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The website is very easy to navigate and easy to place orders. I placed an order and the shipping was quick. makes shopping for necessary items so much easier! I highly recommend buying your items here. Easy to use. Easy to understand. Fast delivery.

I have ordered multiple times and my orders have always arrived in perfect condition, exactly as ordered and very quickly. On some occasions when they were unable to obtain the product I ordered, they worked to quickly resolve with a similar or better product.

I placed an online order through with a credit card and I received the items with free Shipping quickly. What an easy purchase! Exactly the product I wanted for a great price, shipped fast and with zero hassle. Internet shopping doesn't get much smoother than this. Thanks guys!

I have ordered Protein 29 Hair dressing 3 times. First order had 1-1/2 empty bottles. 2nd and third orders were OK. They put scotch tape over the flip lids. All orders were shipped quickly and charges to credit card were correct. I was offered replacements for the empty bottles but never received them.

I placed an order on January 19, 2013 and have never received it. My credit card was immediately billed. I placed several calls and left messages because I could never get a person. I guess I am one of the lucky ones since my order was under $20 and it seems I will never get my product nor my refund. Stay away from this company and do not order anything. You will never get it or your money back!

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Earlier this month, we ordered $135 worth of products from PlanetRx; they sent confirming emails. They charged the credit card that day. After 10 days and not having received the shipment, we tried to call them to check the status; we could not get through on the phone. Then, when we went to look at their website, we found many complaints and the Consumer Affairs site and started reading about how they operate. We realized we got scammed as well. And their website was now blank. On their answering machine, they provided two phone numbers to call, one in TN (which, when we dialed, said the number has been disconnected; no further information is available) and a NY number, which, when dialed, did nothing - didn't connect, didn't do anything. With respect to the NY number and listing, they say " a.k.a. My Health Pro." So My Health Pro must be just another name for another scam/phantom business. Do not do business with these con artists. Surely, they have other aliases other than My Health Pro. We should've gone to a reputable site (like Amazon or something we know is legit) rather than have faith in a company that we knew nothing about.

I bought some gel for my elderly mother about 1.5 years ago and they charged my card immediately. I tried and tried to get through to them after I had not received the product after a month. They said that it was back-ordered and would take 5 months to get (it is a readily available product). I finally called as though I was going to place an order and got a live person. I told him that I wanted to cancel my order and he said that it would be processed the next billing cycle. Month after month and there was no refund, and they failed to respond to any of the emails that I sent to them. In researching the company (which I should have done before I ordered), I found that my experience was the norm and that this outfit is nothing but a scam. Avoid at all costs - you will be ripped off!

I ordered sixty dollars worth of merchandise from this company in Sept. of 2011. However, the product never shipped. I was contacted by Daniel who stated it would take two monthly cycles to refund my credit card. However this has never happened. It is obvious that this is an unscrupulous company that requires consumer action.

Keep away from this outfit. I placed an order for goods their website said were in stock. After about 1 and 1/2 weeks, I emailed to inquire about my order. There was no response. After over two weeks, they have neither shipped the order nor contacted me to explain the delay, and no one answered my email.

I placed an order in July 2011. About a month later, I canceled the order since it had not shipped and since then have been waiting for a refund. This company keeps telling me that it is in process. Do not order from them.

I ordered in September of 2011. I was charged immediately, but still haven't received my order. I've called several times and never gotten anything but a machine to which I leave a message. I've never been called back. I've also emailed multiple times, but have had no action from that either. Worst transaction ever.

I placed an online order through with a credit card. They got the money, but they never sent the order. The only way to contact them is with email, which I did several times. They had a fax number for orders, so I tried to send my complaint through there. No response. After a few months, they took my "sign in" totally out. I never got my stuff and I had to get my money back through the credit card company, which took six months. Their website says “guaranteed” and says they will respond to concerns within 24 hours - it's a lie.

My 8 month experience with PlanetRx ended happily today. I received the items ordered on Sept. 4th, 2011. I am happy because I met the right customer service person, who was willing to solve this long time issue straight away. Dear Jericho, the words can't describe how much I appreciate your efforts, professionalism and understanding.

Here is my story: I ordered 3x ** 4oz on Sept. 4th, 2011. I did not get the items till Oct. 20th and asked PlanetRx to cancel the order and refund me. Customer service, Daniel, sent a refund request in Oct. 26, 2011 and since then I've never heard anything from PlanetRx, no refund either. I've tried everything - messages, phone calls, certified mail letters to PlanetRx, BBB and BCFP/office of attorney general complaints. A few days ago, I visited again the site of Planet Rx and I saw answers on my last open message since January 2012. But actually, they answered nothing, just closed the case.

I was furious - someone out there read my message, but did not bother to answer. I sent another message and here you go, I got an answer on the very next day from Jericho, who was extremely nice and knowledgeable and checked everything out. I asked him if it is possible to cancel the refund request, and send me the items on the existing order. Anyway, I have already paid for them and the refund sounds like a mirage to me. So Jericho made this to happen! During these 8 months, I have been thinking what was wrong with PlanetRx online business and it was not difficult to get to a few points like: charging customer's cc immediately after the order is made, not providing information for back orders, which made the customer angry and slow the process of delivery; if the customer decides to cancel the order, the refund request is made, but everything gets out of control - customer service don't have any further information of the refunding process, etc.

Anyway, today, just 5 days after the conversation with Jericho, I got my meds. It was unbelievable how a person can change a very negative approach to a positive one. Thanks again, Jericho, for your outstanding customer service; I hope you will be able to help many others as well as to improve the customer service image of PlanetRx.

On order **, Sept. 27, 2011, I was told it was on backorder and I could get a refund. I did that and as of today, Apr. 17, 2012, I have not gotten a dime back. This company should be banned from doing business.

My order for 5 bottles of Lac-Hydrin and $104.00 for the order were both taken. The order was not filled and was canceled but my money has not been returned. Why doesn't the BBB do something about this company? Is there any possibility that I will ever receive my payment?

Outright theft of my money - Several months ago, I ordered over $100 worth of merchandise from I have never received the merchandise nor received a credit. I just received a new advertisement from the company but would never order anything from them again. They post the cost to your credit card immediately, but never send the goods nor refund your money.

I ordered Ezo Denture Cushions lower on October 2011. I was told the factory was out of them and would receive my money back in 2 business cycles. It has been at least 4 cycles, no refund.

I ordered a product from the company on August 3rd 2011 and it was back stock. After several weeks, I asked for a refund since they could not supply on time. I was told that a refund request has been submitted and I should receive it in 2 billing cycles. 2 months later, there was no refund. I inquired again and they said it would be processed and issued, up till now, as I write; I still have not received my $52.06. Can someone help me please? Thanks.

In October of 2011, we placed an order which was charged to one of our credit card accounts immediately. When the order had not been received by Nov. 7th, we requested a cancellation of our order and a refund. We received an email from Daniel in the Customer Care Department of, that stated that the warehouse was able to cancel our order and that a refund request had been made to the accounting department for review. The email said that the refund "will be processed in the order in which it is received by the accounting department. Please allow 1-2 billing cycles for the credit to appear on your credit card statement". It has now been 4 billing cycles since the request and still no refund.

I wrote about my experience here in February. Just an update, I did file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau but after one month with no response from the company, the complaint was closed. The BBB does not go after or prosecute these companies. They just try to get a response from the company. It's not their fault. Guess what? My order still says it's in backorder!

I purchased $800.00 of ** asthma spray, and it never arrived. I called the company, and by trying different extensions, I was able to get through and talk to the salesperson who informed me my order was out of stock. I wanted a refund and was told it would take a business cycle. That was 5 cycles ago. They do not return emails or calls. No refund has been received, and I expect you to take action against this dishonest company. Why you haven't shut this group of thieves down is beyond me. It has been 6 months now.

I ordered the product in early Aug 2011. I was charged right away but did not receive product. I emailed three times and was told they were back ordered and I would get product in two to three weeks. Also, I asked to have my money credit account reimbursed. It didn't happen. They then had the gall to send me an advertisement for 10% off my next order. I then emailed them a last time and have not got an email back. The 10% offer was from one less but the CEO himself. Do I expect to hear? No. Will I order again? No.

I placed an order 10/14/11. My credit card was charged the same day. The product never came so I cancelled the order and was promised a credit to my card in 1-2 billing cycles. It is now 3/12/12 and there’s no credit and no responses to my emails. Let's sue them!

I placed an order on September 8, 2011 and never received my order. I called in November and asked for a refund. To this day, I have not received either.

My complaint is the same as all the others. My credit card was charged, but I didn't receive any shipments, nor replies! I have ordered from them in the past with no issues. Shut the website down, before anyone else loses money to this scam.

I ordered 12 bottles of St. Ives Whipped bath soap in October 2011. They took the $57 out immediately and we have still never received the product. I have tried to call and the phone number does not have a person to talk to you. I have tried to send them messages per website and have never heard from anyone. I am upset and just want what I paid for.

I placed an order for 6-4oz. bottles of Protein 29 Hair groom for men on November 13, 2011 (order confirmation number 2350417). They said they shipped and billed my Visa account on Dec. 8, 2011. They lied. My account was billed on Nov 25, 2011. UPS says the shipment was damaged, and they filed a claim with PlanetRX, and that is all they can tell me. The sender will have to tell me more. I cannot get a reply from the sender, even though, I have emailed them several times, and even told them I will get a lawyer and turn them in to the Better Business Bureau. What else can I do to get my order, or credit on my account?

Planet Rx is a deceitful business and should be prosecuted. I ordered in July 2011 over $140 of merchandise. Due to long delays in processing, I subsequently cancelled the order and then I received Confirmation of a refund from Planet Rx with indication that it would take 1 - 2 billing cycles to issue the refund. I never received a refund.

I subsequently tried to contact Planet Rx and found that: a) the customer service emails are never responded to; b) Planet Rx has a "bogus" phone that does not take messages or return calls and there is never a person attending to the phone - it is a "fake" message service; c) the address for Planet Rx appears to be a "box" rented on 5th Avenue; d) when I clicked on the Transaction History for the specific order, it was changed in the past month to "Order Shipped" - and the order was never shipped.

Planet Rx steals your money, disappears, lies, has a "bogus" customer service phone, has no real address for complaints, and "fixes" its books so that the transaction history is changed tor reflect orders "mailed" that were never mailed.

This company should be immediately prosecuted and put out of business.

A suggestion to others: Contact the list of "verified" companies that are posted on the Planet Rx website at bottom of the site, including NexTag etc, and tell them that Planet Rx should be banned from their sites due to deceitful business practices.

I think a class action suit should be started against this company.

I placed an order on October 10, 2011 for six bottles of Keri Lotion. I was charged $61 the same day. I contacted the company via email in November because I have not received the lotion. No response. I contacted them again in December and received a reply. The lotion was backordered and I should receive the lotion in two to four weeks. I contacted the company again in January via email. Still, no lotion and no refund. I have contacted them again this month. No reply, no merchandise and no refund. I don't know what to do next.

On 10/20/11, I ordered ** Mist Inhalers at $94.90. Credit card was charged early November. Status kept saying backordered. On 11/20, I sent an email for status of backorder. No response. On 12/5, I sent an email to cancel order and request refund. No response. On 12/20, I sent email to confirm canceling of order. No response. I have called the number listed (New York) and left voice messages and emailed every week since 1/5/12 and still have gotten no response or refund. Checking online, it still says my order is on backorder. I have filed a complaint with the BBB but someone needs to help all of us who have been so taken in by this company. What a scam and what a shame that people like this are out there taking advantage of consumers who are trying to make ends meet in this tough economy. It makes me sick but I guess the old saying is true, "Buyer beware!" Company Profile

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