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It's a really bad credit card to get if you're trying to re-establish credit. The interest rate is half of your monthly amount due. I have been paying $65.00 a month. My min. payment is $60.00 a month. They take 1/2 of that payment for interest so you will only get $30.00 a month applied to the bill - total rip off. Stay away. When you contact them, the staff is rude and gives you no help whatsoever. I'm paying this card off and I'm done. Stay away!!!!!!

My first statement with Wells Fargo consumer credit account did not get delivered so the first payment was late. When they called about it I made the payment and they said they would waive the late fee. Two months later they are calling me four times a day to say that I have a balance due of $25 because the late fee wasn't in fact credited. Now, even though I have paid my account regularly the last two months this "balance" has caused another late fee!

They keep calling. When you ask them to stop, they hang up. This is not right.

CCS sent me a letter on 10/25/10 stating they are the collector for Hollywood Video. They said I owed $273.74 in late fees for movies rented during 2009. Hollywood Video is closed and in bankruptcy. I do not owe them any money! I do not know who is the scam artist here, CCS or Hollywood Video. I ended up speaking with a supervisor at CCS, Jerry **. He said they had other complaints about Hollywood Video and that he would contact them to dispute it. He said I did not need to, but I'm going to anyway.

They will probably report me to the major credit bureaus for a debt that I do not owe! I do not know what recourse I have at this point, other than to file complaints with the Massachusetts and Ohio Attorney Generals and the FTC, all of which I am doing now. I have researched CCS on the internet and there is plenty of info about their fraudulent activities and lawsuits filed against them. I need help in determining what course of action I can take against them.

I received a collections notice from this company in regards to the now defunct Hollywood Video store where I used to be a member. The disputed amount was approximately $121 for videos that hadn't been returned. I informed CCS (Credit Collection Services) that I had receipts proving that I returned the videos. I asked for a way to get in contact with the creditor (Hollywood Video) so that I could fax or send a copy of the receipt directly to the company. The customer service representative stated that they didn't have and wouldn't provide me with the creditor's contact information. She stated that I have 40 days to resolve this dispute or this will be reported to the credit bureaus.

I again stated that I have the receipts to prove the videos' return. She stated that it takes at least 30 days to process updated information and that in the meantime, the collection will still be forwarded to the credit bureaus. The above hyperlink is a list of other people that have apparently been through the same thing, although it sounds like the majority of the people didn't keep or receive their receipt. Prior to the local video store closing, I confirmed with the store clerk that all accounts and fees had been settled due to the store closing. It seems apparent that either CCS or Hollywood Video is attempting to collect bogus fees.

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We have received constant harassment, and nasty, accusatory threatening. Is this legal? They are threatening to sue us. They are tying our phone line up, so we couldn't make any calls. We are senior citizens, and my husband's health is not good. This has taken a huge toll on our well-being.

They call on my business phone so I pressed the #1 to get a representative to take my number off their call list. I was about half way through stating that and she hung up. No name was given. This is about the 7th or 8th call.

I picked up the phone, and no one answered. I called back, and got a recording "if the last 4 digits of your credit card are not 4594, enter the correct card number" Who is this? Why in the world would I put in my card number? Is this a scam?

These people called my mother, who is 75 years old, with the promise of lowering her credit card interest rate. They asked her for her credit card number, expiration date, and 3-digit security code, which she gave them. Luckily, she followed her gut instinct and called her credit card company right afterwards to verify. They told her it was a scam and cancelled her card immediately. However, I wanted to report this because I'm hoping with enough complaints, these people will be caught and prosecuted!

I ran my credit report and a charge from CCS/First National Bank showed up for $494. I never charged anything or ordered anything. I thought it was a scam so I cut up the card because they wanted my bank information or a check sent to them and I just ignored it. And now, I owe them $494 according to my credit report. My credit report is reflecting a bad status due to them putting their information on it.

I received an invoice in the mail for a credit card I do not have or authorized. I asked them to destroy the data and they wouldn't. They wanted my personal information to verify the account and I did not want to give them information I did not see on the invoice. I have already been charged by this scam company for $233.08. She also told me at the end of the conversation that this phone call was being recorded and she didn't tell me this in the beginning. In addition they make it difficult to get into speaking to a live person when you first call in. I eventually was able to get through. They want me to send me information for proof fo r something they have no signature from my family.

We have been told many times by the staff at cccs and in brunswick that anytime we needed to ask questions to give them a call. However it is not the case. My husband and myself spent many hours trying to get ahold of a counselor only they seem to be unatainable, you can't reach them and when you finally do they seem to be upset and your bothing them like they untouchable and talk over your head. You have ligitemate questions concerning problems that transpire when you are trying to get the money together yet they do not want to be bothered. How can we help ourselfs when these companies don't or will not answer the questions.

Received a phone call from Card Services stating that they represent Visa & Master card and could get my interest rate down on my credit cards. They requested my credit card number with the highest balance. No damage since I did not give them any credit card number, but think it may be a scam.

I sold a car last year for $400. I just signed the title over. I transferred the insurance to my car I just got and have proof from my insurance company, State Farm, Eric **. Well, the vehicle was involved in an accident this year. The driver of the car apparently, the schmuck I sold it to, took off. This collection agency sent me a notice. I received it today - they want $4,571.24 and they want it now. They are representing Allstate. When I spoke with this collection agency, they threatened me. They told me to pay up or they would have my license taken away. I told her I can prove I sold it, transferred the insurance, and the ad I put in the paper for selling the car. She got nasty. Help me.

They continually call about first auto warranty then credit card services. I told them I was on the do not call list 3 times, but they continue to call all hours of the day when I'm trying to work. The last 2 times when I warned them not to call, they hung up on me. I am just upset and it takes me awhile to get back to work. I want their operation fined for harassing consumers after they're told not to call.

I have been receiving calls from this number on my cell phone with no messages. Today, I answered and received a recording to press 1 to speak to an agent about my credit card. When an agent answered the phone, I asked what was this about and she told me I had a crappy connection and ** attitude and hung up on me. They seem to be out of control as they constantly call.

This company called using Caller ID spoofing, causing my caller identification services to display a telephone number that did not belong to the them, but rather to an individual, obviously an innocent victim whose telephone number was misappropriated. The telemarketer also rudely dodged my direct question of whether or not they were actually one of my credit card companies I have a card with. Because I maintained control of the conversation with this direct question they in fact hung up on me obviously not wanting me to discover their scam.

I keep getting phone calls even though my phone number is on a do not call list from a company called 'Card Services' to consolidate my credit card debt. When I asked on two seperate occasions, to take me off their list, they hung up on me mid-sentence. The third time, I spoke to a representative and asked them for the company name, her reply 'Card Services', a website she did not know and a call back number she did not have as it was a "special promotion" for a limited time so no call backs were allowed. She than went to get information about the web site, some guy got on the phone and asked if he can help me. When I re-iterated that I wanted a web site and a contact phone number, he said "oh is that what you want" and hung up the phone!

Have asked and also wrote a letter to Cease and Disist Communications with me under the FDCP and FCRA Act found under section 1292(c) Have recieved six calls today alone with the promise of more tried to tell these people I don't deal with collection agences and that I had contacted the company and was waiting to hear from them also told them just because someone calls me on the phone claiming to be a collection company I wasn't giving out my personal imformation on the phone never have and never will

They have been calling me several times a day for the past few months with urgent messages that my lower interest rate special is going to expire, etc. When I asked him to take my number off the list, he hung up on me. Then I started getting the calls again daily. So I answered and asked them how he got my number. He said "from my lender." This is a scam. Do not fall for this. I am on the do not call list. I am furious. How are they still in business? The BBB has over 900 complaints against this company under various names.

A male Representative called claiming Experian gave my information to them because I pay my cards on time every month offering me a 6.9% interest rate. When I asked which card he said my Visa and then asked will this rate benefit you. I said I wanted to know which card and he hung up? Possible scam to get credit information for identity theft?

i got the ccs credit card thinkin it was a legit card. come to find out its a joke. thank fully my bank acct is closed so they cant get anything from me anymore but i would like to know if there are any lawyers willing to sue them with a class action lawsuit where all the people that have been ripped off harrassed and lied to can sue them for monetary refunds plus interest ans well as for damages.

screwed up my credit. got ripped off for my cash. caused more stress and depression cause of the lies and credit damage they did

I receive many recorded messages from this company on a weekly basis. However, today I was home to answer the phone. It was the usual, This is the last call to lower your credit card debt..... We have been trying to reach you..... I waited on the line for a customer service agent and spoke with a woman that identified herself as Mona. I asked the name of the company she represents and she told me Consumer Card Services. I then informed Mona that I am registered with the National Do Not Call list and she promptly hung-up on me. I am tired of be harrassed by this supposed company.

This company is harrassing my family with constant phone calls and messages left on our message machine.

I have no business dealings with this company but yet they call me daily, sometimes 3 times daily looking for a person whom I do not know. I tell them that I do not know the person and to stop calling, but they do not. This is harrassment for no reason. They tell me that some person gave them my phone number but yet when I tell them we do not know this person they call right back.

Stress from harrassment.

A company that calls themselves "Credit Card Services" constantly calls me offering to lower my rates.I have told them many times that I have never held nor will I ever hold a credit card.I inform them that I am on the National Do Not Call Registry and that they should not be calling me.There reaction has ranged fron a polite apology with the promise to take me off their calling list to very rude,angry and sarcastic remarks followed by an abrupt hang up.

This company seems to be automated and gives instructions to press a phone key to talk to a representative or to press another key to remove me from their list.

I have tried both approaches with no results.The calls keep comming,one or two calls a day.When I talk to a rep.and ask their location and to speak to a supervisor I get hung up on.When I'm not home and they call, my answering machine picks up and they just leave a long silent pause followed by the tail end of their automated message.

This group,whoever they are,clearly violate the Do Not Call Registry on a daily basis.I have made several complaints to the D.N.C.R.via the internet with no results.Can you please help me? These people should have been fined many times over for this harassment and trust me I consider it just that,harassment.
I will be waiting for your response and will be soon ready to speak by phone to some of my elected officials if this problem can not be resolved soon.

Thank you so much for your time and effort to help me with this.

I have received DOZENS of unsolicited calls from this company at both my home number and home office number Automated message starts with, "This is an important call regarding your credit card. We have attempted to reach you several times and since you have not responded, this will be our last call. Please push "1" to speak to our representative about your card". Have tried have my # removed w/no luck. Yesterday went thru the process. Tanya did not identify the company or what she was selling, but wanted qualify me - Did I have any cards w interest rate over 10%, Did I owe more than $3000, was I on good terms with card companies. I answered yes to all. She then wanted my personal info. I said I needed info about their co. first. Name - "Credit Services". Where located - on the "east coast" - what city -" just the east coast". I ended the call. Again, I have rec'd dozens and dozens of these calls. I want them to STOP. All of my numbers are on the national Do Not Call list.

I also was trick in to believing that CCA was a credit card, when I spoke my mind, and demanded my money back, they increase my limit from 6500 to 8000. It 3 to 4 months for me to get my furinture, keep going to and adress that was vacant, then mymerchandise went back to the warehouse. After months of complaints, I was isssued a voucher of $70. towards anything out of the catalog. My advice to everyone is to check with the BBB, before givin out any personal info.


This is the number that shows up on my cell phone- five digits in last #- called me left msg that important msg re my cc; called back s/w Tony said last chance to lower my APR- when I asked who he was with- stated Consumer Credit Svcs-wanted personal info-told him I would not be interested in anyone other than my cc service he hung up-tried to repeat dial same # he answered 1st time and non working #

He has my cell phone which compromises my private information-don't give it out to anyone except family/friends/emergency contact- have a home phone for that

to enroll in the program we were told they needed an $1,800 deposit to show our creditors we were really serious about this program. our credit is worse than it was when we started the program (although some balances have gone down). we received a letter in the mail from an attorney that they were doing illegal business in the state we reside in, which is ind. we had two choices 1. to drop out of the program 2. transfer to green path.

we did decide to transfer over but they will not refund our money. the original statement was that upon completion of their program in 56 months, we would receive this back. we are no longer doing business with them as a company because of a lawsuit and they are refusing to return our deposit. we asked that they transfer these funds over to green path in order for us to start the program with them and they are still refusing.

from the very beginning of their program we were late on all over our payments. they told us NOT to make our oct 2006 payment because of the $,1800 payment in advance. this ruined our credit right off the bat. before joining this program we had a 780 credit score, we just needed help getting out of debt sooner. now my personal credit score is 520.

we do not qualify for low interest loans therefore have to pay the price of high payments for everything. we are now suffering financially because of this. we were originally told that they could give us more money to work with during the month (more cash flow), instead our monthly payment to them kept going up and up and up. it ended up being about $500 more than originally quoted and we were stuck.

Starting a couple of weeks ago I began getting harassed by a phone 'bot calling in regard to someone who apparently had my Cell phone number previously. The 'bot instructs me to call the number referenced above if I am not the party they are attempting to reach. When I call, they appear to have caller I.D. as they already know the account they are trying to reach. I ask them to stop calling this number, that the party no longer is associated with it.

Then they start asking inappropriate questions of me such as name and phone number, which I'm reticent to provide over the phone to anyone, for any reason, but they tell me if I don't provide them with my information they will not stop calling. I know full well they are aware of the number the 'bot called, and my right to privacy should preclude me from having to be associated with someone who's account is in default by providing them with my name, phone number and whatever else they chose to ask simply because I was issued that party's old number.

Apart from having to waste my minutes to call back to ask they remove my phone number from their list, they are in fact harassing me, which is resulting in unnecessary emotional stress.

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