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I took Claritin for a week and my nose was still extremely congested and required constant blowing of my nose. I asked for a refund on their website and never heard from them. A total waste of money and effort. I would have been better off eating a potato.

I started taking Claritin two months ago. Since then I have been thirsty, and trying to catch my breath. This morning June 16, 2014, I awoke to severe dizziness. I became nausea, but did not vomit, yet. The second, third and fourth bouts of severe dizziness I vomited. Actually I dry heaved until my ribs front and back both sides ached so bad. In the end, I went to the emergency room, gave blood, a urine sample, and had an EKG. The doctor checked my ears, the canals were a little dry, but clean. She saw no problem there, but did ask about my medications. She said the Claritin, (I take 1 10 mg Claritin twice a day), could be the cause. In the end I now have a new prescription for Acute Vertigo. I took a Claritin tonight since I did not check about Claritin side effects until later. My husband and I agree that I am stopping the Claritin. I'd rather itch than deal with the severe dizziness.

I tried 5 mg Claritin chewable for my son's allergies (9 years old). I used the one without decongestant. He started having anxiety attacks at bedtime with horrific visions when he closed his eyes to the point where he was sobbing. My husband thought he was faking but I could tell that he was truly frightened. Since these visions started around the same time as when we started the Claritin, I tried not giving it to him for a couple of days. No complaints at bedtime. Then his nose was bothering him so I gave him a 5 mg one morning a few days later and I am sorry to say that the scary visions and anxiety resurfaced that night.

Needless to say, I have stopped giving it to him. I am complaining because I feel that the manufacturer need to do a better job warning parents to watch for this type of reaction. If I had just assumed he was being dramatic or faking this problem, then who knows what the consequences could have been. I wonder how many children are indeed suffering with mental disturbances from this drug and could be helped by simply discontinuing.

I took a non-prescription Claritin, advertised by a NASCAR driver as safe and non-drowsy, only to discover after a bout of dizziness, anxiety, and confusion that side effects do include drowsiness! To call it non-drowsy on the TV ads is misleading and untruthful. I have suffered nightmares, disturbed thinking, great anxiety, and feelings of impending doom for the past few days (and I am not an anxious person by nature). I didn't put the symptoms and cause together until someone suggested I googled Loratadine and its side effects; and there they all were! I feel that the advertisements should be withdrawn and attention to the potential psychological effects of the drug should be made clear, along with the dry mouth and other seemingly innocuous side effects they do admit to.

They went over the counter, and now I can't use Claratin. Claratin D was my life preserver. Now I have Allegra D and it is so horrible. I need Claratin D, and Im afraid to face the summer without it. It's over the counter now, and I can't pay $95 dollars for medicine every month all year long. There is no point in them going over the counter! Now their customers can't buy it because you can't buy it with insurance.

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On October 14th ..I woke up and could not see out of my right eye..went to Eye Specialist Clinic ..they said Central Retinal Vein Occlusion ..nothing they could do would have to waid and see if it would get better..I still to date have almost totally obscured vision of my right eye. I also was given an MRI which showed I had had a stoke a few months previous to Oct. 14..I have been given every test available and nothing can be found to be wrong with me..I sometimes get dizzy and very nauseated. My ear nose and throat Dr. after finding out I had been taking Claritin D for several years..told me to stop taking it immediately as a drug similar to it PPA had been pulled for causing young women like myself ( I am 47 ) to have strokes with no other causes being found. Claritin D is very addicting and once you take it for a prolonged period it is hard to go on with any energy at all without it. I asked every Doctor I saw along the way while taking it if prolonged use of Claritin D would harm me and they said 'no' as long as it makes you feel better take it. I also have high blood pressure and was diagnosed and taking medication for it prior to being given Claritin D. I have also had several heart related testing done believing there was something wrong due to increased heart rate, palpatations....etc.

On July 11, 2001, I went to the doctor because I experienced partial deafness in one ear. She prescribed Claritin-D and after I took one pill, I became deathly ill. I had to lie on the floor because the bed was too high as I was unbelievably dizzy. I could not move or turn my head. When I did move my head at all, I had to vomit. I vomited voilently 5 or 6 times. I felt incredibly anxious as well. I was about to go to the hospital after about 3 hours of this suffering, when the symptoms becan to subside somewhat. I continued to feel extremely weak for about 3 days.

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Claritin is an antihistamine that provides non-drowsy relief for up to 24 hours. They have several options for allergy sufferers to choose from: Claritin relieves indoor and outdoor allergy symptoms, Claritin-D relieves allergies and nasal congestion, Children’s Claritin provides relief for children ages two and up and ClariSpray contains Fluticasone Propionate to provide nasal allergy relief in a spray form.

  • Non-drowsy formula: All of Claritin’s products are non-drowsy, making them ideal for adults and children who want allergy relief without feeling sluggish all day long.
  • Available in 12 or 24 hour forms: Allergy sufferers can opt for either 12 or 24-hour relief.
  • Helps with more than allergies: Claritin has been used to treat skin hives and extreme itching in adults who have chronic skin reactions. Talk to your doctor about using Claritin if you frequently experience hives or other skin reactions.
  • Printable coupons: You can print coupons and rebates for Claritin directly from their website. Coupons change regularly, so check back frequently.
  • Claritin Blue Sky Living: Sign up for Claritin’s email newsletter Blue Sky Living to receive coupons, special offers, a weekly allergy forecast and more. You will receive $12 in Claritin savings just for signing up.
  • Best for Claritin is best for adults and children who need non-drowsy antihistamine relief.

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