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My husband and I got a chance to win a car if we listened to a presentation at National Consumer Mart. We went for fun and the presentation was such a hard sell and was a complete LIE. We should have known if it seems too good to be true it probably is. The 3 presenter sold this membership just like a used car dealer does. We added the cost of our membership on to another loan so we didn't have to pay the interest and that was the only thing we did right.

After we signed on and tried about 10 times to order things from NCM it became clear that we had been scammed and would NEVER get out money out of this "membership". They simply do not have anything that they said they had, what they do have is more expensive than what we could find elsewhere and we can't even get out of our lifetime contract for the annual $50 fee. If I had more money I would take them to court and would LOVE to get in on a Class Action lawsuit if it ever came up. The owners and managers of NCM are thieves, liars and the lowest of low.

I have been a member of National Consumer Mart, Inc. for many years. I was able to have my initial fee returned in the form of savings on purchases through them by approximately three times. I have purchased several vehicles, appliances and other household items. There is an annual fee along with the initial joining fee that keeps them in business. I have seen reviews from people in California that say this company is a scam. I found the complete opposite. The staff are always helpful and courteous. The products are all new and with complete manufacturers' warranties.

National Consumer Mart operates like scam with no opportunity for a customer to opt-out. I saw some people here who agrees with that statement. Let's all try together to stop this company from robbing people and open the opportunity for people to opt-out and get their money back. If someone interested please email me and we can start a lawsuit together. Thanks.

They tell you they can find you any products that Walmart and all these other companies at whole sale price, yet half the time I call their products cost more. They also told us that their annual fee is optional when not in use, which was a lie because I just got a bill in the mail saying I owe back pay for their renewal dues on top of the 4029.00 I am paying for their membership. They tell you what they want you to hear to just to sign your life away to their contract. This company is a scam!!!

Like others, I joined Consumer Mart in order to purchase appliances at discount. I pay $70.00 per month as agreed and they file collections. Although my initial contract was for under $2,000. It has cost me over $3,000 and still paying.

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I joined this organization. It had a cost of 3000.00 to join and they accepted a payment plan. I pay 100.00 per month. I fell behind due to family medical issues. I have been paying for 3 years. It went to collections. I owe 3322.39. I have paid at least 2800.00 which very little applied to the interest. I can't consolidate the plan to get my interest reduced. I have tried to order something from them several times. I have not gotten into the access site but one time (and then the password quit working).

They have received money from me but I have not been able to take advantage of any of their so called benefits. The collector and the organization have gotten 2800.00 in this time and the fact is: I did not and have not received anything. I was offered the option to complain to consumer affairs. If you want to pay someone for nothing, sign up and you too can have nothing to show for it.

I have been a customer of NCM for a long time now and I have saved a lot of money with them. I own a rental property and so I go through a lot of merchandise on a regular basis. I have purchased appliances, furnishings, fixtures, and other maintenance/remodel materials from NCM. I have never had a problem with them. What I like most is that I can order what I need and it will be brand new. The problem with other warehouses or bargain stores is that you have to settle with what is on the floor at the time of purchase. Sadly, I have been disappointment, and ripped off when buying a product at other places.

For example, I bought something through and had so much trouble with them, I refuse to purchase anything else through them; to make matters worse, when it was delivered (just dropped at my front door), the item I bought from was dented so badly on one side it had to be jimmy-rigged to work properly. If I had purchased it through NCM, I wouldn't have had any trouble at all and could have refused it if I noticed that there was a dent in it. Thus, I decided to stick with NCM for all of my big purchases from now on!

I am searching for anyone who has had any legal dealings with National Consumer Mart to help me build a case towards having my contract cancelled with NCM and hopefully help others get out of their contracts if they want to. NCM has issued a collection against me and I would rather fight them in court than pay them any further fees. The services they offer are not truthful and transparent during the initial presentation and then they use the law to lock you into a contract with no opt-out clause. I can't think of any other product out in the market place that doesn't allow the consumer to test the service and if it doesn't work then there is always a means to opt-out. My question is, if they offer such a wonderful service then why do they lock you into a contract without an escape clause. I would love to hear from anyone who can provide information about their experiences with NCM and any legal issues encountered.

National Consumer Mart is a scam! They claim they can save you money on over two million items, that it is a one-stop shop and you will not have to deal with sales people anymore. They lied and we got sucked into the high-pressured sales pitch. They were not able to save me money on item I asked about. We had to do our own research on products and were sent to third party wholesalers only to go back through NCM. We never bought anything through them and now we are stuck paying the full membership fees and attorney fees. This is wrong and the legal systems has yet to stick up for the consumers. They lied to us and now they are stealing from us. Please do not let this happen to you. Please do not sign anything with this company.

All I can say is I wish I would have researched the company before the 3 day cancellation period. If something sound too good to be true, unfortunately it usually is. By using this membership I was hoping to save money on the items I was already buying. Not the case. You pay for the $3000.00 membership and when you buy something through them by the time you pay shipping and all you have not saved anything from what you would pay at the store. Also if you are not buying something over $100.00 don't even bother, you will pay more. The only way you can save is if you buy very high end merchandise on a regular basis. Otherwise I paid more for things than I could have gotten them at a store on sale. The items to save on is limited. I have had the membership for over a year. I cannot get out of the contract and I have not saved anything. I am wasting $100.00 a month on the payment.

I too was sucked into a contract with National Consumer Mart. I was hoping to save on products I already purchase at the stores and thought this would be it!! But I was wrong. I was had, I was lied to and now I will fight NCM at court tomorrow 6-11-14. NCM will save you money... LIES!!! If you did purchase items you better be sure you're outside waiting for them to just drop it off at your street corner because no one will walk the item or set it up for you. I was told to buy a 12pk of beer to get a neighbor to help me carry furniture, t.v. or even washer or dryers if I decide to purchase any items from NCM. And to make things worse this company does not save you money and their lawyers will add on their fees so you will be financially screwed for money you work hard for. All the other complaints about NCM I will add to my case... DON'T BECOME A MEMBER THROUGH NCM!!! And the lawyers representing companies like NCM are nothing but vampires. It's a damn shame that the BBB isn't doing anything about it and if they say they are then why is NCM still in business!!!?

It is now 2014. In 2009, I found a bunch of tickets in a parking lot saying that whoever was passing these out made it seem that I had won a new car and to contact the number and to come to a certain place to receive this. When I called, I got a time and place to go to collect my winnings. When I got there, they said that there were several things that they were giving away like a car and a vacation to Las Vegas. I was told that you don't have to buy anything, just put your name in a box and see if you won and then do the walk around to see what they have and then at the end of the tour, see if I won.

Well, I didn't win anything and I went home empty-handed and put it behind me and never thought of it again. Today, I get a call from I guess their lawyer saying that I owed $3000 in 2009; then it accrued interest to $7000 since 2009 to now 2014. The lawyer named Nicolas from the law offices of Vincent J. Busack or whatever said that he wanted to get this settled and for me to start making payments.

The funny thing is when I called National Consumer Mart to see what was going on because I don't remember signing up for anything and the guy on the phone knew who I was and gave me the exact amount that I had apparently owed right away! I'm confused as to how I could accrue this much interest on something I never even bought! I told him I'm not paying that much for nothing and I didn't know that I was being charged any money for this! I'm not happy at all and I will be contacting a lawyer to see what I have to do. Watch out for this and don't sign anything!!!!

Fred and Josh, the two salesman at NCM, said during the pitch that I would be able to cancel membership at any time - not true. Fred said, "Do you want the truth?" and claim to give it to you, saying, "King Soopers and all of these companies rip you off because of the distribution fees, but we don't. Look at how cheap all of these goods are because there are no distribution fees"... Do not get me wrong, they are great salesmen and good Christian people, but when your salesmen say one thing and your contract says another, you are abusing your brothers and sisters.

This company use the law to legally trap, deceive and pressure people into signing a contract that's impossible to cancel after 24 hours. This company targets and prey on innocent hard working people, families, etc that desire to receive service for discounted price. Many of the complaints are mainly concerning cancellation process, goods and services and how unprofessional they are in doing business. I never received any invoices from them for payment, other than a lawsuit paper to appear in court for default. This company banks on customer's defaulting to charge further outrageous fees and file profit gaining lawsuits against consumers, that they have taken advantage of in the process. Is there any legal action consumers can take if they feel like they have been scammed by such a company. This type of legalistic action should be illegal.

NCM is in the business of selling contracts, period. If you sign with them, you will not be happy with their service and you won't be able to get out of the contract. Essentially, you are buying a piece of paper (contract) that will cost around $4000 which will allow you to shop through them for the same price you pay everywhere else. A Costco membership is $50, theirs is $4000. They claim you will save money, but after the hefty shipping and destination charges, you are not saving any money. Shipping is not consistent and they have no control. Their contract clearly states, may take up to 45 days to receive your order. Count on 30-40 days for shipping.

Their reputation has not been great so they cannot or don't do business with many of the manufacturers that most consumers would benefit from working through them. Not all but many items you will have to buy in bulk to see savings. You will eventually end up buying from outside of them which will defeat the purpose of joining them. Don't believe what you hear in the sales pitch. You will not have access to their price list. You will be responsible for researching the manufacturer suggested price and they will discount a little off the manufacturer suggested price. All stores do this, it's called a sale price.

Their office consists of a part time receptionist, one call center person with an attitude and two salesmen. You will never see the owner or anyone who can make important decisions. Since you are buying a contract and nothing else, you cannot get out until the terms are fulfilled. If for some reason you sign with them, you have exactly 3 days to cancel and cancellation must be through a written cancellation letter, no exceptions. If you miss one payment, you will be sent to collections, no exceptions. The prize for attending a 2-hour sales pitch is a 2-night stay at their time share which you will have to pay for travel. This is my personal experience with NCM. Is all this worth it? Do your own research and join at your own risk.

Avoid this scam. When we walked through the front door, I told my husband we should leave. Seriously, if you disregard all of these complaints, pause in the lobby and look around. Dirty floor, unfinished ceiling, storage room full of junk with no curtain on the window and dirty walls. They told us we'd be there about an hour. Apparently, that means 2 hours. High pressure sales pitch and high pressure close. $2,800 financed at 21%, total of about $4,000. The guy told us that Direct Buy (a company that does the same thing) was $10,000. They lied. We finally got out of there with our vacation to a timeshare presentation and made an appointment with Direct Buy. We joined Direct Buy for under $2,000 and the staff and the building are so much nicer.

Buyer beware, check Direct Buy (and get an e-tablet) before you give these scam artists any money. By the way, the owner Jack Leger plays Christian music in an effort to lull you into a false sense of security. Don't be fooled, the day we were in he was arguing with a client and believe me, no one from my church behaves that way and certainly not in a place of business.

You're going to be there for 2 hours. You're going to get a vacation to a timeshare presentation and another 2 hours of high pressure sales. The vacation doesn't cover transportation. The pitch is,"Give us $2800 and you can buy things at wholesale." Financing is at 21%. You pay them $4000 and when you buy things, they supposedly save you money. We asked to price our fridge and the salesman said he wouldn't let us see a price or a book until we joined. It's a waste of 2 hours. Anybody want to buy a vacation to a timeshare presentation? Cheap?

I got a scratch ticket from "National Consumer Mart" located at 5701 Logan Street. With chances of winning a car, I went to a presentation. I signed up and never used their membership and never intend to. Now they are threatening garnishments for $4500.00 when the original amount was around $2,000.00 only 4 months ago. Beware! This is a ruthless company with no concerns for anyone except to make their money, even if you never use their services! This is the biggest rip off I have ever seen and I intend to blow this scam wide open!

All this happened even after I followed their guidelines of cancelling my agreement with written notice within 24 hours! I already contacted the Attorney General, BBB, 7 News, 9 News, and Tom Martino. Who else has had problems with this company? I know for a fact there are more of you out there. It’s because the so called "lawyer" for this company said I should just start a payment plan like everybody else who got stuck with this ridiculous contract.

This place is the biggest joke of a company I have ever experienced, and for good reason too, considering it's an organization of scam artists who sucker people into allowing them to play middleman to buy goods you can find for the same price (if not cheaper) online. I signed up with a friend hoping to find their services in the slightest bit useful and cost saving. I have ordered two pieces of furniture from them thus far (only because nothing else was cheaper than prices I found online) and that still exists as a huge mistake. I placed my order in late September. I am still waiting for my couch and ottoman to this day (October 22).

Every time I call this group of incompetent employees, I get the same response that it for sure is going next week! I come to find out that it had originally arrived a few weeks prior, but it was damaged. So instead of taking responsibility for the company they chose to represent, they refused to refund my money or so much as apologize for its tardiness. Don't be a fool and give these people any of your money. They are snakes who pose no real benefit to the people they serve. I mean, just look at their building of operation. It looks like a gentrified crack house.

(2004) I received a "lottery ticket" claiming I won a car. I went to the address: 601 S Broadway, Suite C, Denver, CO. When I arrived, they told our group that we had to attend an informative tour on the economy. After the "informative tour" (really a sales pitch), they told us our scratch tickets were really just a chance to win and we had to draw a key in order to attempt to win. The program that was pitched to us was that we pay $2000 for "membership" and we could buy wholesale items. I signed up, but I did not have the $375 co-payment to sign up so they waived it.

After I signed up, then I was allowed to look at their materials. They ushered us out their door saying that they were closed. When I got on the bus home, there was enough light to read their paperwork. I glanced at the electronic section and realized that they were charging $289.00 for a PS2; the Walmart retail price at that time was $199.00 for the PS2. I went home, went to sleep (because they were closed) and called them the following night to cancel membership. They told me on the phone they only accept written cancellation within 72 hours.

I wrote a letter and sent it in the mail, then called them 2 days later. No, they didn't get it. 3 days later, same response. I did not receive my actual membership card in the mail. All I got that night was a temporary card and some of their magazines you could purchase from. I never received a letter saying it was canceled or past due. About one and a half years later, I received a call at my parents' house. I was being taken to court for failure to pay my membership bill with them. I showed up to the court and they didn't show. I wrote a response to the court explaining my end and the court paid for it because I couldn't afford the $50.00 charge.

(2011) Now, I am receiving phone calls again from a new law firm (Silverman) stating that the last law firm won the Judgment that day and I owe $4473.78 to them. So my question is, do I owe money on this "service" that I didn't receive anything from?

This company lies to you from the start! They tell you that anything you will ever need they can get for you for way cheaper than in the stores. Even Groceries which you have to pay to get the coupons so its so not worth it. They pressure you into signing up for this membership and then we fell for it and everything we have wanted and called on they dont carry it or its more than in the stores... they are a total joke.. So i wrote them a letter a couple months ago saying that my husband got laid off and times are tough right now and being we havent found anything with them and we have only gave them money monthly and not asking for any of that back but just to cancel our membership.. they ignore the letter i sent and send me a letter 2 months later saying that they have notified me by calling and letters on how they have not recieved payments and that was a lie.

i never got one call or letter... so i call them and Josh the catalog man says he will let the owner know.. still havent heard from them... today i get a letter saying we will be turned over to collection agency... and i am responsible for all collection fees court costs and attorney fees... I wish we could get these guys shut down for there horrible business and all there lying... When you go to the meeting they dont let you see any prices on things until after u sign the papers and give them money... what a joke.. And they are suppose to be a Christian company.. They sure dont show that at all... I was thinking it would be nice to support them because of that and wow looks can be decieving... Can they really even win in a court case...

I received a phone call for a lawsuit against my wife and I. While we were sitting down with the salesperson, he told us that we were able to call and cancel the membership. So I called and canceled and now months later, and hearing nothing from them, I get a call that I owe them $4500. That night, during the presentation, we were the last ones out and they were rushing us to "just sign" all the paperwork. I understand that we signed, but why would the sales person let us know that we can call and cancel, and why not bother to explain everything that this might happen if we canceled. I have attempted to talk to someone there to get an explanation as to why the sales person would say this to us and hide this from us, but have had no success.

I joined National consumer mart after a high octane sales pitch detailing how I would be able to buy direct from the manufacturer saving thousands on just about anything I ever needed.
Sadly this was not the case in any fashion.
In reality all of the items I was able to get quoted by them (it is rare to get a reply )were easily matched or beaten with a quick google searchs. I am severely disappointed with the lack of service and feel duped by a quick talking sales person into a contract that produces nothing but a large bill for a seemingly nonexistent service.
Most of my price requests have been ignored completely.

I filed a complaint with the BBB only to hear NCM sing their own praises, claim to have honored every aspect of contract but offered no real explanation of how they arrived at this conclusion nor provide any explanation of the ignored requests.
Ultimately the bbb complaint has been closed administratively with no resolution since NCM offers no path for dialog except to selectively attempt to discredit the claims with empty rhetoric.

Where do I go now? As this is assuredly a breach of contract on their part.

we would like legale advice, we're suckered into signing up for a membership when we're sitting in confrence room they told us that we can cancel anytime we want when we went to the office to sit down and sign the papers it happened so fast and we initialed a whole bunsh of boxes, he didn't give us time to read it. we went home thinking that we can cancel anytime we wanted but a month passed, we spoke to the finance lady we told them we wanted to cancel and she said that she will call us back when she did she said we had 24 hrs we told her that the gentalman informed us that we can cancel anytime we want. she'll check with him and call us back when she did she said he didn't. then she threatened us that if we don't pay she will take us to court we decided we didn't need any trouble so we decided to pay. we tried to use there services and we couldn't get any results so we decided not to pay. now they sent it to a collection agency and they threatened to take us to court if we don't pay

we do not have any money to pay them we are barly making enough for our food and we have 2 newborns to feed. so mainly if they do take us to court we will be living on the street with no food or house.

we would like legale advice, we're suckered into signing up for a membership when we're sitting in confrence room they told us that we can cancel anytime we want when we went to the office to sit down and sign the papers it happened so fast and we initialed a whole bunsh of boxes, he didn't give us time to read it. we went home thinking that we can cancel anytime we wanted but a month passed, we spoke to the finance lady we told them we wanted to cancel and she said that she will call us back when she did she said we had 24 hrs we told her that the gentalman informed us that we can cancel anytime we want. she'll check with him and call us back when she did she said he didn't. then she threatened us that if we don't pay she will take us to court we decided we didn't need any trouble so we decided to pay. we tried to use there services and we couldn't get any results so we decided not to pay. now they sent it to a collection agency and they threatened to take us to court if we don't pay

As a young business owner I try to take advantage of all the benefits given to me. Most of them have turned out to be a rip-off! National Consumers Mart, Nation Grants Conference, Auction are just some of the recent Scammers I've had to deal with in the past year! As a General contractor I've lost out on most importantly, TIME! Waiting for these people to give you thousands of dollars worth of services that their clients should receive naturally will cost you more money than the $1000 memberships themselves. Very unimpressed with the damaged goods, hours on hold, days-months waiting for items to install in clients' houses has almost put me out of business. Get Up, Stand Up! Do it yourself! If you want it done right. They will call you EVERYDAY as soon as your bills are due but when ordering thousands of dollars in bathroom fixtures their 3-5 weeks can go to 8-12 without any apologies!

A combination of the Flakey, Scammy, business's could force me into foreclosure on the house I just purchased last year.

I was given a scratch ticket with a chance of winning a car. I scratched it off and it said to call the number on the back. I was then invited to take a tour of National Consumer Mart at the end of which I could draw a key and see what I won. So after 2 hours of touring the building and being told I would be able to buy anything and everything at about half the price of retail, I stupidly signed up for $2000.00.

After the tour I picked out a key and won a vacation package. Now a year after signing up I STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED MY FREE VACATION! Then I start ordering. What they didn't tell me is that they add on a "handling" charge as well as shipping.

I decided to buy a small Weber Smokey Joe. When I looked it up it showed at about $28.00. Then the handling charge was approx. $5.00. Then they added $20.00 shipping. I asked why so much? They replied if it's cheaper you get a check with the item after its shipped. Well it took 6 weeks to get my grill. And they didn't give me any money back. Also the shipping tag was ripped off so I couldn't see what was actually charged.

In total I paid $52.00 for a 14 1/2" charcoal grill that retails for $40.00. In order for me to order through them I had to pay $2000.00.

My husband and I joined this club and are to make monthly payments. The club is supposed to be able to purchase items for us at a much lower price than retail. We have been extremely upset with the service we have gotten from the company. The idea is that you can come into the showroom and look for what you need or call them with a manufacture and a model. They would look up the item for you, tell you your price, and then order it for you.

We asked them before we purchased how it would work if we no longer lived in the area. They said it would not matter, that we could still do all of this over the phone. We have tried on several occasions to call these people to help us with stuff we would have like to purchase. We have since had to buy things due to the fact that we could not wait for them. The phone is a) not answered, b) put on hold (long distance), c) put on hold and then never picked back up, d) put on hold and hung up.

I was so furious with them that I sent them a letter telling them how very unhappy we were and that they have not fullfilled their part of the contract. I would therefore not make any payments. I have since had to make the payments because they have threatened us with a collection notice. I am not sure how much of this I can prove with the exception of phone bills. I really am having a hard time making these payments if I can never get any service from them. Please help me. What are my options and what can we do? I would not mind making these payments to another franchise that will help us and is a little closer.

Shelly should send the company a certified, return receipt requested letter, informing them that since they are not providing the service she contracted for, she will no longer pay for it.

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