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this company is a huge scam. my wife worked there for 3 years. they sit at tables calling out of state an lie to you over the phone to get your card number then take the full amount off in minutes. theres no prize. i know that for sure.

I got a call from this magazine company today. They seemed friendly enough and were offering a magazine subscription. I actually thought they were PCH, since I had just (stupidly) decided to enter in their contest. The whole thing sounded fishy after a while and I considered hanging up several times, but I didn't. I got off the phone and went to check my credit balance and found that they'd tried to withdraw $49.81. Red flag! I called my card company and they told me they couldn't do anything until the transaction went through, which I guess makes sense. Luckily, my card company will let me refute the claim, but I'm terrified that by the time the transaction goes through, they'll tell me I can't change it or cancel.

I'm a college student and I'm getting married in a year and a half. I do NOT have this kind of money to spend on scams-- or on legal fees.

I received a phone call about a magazine subscription offer and a free prize that I had won. I knew that my husband was looking for a new magazine to read so I figured I will get him a subscription. I got all this great stuff like a new watch and three other magazines. I asked a few questions and never really got an answer or was told that when the supervisor called me back to verify my info that they could answer my stupid me gave them my card info and waited for the next call from the supervisor. As I stood in my kitchen and thought about it, I decided that I really didn't want the subscription. Twenty minutes later, not days but minutes, when the supervisor called to verify, I told her that I had changed my mind and that I wanted to cancel. She informed me that I couldn't cancel. In turn I told her that I was. She told me that they had already paid my subscription in full. I said that I was surprised that they had sent the money that quickly and that if she would give me the numbers of the magazines, I would be happy to call them and cancel them immediately and am sure they wouldn't be charged. She wouldn't and couldn't give me the numbers. So as things got heated in our conversation, she decided that she didn't have to speak to me anymore and hung up.

I proceeded to call the credit card company and inform them of what I had done and that I had verbally attempted to cancel and that it wouldn't be accepted. I had looked information up on the internet (this site) and found that it was a scam. They stopped the payment and appointed an investigator to find out what was going on with this company. As I have read some of the stories, I see that they said to some people that they couldn't cancel because the time line to cancel was missed. I hope they aren't going to say that I missed it. I only waited 20 minutes to realize that I had made a mistake.

I am still waiting to see what comes of this.

I ordered a credit card. The next day Magazine Source called offering me some magazines. At first everything was going well until I got a strange phone call. My caller i.d. said unknown caller and I answered. They hung up. Next thing I know, I started getting double of the same magazines I ordered from Magazine Source. I later found out that Big Sky Periodicals was charging magazines to my credit card along with Magazine Source. Only difference was Magazine spelled my name slightly differently than Big Sky did.

Access Credit Management, a collection agency from my credit card company, sued me for $1266 for magazines from Big Sky that I did not order. I canceled my credit card to stop them from charging more money.

Absolutely horrible, I advise if you get a call from them to hang up. They called me on numerous occasions at work until I eventually agreed to their subscription for the magazines. While on the phone with one of the people working there, the phone call dropped and shortly afterwards I received a call stating that I had agreed to pay roughly $50 a month for 18 months in order to pay for their stupid magazines. As much as I was not interested and irritated that I had now added yet another pointless bill to be paid, I did not even receive the watch that they initially promised. Instead, I received mail from my bank advertising some magazine subscription and chance to win a free watch...Shady, eh? It took several months for the magazines to even arrive and the selection was piss-poor. When I called later and asked to cancel my subscription, I was notified that I could not do so because they had paid the printing company in advance supposedly and that if I did not continue with the payment plan then my credit would be negatively affected. Furthermore, it is exceedingly difficult to find any information on them at all.

Save yourself the trouble, if you get a call from them hang up.

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I was called saying that I was a valued credit card member and that they were so happy to have reached me. I was told that I would receive a free diamond watch for being such a great customer. I made sure i didn't have to pay anything and she confirmed that i didn't. The call ended with her name and a confirmation number. I then about 5 minutes later got a call stating that it was the girl who called me at firsts supervisor just confirming she had told me everything I needed to know. I said yes and then I was told how I would need to give my debit card over the phone, just for securing the account purposes. I asked if their would be a charge cause it was a new bank account and the card wasn't active yet. She said i would not be charged for anything and proceeded to give her my number to my debit card after I did that she told me about how much I would be charged. I said wait you told me that there would be no charges and she confirmed again that I would be charged. I said immediately at that time that i wished to cancel and didn't want it anymore if it cost anything she said oh no no no you can't cancel now as she was laughing...I said well I want to speak to your supervisor then and she hung up. I then immediately called my new bank and told them what happened. They told me to cut up my card and they would send me a new one. So those people can't get any money from me. I attempted to call them several times with no avail to only hear that the number was out of service.

I am a 61 year old woman and I am on disability, if they were to go into my account and take any money from me which hopefully they cant now I would be destitute and I would have to move to a homeless shelter because I live poor now and can barely pay my rent. Also I couldn't stop crying they were so rude, even going to the extent of when I tried to tell them to cancel to speak to me condescending and laugh in my hear saying oh no no can't cancel now, and then hung up. I felt SO betrayed and mislead. I am already on valium for my anxiety and now I am completely stressed and anxious all the time. Every time i answer the phone I ask the other person who they are and if I don't believe them I hang up. Which has lead to some embarrassing situations. I feel paranoid all the time now. I don't need any more depression or stress then I already have...these people have taken the only thing I thought I had left which was my rational thinking. they made to feel crazy.

I was called this morining around 8:30am on March 12, 2007 by Big Sky Periodicals saying that since I was a Visa card holder I was eligible to win a 1 million dollar prize and that my chances of win would depend on how many people entered. Then Wendy the sales represenative went on to say that I would receive a diamond watch and that I would recieve magazine subscriptions all for FREE. I was like sure why not. She then asked for my permission to place my free order of the magazines and the diamond watch and I unfortunately said yes. She then said that a customer representative will call me to thank me. A couple minutes later a man by the name of Keith telling me Thank-You. Then he then proceded to say Thank-you for the order I placed in. I was like order, I did not place an order. He acted shocked and surprise as I did not know, eventhough he knew what was going on. I prodeded to cancel my order but he said I could not since the order has been placed. I kept on saying I did not want the subscriptions anymore then we got into an arguement in which during that period I asked the company name which he said was Big Sky Periodicals. I asked how come I have nevered heard of them and he said that was strange because they have been in business for over 22 years (how ironic).Then he said I had no choice that since my order has been processsed that I was going to pay the asking price of $17.00 every month which I personally think its ludacris because I know I can find better deals out there for that asking price I wouldn't be surprised to find 10 magazine subscritions for a year for that price. Then I asked if I could look up the company on the internet during which that time Keith hung up the phone on me during mid-sentence.Anyways I did go on the internet and the very first thing that popped on my google search page was this website that is dealing with their complaints. I will work with my local BBB to get rid of these people and not have to pay this ludacris amount they are charging even if they take me to court. I will be willing to work with a lawyer if they gurantee I don't have to pay till they win my case.

I received a phone call stating that because I was a preferred Visa credit card holder, I had one a diamond bracelet and a year's subscription to 6 magazines free for the first 3 months, and $30 a month for the next 8 months (after a year I would have to pay the full). I said fine (it seemed like a deal to me). That was over a year ago. I had moved out of my parents house over 11 months ago when about a month ago they started receiving phone calls from a debt company trying to reach me. All of my credit cards have my new phone number so I wondered what it could be concerning.

I finally called a number back and the debt company informed that I owed almost $500 to Big Sky Periodicals. Not once had they tried to contact me via email, phone, or letter stating I had owed them money. I wasn't sure how to handle the situation so I paid them the money. I spoke with my mother and she told me I should've told them to take me to court for the money. I didn't want bad credit, so I gave into them. I just didn't know where to go from there. It wasn't such a deal after all.

I, like many other people, was sucked into this company's scam. I agreed to a magazine subscription, a free diamond watch and a contest for $50,000. None of these three situations came true. After realizing how much I was paying for this four year subscription, I called this company and asked if I could cancel my order. I had not received anything, nor had I made any payments. The woman, who was quite rude, said it was impossible for me to back out of the agreement I had made with them.

After a bit more complaining, she finally allowed me to reduce the subscription to one year. This was better than nothing, so I accepted it. I paid five payments of $29.00, however I have never received any of the magazines. I have called the company and explained this to them, and they have simply given me the run around. It is now a year and a half later, and I still have never seen any product for the money paid.

This is in response (sic) for all of you who told your story on Big Sky Periodicals. First off, I work there. You people GAVE your credit card numbers over the phone and listened to the legitimate (sic) talk. You GAVE your number out.

You knew there were magazines involved and they told you it was $3.35 a week didn't they! It is not a scam. It is telemarketing and you said "yes" with a smile and got you card out of your wallet on your own free will ... no one made you do anything.

I would be glad to send you a copy of the talk you were read over the phone if that will satisfy anyone. You maybe will then understand what you agreed to. I am very sorry if the prices of the magazines do not fit into your current budget. I understand the stress that goes along with it.

You were not forced to talk to them, answer their question, give your credit card number out, or any other sort of obligation. If you do have any questions on this area don't hesitate to ask. I will be honest and straight fwd (sic).

I am sorry that you all were sucked into the world of telemarketing.

Nice guy, huh? Very generous of Fefe to tell us he will be honest and "straight fwd." Guess that would be a refreshing change from his workday habits, eh?

Received a phone call offering to register me in a contest if I would take a trial subscription to magazines. I thought I was entering a contest, then charges started showing up on my charge card (which I never gave the number of my card to them! ) This happened in the winter of 1999, never received magazines until this summer and now I am getting magazines every day and don't want any of them!!!!!!! They are still trying to charge to my charge card (which I have now cancelled). I wrote and told them to forget it! No magazines were wanted; I must have misunderstood their offer!

They won't leave me alone. I don't want and cannot afford 20 magazine subscriptions for years! And how they got my charge card number I'll never know. They say they have me "on tape" but I don't know about that. I'm just wondering if others have had the same experience with this company. I want them to leave me alone NOW!

I had received a call from this company about getting magazines. They had offered me the free watch and all. I had agreed to this. When they had called back to confirm this they said that I had agreed to a 4 yr plan at outrageous prices. I cant even remember how much. I think it was $33 a month. I told them that I didn't want that and they told me that I was told that I could not back out of it.

When I received the package in the mail to pick out which magazines I wanted I called the 1-888 number and I told her that I didn't want all those magazines. She told all she could do was change it for a 1 year subscription at the one time fee that was already billed to my card. So I said ok since I would not be billed anymore. It has been 2 months and I have yet to receive a magazine that I had ordered she had dropped it to one magazine only for 1 year.

I tried to call the number that I had called before regarding it and I get a message saying the this number cannot be completed as dialed. I have no way of getting in contact with these people other than there address and I don't believe they will even read it. I would like to find out there number or anything of contact with this company. I just want what I paid for.

This company has committed fraud by using my credit card with out my authorization. I had received a phone call by a gentleman claiming to be with American Express thanking me for being a valued card member. He explained to me that as a valued card member I was going to be entered in a contest and with my permission would like to send me 3 free subscriptions of my choice as a token of their appreciation along with a release form to receive a free diamond watch. I did agree for the representative to record our conversation verifying my name, home address, and my authorization to send the 3 free magazine subscriptions and release form for the watch to the address verified.

These magazines subscriptions were told to be "a token of appreciation" as a valued card member. However, charges started to appear on my American Express card by an unfamiliar company by the name of Big Sky Periodicals. I could not find a listing for such a company nor a phone number to reach them at. Unaware of what the charges were for, I contacted American Express Card Services. They were able to give me a phone number to contact this company. I contacted Big Sky Periodicals on 2/17/00. They informed me as to what the charges were for. I disagreed with the charges and explained to them that I did not want the magazine subscriptions the were being charged to my account and that I was only aware of them being free as explained to me in the phone conversation.

They told me that I could not cancel this 4-year subscription being charged to my account but that I could agree to pay $174.00 for a 1-year subscription instead of the 4-year plan. I would not agree to this because I never ordered magazine subscriptions or authorize them to be charged to my American Express card. They stated there was nothing I could do because they had the phone conversation on record and once they told that to American Express I would be responsible for the charges.

I requested to listen to that phone conversation at that time. They proceeded to tell me that the tape would not be ready for me to listen to until early the next morning. I called 12pm the next day and the tape was still not available for me to listen to. I called back about an hour later and listened to the phone conversation. It was not the conversation I had with the gentleman that day. However even in this phone conversation that they had played for me, at no time at all did I ever give my card number to them.

How can they charge my personal credit card when I never gave them my number? Where did they get it? I demanded that they stop sending me magazines and they refused to do so saying that I could agree to a 1-yr. service at a price of $174.00 (that had already been charged to my account) but that's the best that they could do for me. I tried my best to resolve this issue with them several times but the insist that I agree to the 1 year subscription or they will charge me the whole 12 installments of $58.00. I asked them for a copy of the phone conversation but they refused to send me one. I never received a release form for the diamond watch in which this all seemed to be a big scam.

I never received a phone call from a company called Big Sky Periodicals only from "American Express" thanking me for being a valued card member And offering me 3 free subscriptions, a free diamond watch, and a chance to win in a contest

On 10/31/99, I was contacted by Big Sky Periodicals of Lolo, MT by a Jacqueline ****. She initially offered me a four year subscription to five different magazines. She told me that her supervisor, a Charles ****, would call right back. Mr. **** called back and laid out the terms of the subscription.

While he was doing this, he asked for my credit card number for "verification purposes. " At this time, I assumed that he was a merchant calling from a firm related to Discover Card and knew my account number already. After giving him the number, I asked for something to be sent to me in writing before an order was put through. Mr. **** said that something would be sent in 7-10 days.

Thinking that the order was not processed, I received a call a few days later from Big Sky asking if I wanted to verify my order. I stated at that time that I had not ordered and was waiting for the written information to come in the mail. The woman from Big Sky stated that the order had been placed and that the order was not cancellable, as Mr. **** also explained. After going back and forth about this, the woman from Big Sky reduced my "order" to a lower commitment of a two year subscription.

I contacted Discover Card to dispute the billing of this charge to my credit card, but after investigating, they said that the charge is proper and will stay on my account. I understand that I was unwise to give my credit card number unless I was willing to order. However, I was not told (to my understanding) that giving the number would authorize the order. I have sent a letter stating that I do not want any services from Big Sky, but have not received any replies. I also understand that I should not have agreed with the caller who reduced my order. Since the call was recorded, it may be construed as an authorization of the order.

I realize here that I have made a couple of mistakes. However, I believe that Big Sky Periodicals was dishonest in starting a non-cancellable order without sending any written information to the customer. Even if I have to continue with the order, I would still want to complain about this company. I'm pursuing this on principal more than monetary damages. In all, the subscriptions will cost about $350, an amount that won't break the bank. I feel that this company was fairly deceptive in their practices.

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