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I stopped taking Zyrtec on Sep 3, 2016. I have made it the longest since I've tried weaning in the past 10 years. Today I am itching so bad on my legs and feet, it's unbearable but I refuse to ever take this drug again. This product should not be sold without warning of the horrible side effects of ever trying to get off of it? Something has to be done about this horrible drug. I am shocked how many forums there are about this issue and it's still on the market! Please don't take Zyrtec, I've been on it for 15 years because it's so hard to get off it. I have spoken with professionals who can't wean off because the itching affects their job. It's a horrible mess.

My dermatologist prescribed Zyrtec to me many years ago for photosensitivity. It may be close to a decade I have been on it. Each time I stop taking this drug the side effects are too much and I end up back on it. I am trying once again to get off this awful drug. It has been 5 days and the hives and itching are getting worse everyday. I am determined to get this poison out of my body once and for all. My nasal congestion is actually getting better. Is this poison causing my psoriasis too? I pray I can get through this. Worst allergy medicine out there. None of the others cause these horrible withdrawal symptoms. There needs to be a warning on the bottle.

I've been a Zyrtec user for quite some time, maybe 2-3 years. I started with the Zyrtec actual name brand then opt for Costco brand of Zyrtec due to only having to buy it once a year (365 tablets). It has the same active ingredient and same exact dosage. The active ingredient is Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10 mg... Antihistamine. I had the symptoms of headaches and sometimes an elevated blood pressure. I had to stop taking ** because I needed to take an allergy test. Immediately I was confronted with an unbearable itch all over my body. My hands, my fingertips, my neck, face, ENTIRE BODY ITCHED! I would get cold sweats and nausea and my blood pressure became extremely low.

Needless to say I had to cancel my allergy test. I DO NOT want to retake Zyrtec so I've been coping with the itch by taking two ** tablets every night. It hasn't stop the itching but it's manageable. I know when I need to have more ** because my hands start to itch intently.

My husband began taking Zyrtec for severe allergies about 2 years ago. I cannot begin to tell you of the awful side effects he experienced; the worst part was, we had no idea it was from the medication. Around this time, he began to experience such irritability, anxiety, severe mood swings, episodes of rage and headaches that I literally began to think that there must be a personality disorder or a mood disorder. I began to track the mood swings on a calendar, just so I could try to make sense of it, but I could not.

At times, he was unbearable to be around for days at time, and honestly I was afraid of him. He would also have "fits", in which for very unreasonable things, or insignificant things he would go into such a rage/upset mood, that he had uncontrolled convulsions, shaking/spinning his head side to side with either a cessation of breathing, or hyperventilating. At times the worst part was, this happened sometimes while he was driving, and I was scared spitless, as he seemed to be out of control. He would tell me, he didn't know what was happening, this never happened before, he thought I was the trigger. I was at times, on eggshells, I would try to calm him down to no avail. He would actually want me to leave because he felt out of control, and was afraid. There was also some depersonalization, in which he would say things, and experience things that were not necessarily reality, and he was removed from reality. He would also say things to me that he was not aware of.

I am also not sure if this was a direct link with Zyrtec, but he had severe libido, and that can be a side effect of the drug. During this whole time, he had been telling me, he is not normal, he never in his life experienced this type of rage where he went out of control, and never was so irritable, and he was going to get to the bottom of it. Little did we know, it all had to do with Zyrtec. The side effects that we experienced were awful and dangerous. He never struck me, but yet honestly he was so out of control he could have, let alone the times he was driving and experienced fits. Can you imagine how absolutely terrified I was? Anyway, he somehow figured out it MAY be the medication... and we started tapering off. As soon as we started tapering off, we realized that this drug was CAUSING him to have headaches & these other terrible symptoms. He actually felt better tapering off this drug.

I have suffered the same as each person that submitted a review. The drug has multiple side effects in addition to total body itch. A 10mg tablet caused insomnia and anxiety. A 5mg (1/2) was unpredictable from somnolence or insomnia. The sleep was restless. It is addicting and I felt euphoric! I was unaware of the itch side effect until I stumbled on an article on People's Pharmacy Web Page. I saw a dermatologist that was confused as my skin is oily. The next step was Internal Medicine and numerous lab test to rule out numerous internal problems.

When I discontinued the drug the itch would surface. To get relief was Zyrtec. A nurse friend in the UK sent an article from the UK. I cannot recall the publisher but the UK Zyrtec OTC was a different formula than the USA OTC. That would make sense because the UK OTC was a decade before the USA OTC. My maternal family live in UK and I would purchase the drug in the UK. I DID NOT HAVE AN ITCH SIDE EFFECT AT ANY TIME DURING THOSE FOUR YEARS. My life has been Zyrtec free for 4 months. I feel better. There is no doubt that Zyrtec had neurologic side effects. It took three weeks of reducing the dosage from 1/2 every other day and then 1/2 every third day and 1/2 every fourth day.

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I took Zyrtec for dust and seasonal allergies daily for 6 months. It worked well but when I decided to stop taking it once allergy season was over I began to itch all over my body. I went online and found hundreds of others that had the same experience. I decided I would wean myself from the drug instead of going "cold turkey". It has been a nightmare! I took 1/2 a pill for 3 weeks and finally the itching was bearable so I cut back to 1/4 pill and itching came back with a vengeance! I also had new symptoms like random pains, chronic inflammation, anxiety, constant throat clearing, and nausea. After another 3 weeks I cut back to 1/8 pill. That was at the beginning of this week. More symptoms! I now have gastritis and bouts of low blood pressure and now have food allergies which I never had!

All of which are caused by high histamine levels in the body. Sadly most doctors don't understand the link between stopping anti-histamines and histamine intolerance and they were no help. If there was a warning about how addictive this drug is it would have saved so many of us who used it from suffering. I believe there should be a class action suit against the makers of Zyrtec and the FDA should require warning on the labels. I am afraid to stop taking the drug completely as every time I do my symptoms get worse. I want my life back! The site wants me to submit proof of purchase to label me a "verified buyer". I do not have a receipt handy to upload but believe me I wish I wasn't a "verified buyer"!

Trying to get off Zyrtec D. It's impossible. Itching sooooo bad all over so I can go 2 days max. I take ** when it gets bad and ice packs on me. It's THE WORST and extremely debilitating. Help. I don't know how to get off it. It helps me feel great when on it. I can breathe well. I have a deviated septum and Zyrtec D helps me feel great but at a huge price. Also have severe tinnitus and think this is from Zyrtec D.

I am having a bad reaction to the Zyrtec with an uncontrollable itch all over my body. Can't sleep and feel, so run down and mentally drained. Soon as I feel any relief after a breakout the next day a new location on my body starts the severe itching and redness and swollen in the affected area. I have been dealing with this for a few months now and no matter what... no relief. Cream after cream... sometimes get a few minutes of relief then the itch flares back up. Was taking Zyrtec and at times generic brand.

Since then I have been under attack from this horrible breakout and devastating itch to which is unbreakable at time to where I have even taken a rigid steak knife (sounds crazy but helped for a few seconds...) and scratched lightly of course but just to feel some sense of normal was a lot. Please help anybody who has found a solution to stop this madness. I am going to have a breakdown. I'm irritable and is ruining my day to day duties. Need a solution... please.

I took ** for 1 month then stopped. The first day I started itching. It is day 9 and I am still itching. I am not talking scratching either. I am talking digging my nails into my skin because the itch is inside my body and I can't reach it. I went to my doctor and he prescribed a medication for the itch and anxiety. I have no rash just hurtful skin still at this point. I told a pharmacy tech who immediately knew what the issue was then I researched it. I am appalled this drug is still on the market and the public isn't aware. I posted something on Facebook and so many were shocked as they too experienced this. There should be a lawsuit over this. I am outraged. I feel like nothing helps even ** and I am tired of itching. It is painful.

This generic ** of Zyrtec is a wonder drug. When I tried **, **, and **. It began when I developed unknown rashes that turned out to be dermatitis rashes on my forehead, neck, elbows, back of the knee, and hips, and on the torso. This began 1.5 years ago. At first I had to buy target's pricey 6dollar for 14 pills which ran out so fast that it did not give me any kind of relief. And was stuck on **, interspersed with **, and the remaining ** until the beginning of last year. When I used ** with another non-drowsy drug, it caused a health scare that caused me to seek the ER. And then for 8 months been trying to find out the cause of my loss of smell and neuropathy without any leads.

BY THEN I was back on ** for no reason and it had no effect on the symptoms. Then I went back to target to buy 70pills of ** for 20dollars and it got rid of most of my nasal allergies but had little effect on my dermatitis itching, and I noticed while I was on **, itching and dryness got worst for my dermatitis. I did not connect the 2 till after it ran out this January. At this point I was itching so bad on my scalp and torso, it causes dermatitis to flare up again. I WENT on amazon to buy **, generic Zyrtec for 1year, for about 20dollars, way better pricing. ** is great for nasal allergies, but really it amplifies the flare-ups of dermatitis, contact, atopic that is already present.

While getting off it, near areas of my skin has started itching and it got scratched to the point it became sensitized to dermatitis flare up. Also dermatitis blisters would periodically appear, but ** maybe able to help with it or trigger it, only people with dermatitis. Also being on ** for months can build tolerance to other antihistamines, I noticed when I tried **, and it did not make me sleepy, or it had a slight effect. So be warned, use ** sparingly, and rotate to other antihistamines.

I took ** for a number of years for relief of allergies and it was very effective. I had the same experience as many who have reviewed this product. When I would stop taking the product, I would very quickly begin itching unbearably, almost everywhere. Itching severe enough to make me want to tear the flesh from my bones. My family doctor told me it was an allergic reaction, so I would return to taking it, and the itching would stop within hours.

I wondered if withdrawal from the medication might be responsible, and spent quite some time investigating and found many people who had experienced the very same side effects. One of the stories included a recommendation to switch to ** to get past the ** withdrawal period. I figured it was worth a try and after one month on ** was able to stop using it without the itchiness recurring. If you are suffering from the "Zyrtec Itch" I suggest you give that a try. I was at my wit's end and was almost resigned to taking ** for the rest of my life. I am including pictures of the rash I would get on my feet when trying to stop taking it, but the itchiness was pretty much everywhere; palms, scalp, legs, back... Good luck and I hope this helps even one person get off this drug.

I ran out of Zyrtec about 4 days ago. By the 2nd day, I was itching terribly on my stomach and neck. It's now spread to my face, head and arms. There don't seem to be any hives (yet anyway), but I'm all red from the scratching. It's driving me batty! I took ** to sleep, but seeing that this is an effect of Zyrtec, I'm hesitant to take anything now! There is a lot of comfort in knowing I'm not crazy and that this is a REAL side effect of not taking Zyrtec. I've been taking this on doctor's orders daily for at least 4 years. I'm so afraid this itching is going to get far worse before it gets better!

I have been taking Zyrtec for over 10 years. I haven't been able to stop because I would have terrible itching about 24 hours after taking the last pill. I thought it was because I needed to take the pill not BECAUSE of the pill!! I have had all the symptoms that everyone here is describing and I am on my 3rd day of no pills and am freaking out with hives breaking out all over my body which never happened until now that I am trying to go more than 24 hours without it. I am shocked that this drug is still on the market even after all these people have said how horrific it has been to be on it and to get off it.

I stumbled across all these reviews while searching for an answer as to why I am breaking out and am on the one hand so grateful to get some answers, but on the other hand enraged that nothing has been publicized about this drug and what is obviously widespread problems. I also stumbled across this website for anyone wanting to explore legal recourse. I think in this particular case it is worth it. This is too terrible to keep going on like this.

I used Zyrtec for the first time two nights ago; my mother had recommended it to me as this 'miracle drug' and how it was 'the best on the market.' I used it because of seasonal allergies, and was having the usual allergy problems of watery puffy eyes, shortness of breath, and congested nose. First, Zyrtec didn't affect my allergies at all. Second, within an hour, I was having a slew of new symptoms which made it even more terrible. I had taken it before bed, and I was unable to fall asleep. My entire body felt sore and weak, and I felt a distinct paranoia and anxiety. I kept compulsively itching at my scalp, even to the point that my skin began to scab.

After about three hours of this nightmarish experience, I got up, thinking if I turned the hallway light on, the light would remedy the anxiety and paranoia. Nope; the moment I stood up, I was hit with extreme dizziness, vertigo, and nausea. I had to run to the bathroom just to keep from vomiting all over the floor. For the rest of the night, and the following day, I spent the time vomiting, struggling to keep down any fluids or food, and overall feeling miserable. The more 'psychotic' features subsided, but now I have begun to have the itching as everyone else describes; all over my body, in patches, with no relief.

I can't personally speak for my mother's husband, but he also was taking Zyrtec, and recently came into a bad bout of hives that he couldn't get rid of. I have no doubt that it's very likely he was affected by this as well. The fact this dangerous drug is OTC is terrifying, and I worry for anyone who may take it unknowingly, only for there to be fatal results. Everyone, stay safe, and don't take this drug.

I started taking this medicine back in 2008, when I had a cold/allergies that I couldn't get rid of. It ended up with allergy testing, and allergy shots twice a week. When I couldn't miss work anymore for allergy shots, they decided to put me on Zyrtec. Needless to say, I never thought anything of it. Ok. An allergy medicine. Great. It worked. But then I started noticing the weight gain, and the constant hunger. Ok. Still better than what I went through with my allergic reaction. After about a year, I had gained over 20 pounds, and couldn't lose the weight. I literally tried everything. It wouldn't come off. Gym 5 days a week, ate all organic, no sodas, and I kept gaining. I went to the DR, and he said "Oh yeah, that's a side effect of the zyrtec". WTF. Thanks.

So I decided to come off of it. Little did I know, that I would itch insane. So I went back on it. Terrible. Fast forward to now, when I'm very serious about losing the weight, and keeping it off, I stopped taking it. I have grown out of most of my allergies, so why not? It's been almost 6 weeks, and I can tell you that I'm in so much pain, I could set myself on fire, and it wouldn't hurt this bad. As I type this, my head is literally bleeding. I have a towel on it, b/c I have been scratching so much. I knew that I would have some itching when I came off it, but I never thought it would be like this.

First it was my hands. I was scratching my hands to the point of bleeding, scabbing, and scarring. My husband was waking me up in the middle of the night because I was scratching in my sleep. My eyes were swollen, and my face puffy. My hands and feet felt like they were on fire, and there were literally fire ants crawling around inside.

I got online and started reading, and questioning. Maybe something was wrong with me? No. Little did I know that this was a side effect of stopping it. My DR thought I was insane. Didn't believe me. Really? Only 50k other people across several sites say the same thing as me, and that it does go away after 6 weeks or so. Well, I'm coming into my 6th week, and let me tell you that it's intense. I think it gets worse every single day. I have holes that I have scratched in my feet and hands, and blisters from rubbing my feet on the carpet just to get some relief. Nothing helps. Not even oatmeal baths. I was even having my head checked thinking I had LICE!!! Nope. Just huge scabs where apparently I'm pulling my hair out while scratching in my sleep. When will this end, and when will the doctors ever tell you that this is a common withdrawal?!?

I was prescribed Zyrtec a little over a year ago because I was breaking out in hives on parts of my body. My doctor discovered the hives were a reaction to my antibodies attacking my thyroid and even though my thyroid was acting normally, I would eventually have to be put on thyroid medication. She said the Zyrtec would help with the hives. I was ecstatic, I was getting my life back. I took 10mg every day. In the span of this year I have changed my diet and am trying to find other ways of helping my body so it doesn't want to attack itself, and wanted to see how I was doing so I stopped taking it. Within 24 hours my WHOLE BODY was itching and on fire to the point of pain I've never experienced. My whole body was hot and red and couldn't be touch with anything else I would have a massive itching fit. Even the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet were red and hot and itchy.

I was so disheartened because I was following these autoimmune diets to a "T". Lo, I find all these other customers with the same problems I am having. I am outraged that Zyrtec doesn't have a warning on the label describing what happens if you try to get OFF their medication. It's been 3 months now and I'm weaning off of it slowly. I'm to the point where I can take 5mg every 36 hours. I fear I'll never to be off of it but I will keep pushing. If you have been prescribed this you have been warned!

There are no words to express my gratitude for finding this forum and I thank each and everyone of you for writing your plight with this hideous drug Zyrtec! I too suffer with itchy scalp, scratchy red eyes, burning skin rash all over my body, fever nightmares and no sleep... My only consolation is knowing that there are other people experiencing the same symptoms and I was not going crazy for thinking I was allergic to wheat, or bed bugs or soap etc, but in fact having an allergic reaction to this OTC poison called Zyrtec. It all started with a cold and I took Tylenol cold and flu for 10 days. But unfortunately I had an allergic reaction to it and experienced rash/ hives all day. Around 2am the rash was on my chest and neck and I started to panic because I'm allergic to wasps and thought my throat might close up.

I called the paramedic and he said because I've been suffering all day I wouldn't choke and suggested Benadryl. I took it for 4 days and experienced no relief and after taking the recommended dose my body was still experiencing intense reaction. I saw the doctor and he suggested the dreaded Z! I was very hesitant to take more drugs but he assured me satisfaction! And for 5 days on this poison I was pain free. But noticed if I didn't take the drug on time my body started itching!!! I was very eager to get off these meds and by day five I was no longer in pain... But 2 days later at 2am I was awakened with the most intense reaction ever and I thought I was going crazy...

The next day was worst and I couldn't believe I was going thru this hell for the third time. That's when I found this site and read every single one of these terrible experiences that so many of you have also endured. Thank God you took the time and I thank you, a thousand thank you's... So I knew that I had no choice but to continue suffering and go cold turkey hopefully the symptoms would reduce in a couple of days? I was so relieved I only took Z for 5 days, and prayed that it would be over soon. Unfortunately I'm on day 10 and still experiencing the rash... By day 6 it wasn't as angry but it still gets rash-y and very hard not to scratch my skin off. But it's getting better but I'm shocked by the intensity of this so called drug and will never take it again!

I've been taking tons of vitamin C and 10,000 units of vitamin D. Also drinking tons of water, green tea, slathering coconut oil, calendula gel on my face. I woke up this morning with the rash on my cheeks, and bloodshot eyes and this is day 10! I know it's getting better because I slept 8 hours thru the last 2 nights with no attacks until I get up and then it starts up. Castor oil for my poor scalp, Quercetin, and cutting out gluten. My heart goes out to the ones that have been on this for years and for the children that have suffered due to this disgusting drug... I cannot imagine going thru this for a year? But weaning off is the only choice because the side effects of this drug is really scary. Good luck and good health.

Zyrtec is the reason I can go outside and not be fearful of having an allergic reaction. Before taking Zyrtec, I was consistently having allergic reactions when exercising or brisk walking outside. My throat would swell and close up, I would break out into hives, my face would swell. I was never able to pinpoint what exactly I was allergic to but ever since taking 1 Zyrtec a day, my reactions have stopped. I am able to go outside and even exercise without having a reaction. I know Zyrtec has and is saving my life and am so grateful for this allergy medicine.

I took Zyrtec for only a week. I forgot to take it one day and started itching like crazy. I didn't know if it was because I have sensitive skin or something else. After reading up on possibilities, I was going through Zyrtec withdrawals. Going on day 4 of no Zyrtec and I am miserable itchy all over my body to the point of not of bleeding. I have tried taking Benadryl but it makes me so drowsy. This side effect should be in huge warning labels on the bottle!

I have taken Zyrtec for typical, non-serious allergies off and on for a few years. I started taking it after trying Claritin without relief. I never had complications while taking it, but day two after running out resulted in all over body hives. I'm am now day 11 with full-body hives. I have been to urgent care, the ER and a naturopathic doctor. I am angry and frustrated and miserable. My family is miserable because mom is struggling. Our spring break was completely ruined. There is an obvious choice to begin taking Zyrtec again and just become a slave to it, but I refuse to do so. The fact that this medication does not offer any warnings against long-term use or suggestions for discontinuing use gradually is completely negligent and unacceptable. I intend to follow through on this legally and hope to see a class action suit as there are obviously many who have suffered similar outcomes. The photo included is today, day 11.

I've been on this drug for many years - maybe 15. I have terrible allergies. Just went off for 5 days for an allergy test. It's 2 am and I'm here at the computer searching for answers as to why my feet, hands, and now lips are itching and red hot! Like others on here, was ready to head to the emergency room for help. Now I know! Unfortunately, it doesn't help right now, but at least, I no longer wonder if I'm dying of some exotic disease! I feel like I have a friend here - at least I have answers.

I have been taking Zyrtec nightly for over ten years for environmental allergies. I tried allergy shots but had to stop when I had two reactions within one week. I switched allergists and had to stop the Zyrtec to prepare for testing. I had not taken it for four days. My palms started to itch. I also noticed my lips tingling a bit, but wasn't sure if it was due to drinking citrus and them being a bit chapped. Suddenly the feeling spread to the inside of my mouth and was heading for my throat - Anaphylaxis. I quickly took four teaspoons of liquid Benadryl and the symptoms subsided.

My allergist appointment was the next morning. When I told him what happened he told me that he thought it could be Zyrtec Withdrawal. I was able to have the tests and I did not test positive for anything that I had been exposed to that day. Day six without Zyrtec and the hands and feet itch terribly, and some on my back. I was able to put some anti-fungal powder on my feet to stop the itching, but didn't want to used it on my hands. One post mentioned it took about 10 days for symptoms to clear. Looking for more information as to how long I can expect the itching to last. My doctor would like me to stay off unless it become unbearable, and then try to wean. I really don't want to restart the medication. Turns out I was using it for nothing for some time now.

My daughter's tonsils would swell up occasionally from her allergies so the allergist recommended Zyrtec. Then over a period of 2 years whenever I would try to get her off the medicine, she began developing hives. At first I thought her allergies were getting worse but one day I decided to use the Zyrtec for my allergies and noticed that if I used it for several days and stopped, I couldn't stop coughing from this weird chest congestion. I'm a former Claritin user and I had never encountered this reaction before with Claritin. Then my mother's intuition kicked in and I suspected that it wasn't that my daughter's allergies were getting worse but it was actually the Zyrtec that was making her worse so after almost 2 or 3 years of continuous Zyrtec use, I weaned her off the Zyrtec with Claritin and she is doing much better now.

Her itchy eyes, excessive hiving, and swollen tonsils are slowly going away. What concerns me is that I kept telling the allergist that I suspected that there may be an issue with the Zyrtec but she insisted Zyrtec was the best, that Claritin was not better, and the issue wasn't the medicine, but the fact that my daughter's allergies were getting worse. My daughter's allergist is one of the best in the area so I don't think she's making any false statements but I think the doctors are being fed inaccurate information.

I think the doctors should stop making this the go to miracle allergy medicine because it clearly isn't. And seeing how my daughter became so dependent on the medication because any attempts to discontinue its use caused excessive hiving and given that the doctors do not seem to know this, I really think in my personal opinion this is a dangerous drug. Zyrtec should not be the go to medicine and the doctors should be instructed to recommend Claritin equally with Zyrtec and not favor Zyrtec. I'm not much of a blogger or reviewer but found this troubling enough to seek out a way to get the word out. I'm still researching to see who I need to report this to in order to get these doctors to change their positions on this medicine.

I had a cold/flu virus and tried Zyrtec. It worked okay but didn't relieve all of my symptoms. I was very tired at first but that subsided a bit. I started feeling better and stopped taking Zyrtec after taking it for approximately 3 weeks. I was so anxious and felt awful. My blood pressure was elevated and I didn't know what to do. I didn't know if I should go to ER or what. I just couldn't stand feeling this way. I take muscle relaxants so I took one of those and after about an hour I calmed down. It kept happening until I went online to see if other people experienced withdrawals. When I found this website I realized that it was from Zyrtec. I took 1/2 pill and it helped to make me feel better. I'm going to slowly wean myself off of it. I'm on a fixed income and wish I didn't have to buy more. I've taken just about every cold or allergy medicine on the market but I've never had such intense withdrawals or side effects like this.

5 years I suffered from itch withdrawals not knowing this drug was the cause. Never even had allergies, my daughter caught lice from daycare and we alleviated it stat, only issue is this pill never went away for me because I kept itching all over. No idea what was going on. Every second to third day I start itching everywhere. Even my eyelashes. I went to the doctor 20+ times for the itch and hives. They started treating me for things just to rule them out. Yep, I thought I had scabies. I had a treatment 3 separate times for it. Was not scabies. Folliculitis I thought? Spent hundreds on shampoo containing Salicylic acid, anti dandruff and my Gosh my poor hair. Nothing helped. Fungus infection? I tried medicated anti fungal shampoo for 2 months to no avail. Staphylococcus folliculitis, two weeks of an antibiotic. No luck. Skin herpes? Is that even a thing? Well that med didn't help.

I changed out all detergents. Everything is hypoallergenic now. I thought dust mites. I spent thousands tearing out my carpet to lay engineered hardwood. Bought all new beds. This little white pill has ruined what should've been the best years of my life. My hair has thinned, the embarrassment of hives over my skin and itching constantly in front of people. How gross! It all makes sense now. I'm stopping this med today.

After taking Zyrtec from August to December 2015 following a mild allergy from insect bites in the summer I had to continue taking Zyrtec because my urticaria would come back whenever I stopped. In recent weeks I had been experiencing other side effects. My nose and mouth are dry, my breathing seemed shallower, my balance began to be noticeably unpredictable, then two weeks ago I had vertigo for the first time with the room spinning which was scary, and I continued to feel very lightheaded. I felt so ill. After a further week I began to wonder if Zyrtec could be the cause. Fortunately I decided to go cold turkey two days ago and after a day itch free the withdrawal has set in this evening with a vengeance.

I have urticaria wherever my clothes touch, any areas where there's pressure - so all over my bottom from sitting down, my waistband or under bra straps I get red itchy weals varying in size. My scalp also itches, and the weals shows up on my neck, under my arms and in elbows. Other side effects besides vertigo have been pressure in my head, tiredness, weak muscles, particularly my legs and blurry vision. My sleep pattern was disrupted and I had some awful nightmares, something I've never had before.

Today - having come off this menace drug for just 2 days I realise my eyesight has recovered. It is like a light going on. I feel more energetic, my balance is improved and I feel physically loads better. I think I may get my life back again. The itching is really terrible, just starting now on my hands but I find that if I can hold off scratching I can just bear it if I keep occupied. I don't know how this drug is still on the market - it must be banned. However much I itch, I am determined I will NEVER use it again. How could I have assumed it was safe?

I was amazed this evening to find so many similar stories to my own. I am thankful to be getting free despite the awful itching. I hope that it will only be a matter of weeks to get over the worst of this. Good luck to all the thousands of people I now know are on the same path to recovery. Let's get this drug withdrawn before thousands more go through this. I am reporting it in the UK.

My withdrawal has been much the same as everyone else; intense itching. I started by taking 1/2 pill every day to every other day and kept adding a day in-between as I could. I have not taken any Zyrtec for over a month but, when there is pressure on a body part (like resting my chin on my hand) my chin will itch and become red. If I scratch, I will get a hive. I want to know if I will be dealing with this the rest of my life and feel there should be more warnings on Zyrtec!

I started taking Zyrtec a couple of years ago. Although it was effective against my seasonal allergies and helped with nasal congestion and sneezing, I felt really tired. I continued to take the med. I have tried several times over the last couple of years to stop taking Zyrtec because of feeling so tired. Every time I try to stop Zyrtec I have such intense itching to my hands and feet and I break out in whelps and my hands swell so bad that I have to start the Zyrtec back. My symptoms usually start within 24-48 hours of stopping Zyrtec. I am once again trying to wean myself off the medication and I am presently experiencing these symptoms. The symptoms I suffer now are worse than the symptoms that I had that caused me to take Zyrtec in the first place.

Yesterday, I had some fall seasonal allergies. Itchy eyes, sneezes and a runny nose. Decided to take a Zyrtec at 5 AM so I wouldn't lose a day on my farm. I had a busy day scheduled. Beans, melons and pumpkins to pick. Eight goats and 200 poultry to feed. Water to truck up from the creek. A dog to wash, ducks to herd through the acre garden and normal house chores to do. I didn't have time for itchy eyes, sneezing and sniffling. An hour later, a nap was MANDATORY. By 8:30 AM it was everything I could do to pull myself out of bed to eat something to try to "sober up". I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open. Driving would have been impossible. I texted my husband at work to notify him I felt as if I took sleeping pills and couldn't get out of bed. I warned him NOT to take the Zyrtec I sent with him to work for his sniffles.

I watch what I eat and didn't want to eat a huge breakfast but eating mass quantities of food felt like the only thing that would help make me functional again. I managed to make a large burrito from leftovers (um... that's not considered normal breakfast food in this house) and couldn't finish cleaning up the kitchen and had to eat the burrito laying down in bed. A half hour later I tried to get up and I had to lay back down as I was dizzy and still unable to stand long enough to get dressed. At 11:30 AM I was still completely lethargic. Dry mouth, hungry, fogged in and highly agitated at EVERYTHING because functioning as a normal human was so much work. I once again returned to bed and tried my best to stay awake so wouldn't be awake all night long. AGAIN, I got up to eat to give me energy to accomplish something.

I finally made it out to tend to my animals at 1:30 PM. I had to lock my working dogs in the garage because I was too irritable to deal with them (something I NEVER do! I need their help and I love them like children!). I was only able to do the bare minimum to keep everyone (alive) watered and fed. By 4 PM I was completely exhausted and chose not to cook dinner because it was too much work to feed us. By now my stomach hurt and I had intestinal cramps so I didn't want to eat anyway.

This morning (24 hours later) I woke up with an extremely itchy head, ears, face and arms. My mouth is too sore to eat. I have a headache, my nostrils burn and my stomach hurts like I have swallowed a boot. I need to eat - but it hurts like I have gargled with Drano, making my gums raw to the touch. I grow all of our food, drink raw goat milk and we lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. I am not obese and I am an active person on a daily basis. This is off the wall out of the ordinary... so I decided to look it up and found all these other reviews. I was better off BEFORE I took the pill! I really need to get going today but still feel as if I need another nap to sleep off this burning nose/mouth, uncomfortable stomach and headache. I will NEVER take Zyrtec again! Rubbing my itchy eyes with an onion and stuffing jalapenos up my nose would have been less miserable and I would have gotten more done during the day.

I was just researching why I have recently been itching intensely all over. My scalp itches so badly I thought I had lice! I stopped taking Zyrtec a few days ago after taking it for maybe 10 years. I realized that was the only thing I had changed. I found that itching is reported by tons of people AFTER I couldn't take it anymore and took half a Zyrtec. Ugh it's awful. Also, I have been sleeping better since not taking it.

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