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Just as described by other buyers. I called the company to inquire where my shipment which was 14 days past due. The man on the phone yelled at me, called me names and threatened to Charge me 20% for restocking and shipping and some other charges. He kept telling me how the call was recorded and then he threatened to have me arrested and have me charged with a felony. After the merchant would absolutely not allow me to get a word in, he just kept yelling at talking over me. He refused to let me talk to a manager or other department. I was only wanting the status of my order! But after being yelled at and harassed and called names for about 7 minutes I hung up, then I immediately received about 5 or 6 harassing calls and 2 harassing text messages.

I have reported them to PayPal, who hopefully will stop being a merchant for them. I will write a bad review to anyone willing to read it, and I wish I had read reviews before ordering. But I didn't so now that I have been wronged I don't want it to happen to anyone else, so I WARN anyone who thinks shopping Merchant Inc is a good idea. This Business is HORRIBLE! Thanks for reading.

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On approximately 11-07-2011, I ordered Polar fleece ear warmers. They were $180.00 for the case and the weight was stated to be 25lbs. The total cost was $207.00. I received the product today, 11-22-2011, and it was not the right product. I called the phone number listed on the web-site and I tried to explain what happened and this male customer service person went off on me. He’s stated, “We were expecting you to call. What’s a matter? It’s not what you ordered.”

He began to state that I am being recorded and that I would be arrested for fraud. He first stated to return it and in the same breath he stated he would not accept it and that he would charge me another 20% restocking fee. I tried to reason, but he was irate and started to threaten me that he knows who I am and has my information. He told me that I have no idea who I am messing with and proceeded to call me a **. I hung up the phone and he continued to call continuously. I answered again, but he was still threatening. I called the East Hempfield Police and they called him to not call me any more after 6 times non-stop.

He gave the officer a hard time and asked for his badge number and he went off on him also. The same guy called the police department back and spoke to the lieutenant and told fictitious lies about me and the officer. Please beware. I called the bank to cancel my card. This is scary. He has your address and phone number. This company needs to be shut down. You should not be able to threaten people and use there credit card information as a threat! That's illegal. I filed a police report and called the bank to deny the charge and to close my credit card. The bank is notifying the security department for investigation.

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I placed an order for an item I needed for Halloween. Since it was a week before, I paid for three-day shipping. I waited for the item and it never came. I called the business phone number that is provided on the company website and a very rude man answered the phone. I started asking him about my order and he started yelling at me to tell him what I ordered. I asked him if he needed the order ID number and he continued to yell at me. I started to think maybe I dialed the wrong number because I have never dealt with such rude "customer service" so I asked him if this was "Buy Merchant" the company. With that he started yelling "this is a frivolous phone call, you are trying to make trouble for me, why else would you be calling from a blocked number!" Then he hung up on me.

My phone number is blocked for personal reasons. I tried to fax him a cancellation letter to the fax number provided by the company website and an elderly women kept answering. I then emailed the company a cancellation letter and also said in the letter that he should be more professional when customers call his business. He replied to me with a very rude email and told me that he would be charging me 20%. This man is a crook and a thief. He is making 20% off orders that he clearly has no intention of sending. Do not purchase anything from the man/company. It is a scam.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a $158.40 order, plus $58.20 in tax and shipping from Upon making the order online, I neither received a confirmation number nor did I get a receipt e-mailed to me, or any UPS tracking. I received the order two weeks later. So normally, this would not concern me; however, the order was placed to my office and I needed a receipt to keep for our records. So, I called the customer service number listed on the website and was immediately harassed for even calling. The man yelled at me and told me that I did receive an e-mail and that their company does not provide additional information or customer service. He told me if I called back again, I would be arrested and that the recorded call would be kept for three years. I simply was asking for a copy of my receipt. I even told him that perhaps I had typed in the e-mail address incorrectly and was not placing blame on anyone. I just needed a copy for my records. He launched into a tirade about how in 10 years, no one has ever said they didn't receive an e-mailed receipt, and that I should never call there again. This is horrible business practice and I will never order from this company again.


On June 17,2011, I went online and purchased three cases of ladies' sandals. The price was around $400+ and my bank account was charged with that amount. Four days later, I called to find out the status of my order, he said that he will call me back. After two days, he still didn't call so I called him back. Finally, he admitted that they don't have the items.

I asked him what they have and he told me. I accepted to take whatever they have and we agreed that he would reimburse my account. I waited for my merchandise but I did not receive anything.

On July 8 I received an e-mail saying that my order is complete. I then checked with my bank to see how much had been charged, I saw they took some dollars off of my account. Around 8:59 PM I called Mr. Bentham to find out what was going on. I explained to him that I had cancel the bid, as I did online auction. The man was so upset when I told him that I will report that.

He started accusing me of fraud and threatened me that he will have me arrested. He even said that he knows a lot of people who could destroy me. He said that he got all of my information and he will deal with me.

From 8:59 to 9:46, the man called me every minute and harassed and cursed me. There was an instance that I picked up the phone but I didn't say hello. I heard the background noise and he was talking with somebody. I heard him say, “The bitch didn't pick up, I knew she wouldn't. But wait, you'll see. She better make sure she knows who she's messing with.”

Please help. I am so terrified. I called Bronx PD and I was told they cannot help me.

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On April 2, 2010 I used the Buy Merchant website to order a small gadget, valued at $16.00. I filled out the online order form, including credit card info, shipping and billing addresses, contact phone and email. I contacted the customer service number listed to report an error in the zip code of the shipping address, and was suddenly accused of fraud, was told I would be reported to the police and thrown in jail, all over a small ticket. I asked to cancel the order, but the representative refused to take the order number or confirm cancellation.

A week later, on April 9, 2010, the same representative (voice recognition) called my place of business to confirm the order, but I explained the order had been cancelled. The representative (Male) began to threaten physical harm, intimidation, and manipulation of my credit card account with cancellation fees, and then full charge for an order I wanted to cancel. I asked the man not to call again, that I would not be doing business anymore, especially as a business owner, but the representative from Buy Merchant began to call repeatedly to threaten bodily harm, police, fraud reporting, and general harassment.

A call trace was reported to the phone company regarding the harassment, and a report was filed with Vancouver WA police. A report was also filed with the Better Business Bureau, and the FBI due to the nature of the threats. A merchant with access to personal identity information cannot threaten customers; it is against merchant service practices. A merchant should not be making false allegations against customers. Identity theft is now at issue when all I wanted to do was make a simple purchase. Company Profile

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