and all my other personal info. He put me on hold for like 3-5 minutes and returned saying my bank did not comply with the regulations and that taxes had to be claimed and that the money was not going to be deposited unless I wanted to do it another way to receive my money in minutes. He said that if I wanted I should go to Walmart and buy a prepaid card with $200 dollar balance, that the federal bank would deduct the $200 and they would reimburse it once the deposit was made. It was then when I finally realize I was being scammed and my heart dropped. I didn't say anything to the guy on the phone but that I didn't have the $200 at the time. He said it was ok that they would hold my file up to a month and that my money was going to be there to be claim whenever I had the funds.

Please!!! People don't be fooled like I was. These group of scammers are professionals. They will empty out your bank accounts and take your money making you think you will receive a grant that doesn't even exist. I researched it and came across this page with many others just like me. Please, I hope this helps someone in a similar situation, and hope and pray they get caught soon and justice is serve. Everyone be careful. Be blessed and take care...

Got another call saying the federal government qualified me to receive a $9,000 grant, never to be paid back. Asked the lady why the government would give me $9,000. She talked in circles and I told her to get a real job and to stop this scam, and then hung up the phone. A few minutes later our Caller ID showed a call coming in from NOVATEL at 210-249-0540. Upon answering the call, this same woman said, "You will be receiving this same call every day until you die!" Really?

Ok so I received a phone call today from an 202 number, stating that I was chosen to receive a government grant ck for 9,000,00...ok I'll bite. "How was I chosen?" "Well you have never filed bankruptcy, and have no criminal background." Flag #1 the man was agitated because I kept asking questions such as: is this a scam, how long will it take to receive the funds and what's your website addresses. So he then screams and says "just let me give you a money code and a call back number". I then asked what can the money be used for really just stalling him because I'm now on google looking up these scams. He then asks "how would you like to receive the money". I have three options I chose cash. He gave me code MO432 # 2602074450. I call the number because now I have read several reviews and decide I wanna play.

So Steve picks up and says "this is Steve how can I help you". Are you serious this is supposed to be an gov agency right, he goes through his lil soil and then ask him "how much was this going to cost me". He says "nothing". By now I'm laughing. He continued to talk and slipped in a one time payment for registration fee that will keep me from paying taxes on the money and wire fee. I said "Steve that's a payment. If this is free money from the gov I shouldn't have to pay to receive it and furthermore this is not an 10,000,00 transfer. The gov are the feds. Don't pick up on anything below". Dude was getting heated then I told him "person's who are picking up transfers do not pay". He then tells me "it's refundable". I told Steve to get his scamming (bad word) off my damn phone. Thank god for working for Western Union. Please don't fall for this. This site was very helpful as well.

So today I got a call from a number (206) 317-7166. I didn't answer the 1st time because I didn't recognize the number so a few hours later they called again and I answered. On the line was an Indian guy with a thick accent telling me that I had been randomly selected to receive a free $8,200 government grant that didn't have to be used for school and that didn't have to be paid back simply because I do not have a bankruptcy and pay my taxes on time. They confirmed my first and last name, city (which was a previous address, not current), ZIP code, and marital status. At that point, I was given a code which was obviously derived from my last name plus (3) digits along with a phone number to call back. I was told that if I was unable to get through to wait 5 minutes and then try again.

So I called the number and a female who was also Indian answered and told me that she would call me back in 3 to 4 mins as she was busy with a client. She called back, confirmed all the same info as the 1st guy and then told me that in order to have the funds legally released to my name that I had to register with the Bank of New York so that I would have no issues receiving my funds. The fee for this registration was $250. I told her that I don't have $250, then she asked for $150. I knew right then that this was a scam and all of a sudden the call dropped. If you get a random call saying that someone is giving you free money... don't believe it because there's always a catch.

For the past month. I been getting calls about this Federal Grant money of 15000. Because I paid my taxes on time. I went OK. India accent. Barely understand them and they talk so low. I end up yelling. "I can't hear you. Talk louder. I get you're in ** India. But speak the ** up." First guy. Asked for my bank acct number and routing number. (Yeah not happening). I asked him. "Why are you just going by my name. You need to verify info. What's my SSC number? What's my Address? What's my driver license number? What's my mom's maiden name? What's my maiden name?" I went "Yeah you don't know." He goes "Ma'am I am not allowed to access those records. Only to give you your Grant money. I went but you could be talking to the wrong Amanda and you as the Federal reserve Bank grant people wouldn't want to give 15000 to the wrong person would you? I get hung up on. I went "Oh this is fun."

Next day another call. Wanting a prepaid card that has a acct and routing number. I went "Oh I have my bank card." I pull put a prepaid card with 10$ on I bought just for these people. Gave them the acct number. They went "It has too many numbers." I went "Well try the routing number." Gave it. And I went "Well that's weird. I just got paid yesterday at work and it's direct deposit to this card and there is 900$ on it." Which really only had 10$.

And I said are "You sure you are doing it right. Because they ask for routing number as with acct number. Name of the prepaid card American Express where I have a 20,000 limit on. Because all my work checks go on it." They go "It doesn't work." I went "Oh darn." They are on speaker phone. My mom is laughing. I flat out tell my mom. "I am not dumb. I know it's a scam. Not giving my bank info. And I only have 10$ on this card and bought it just to laugh at these asses." I get click. Shocking they hung up on me.

Today confirmation number was giving to me from a girl who barely spoke English. And I couldn't make out the s for Sarah or F for Sarah and I ended up arguing with her over that one ** letter then yelling. "I can't hear you. You need to talk louder." Then tells me I need to send 300$ to activate my Federal reserve grant acct in order to get my 10,000$. I went "OK. I have 5$ on me in cash. I have no bank account or credit cards and well no way to get 300$ as I don't work. And so do I pull 300$ out of my butt." She goes "Well the 300$ comes back to you on the 10,000$." I went "Oh so I get 10,300$ back." She goes "No just 10 k. I go "Where is the 300$." She goes "In the 10k." I went "OK so I get 10,300." I get hung up on.

I call back. "Hey I want my money. Send me a check." I sent her my old apt address and she goes "The Federal reserve Bank doesn't work that way." I went "Mmm I received a grant before and I never had a problem getting a check. When did y'all change policy? I am looking up the grant policy and online it says you can receive a check." She hangs up on me. I call back. Hangs up. Call back. Hangs up. And I am going on and on. And finally I get told my grant money is no longer available. I go "Well that's just like the American govt. Give you something and then take it away." I went "Btw stop ** stealing money. From hard working Americans. I hope y'all get caught and locked up."

I had several indications that I had just been on the receiving end of a scamming call in connection with a call. I just received a call a few minutes ago from (1st indication) a man with a very heavy Indian accent. He said he was with a government grant award company, but (2nd indication) did not give an actual name of the company nor his own name & simply said that I had been awarded a grant of $7000 because I paid both my taxes and bills on time. When I asked what it was going to cost me for this grant he said it was free. He asked if I wanted it direct deposited or issued through Western Union. Of course, I had no intention of giving him my bank information, so I said Western Union would be fine. He seemed disappointed by my choice - (3rd indication). He asked me to verify my address for the Western Union paperwork. I made him tell me my address info, rather than me giving it to him.

He gave me what he called a Grant ID# and a callback # 202-754-9908 to accept the grant. The person answering the call had a very heavy Indian accent as well. He asked what he could do for me. (4th indication - If this had been legit, he would have asked me to provide my Grant ID# right after he said hello, I should not have had to explain why I was calling!) I explained had a Grant ID# that I was supposed to him, had to give it to him 2x, he put me on hold with very loud music (over 10 min). I finally hung up.

I was kind of disappointed because I was hoping he would return to the call with a fee request so I could tell him I was too smart to fall for his scam, but I did not get the chance. I was convinced that these calls were connected with a scam. Consumers beware!! Never give out your bank info to a stranger, especially those that speak very poor English and never pay a fee to get a free sum of money. That is the #1 indicator that someone is trying to scam you!

Today, Sept 9th, 2016, I received a call from a first number that I don't have the number to, to let me know I qualify for a $9,000 grant for paying my taxes and not having a criminal record. (Sorry I know I just wrote a run on sentence, my bad). I'm a little desperate for money so I kinda believed them, even though my gut told me it was a scam. Anyway, they told me to call a second number 202-854-8211 to talk to a finance manager about getting the grant from the Federal Reserve Bank and to go to a Western Union for the money, but first I had to go to a Walgreens, Rite Aid, or CVS to put a $250 deposit so they can release the funds (-__-).

Ohh and the second person I talked to was Steven **, even though everyone I spoke to had an accent. Like an Indian or Chinese or Thai accent. The guy told me I would be able to cash my money back once with the iTunes card (which I knew was bs because it's a final sale) but I actually almost went through with it. I prayed to God it would be real but knew it was just a scam. Thank God, I didn't go through with it because I asked which federal agency this was, they said they were the federal gov't. They never gave me a name. I finally told them this is a scam, everything they're telling me is a lie and told them to delete my file they had on me. Which was my name, address, and city. Ohh and the "ad code" they gave me was IM101. I hope no one gets scammed by these people.

I received a call yesterday that I have been randomly selected to receive a federal pell grant that I do not have to pay back, in the amount of $9200. It sounded too good to be true. Of course I asked if it was legit and if I had to pay anything. The first person I spoke with said "No". Then he provided me with this confirmation number and a call back number to speak with an account manager. I was told then that I would need to register my name and purchase an itunes card which would cost $250 lol. I had him spell it out because the accent was so thick. However after wasting enough time with the foolishness I explained to him that I'm the wrong person to try and scam. I hung up while he was still pitching.

So, I just received a call from a woman named Alina **, sounds like an American name but she had an accent... Red Flag #1. She gave me a confirmation number of **. I asked if it was legit and she said yes. I knew it wasn't but continued to call anyway. So I dialed the number given to me by "Alina **" ** and I heard several voices in the background on the phones with others doing the same thing. I was put on hold 4 times and finally hung up and called back. And was told that I am qualified to receive $9,200 from the first guy and $9,300 from the second guy... Red Flag #2! blah, blah, blah, basically the same bs everyone else is being told.

So they told me I needed to go to Walgreen's, 7-Eleven, Dollar General or Family Dollar, Get a card and that the car only holds $500 but I would need to put $250... final RED FLAG on the card in order to be able to get all of the money! So I said, "So, you mean to tell me that I have to put money on or get money that I suppose to be given to me by the "govt"? He was like, "Yes, It will be refunded to you." I started laughing. And I mean full fledged in tears. He was like, "Ma'am are you still there?". I said yes but I have never heard so much bs in my life. Told him they needed to find someone else to try and scam because I am way too smart for that. He hung up on me.

I received a call from a Private number. A lady says her name was Jennifer ** stating I have been selected for a $9000 Government Grant that I did not have to pay back. I was given a grant's approval number and a call back number 202-810-9314 and another lady answered. Her name was Annabelle **. It was very comical because I swear I was talking to the same lady both times. It sounded good until the 296.00 dollars came into play to secure my transfer to western Union. That accent just gives them away. They are going to hold my grant for 2 weeks. Be careful. Don't fall for this scam.

I received a call today from the US GOV DEPT of GRANTS, stated that I was chosen because I have paid my taxes on time and no criminal record. The grant amount was for $14,300... blew my top. They called from Milwaukee, WI, 414-763-2762. Tried to call the number back, but the line was dead. They gave 800-454-1390 to call with my approval code. Number does not work. It's sad you people trying to leech from others to make buck in the worst way.

I received a call today from a man named Max from phone number 202.465.1356. He said I was awarded grant money and that it would be transferred by Western Union. He already had my name and what city and state I lived in. All I had to do was call another phone number 253.205.8697. and give then the ID# MA123. Now, I know this is a scam but I followed through just to get more info. So, I called the number and gave the ID#. The man asked to hold so he could verify. I was disconnected. I called back and it was a Sprint cell phone number. This is very alarming people, that some of our information is out there. Be careful! This is definitely a SCAM!!! PLEASE DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!

On August 30th, 2016 a Michelle ** called stating that I was eligible for a $9,000.00 grant from the government that I wouldn't have to pay back. All I had to do was call another number and request how I wanted to receive the money. I choose WU. Then I was asked to pay $250.00 in order to get the 9,000.00 within the next hour. I played along halfheartedly and did give my correct address, hoping that by chance it could be legitimate. It wasn't. There should be something done to scammers like that.

I did receive a call from 202-431-4852 (**). They said they would send the $ to Walgreens by Western Union. I also got a confirmation code with another # to call 202-630-2460. These area codes are from Washington D.C. just to make it look good. I didn't give any important information.

All started two days when a supposedly female text me from the number 330 541-5974 saying she got my number from the dating site okcupid and it was true - I did give her my number on there three months ago. We started chatting and she mentioned about getting what she called a Universal Funds Grant that was given out by a guy named Dick ** at the #8603234026. So I thought nothing of it. Maybe she knew about something I don't.

I didn't act that first day. The next day which was yesterday I received a call from 202-444-4444 and some guy with an accent I couldn't understand hardly said like all the others that I was selected for a grant and I'm knowing it's to good to be true but at the same time I'm thinking boy could I use any amount right now. After he goes through with the whole story about good credit and no felonies and what not, I'm laughing because my credit sucks. I told him I would take the cash wired to me via western union or whatever and that's when the $250.00 one time deposit I had to pay came up and I hung up. Three more times yesterday I got called from that number and of course I didn't answer.

Today just 45 minutes ago I got another call from a private number and in my business sometimes I get them so I answered and this time it was a little different but the story and they gave me a name Jordan ** and the # 646-741-2394 along with some account or verification code of CF180. So I decide to call the number mention to speak with another foreigner with an accent just to see and he wanted me to go to CVS or Walgreens to somehow verify who I was and that's when I hung up.

I looked up the guy named Dick from the text message and the only one I came across is 75 years old, is a lawyer and lives in Texas. All this ** is messed up and not right but what can we do other than make a report and know that these ** will get theirs sooner or later. As for the girl if it was even a girl the pic of her on the site is down and if that first 330 number was actually hers but who knows her texting me may not even be connected but very unlikely because she text me today asking me if I got the Grant.

I just received a call from 202-747-2513 when I answered the phone, the man on the other end said I was selected from the Democratic Party to receive a $7k grant to do anything I wish with as long as it was not illegal. I could receive it via Western Union, MoneyGram, or in my bank account. I informed him, what website can I go to research this and he responded "" He was anxious to get me to his verification manager but I hung up on him. These people had my name, phone number and the city I live in. This is ridiculously scary.

I received a call this morning 10am from (202) 258-5212. A woman with an accent I could not make out from where... either India or Middle Eastern claiming that I qualify for Federal Grant $7,000 due to a census done listing me as a qualified citizen of U.S. in good standing with the federal government. She became frustrated and rude when I asked her where in the U.S. she was calling from. She continued to repeat the exact words "Ma'am, I told you I'm calling from the U.S. federal grant program..." and so I proceeded to kindly ask her the same question as to where in U.S. she is calling from as she became more abrupt with me then hung up. I immediately checked Consumer Affairs for scam and there are thousands of complaints regarding these calls asking for people to verify personal information. Luckily, I caught on and began to question her before she even got to ask me for personal information.

So, yesterday I received a phone call from another person trying to get my banking information while posing as an employee of a government grant program. This is the second time I've received a call like this, so I had been down this road before. These people are a scam, and as far as I can tell through my research there is no government grant program that operates in this way. So, I've taken it upon myself to post this thread to try inform other people to not only protect themselves from these **, but how you can be a pain in their **.

For those of you that don't know, these people will call you telling you that you have received a grant of $7000 - $9,000 (it varies depending on who you talk to) because I am in good standing with my debts and my credit and I pay my taxes on time. The only thing true about this, and I will be honest, is that I pay my taxes on time. I am up to my ears in school debt, and my credit is terrible. So originally, this was my first red flag. Anyways, the first man who called, fed me this whole spiel and gave me a confirmation code and another number to call (some grant officer) to claim my money. I told him, "I know you're trying to scam me but I'll bite just so I can mess with you for a little while." I told the guy he was full of **. There is no grant money, so there's no need for me to talk to him other than the fact that I'm taking up his time to give him less opportunities to scam other people.

All the people that I have talked with have had very thick accents, and stumble through the conversation but I know they do their best. Now this is where you can have a little fun with this. I was off yesterday, so I spent half the afternoon calling back the second guy I talked to. I called him, and gave him my confirmation code (I've looked online and have found a handful of people that have posted their confirmation code and phone number they were asked to call, so you can use any of this info if you want). Then he placed me on hold while he pulled up my account. Now they do have a little bit of information on me (name, address, phone#), but nothing too threatening like DOB, or SSN. DO NOT confirm any of this information. In fact give them new false info. This will shake some future scammers off your tail.

Next they feed you the same spiel about how I qualified and a few congratulatory comments. Once they waste a few minutes stumbling through this, they will ask you for a $250 deposit that will be refunded when deposit your grant. This is where the fun begins. Now eventually they will hang up, but there is a couple of rules to prolong the conversation. These people are scumbags, but from what it seems like, this is an actual job that they work, and there are certain performance expectations and rules they must follow.

THEY CANNOT HANG UP THE LINE UNLESS YOU GIVE THEM PERMISSION. I discovered this when I kept an extremely high-strung and frustrated man on the line for over 30 minutes. Once I said "ok buddy, go ahead and disconnect the line." He hung up. When I called the number back and spoke to him again, I asked him "why did you hang up on me, we were having a good conversation." He responded "You told me to hang up the line". AS LONG AS YOU TELL THEM THAT YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE THEM YOUR ACCOUNT INFO, THEY WILL STAY ON THE LINE AND TRY AND GET IT FROM YOU. Even after I told these people that I know they're trying to scam me, and that I told them I'm not going to give them my account information. If I finished the conversation with "Wait, I need to give you my $250 deposit first. Right?" They continued to talk to me. If you follow those two rules, you can say anything you want.

After that, the same guy was trying to convince me that he was more of an American than I was, and that he cares about the American people #BS, and that I'm the **. I then proceeded as for the next 15 minutes to ask him United States trivia questions, which oddly enough, this foreign gentleman did not want to answer. I suspect that it was because he didn't have enough time to Google them in time before I started pressing him for answers. Again, they CANNOT DISCONNECT THE LINE UNTIL YOU GIVE THEM PERMISSION, so they have to deal with this (#awesome). Eventually, I suspect he got a supervisor of some kind involved that gave him permission to hang up the call. And when I called the number back it was disconnected.

I then proceeded to Google "government grant scams", which led me to this website. And I found numerous phone numbers and Confirmation codes to wish I could call and harass for the rest of the afternoon. Some of them are disconnected already but I did find a few that entertained me for an hour or so. After a few comments being exchanged, which I suspect was just him stalling to give him time to Google the answer, he finally gave me an answer. "Jacksonville." Now I was almost sure the answer was gonna be Miami. But it turns out I was wrong.

I realize that it seems like I don't have a whole lot to do with my time. And on this particular afternoon, you would be exactly right. So I figured I'd share my story to inform people about what ** people are out there, and what they will go through to try and rip you off. I also wanted to give other people the opportunity to enjoy the same entertainment that I was able to enjoy while also sticking it to these **. Good luck to everyone and have fun!!!

Like most of the others my phone got blown up with these flim-flam "you are qualified for a federal grant" calls where it sounds like a call bank in India. I also registered my phone on the do not call list to no avail. They have a predictive dialer so many times the call is from my own area code. But usually it is a 315 NY number.

I finally used something I heard a radio talk show host use. I answered simply: "Hello." Caller - "May I speak to Larry **?" I asked: "how do you know Larry?" Caller: "Oh I know Larry... You have been approved for a grant... blah blah blah." I said: "Wait a minute. Stop. This is detective Thompson of the ** homicide department. I am standing over Larry **'s body. His number is unlisted... So if you are calling you must know him. I want to speak to you in my office right away." All I heard was something unintelligible followed by "he dead" and a hang up. I haven't had another call back in two days now.

I received a call today from a person speaking with a foreign tone that said they were calling From the US Federal Grant Department and that I had been selected to receive a grant in the amount of $8500. He had my address information and asked me if I would like to receive the grant money by MoneyGram, Western Union or directly into my checking account? I knew this was a scam because the phone number that came up on my caller ID was 1-111-111-1111 but played along and said I wanted to receive my grant money by Western Union. He then gave me a confirmation number and telephone number 202-750-1081 to call to set up how to receive my grant money. I will not be calling this number but wanted to pass this information on so hopefully nobody falls for this scam. Thank you.

I just got a call from Jimmy with an Indian accent saying I qualified for a grant, 9,000 dollars. I know NOBODY gives you FREE money. So I stopped and listened. He was rude and ended hanging up the phone on me because I told them that if he wanted to "verify" me I would have to "verify" them too. LOL. I did not give then any personal information. Then I looked them up and it is a scam. They claim to operate from New York and they call from a 202 number. Their call back number is a 646 583 1696. I did not call the number they gave me so I do not know what happens next, even though I read reviews and can imagine what they want, all your personal information...

Same as everyone. Call from unknown number, can't be blocked, says I am entitled to $9,000 free federal grant money. Said I had no bank account or debit card so wanted to wired me the funds. I was to call number 206-451-8255 immediately to process my wire. Of course, I just wasted her time because I have no intent on calling the number but wish I could block them from calling. She had the heavy Indian or other accent. Yeppie!!! Free $$$$$!! Don't we all wish. AND it is always below the $10,0000 mark that the government must be notified of! Hum??? Red flags everywhere!!!

Today I was at work, and received a phone call from 202-459-2983. The person "Michael **" who had an Indian accent, called to tell me that I'd been selected to receive a Loyalty Grant from the Federal Government in access of 8500.00. He had my name, and address. He gave me his lame lines "you were chosen because you've paid your taxes, no criminal record, and no bankruptcy in the last six months". He then gave me a code, and phone number to call to claim my grant (**). I was to call this number, give my grant ID code, and go to Money Gram to pick up my money. Please don't think that the government will call about giving you money, please don't give out your banking information and please don't pay money to receive free grant money.

I was online with Wes ** for a week. During this time I complied with paying for Certification and UPS shipping, IRS, following an "apparent UPS delivery accident", an SBG release, and a 2nd UPS shipping for a total of $12,500.00. I am now being pressed for a payment of $10,000.00, that I am not going to pay. I have been "guaranteed" shipment of my money package of $150,000 that is now increased to $200,000, for each of my 4 payment, with no shipment being made. Walmart will no longer transfer "Money Grams" to these people, having identified them as SCAM artists.

I received a call from a apparently the 'Federal Govt. Grant Department' telling me that I have been chosen for a $9000 grant. I asked "why me?" and the person replied saying "you have been an exemplary tax paying citizen and your name is part of a lucky draw conducted in December last year." When I asked what is needed from me, I was told I just have to call a number and tell them my confirmation code. I told him something doesn't seem right since I wasn't in the country last December and the person started off with "listen to me lady" in a very aggressive tone. I told him "you don't have to be rude" and hung up. His accent was extremely fake. I googled after the call to realize this is a scam running for a few years now. I hope something is done to close down such businesses soon.