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Claiming I owe them $542.00 to cover flood insurance for a month while I was working with FEMA and my insurance company State Farm. FEMA required a plot survey in regards to being in a flood zone. This cost me $300.00. Then my agent wrote a flood policy which had to be reviewed by their underwriting department. Champion has a declaration page showing my flood insurance.

Champion Mortgage Company is a land grabbing organization and should be investigated for loan fraud, for the simple fact of how they handle families after the death of a loved one. My mother was a recent victim of Champion Mortgage. After she died there was no grace period where the surviving heir was given ample time to develop the proper financing resources needed to refinance the home and retain the property. The customer service was horrible and the number of times that you call in to clarify an issue is the number of different answers you would get.

As a result of constantly fighting their foreclosure process, forced me to file bankruptcy, My level of dissatisfaction is not able to be expressed in words. I have filed a complaint with Attorney General in my state. The lack of cohesiveness and clarity, in the dissemination of information made it very hard to follow procedure. As I mentioned earlier the timelines allotted for the family to generate a new mortgage is not likely.

In my case being the only heir and the primary caregiver, and not working during this period of time makes virtually impossible to obtain a mortgage. During the closing and before as well I told that the grace period after the primary borrower dies, would be 12-18 months provided the heir would declare their intentions in writing, well I did that and in response I received a foreclosure notice. The convoluted method for they employ is teetering on the criminal and definitely a complete misrepresentation. If I had known of the methods Champion uses I would have ran the other way.

My parents moved into an assisted living facility. Prior to this they were shortly in a Skilled Nursing Care Facility where we were analyzing whether they would be able to return to the home, or whether additional care would be needed. Champion was notified of this August move, and I was informed of the steps that needed to be taken in regards to handling the property. They informed me that if our intent was to sell the property that they needed to be sent a letter of intent indicating such accompanied by proof of listings for the house. They also said that if the house did not sell and we needed more time that they needed to receive another letter between January 18th-February 18th 2016, and then another one between April 18-May 18th 2016. The initial letter of our intent to sell the property and proof of listing was sent to them and they received these items the beginning of September 2015.

On November 4th 2015 the house was listed with Target Real Estate Company. Since the property had not yet sold as of mid-January a letter was sent to Champion along with the listing from Target Real Estate. The relator had been contacted by Champion to confirm that the house was listed, and discussed the option of completing a short sale of the property. I received a letter from Champion dated February 8, 2016 reminding me that we were “nearing the end of an extension period and if we needed additional time to satisfy the terms of the Reverse Mortgage to submit a written extension request” and backing documentation (Real Estate listing). I called Champion to confirm that indeed the documents I sent had been received. They informed me that they had been received on February 3, 2016 and informed me that we were “good to go”.

We then received a letter from Champion dated March 10, 2016 stating that they had not received proper documentation and as a result the loan was referred to foreclosure processing as of that day. I immediately called Champion and they told me that they had never received the letter, but had the real estate listing. I explained to them that they were both in the same envelope and if they received the listing then they likewise received the letter. I was told they needed to research things. When they got back with me they said that since I had not specifically used the word “extension” within the letter that they did not know what the letter meant and why I had sent it to them. I told them that I was never instructed that I specifically needed to use the word “extension” within the letter, and asked if since that was the problem if I could submit another letter with that specific word in it.

I was told that it was too late and that there was nothing that I could do about the foreclosure. I told them that the letter we received from them stated that “the default may be resolved by any of the following methods: *If your intent is to sell the property – provide a Real Estate Listing Agreement and/or Real Estate Sales Agreement”. Champion had already contacted the real estate company to confirm the property was listed with them. The (Champion) also had different conversations with the agent about the possibility of doing a short sale of the property. Champion had proof via confirmation from the Real Estate Company that the company was listed with them.

Later that day I spoke with Erika ** from Champion– who is handing this mortgage. She informed me that the information I had received earlier that day was incorrect. She stated that due to HUD guidelines after six months the status of the mortgage changes to be considered “foreclosure” due to the fact that the foreclosure process in Michigan is a lengthy process. She informed me that we can continue to try and sell the house. During my conversation with Erika we discussed the possibility of doing a “Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure” which I informed her would need to be discussed with the parties involved and I would get back with her. That following Tuesday I called Erika to inform her that the house had been sold, and the closing should occur in about 2 weeks. She then informed me that there are now additional foreclosure costs – something that was NOT mentioned before at all.

Now we received the notice that the property has been referred for foreclosure to Champion not receiving proper documentation (this has already been is addressed above). However, as of today was informed by Champion that the letter I received stating the reason why the property went into foreclosure is a general letter and not account specific as to the actual reason the property was sent into foreclosure. We have been making every effort to rectify this situation based on the official letter received from Champion as the reason the property was sent into foreclosure – and then we are told that is not really the reason it was sent into foreclosure. If we are not aware of the legal reason the property was sent into foreclosure how are we supposed to rectify the situation???

This could potentially make the sale of the house fall through, and we would believe that selling the house and paying Champion the monies owed specifically for the reverse mortgage would be easier for all parties involved. In addition to foreclosure fees that we were not informed about – we needed to list the house at a price that would not only make it appealing to a purchaser – in addition to my mother applying for VA survivor benefits she is not allowed to make ANY money on the sale of the house. The house was priced at the point where the only monies that would be received would be the amount needed to pay off the reverse mortgage. There is no money to pay any kind of additional fees.

I watched my mother fight cancer for years before we lost her in November. I'm her only local son, so it fell to my wife and I to settle her affairs. We cleaned the house and listed with a realtor. The house sold quickly and we sent the payoff request and legal and realtor documents in. We waited weeks and never received a payoff. I called three days before the closing and instead they send it. They promised I would have it shortly. Then did nothing.

I called and spent hours on the phone over 3 days begging for them to send the payoff so we could close. Each time they apologized and made promises they could not keep. We missed the closing and the buyer put us in default. It was so hard to deal with the loss of mom. She never wanted to be a burden. This would have devastated her. It's too late for us, but you may still have a choice. DO NOT choose Champion Mortgage. They are criminals. What they did is unforgivable. I will spend the rest of my life telling people about my experience with these scum bags.

Home was placed in reverse mortgage with MetLife 2010. It is my belief now, the banks that put houses in reverse mortgages, turn homes over to companies like, Champion Mortgage and Nationstar to start a well-planned cycle of taking the house back to gain it for their accounts and make hundreds of thousands from it... In October 7, 2013 I was sent to a collection agency to pay the fire insurance on my home by Travelers. I paid it, Travelers to inquire such actions the account was paid and to reinstate my insurance. They did not send me to collections, Champions had it. I spent 6 hours online new insurance. Found it and agent of Foremost faxed the policy, I copied it, faxed, mailed to Champion. Harassment ended January 15, 2014 (5 months)...

Next, they paid the taxes. A thousand dollars more than what was owed. Champion wanted financial consultations to make payments back to them. 3 agreed plans to, 1 voided due to HUD two due to no agreement mailed for me to sign, and the last one, from May 15, received in Sept. 19, agreement was dated Sept. 3, 2015. I mailed 3 payments, certified mail, Sept. 19, 29 and Oct. 2015. The second payment was returned to me. 11/2/2015 the other two would be returned. This caused me to check all post offices when I didn't receive the other two checks. I have learned one check was sent back to them as not deliverable. Champion mailed it to ** Prospect Park. The foreclosure was advanced on no one living here, they have charged my account 20.00 each agent to come here and check home. Two was sent twice May 18 and 19.

They denied receiving the checks - insisted I fax the signature cards. I did. I then offered to pay the entire sum, and they refused it. Said the house was going to be foreclosed on and no payments were legal. I offered to Champions I would MetLife's attorneys and got yelled at, threatened. Champion has now sent me a mitigation paper to file.

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Took out a reverse mortgage around 10 years ago. About 10 months ago it was sold to champion. I have $82,000.00 left on my line of credit but they are saying I have no funds left and are refusing any further advances. I have every statement backing up my claim. They said "Well we don't send out the statements. Some other company does." So far I have gotten nothing but the runaround even though they admit the statements do show what I claim. Need a lawyer but really do not know what kind to get.

My husband's grandmother passed away and we called them the next week when we got her death certificate and they told us that the account was due immediately. Yet when we called them back a few days later, a different person told us that it doesn't become due until 30 days after the death. So we said that was fine and we would start working to get the paperwork to them before the 30 day mark. We did that and at the 90 day mark we got notice we were in default and 23 days later we got court papers saying that they were starting foreclosure processes.

WHAT?! We had been trying to refinance and we tried to get an extension and we were told that we couldn't get one because we were on the road to foreclosure. We got approved by the bank for a refinancing to make Champion go away and Champion said, "We need this paperwork." Done. Call back a few days later, "Oh, we need this now." Ok, done. Call them back a few days later, "Well, that's not enough, we need this." Our auction date is 90 days away and we opted to sell the house because we can't get Champion to play ball with us.

When my father passes away, I let them know. Less then 10 days later I got a foreclosure notice. I get about three notices a week. I called and asked for papers to extend time to get stuff out and to try and figure out a way to save the house for our family. They refuse to send me the paper work to extend. They send it to a dead man.

My mother has a Reverse Mortgage on her house. Champion bought out her mortgage and has declared that she is dead and no longer living in the house, saying the reverse mortgage is due and payable! My mother is very much alive and healthy! I have a lawyer. Will take them to federal court. Reported them to our news channel, and have filed a complaint with the state! BEWARE OF THEM!!

This is the most ridiculous mortgage company I have every came across and I have dealt with a few in my time buying and selling homes. This home is an estate of my deceased mother. We/brother has jumped through hoops to satisfied this lender. I don't know what they don't understand - WE DON'T WANT THE HOUSE. We have filled out all the paperwork, sent the Will and it's not good enough. The most uneducated people I have ever came across when it comes to finances. Or simple English. I am not oppose to reverse mortgages for seniors but stay away from this company. You will get screwed in the end or your poor family members will have a major headache from them. We're about to say screw it, keys are inside.

My insurance agency have faxed Champion Mortgage three times with proof of insurance plus calling them. Each time they faxed the proof they received acknowledgement. I have called Champion Mortgage at least four times and every time they deny getting a fax. After getting proof of insurance, they acquired insurance on my home. They will not acknowledge that they received proof of insurance and want me to either pay the insurance they acquired or pay the outstanding balance of the reverse mortgage.

Updated on 12/22/2015: Finally on 10/13/15 I received a Peter from them agreeing that there was no lapse in my policy and reimbursement for a forced policy will be credited to my account. On 11/12/15 I received a "Notice of Rescission of Default" stating that all previous "Mortgage Due & Payable Notifications" has been rescinded. And a copy that they had canceled the forced policy they had charged me for. I just a letter dated 12/16/15 stating that I am in default for non payment of taxes and/or insurance. My taxes are not even due yet. DO NOT AND I MEAN DO NOT EVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. They are totally incompetent.

I am the trustee of a trust that owned my deceased mother's home that had a reverse mortgage. The equity in the house covered the loan by a 2:1 ratio. The company would only communicate with me through certified mail denying my right to talk to them despite giving them copies of the will and trust and threatening foreclosure and then actually filing. Due to the hot market I was able to sell the house and pay the loan in full. Their loan demand included an extra month's interest and spurious and questionable fees that 90 days later have not been refunded or defined despite multiple written requests. My next step is to file official actions with the appropriate state and federal banking regulators. Stay away from this company.

My experience with this company is at the least disturbing. My property was determined by FEMA to no longer be in the flood zones here in South FL. I continue getting letters to place my home in default for not having flood insurance. Telephone calls don't seem to help as the insurance and tax department does not talk with the customer service department. I received letters acknowledging that I no longer require flood insurance from one department and then the next day a letter telling me that my loan will go into default if I don't pay $369 in 2 weeks for a lapse in insurance. When I call, they tell me no problems exist and "just don't worry about it".

During the 4th of July week, I received a letter telling me they acknowledged that I did not require the policy that they claim they placed on my behalf at a cost of over $5000 (FEMA only charged $360/yr) and that policy had been cancelled. Then on Saturday July 3rd (after they were closed for holiday) a person came to my door telling me he had to hand deliver a notice from my mortgage company. That note said to call them regarding my mortgage. BTW they are still closed and no answer on the phones. Then in the mail on July 3rd I received a large mailing telling me that if I didn't pay $369 by July 29, 2015 my loan would be "due and payable" due to lack of insurance. After a complete check of all my files, I found that their insurance department and customer service department are located in different states and have no coordination prior to sending out letters to the customers.

This morning at 9:30 am I spoke with the insurance department who said all was in line in my files regarding insurance and they had nothing to do with the customer service department sending me letters. When I spoke with the customer service department, they said the insurance department initialized any letters to the customer about insurance. WOW... Now after reading many statements during 2014 on the net regarding Champion Mortgage I see that I am not the only person being hassled due to their lack of coordination.

Some of their agents in customer service sound great and sound helpful, however others, and especially the insurance department have an attitude as if I am at fault for their letters. As a customer, I have no method of reaching the principals on this company. I only hope someone is overseeing the operation to make corrections, and that it is not the company policy to harass customers with reverse mortgages in hopes that they will default, thus go a "due and payable" situation, of which they had no knowledge of.

My home was ravaged by a hail storm. My State Farm paid generously and quickly. Champion Mortgage is holding the money in an interest bearing account. I paid a local handyman cash for lots of hard work and paid him cash. They won't reimburse me for the payment until he signs a paid in full. Why? He doesn't get involved with mortgage co he says. Why do they need something signed. The work is started. Thank God The water isn't running down my walls. What if I couldn't afford to buy materials. They wont release any without receipts. It's not their right to make our lives miserable. Don't do business with this company. As seniors we don't need to be abused. This mortgage company is criminal. They should be shut down.

I am seeking justice for my 77-year old, widow great-aunt who was recently evicted from her home of 54-years after being forced out by Champion Reverse Mortgage Company. She has documentation of the agreement with Champion Mortgage Company to pay $209.02 per month for a 5,000 property tax debt. My aunt has records of money order and cash check that was submitted to the company (all over the amount that was required and purchased and mail prior to the 15th due date).

The company rejected each check with bogus excuses and no clear steps to resolve the matter. While she was trying to handle the issue the best of her ability, it appeared that she was not honoring the agreement that was made between her and the mortgage company. The company in returned foreclosed and sold her property without her having any knowledge that her property was in foreclosure and now sold. Currently, my great aunt is homeless and temporarily living with my mother and I.

Champion Mortgage keeps making me jump thru hoops. They asked me for the Will & Trust - I faxed it to them - then they asked me to record the will with the County then the next time I talked to them they said to record the trust. I recorded the Certificate of Trust showing that I am the Trustee last Monday & faxed it. Thursday they said they received it Wed and would take 3-5 days for approval. Today Monday 4/20/15 I called them and they say they received it Thursday and it would take 4-5 days for approval! This is getting ridiculous! I have an offer on the house hopefully I can talk to them by the time it sells!

In 2009 my Father took out a reversed mortgage on his home. At that time I was made to sign a Quitclaim Deed relinquishing all ownership of the home. When my Father passed away in January I contacted Champion Mortgage Company to notify them of his passing. From the beginning their representatives where ill mannered and refused to cooperate with me, or give me any information. I found out that the paperwork I signed (the Quitclaim Deed) was never filed and my name was still on the deed and the taxes.

When I told them this they tried to get me to sign a Deed in Lieu, telling me they would take care of everything. When I got the paperwork it entailed me taking responsibility for over $3000 in taxes, insurance and HOA fees. After promising me I would not have to do this. I then asked to speak to a manager and never received a call back. I ask myself if there were errors in the paperwork. How did they give a mortgage only to my Father and leave my name on the Deed and taxes? When I spoke with a lawyer, he said they handle thousands of cases like mine each year! I was told that we should have not trusted the banking professionals and made sure that my name was removed ourselves??? How unreasonable of us to trust banking professionals to be honest.

My now ex-husband applied for a 2nd mortgage to pay off his credit cards. About 5 months later we separated. He was supposed to make those payments. He did not, yet was still in the house and stayed in the house after the divorce.

I received a letter in August 2003 saying they were starting foreclosure. Of course I reacted immediately to save my home. My experience ever since then has been terrible. I have been treated like the scum of the earth, you name it. In addition, any question I ask is NEVER answered. They just repeat that I was in default, etc. After I sent them $1,300.00 in order to stop the foreclosure, I was put on a Forbearance Agreement. I was completely unaware of what that was and felt like I had no choice but to accept it. In February of 2004 an automatic bill payment for that loan was not received by Champion. They immediately started foreclosure again. I finally got the name of a supervisor, which by the way was almost impossible to do, and her name was Tonya **.

I have every piece of correspondence between her and I since May 7, 2004. She assured me that we would work this out. I had several questions though and yet she or no one else would EVER answer them. And still haven't. For example: When this first happened PJ ** said Ms. ** for $4,612.00 you can get out of foreclosure status. Well I didn't have $4,612.00. On May 7, 2004 I have a reinstatement letter from Tonya ** saying that I needed to pay $1,926.00 to get out of foreclosure. Then I have a letter dated July 8, 2004 stating that I need to pay $3,024.00 to get out of foreclosure. When I asked for the details and why all the different amounts, I never was given an answer.

My last correspondence with Tonya ** was on July 29, 2004. I kept e-mailing her and I received no response. I received a call in August saying she had left the company and that the replacement would look at my file and I would receive a FedEx Package at my home in September with all the appropriate documents. That never happened. I sent a letter to the Manager of Customer Service saying that I had not received anything. Never got a response. My mistake to not call there everyday until it was resolve. I realize that now. However, right before Thanksgiving I receive a letter from an attorney saying they are starting foreclosure proceedings.

Since November 29, 2004, I have been on a mission to speak with anyone and everyone about this situation. I have contacted Key Bank's Executive Office, Key owns Champion. I have called Tonya's replacement as well. They keep telling me that they will get back to me. I have e-mails stating that. And I have voiced my concerns with just waiting for someone to call me back. We are talking about my home. I have every intention of keeping it. I don't know if I should hire an attorney. I really don't have a lot of expendable income and I would hate to spend the money and not have the money to give to Champion should they agree to settle this.

I guess my biggest complaint is the lack of customer service. I have been treated terribly, embarrassed, and degraded. I realize that initially this situation is my fault. I have made every attempt to resolve this. I have offered to send more each month. All I asked was what is the amount that I am paying down. I get no answers. It is bad enough when people go through financial or emotional things in live and that fact that a company like that acts like they are there to help you and they don't. It is frustrating.

My husband and I Sign Contract Closing on home loan on Aug 23, 2003 and loan process to be disbursements to numerous creditors. Champion Mortgage change On August 28, 2003. I sign for certain accounts to be paid off. They decided to change them after the cancellation was expired. They change a legal contract. I was charge at closing for appraisal fee $370.00 I paid myself. I was also charge at closing for County Tax I paid myself $99.81.

For the past two years I've been trying to resolve a dispute which has negatively affected my credit report. There was a mix up of bills on my part and I sent them a check made out to another company. Both companies cashed the wrong checks. What's the point in filling in the "Pay to the Order of" line on the checks? The monies owed were then brought current. When I attempted to remortgage elsewhere, they wrote a letter to the new institution basically listing me at fault and with creditability.

Every time we call, it's always a different person. A couple of times after dialog with one person has been established and assistance seems to be on its way then they either leave the company or are transferred to another department. The last dialog with them they admitted that the error was on their part and they were going to write a letter stating that and attaching it to my files. My NY Bank said this letter would be of great help to getting a remortgage but the person at Champion is gone and now we have to start all over. The service this company has shown is deplorable.

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Michele Lerner, author of “HOMEBUYING: Tough Times, First Time, Any Time”, has been writing about personal finance and real estate for more than two decades. Michele writes for regional, national and international publications in print and online for a variety of audiences including consumers, real estate investors, business owners and real estate professionals.    More about Michele→

Champion Mortgage has been providing seniors and others with a variety of mortgage products since 1997.

  • Detailed educational info online: Champion Mortgage’s website has a comprehensive FAQ that offers detailed information about reverse mortgages in general and how their reverse mortgage program works.
  • Can leave home for up to 12 months without penalty: While mortgage holders have to certify annually that they still live in the home, they can leave for up to 12 months without the mortgage entering repayment.
  • Direct deposit available: Consumers can get funds deposited directly into their bank accounts each month, making access to loan proceeds easier.
  • Mortgage transfers: Many consumers find themselves faced with large bills when other banks, particularly Bank of America, transfer their reverse mortgages to Champion Mortgage.
  • Customer service: Live customer service representatives are not available between 8 PM and 8 AM Eastern Time on weeknights or between 5 PM Eastern on Friday and 8 AM Eastern on Monday.
  • Best for Seniors on fixed income and seniors who want to enjoy their later years.

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