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I purchased a rangefinder that had a 30 dollar rebate for the product. I sent the UPC code in and was told it was the wrong code. I sent another one in from the same box and was told it was still the wrong UPC code. It was the only 2 codes on the box so I know one of them was right. I am so disappointed and there is no way to contact the company to get the matter resolved,

Given the reference number but unable to access and info Tracking Number is *****. Was asked to resubmit UPC numbers and I did. This is for the After Thanksgiving rebate for Shopko on the Sansui 19 Inch LCD/DVD combo TV.

I filled in a rebate form, and sent in all the required UPC, forms etc. I got a card back saying, they didn't receive the UPC code, which I am positive that I included. I now have until Jan 18 to submit the UPC code (which they have). Also, I am supposed to send back the card they sent. I was very upset. I've lost sleep and trust with my fellow man. I'm going to contact the store, and the product company (Kohl's, Starlight), to try to get my money back for the product. I am going to insist that Kohl's should not sell any products that have a rebate from Young America or Starlight.

Last year I mailed in a rebate for $30 for a Sandisk purchase. I never received the rebate and Young America, who was publicly outed and held accountable for scamming countless customers, has failed to make good on the rebate. I guess I am yet another YA victim and shame on Sandisk for choosing the most despicable rebate company around to handle their rebates.

I entered a promo w/in acceptable dates to receive a free flight if you renew your contract. I registered online and was to receive a PIN # so I can receive my free flight. Well that never happened because they told me there was a computer glitch and they had to enter me manually. After calling approx. 15 times, speaking w/many reps and supervisors, they keep telling me the system still had issues after 3 months w/the registration . Well this has been going on for 3 months now w/numerous manual re-registrations and still no verification or PIN # I need to get my free flight promo. To this day, no reconciliation has been in sight. Can you please assist with this mess.

I have to buy 3 tickets 30 days prior to departure with this promo and I am nearing the 30 day allotment. If I don't receive my PIN # I can not receive the free flight which is approx $300, which I really was counting on using because of my financial status. I am now extended a contract that I would rather have cancelled but kept due to this promo and now need to purchase all 3 tickets at full price, which could have saved me a lot of money. I am now going to lose out on this promo because of their screwup with their computers, however, I think they are just pulling my chain and lying about the whole deal to begin with. I would cancel my contract but that would cost me $200 penalty. Please assist. If I don't get the promo, I want to sue for the amount I incurred spending on that airline ticket. Thank you.

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I bought the San Disk Extreme card, got back a $20 Visa card. Cannot activate as their website doesn't recognize the card... yet I have the numbers correct and the sticky tape still on. Called three phone numbers but not one connects. Just a dead line. Call main office and get mailbox or I have to know someone's box. Idiotic. Last time I buy anything with a rebate. Theft is rampant here.

I applied for a $20 rebate that was processed through Young America. As usual I included ALL of the requested receipts, UPCs, etc., but I did not keep a copy of this information this time. I received a postcard informing me that my request was denied because Submission did not include any original qualifying UPCs.

I called to inquire exactly what this meant and have been given the runaround. Finally speaking to a supervisor I have been told that I will not receive a rebate if I cannot provide a copy of the UPC. I have the original box with a hole where I removed the UPC and I am 100% confident that I did not make a mistake. I am convinced that this is a bait and switch. I am apparently out of options.

I sent in for a rebate from Corel on software(Visual Creation Studio Pro) in 2006. It was an offer for $80.00 to be returned to me on the purchase of a $149.99 software program. I sent in all the required paperwork, and did not hear from them in the required time. I called and was told that the rebate was being processed and to wait 6 weeks and then call back if I did not receive it. I called back in 8 weeks (giving them extra time) and was told that the rebate was issued and on the way. I waited 4 weeks, then called again. I was told that the check was mailed andf sometimes they take longer to arrive then we would think.

I then forgot about it for a time and after going over my book of rebates (I file many) I found that I needed to call again. I was told that it had been sent and I should have received it. I was told that the rebate would be resent. Nothing. Then, I finally called again today, after checking the laws online, and found this site. I was told today that the rebate expired and that the check would not be replaced because the rebate was closed. I argued saying that if the check was issued, the rebate was already processed and the check needed to be replaced as it was ALREADY my money. They refused. I asked for a supervisor, and was hung up on. I called back and have been sitting here with the headphone on while I type this letter with the phone ringing incessantly on the other end.

So, basically, I am out the 80.00 that should have been in my bank over a year ago! These people are liars, they lie on the phone and they just don't care. The woman that handled my call was LING and although mostly polite, she was no help at all. She said she would like to help me, but could not. If they actually mailed a check, it could have been was not cashed and was already in my name. I don't believe they ever mailed anything, it was just a ruse to keep me waiting and waiting until the rebate was so old they can say sorry, it's closed! I am so angry and that phone is STILL ringing. It is during their open hours and they have had PLENTY of time to get a supervisor to answer the call. These people need to be shut down. Next call is to Corel to tell them not to deal with this center any longer. I had a problem with them once before but it was only a couple of dollars and not a big deal, but $80.00!!! That would even buy my van a fill up of gas today!

Bought a Trendnet wireless router with a $20.00 rebate. I was very careful to follow the instructions since other people in the reviews section at had been ripped off. I received a notice that I did not include the sales receipt, which I knew was bunk. So I`ll no longer purchase anything with a so called rebate.

Just that I was out $20.00 and not happy.

Today I received a rejection of my rebate submission for $20 for the Staples Alternative Manufacturer MIR Windows Live OneCare software. The reason for rejection was that I failed to include a proof of purchase for a utility software title. The rebate form printed at the cash register and the Microsoft rebate form online required the proof of purchase of either a utility software title OR a 2007 tax preparation product, as this was a tax software bundled rebate program. I submitted the rebate form and the cash register receipt showing the software purchase, and included the box top from the H&R Block tax software program as required. They did not read their own form which uses the term "or".

Unfortunately, the Young America rebate center, unlike other rebate centers does not allow for e-mail questions but requires you to telephone them only Monday through Friday between 8 am and 8 pm where you will be told that your call is very important to them and it will be answered in the order in which it is received. This seems rather primitive to me. I will call on Monday and most likely be put on hold for I don't know how long, and explain the situation to a call center person who will not understand and will ask me to resubmit everything that I already sent according to the conditions of the rebate. I may have to ask for a supervisor who can read a copy of their rebate conditions for this rebate, and then who knows what will happen?

I think this is a rebate ripoff company. I purchased Tax Cut and Microsoft Money Plus at Staples with a $40 rebate offer. I sent all of the required info, copied all documents, and took a picture of the envelope going in the mail slot. Young-America said they never received the mail.

I'm willing to bet that this happens a lot, probably because they are dumping bags of mail! Someone needs to investigate this company. I lost $40.

Denied through U.S. Mail of a rebate of $10 after purchasing a TrendNet Wireless PCI Adaptor from CompUsa on 12/4/2007 due to a missing UPC. I am a 100% certain that is was included in the envelope submission. I tried calling the number and the first customer service rep. denied me again due to a missing UPC. Called 30 min. later and the customer service rep. ok'd my submission. This prompted me to ask why such shady practices of refusal and then approving it depending on whom I spoke with? I am angry because this is not the first time this particular rebate company has done this to me. If I had not called, they, i.e. manufacturer or rebate would keep my rebate money and I don't feel this is right. I'm sure there are a lot of other people out there who have not been persistent enough to try and get their rebate amounts back unless it is a large amount.

Time and effort wasted to try and get a $10 rebate.

I am unable to even talk to anybody or e-mail anybody concerning status of rebate ($100.00). I mailed the rebate the end of November, 2006. It’s supposed to take 8 wks; it has now been 13 wks and status on web says no errors, still processing.

I purchase two Motorola Razrs Cingular cell phones. I sent off the rebate receipt in December. They sent it back said I need to send the ups codes from box that they came in. I have got nothing back as of yet when I purchase the phones I was told I would get back $70 on each phone. I paid $211.98.

1st I submitted a rebate for a Nokia phone in 2001 and after more run around then it was worth I decided not to pursue the rebate. 2nd in 2002 purchased a phone for my daughter, which also qualified for a rebate handled, by your company. 3Rd I recently purchased a Motorola Phone and submitted the $100 rebate and again the run around has begun, again I was told, “we do not have record of the rebate”.

I have received form letters form customer service, requiring the original documents which I have already sent to them. This is fraud. 1st time can happen, 2nd time is suspect, 3rd time is deceit. Any interest and help you can provide, would be appreciated. The manufacturers invloved are Nokia, Ericcson, and Motorola.

I bought three Motorola phones from Cingular Wireless in January, 2003. I filed the rebate info in February and called in April to check on the status. The contact person @ Young America told me three checks had been mailed on 3/28. She then said I had to wait until May 10th in order to stop payment and reiisue checks. I called back on 5/16 and was told I would receive the checks in 10-14 days.

Needless to say, I did not. Each time (approximately 10 contacts) I was told the same EXACT story by different individuals, stop orders had not been put on the checks, they were sorry and would overnight the checks to me. I received one check on 6/6, called two more times, received another on 6/18 and on 7/8 I am still waiting. One supervisor said Young America deals w/ 30 million rebates per year and over 500 million dollars. I believe them to be a fraudulant company, holding on to money in the hope that people will forget or give up due to frustration. I am exploring the possibility of a lawsuit against this company.

I mailed an old cell phone, UPC, receipt, and additional paperwork to Young America in return for a $100 rebate on my Motorola cell phone. Only problem was that after 6 months of being told that it still had not hit the system, they finally said they never received it and that I would not receive the rebate. Now I'm out the $100 and there is no way that I can receive my money back since they asked for the original UPC.

Sent in rebate over 10 weeks ago for $100.00. Customer service rep Kyle x1278 said they did not recieve it. I have proof of delivery.

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