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I bought adult diapers that were rated by as 8/10 as far as absorption. I bought a case (4) separate packages. I opened 1 package and want to return the remaining 3 unopened packages. Originally Medline said they would accept the remaining packages because the product was unopened, then the retailer said medline would not accept open cases. I could understand this if they were not individually packaged inside of the box. Now medline sent an email saying it would be too costly to accept a return. I feel as though I was taken advantage of because the product did not hold up like they said it would and then I was lied to by the retailer.

My wife has been having the same problem as everyone else. We were told by Medicare that everything had been approved by Mar. 9 and we should have medicine today. We'll see. From Mar. 9 until now, my wife just got a big runaround when her meds could have been shipped. I e-mailed our rep. in DC, the Pa. state Attorney General and I e-mailed a law firm about a class action lawsuit. I can't understand how they get away with this.

From my point of view this is medical malpractice. Is there nobody that oversees and regulates them. I think their employees are all temps and put on the job with no training. I believe that most of the excuses they tell people are just made up because they don't know what to do or say. No one ever taught them. Medicare, supplemental insurance, co-pay fund and script have all been in by Mar. 9. Today Mar. 21 and still no meds. Lucky thing, her neurologist has been giving her samples. I'll update if they arrive today like the Medicare rep said they would. We called Medicare on Friday Mar. 18 and they called Accredo.

Updated on 03/21/2016: In fairness I need to update my review. At 9:00 AM I called Accredo and they said the medication had been shipped and offered to track it. 9:45 AM the medication arrived. 10:30 AM the pharmacist called and said he was sorry for the trouble we had and then went over side effects. I got two e-mails from upper management, one was an offer to help and the other was an apology. I hope that everyone here gets their troubles worked out.

Repeated automated calls at all hours of the day that state no useful information. Very annoying. Also, after talking to at least four different people and several weeks to get my co-pay assistance instated correctly, it still got screwed up. They charged both my co-pay assistance program and my personal account for the co-pay amount, which is now leaving me broke for 3-5 business days until I can be credited back. Very frustrating to say the least. I hope in the future that Medco will correct or update their terrible automated system so I won't have to go through this hassle every time I have to fill a prescription. I've never had such a difficult time with any other pharmacy in the past.

I have MS and I switched insurance on Jan. 1. Little did I know that I would be stuck with Accredo. It has taken WEEKS to get anything accomplished. I've been out of Aubagio for over a week now. Can never get anyone who knows anything in customer service. They tell you your doctor hasn't sent a new prescription (lie) that they've tried to contact you (lie) and by the way your copay is $2k! This, even though you have assistance thru the drug company. I was at my wit's end and crying when I finally had my PAP nurse conference call with Accredo. I'm supposed to get my drug on Thursday but who knows. If I had MY choice this is the last pharmacy I would use. CVS Caremark was my previous pharmacy and I wish I could use them. Meanwhile, I have experienced withdrawal symptoms which have made my life miserable. Stay tuned.

I switched to STRS Cleveland Teachers Retirement/PPO Aetna/Medicare and so NOW MY Copaxone for my MS injectables... information and insurance was null and void. SO, BECAUSE NOW MEDICARE AETNA PPO - I had a COPAY of 5,000.00. Thank God I got Assistance through a group - I got in under the wire. NOW MY LIFE IS HELL WITH ACCREDO. I spent 30 hours on the phone LAST week and it begins again TODAY NOV 9, 2015. THEY NEVER can find the information the last person you talked to the day before - that they told you they fixed...

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Don't even know where to start: One time my diabetes medication came 4 MONTHS late! I had to buy it somewhere else. A family member had of mini strokes because I owed $4 before I could get a shipment. Continually told I should have some more blood pressure pills so they won't send more even when my doctor called. I now pay extra with a pharmacy plan but it is worth not having a stroke. Shame on any company for saving a buck and using this scum. It tells you exactly what they think of their employees! Of course, management has a higher plan so they have to deal with this nightmare.

Shame on MEDCO for offering such horrible plans to employers. Shame on employers (in particular health care institutions - who should know better!) for forcing them on us. I have been forced for 7th year in a row to have them as our Rx plan - ** That - I deal with my local pharmacy. I have to get a refill every 30 days instead of 90 and costs a little more but it is entirely worth it to me. I can get a person on the phone at my local pharmacy and am treated with kindness, courtesy and respect. MEDCO treats people like POND SCUM.

The only thing that has stemmed my anger over Accredo is coming online to see all the complaints that have been written about them over similar reasons things that I've been dealing with. It's horrible to consider since this is a company whose decisions can greatly affect the health of their customers but at least there is some solidarity in knowing that I'm not alone. I've never written an online review or complaint about anything in my life, but this is warranted. My insurance changed about 4 - 5 months ago, as did my pharmacies. I have a chronic illness and take several different medications to manage it. There are 4 different medications that I have to get from Accredo every month and 2 of them are bi-monthly/alternating... so you can imagine the confusion that causes with this incompetent pharmacy.

Every month that I actually receive the medications that I need feels like a miracle because RX's are consistently being lost, orders disappear without any calls being made to notify of delays or problems, correct supplies are never sent, medications that require refrigeration are packed with very little insulation and ice packs, medications that do not require refrigeration are sent in oversized containers with a massive supply of ice packs, etc. I'll describe what has happened this week with the order that I need for this month as it is more specific and details a typical experience that I've been having with Accredo.

Last Wednesday, I order medications X, Y, and Z. X was not found in their database at all, despite the fact that I've gotten it from them in the previous 3 months... which is fine, I know I can get this one from a different pharmacy. I tell them to forget X, just send me Y and Z. Thursday I receive a package from them. It contains Y but not Z and they did not send enough supplies to dispense a month's dosage of Y. I call them back, new order is set up, they don't know why it wasn't right the first time. Friday, I receive Z but not the supplies that I need to begin taking Y. I call them again and I'm on the phone for the next two hours. I talked to 4 people in that amount of time and I had to completely describe the problem in detail to each new person they connected me with, apparently no one takes notes and none of these departments communicate with each other.

The 3rd person they connected me with was a pharmacist, who then had to connect me to some higher level customer support person, who set up my order for the supplies and assured me that it would be here on Tuesday next week. I told him it wouldn't happen, I've been through this before and I'll be on the phone with Accredo again everyday next week and there will be no record of this ever happening. He again, assured me no more phone calls would be required, he would write himself a note and personally see to it that the shipment was in progress.

I wait until Tuesday to call back. As I predicted, no records indicate that a shipment was ever set up... it was as if they were hearing me about this problem for the first time, nonetheless, I get another rep's assurance that it's all taken off, who wrote himself a note so he can check on it personally. I call the next day, Wednesday. They tell me that it is in the system and they are processing it, they can't get a tracking number yet but she said it will be here Thursday, guaranteed. Wow... this time, it was guaranteed! That made me happy... but just in case, I ask her to connect me with the last person I spoke to last Friday, the guy who assured me there would be no more phone calls required. He seemed higher up in the customer service tiers, he should remember the conversation we had and he should be able to give me answers as to why my orders keep disappearing.

Well, turns out this isn't possible, because they have a record of every person I talked to that day, up to the pharmacist. There's no record of ever speaking to anyone after that, no record of the guy. They can't even give me a name of who it may have been. More importantly, no accountability, no answers on this simple issue whatsoever. All I can do is wait and hope the shipment actually arrives. It doesn't and Friday I'm on the phone with them again and starting back at zero with a new customer service rep.

Now I'm told they can't send half the supplies because they need a new prescription (mind you my doctors office already sent them 2 in the previous months), but she can send half of my supplies... oh and conveniently she "found" the RX for medication X, which was found somewhere in their supplies list I guess? I should also point out that medication Y is always confused with W, which isn't even something I needed for this month.

I'm still waiting. The last customer service rep I spoke to wrote themselves a note to check up on this personally when they come back to work, great, haven't heard that one before! I've been without one of my medications for over a week now, my health is not improving as a result. No one at Accredo cares or knows anything. If something requires them to go "off script" they are completely lost.

I am amazed that a company this inconsistent and incompetent, has a responsibility over chronically ill patients and is still in business for the amount of time they've been up and running. Hopefully this company does not kill me. I am currently in the process of being approved for a new medication that will greatly improve my health. The medication costs a quarter of a million dollars a year. I was given a choice of pharmacy that could fill it under my insurance: Accredo or another one. Of course, I chose the other pharmacy, and I couldn't be happier that I actually had an option this time and that Accredo would not make any additional money from me as a patient.

First off, I had Cushing's disease 13 years ago, and had my pituitary gland removed. Because of this, I have to have a testosterone replacement because my body no longer makes it. For a while I used injections, but they quit paying for that. So, my Dr prescribed Androgel, and for some reason... they have stopped paying for it! I only have this through my wife's work, as I am disabled.

Accredo did not thoroughly check for co-pay assistance and shipped injection medicine anyways. I receive shipments for 90 day supplies. Then when I had an over stock of medicine along with following my doctors orders to stopping using if develop a chest cold so ended up not needing shipment. Then when call in to order since the only way was to ignore all the calls, Accredo says I owe them 1700.00, because I didn't call in with new co-pay assistance card. They write off anything past 90 days, yet I had an overstock from the earlier shipment. So the consumer is getting charged for medicine not needed at the time, Accredo does a write off, and now says it is going to the collections. And this stems from them not checking on co-pay assistance, auto-shipping, and now telling the consumer I have to pay 1700.00 when my normal payment is 10.00. Any others interested in filing a lawsuit, please post.

This company is unable to provide any level of service. I'm unable to get any prescriptions as ordered by my physician, I'm told that I have a $7000 dollar copay when it's suppose only five dollars. Even after the university office has called them time after time it seems it can't get straighten out. The customer service people do not care about fixing the problem, they only want my credit card info. This is the worst company I've ever had to deal with. I see I'm not the only one complaining, I see thousands of others with the same frustrated.

Three weeks after my prescription was called in it's still being processed. After speaking with the supervisor "Angela" my concerns were met with rudeness and ill manner. The call center representatives are ignorant about medications and have no idea the importance of injectable medications (I guess that is why they just answer the phone). Accredo needs to have at least one knowledgeable person working in the call center.

I called last Sunday and informed rep that my auto delivery was missed. I also informed him I only had 4 days of medications left. It is now Sat of the next week and the super #** only could say is it is scheduled to ship on the next Monday - 8 days after letting them know they missed a shipment. They never offered to ship over night, all she would say is it is scheduled to ship on Monday. If this is what you call service, thank you but I will take my medications where they can be filled on time. Please think hard before you use this company!!!

I've received calls almost every day for weeks asking for authorization to ship an injectable medication. Once I think the issue is resolved - another call. Long story short, between a claims manager, clinic, and this outfit, I've waited almost two months to get a medication that allows me to walk with decreased pain. This company has to be experienced to be believed. I certainly would not have believed such a business could operate in this fashion without being investigated. Just unbelievable!

After receiving an authorization from my insurance company (Health Net) for orthovisc injections in my knees, I received a bill from Accredo for $1,110. I have NEVER been billed for a procedure that was pre-approved by my insurance company before. I was not told before hand that these injections would cost anything above my routine copay amount for physician visit. What is my recourse? I am by the way, very happy with the physician who administered these injections, even though the injections themselves brought me no relief.

Same concerns as everyone else. Cannot get an authorization on my medicine after 10 days. Went off on Medco and they called the police for a welfare check!!! Really... Script still not authorized.

Reading everyone else's reviews sounds so much like my experience with Medco and Accredo. I have been trying to get my husband's injection medications for weeks. First they don't have the prior authorization. Dr.'s office has to call it in. Then I called Medco, have the prior authorization but no prescription? I asked, "How can the Dr.'s office call in for prior authorization and get an approval but there would be no prescription?" Got another number for the Dr.'s office to call in the prescription. I called Medco and was transferred to Accredo since it is a specialty med. I spoke to Accredo, there is no prescription called in, I told them there was. I gave up after spending half the day on the phone with Medco and Accredo with no results.

Then December 26th I get an e-mail that they are processing my husband's Aranesp injection and it is ready to ship, but I need to call them. I call Medco and they said that they have approved the Aranesp injection and there is a prior authorization but Accredo tried to process the order and the insurance rejected it because there was a problem with the prior authorization. How can Medco tell me that there is a problem with the prior authorization when they are the ones to approve it? I get transferred to customer ESI and they told me they fixed the problem (still don't know what the problem was). I was then told I could order the Aranesp and they transferred me to Accredo. I spoke to an Accredo rep. who told me I need prior authorization. I told them they have the prior authorization, Medco has informed me that there is a prior authorization. Accredo said "No Name".

That was it, I was done. I hung up and called Medco and said do not process the order because Accredo does not have a prior authorization even though you guys keep saying there is one. In the mean time I asked if my husband can just go to the hospital and have his injection provided by the hospital. I was told, "That depends, you need to talk to Accredo." Then I asked if his iron injection will be provided. I was told that it will not be covered; we need to go to an appeal process. I asked the rep "I was never given a denial letter so why would I have to go to an appeal process?" He said it was past that and he was going to transfer me again! I was so mad, I hung up and called and said, "Do not process my order." I was transferred to Accredo and I told them "Do not process the order that you will no be processing anyway because you keep saying there is no prior authorization even though there is. I don't want to be struck with a bill."

Worst company to deal with. My husband needs injections but he will probably die before they give it to him. I'm so sorry that everyone else is going through the same ordeal. I cannot believe the hours I spent on the phone with them and the stress it has caused me, especially over Christmas week. There were times I wanted to cry. Worst company I have ever dealt with and I'm stuck with them because of our insurance plan. So sad.

My employer switched to Express Scripts this November, so I dutifully switched my specialty medication prescription Accredo. After receiving verification on December 3rd that my insurance company had approved a medication I have been on for over 9 years, I was directed to contact Accredo to fill my prescription. When I called them, they couldn't find my account; after I supplied the reference number, the "healthcare advocate" (or whatever they are called) finally pulled up the file. I was subsequently told it would take 2-3, 5-7, or 5-10 days (depending on the person I spoke to) to process my order. When I asked why that time was necessary, I was told that they needed to get verification from my insurer that my medication was going to be covered.

I pointed out that I was looking at the verification e-mail as we spoke, so that shouldn't be a problem. I was transferred twice -- once to a "supervisor" who said she would expedite the order for a 24-48 hour turn-around then to another who pointed out that the pharmacy couldn't fill the script on Saturday (this was on a Friday). That third woman I talked to then looked at my account and said, "Oh, I see that it was approved on December 2nd." She personally guaranteed that she would call me back to set up delivery -- but then read me back my telephone number with the wrong area code. I corrected her and thought that would be the end of that. I never heard from her again. Unfortunately, I have had no change in status of my account since that time and it still shows no pending prescriptions.

Now I have talked to five different "health care advocates." This morning, I was told that I would be contacted by my insurance company when they had approved my order and then they would need 5-10 days to process the request. I again asked what the five-plus days were for. I was told it was to verify with my insurance company that the prescription would be covered -- which doesn't make sense since the e-mail would be that verification. I again read the language directly from the e-mail telling me I had been approved and to contact Accredo to set up delivery. I explained that I had received verification via both e-mail and USPS. I was then transferred to another "supervisor" only to be told that that was a "miscommunication" on the part of Express Scripts; they should NOT have sent the messages and that Accredo needed the 5-10 days after receiving the authorization not to see if the medication was covered but to determine if my doctor was legally allowed to prescribe medication and if the dosages he prescribed were the correct therapeutic protocol!

On the other hand, four times I was offered the opportunity to talk to a pharmacist about the consequences of skipping my medication. Because I have been on this DAILY medication for over 9 years, I really don't need a refresher course on the consequences of going without it for a day, let alone a week or more. What it could potentially mean is that I will have to go on steroid therapy with in-home health care for three to five days; I'm sure the cost of that will offset any savings my employer is saving by switching to Accredo. The most frustrating part of all of this is that Express Scripts (my new pharmacy plan) actually owns Accredo (the specialty pharmacy I am dealing with) and the two of them can't seem to agree on how to proceed. I have already contacted my physician's office to see if they can speed the process at all. My next step is to contact the manufacturer of my medication directly to see what they can do for me. If there is a way to avoid dealing with the incompetence of Accredo, I will take it.

I ordered Accredo a few times from this place. Never get meds. Today 15 times, maybe more. Can't get a person at Accredo who can track my week-old order. I have now been working in this 4 and a half hours!!!! Got hung up on all 14 times. I now need to put myself in a hospital since I know my life support meds will never come. PLEASE YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST ever. Accredo sucks! Accredo sucks! Accredo sucks!

Ordering refills is a nightmare! God forbid you need to change your insurance or they need to call for a new script. They say they will call you back and they never do. If a new prescription has to be sent by your doctor it takes them 3 days to enter it into the computer and then you can call to request a refill so 4-6 days goes by before it's even mailed out to you! Absolutely ridiculous and painful considering it usually puts me past due for my injections.

I was a customer of CuraScript and on November 24 I was transferred to Accredo. I called to refill my existing prescription. The person I spoke with said they had no record of the existing prescription even though the prescription shows up on the express script website. The operator told me to get a new prescription as the only solution. I asked for a supervisor and had to wait ten minutes for a live person. The supervisor said essentially the same thing. I said this is not my problem and Accredo should fix it. The supervisor said Accredo would contact the doctor for a new prescription. Do I believe it will happen? I doubt it and fully expect I will need to call back. What kind of conversion is this where they don't pass the open prescriptions to the new company? It's clear customer service needs real improvement.

Because of the timing of medical services and prescription drugs, I ended up paying twice for my deductible. Accredo has a credit on my account of $6,246.92 and continually delays refunding this to me. I became aware of the credit on September 19, 2014 and as of November 20, 2014 no refund, just lame excuses. As of today, November 20, 2014, they tell me a refund check can be processed, but because of the high amount it will take longer than 14 days. Similar story that was told to me on September 17, 2014. They obviously make a lot of money by holding onto customers' money. Customers beware, do not over pay for medical services or drugs, refuse to pay until your insurance provides you documentation for what you owe.

The customer service people are the worst! They WORK AT HOME. They can't figure out simple things, are rude, hang up on you, say things contrary to the last person you spoke to, and are just generally not understanding. Some jobs are okay for work at home positions but obviously this is not one of them.

Express Scripts changes specialty pharmacy from CuraScript to Accredo. My life has been a living hell since Accredo demands change doctors - no reason. For one year I suffered since no doctor believes my story. And Express Scripts is useless.

In July of last year I received an order for my husband's medicine. My coverage with Express Scripts termed on 6/30/2013 due to an employment change. Out of honesty I sent the medicine back unopened (I knew my insurance was expired). This happened about a month after my father unexpectedly passed away. Express Scripts has hounded me ever since for the co-pay, they state they cannot take them back. I would pay for them if they send them back which they refused to do. I was being honest when I sent them back thinking that years later an audit may be conducted and I get caught for being dishonest. I see now that I should have just kept the pills and been dishonest. This would be over by now. In this case honesty wasn't the best policy.

My doctor sent in a refill for 15 days of medication. Medco said I had to call the doctor and have the doctor call them to confirm. I did not want to pay a copay every 15 days so I asked doctor to write a prescription for 90 days, which she did. Now they have 2 prescriptions and so they call me again. I call them and after talking to 3 people we agree they will fill the 15 day supply then cancel that prescription and in 15 days fill the 90 days. I ask if I can have a local pharmacy fill the prescription and they say no. I have been out of medication for 3 days and am having a bad reaction so they agree to send the refill in 2 days and speed delivery. After 5 days I get a call and nothing has been done. It has sat there for 5 days. They want me to call the doctor and have the doctor call them. The doctor says the number they gave does not work and they can't get in touch. I call back and they say they don't know what I am talking about and their notes show nothing about shipping my prescription out quickly.

Now I am 8 days without medication and more than frustrated. They suggest the local pharmacy fill it and give me a number for them to call. Didn't I suggest that a week ago??? I call the pharmacy and the pharmacy calls me back saying Express scripts says they can't let them fill the prescription. I am not supposed to stop my medication abruptly and am having very bad side effects. After 10 days I give up on Express Scripts and ask my doctor to write a new 15 day supply at the local pharmacy which I now have. However, Express Scripts still has my prescription for 90 days and has not filled it. I have waited 19 days and they have done nothing. How can this company represent all of the retired teachers in Ohio and be so inept??

I was diagnosed with MS recently and started injections to slow down progress of the disease. My MS clinic's specialty pharmacy arranged monthly delivery of the medication with no difficulties. Then, my insurance demanded I switch to Accredo just before my next shipment was due. My MS clinic and pharmacy made sure to send the prescription and all required information to Accredo ASAP so the next shipment of medication could be delivered before I ran out. That was almost a month ago. I ran out of medication and found that dealing with Accredo is a nightmare. The representatives are not helpful and there has been one excuse after another on the delays in processing and delivery.

I will now have to start over on my medication with a month long titration pack to work up to the full dose I was taking because it has been out of my system too long. I still don't know when my medication will be sent. The Accredo representatives answers as to when I will receive my medication and if I will have these problems getting my medication each month is "I can't answer that" and "WE will call YOU when we are ready to ship and YOU do not need to call us again." I was shocked that a pharmacy dealing with critical medications could ethically provide such poor service.

I called the patient customer service department of the manufacturer of my medication and apparently these kinds of problems with Accredo are well known and common. As if the illness is not enough to deal with, I am now stressed and sick worrying how I will manage to keep my medication on track with this company in charge of it.

I placed an order online a week ago. I logged in today to view the status. It's as if I never placed the order. So I try to place the order again but I can't. I have no RX eligible for refill. I call and the woman I spoke with said all she could do is place the orders for me and then transfer me to Tech support. Right. They have Tech support. She transfers me and I explain the problem and of course they can't help me. I said fine, there is a message that my email address is not valid. Can you fix that? That's going on ten years now. She hung up on me. I need the medicine that I ordered last week and this has happened so many times for one reason or another that I can't get a 30 days supply at a drugstore now.

My doctor submitted the prescriptions on 8/12. Received a call about a week later saying that the prescriptions were being filled and would be shipped on 9/3. This all seemed reasonable, because the prescriptions were for the refills. Little did I know, nothing was being done. When my son ran out of one of his meds on 9/2, the phone calls and the madness began. Short story: today is 9/7 and we still don't have his med. My son is recovering from a stem cell transplant and missing his meds could have life-threatening implications.

The long story - Called 4 times on 9/2 and was told that they did not have any prescriptions, could not understand who would have called, have the doctor call it in again. Called 3 times on 9/3. Finally spoke to a supervisor who assured me everything was straightened out. On 9/4 while at the clinic, I had the hospital pharmacy call. Prescription was still not 'showing up' in their system. By the end of our clinic visit, the hospital pharmacist was told everything was straightened out and I should get a call to arrange delivery by the end of the day. Of course no call.

I called Accredo first thing 9/5. A very pleasant young lady asked me if I was calling to arrange delivery (I'm beginning to think their phones do not dial out!). After going through all the questions and information, I was told they would deliver the meds on Tuesday 9/9. I very strongly explained that this was unacceptable and needed them overnighted. After putting me on hold, she assured me that they would arrive 9/6. She also asked if we wanted his other prescription delivered at the same time. After more questions, I was sent to a nurse to review BOTH meds.

My husband waited all day for the delivery, which of course never arrived. When I called they said it was scheduled for Monday. I went online and checked my order status. It indicates that only one of the two prescriptions were shipped! I am so irate. I cannot imagine that a company can be this incompetent!! How can they continue to get away with this?

My MD prescribed new Rx; company cancelled prescription without notifying me. An auto record call went out to me on a Saturday morning at 6:42AM. When I called back the company, they couldn't tell me who called or what the call was about. Apparently, my call at 7:00AM on July 25 went without notes. I was told that prescription was cancelled due to my portion of co-pay but there wasn't any communication on the part of the company. My MD's office had to call in prescription at least 4 times over 6 weeks before prescription was filled. I made over 8 calls to Medco. I was always placed on hold and was once even hung up on. No one seemed to know their head from a hole in the ground. The customer service reps don't care about the patients.

Once I was able to arrange shipping of the prescription, I received a recorded message. I called back but the company rep was unable to tell me what the call was about. This just went round and round and no one seemed to know anything about what the problem was with filling the Rx. I had arranged for the prescription to be delivered on a Tuesday but the next telephone call I made to Medco, I was told that Rx was to be delivered on the next Thursday. This company has no business running a mail order pharmacy service in my opinion. They should be paying the consumers to utilize their service. Poor, Poor Service.

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