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c/o Gilmore BarrettMontego Bay, Jamaica

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I received a winning price from The president of the Global Sweepstake in Australia. His representative live here in Florida, works in California and I here in Phoenix, Arizona. To receive the 6 checks for a huge amount of money, I must pay $15,000 to the Arizona State taxes. With the help from the representative, I managed to pay the authorities. When the time comes to receive the money, I was on the black mail list to deposit a fake check from Mr. Tony **. I tried to deposit it, but since it was fraud, my account was closed. The Arizona State Tax board charged me $9,000 for it. I paid it off with the help from the representative.

Again before the pay out of the 6 checks, I was charged another amount for 12,000. I have to pay only $400 with the help of the representative. Now I should receive cash money, but no, I still wait for the money because of other problems that happened to prevent me to get the cash and be deposited in a bank account. I have all the informations of names, telephone conversations and dates. In due time, I may reveal it.

I got a call saying that I have won the Australian International Sweepstakes of over seven million dollars and that I need to call this phone number to give them the UPS tracking number for delivery to me of the monies in 45 minutes! My husband works for UPS and the tracking number ** is not a real number.

I received a call on my cell phone on 10-07-03 saying that I had won $18 million and needed to contact Peter Lee as soon as possible and to keep it confidential until I spoke with him. That night I proceeded to call him. He said that I had won the money and asked if I wanted him to send a check in the mail or wire the money into my account. I told him that I wanted the check in the mail.
He then told me to call another number and talk to a man by the name of Steve Marshall And that he will process all the paper work. When I was talking to Steve he started to tell me about fees and that I would need to send him $10,000 before I could get the money. I then asked him if my mom could call him tomorrow because I was only 19 and didn't understand everything that he was telling me. He said that it would be fine and to have her call him.

Today she called him and asked him to email some information to us before we do anything. He hasn't emailed us. So tonight I tried to look up the sweepstakes service and found this web sight. I hope that you can catch them.

A few minutes ago I received a phone call from someone named Diane Faireborne claiming to work for the US Customs Service. At the end of the conversation when I asked how I could reach her, she told me they were in Albany, NY. However, the number on the caller-id said QUEBEC.

During the conversation I was told that the Customs Service had two, $50,000 checks for me from the International Australian Sweepstakes and that because of the money amount they needed to call me and see if I wanted to pay the 1.5% customs fee on them or have them sent back. The woman told me I had 3-4 days to pay the $1,500 fee, and that I could pay via Western Union. I got contact information from her, and told her I would call her back.

My father was a victim of the sweepstakes scam from Montego Bay and Hanover Jamaica. He was initially contacted in September 2001 and was also told he had won $2.5 million. He sent the intial payment of $750 via Western Union, and was told repeatedly there were problems with the transaction, they needed more money for the courier service, etc... They would always call collect, thus incurring more expense.
He was also contacted by "John Smith" who was inquiring about a business partnership. This has gone on for four months now, and my mother has just recently learned of the situation. They are out $100,000!
There are multiple adresses, and different people are still contacting him. My dad was given a special phone number to contact them. My parents are senior citizens and have lost their retirement savings. Western Union has a disclaimer (I'm sure no one ever reads the back) that releases them from any liability. My mother has contacted the State Police, they have initiated an investigation, and it's also been referred to the FBI.
How is it that Western Union, after being advised this was a scam, continues to allow money transfers to these people? The law enforcement has advised us that since the money is gone from the US, it is impossible to recover. They have also advised the ideal target group is the seniors.
The consequences of this situation are numerous. My parents are out of their savings, having to sell their house, and I am in no finacial shape to assist them in any way. My folks are not rich people, and have worked very hard all their lives to have something to show for it.

This is a real tragedy. Sadly, the police are right: once the money leaves the U.S., it's gone. In fact, that's usually true of money lost to domestic scams. It is almost never possible to recover any significant amount. All the more reason to be very cautious when dealing with anyone you don't know.

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Kenneth Harper told me to send $450.00 to Gilmore Barrett in Montego Bay Jamaica by Western Union, so I did. This morning I had a friend look up the sweepstakes on the internet and found out it was a fraud and I was able to retrieve my money from the Western Union as a refund and report this as a scam. I beat Gilmore to the money, thank God, but people need to know about this.

It was definitely stressful and an adrenaline rush, I don't think i want to be a millionare that bad, ever again. I hated it.

On May 11, 2001, I rerceived a call from the Australian International Sweepstakes, stating that I had wom $2.5 million. In order for me to receive the money, I had to send a processing fee of $750. I sent the $750.00 as requested by Western Union to Gilmore Barrett.

After I sent that money, I was told that I needed to clear lawyers fees of $3000. I sent it as requested on 5/11/01 to expedite the reception of the $2.5 million. Then they told me after that, I needed to send $500 to secure the courier fee. So, I sent it to them on 5/14/01. Then I was informed that there was a technicality on my transaction error, I didn't place my middle initial on the lawyers fee transaction. Consequently, I must send $1000 to correct my paperwork. I again sent the money.
Then there was another courier fee of $300 which I sent on 5/17/01. Again it began to go on from one thing to another. I sent $200 on 5/18/01. I sent $300 on 5/22/01. I sent 5/24/01. I sent $250 on 5/24/01, 6/1/01 sent $300. The final payment of $300, I thought, was sent on 6/6/01.
But that was not enough; he promised me that if I sent $300 that would ensure that the money would be wired into my bank account, of which I did give out my account information. When I did check my bank account, the money was not there. I asked why, he told me I needed one last payment of $300, so I reluctantly paid it on 6/28/01.
Guess what? No money in my account. The story goes on to say I need to clear my balance of $3000 before the money can be wired into my account. Enough is enough, I says, I'll no send you anymore money.
As a result of this scam, I am out $7,669 with Western Union fees and deeply indebted.

This is very unfortunate. It is next to impossible for Bobby to recover his funds now that they are in an offshore account. He should, however, contact the FBI immediately -- and he should close his bank account, which will never be safe now that the Sweepstakes Scammers have his account number.

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