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I ordered two items of swimwear, top and bottoms. Cost is $77 with postage. Money for it was taken from my card (found out later), but I received an email after 3 weeks saying they couldn't access my card so the shipment was canceled. So I just recently ordered again (express postage, cost of about $80). They billed me for it already, but the order status it shows they still haven’t sent it.

In express it should have been sent a week ago. I try to contact them. Contact numbers don’t work apart from one which is constantly “engaged.” I have previously canceled a card from something alike this, but I just can’t be sure what is happening! I’m losing money. I have no contact cannot with them. I cancelled card as I just have cancelled one a few months back.

I received a bill from Victoria Secret for $109.95, which I never purchased anything or agreed to anything. I have cancelled my card and am trying to contact Connection123 regarding this bill. I do not remember agreeing to try anything on a trial bases.

This company has been charging my credit card $99 to $109 per year for some kind of Travel Club since 2003. I am sure that I did not authorize this charge.

When I called to ask them for backup documentation, they said that they only keep records for two years. They did say that they would cancel the membership and would credit the charges for 2008 and 2009; however, they did not remove the prior years' charges. I lost approximately $500.00.

This company used out-of-date personal information on a closed retail credit card with Victoria Secret stores to create a phony account in their system and then charge a Visa credit card associated with the closed account for $109.95. The problem is the individual they opened the phony account against was not a signer on the credt card that they charged. We do not know what they claim was purchased with the money they took. Was it merchandize or simply an account in their system? At any rate, when we called them they quickly agreed to refund the amount taken but would not provide any details of how the account was created, the account number they used, or any other details of this transaction.

When the Visa company was contacted to dispute the charge, they cancelled the credit card number that was used by AP9*VSESCAPES (the phony LLC used by V. Secret to make these fradulent changes). But there will be costs for generating a new card (not counting inconvenience) and there are charges for overdrawing the account (which this transaction did - pushing my account overlimit). I do not yet know the full extent of these costs.

Same scam as mentioned by other complaints. Purchased something online from Victorias Secret and supposed which is false signed up for a membership to Victorias Secret Escapes for 109.95 per year. I just noticed it on my credit card after being billed for years. This company is a scam. The BBB has 2,552 complaints against them. I filed one and encourage everyone to file one.

Over $400.00 total over the past few years.

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Apparently they have been charging people for membership of $109.95 for what they did not order

I was reviewing my bank account on line, this is something I just started doing because things have turned so financial bad, and I need to keep track of every penny. On January 16th I saw a debit from VScapesCT for 109.95 with a phone number after calling the number I found out this is the 5th time they took money from my checking account. How did they get my information? I don't even shop there!! I was told I signed up online, I told them to prove it, I didn't sign up for anything like this I don't even know what it is. They told me they could credit 109.95 in 2-3 business days, but not the past years. i said they are steeling from me, steeling right from my bank account. We all need to keep a closer eye on our credit card and checking accounts. I was told I would get a refund in 2-3 days. We will see... I'm out a total of 519.79 not including interest.

out 519.79. I have a mortgage payment coming out tonight and now because of the debit of 109.95 I'm short 59 dollars. It martin Luther King Day and the banks are closed and I can't add any money to my account.

I just received my monthly statement online from Victoria's Secret. I have been working on paying down my balance and not using the card for purchases at all. Imagine my surprise when I saw a charge for $109.95 from A Third Party, when I clicked on the purchaser it indicated that this purchase was for VS Escapes. I have never signed up for any travel program nor have I received any information whatsoever about this VS Escapes.

I tried to call tonight but of course, it is after business hours and I will have to call again tomorrow. I searched the internet for VS Escapes because the Victoria's Secret website search engine doesn't produce any results for such a program, yet, they are charging it to my VS Card, hmmm? My internet search led me straight to this consumer affairs page and after reading all of the very similar stories and realizing how many years this has been going on as well as how many people have been affected (knowingly...imagine those that still don't know), this is obscene and something needs to be done. I, too, wonder if this is the first time I have been charged or not...I've had my VS account for more than 10 years!

Checked my online Credit Card info today and was very surprised to see a charge for $109.95 on 1-7-09 from a company I had never heard of- VSescapes. When I checked online to see what in the world this company was- some kind of a travel service- never recvd any written info from them, nor did we ever receive any kind of a WELCOME you have joined VSescapes. Yes- when I called their 1-888 number an Assoc there says that they will credit the $$ back and stop charges. BUT this is all from ordering thru Victoria Secret's- which I will obviouly never do again.

I was very disapointed with Victoria Secrets over this. They have nice merchandise, they shouldn't be doing this.

I was charged 109.95 on 10-26-08 on my Victorias Secret charge account. I called VSand they gave me another number to call. It was VS Escapes, they cancelled it without a problem, said it was registered to my daughter, who never ordered it. They had an old address of ours from 3 years ago. Now I worry and need to check, had we ever been charged for this in the past and not noticed.

I received a debit without pin number transaction from Victoria's Secret Escapes for $109.95 to my checking account. I did not authorize this transaction. This was billed without my knowledge or my consent. I haven't shopped at VS any time recently nor do I have any VS credit cards. I am so disappointed in the company for this and very upset. This is stealing from my account without my knowledge.

I found an unauthorized charge for $109.95 on my credit card statement and a letter from my bank stating the charge was made to my old credit card and had been transferred to my current statement. This is a real scam, and I could practically hear the slime ooze through the phone lines as I talked to a rep about the charges. Victoria's Secret should be held responsible. After so many other problems I have dealt with in ordering their products, this will be the final time.

I opened my statement this month and there was a charge for $109.05 that I did not authorize. I came to find out that it was for Victoria Secret's Escape, however, when I contacted VS direct they said the charge is from a Marketing Firm. I have no idea how a Marketing Firm has access to my VS credit card #, however, I was told that I authorized the charge via catalog which is a utter, complete and total lie. Someone is a fuaud in this situation and this company should be investigated and charged accordingly. How long have they been doing this and how many people didn't notice the charge on their account??

I contacted the # on my statement in regards to this charge; I was told that my account would be credited with 2-3 days. Why did I even have this charge let alone have to make calls that are an inconvenience?? As soon as my money is refunded to my charge card I WILL CANCEL MY VICTORIA SECRET'S CREDIT CARD...VICTORIA SECRET IS A FRUAD AND SO IS THE MARKETING COMPANY THAT CAN CHARGE PRODUCT TO UNSUSPECTING CONSUMERS!!!!!

I was reviewing my bank account and noticed an unauthorized charge of $109.95 from VSESCAPES. I contacted VSESCAPES and spoke to Moses who told me that I had signed up for VSESCAPES in 2005. I told him that I never signed up for this membership. I never even received any membership pack or correspondence from them.

I immediately demanded that my account be credited for the $109.95. Moses told me that I would be issued a refund. Believe me, I will be cheking next month's statement for the refund. Needless to say, I will never shop Victoria's Secret again! What a scam!

Victoria's Secret took $109.95 out of my checking account with absolutely no authorization. They stated I had enrolled in some discount program. The charge came across as VS Escapes Travel. This kind of activity is illegal.

$109.95 was taken from me.

I accepted an offer to use the Victoria Secret Escapes for a month for free, and I canceled it a month later. I did pay for a month, but then I called the consumer service and asked them to cancel my account. They said they did it; and now, after three months, I realized they are still charging my credit card.

I have paid $44.85 ($14.95 x 3) without using the service that I have already asked to be canceled.

My Ma.r' 08 VS account statement showed a $109.95 charge for VS Escapes dated 1 Feb '08 with a number below the charge to 'call with questions'. When I called the number, Ricard told me that I signed up for the service on the internet. I said I did not. Ricard said that the charge would be removed within 2 or 3 days. I said, How would I know? How could I check? He repeated the above statement. Apparently he did not realize that I was referring to my VS statement and not my bank. I then emailed VS with the complaint, requesting verification of the removal of the charge. I already carry a hefty balance and am offended that I would be paying 22.8% on 100+ that I DID NOT AUTHORIZE.

Linda W with VS emailed me back within 24 hours stating that my account would be credited, and I would be notified at that time. I have actively used my VS charge for approx. 10 years and could very possibly have missed this charge in the past. I'm busy and do not always inspect every bill and every charge. Apparently, that is what VS Escapes banks on (pun intended).

Because I caught this illegal activity it probably cost me around $2 in interest. However, I will have to research past years to find out if I missed it then. If so, then it would be approx. $125.00 per year. Multiply that by the number of VS customers using VS charge or debit or other bank cards, and looks like someone is getting rich and needs to be slapped with a class action suit.

I just happened to review my bank account on line and noticed an unauthorized charge. I called the number associated with it and they were Victoria Secrets Escapes Travel. After several minutes, I got through to someone that verified my information, and I informed them I did not sign up or authorize the charge, and since it was still pending they were going to issue a refund. I am very careful about ordering things on-line through the internet, and this is the first time this has ever happened. I think this is fraudulent. They didn't even have my correct address.

I had planned to go buy a new outfit, but my account was overdrawn, I am hoping since it is in the pending stage that I do not get charged for 3 overdraft charges at $35.00 each. (and my money better be back in my account) which would be a total of $214.00

VSEscapes put an unauthorized charge on my credit card for $109.95. I have never signed up for their membership and had no knowledge of this charge until I looked at my credit card charges.

I received a flyer from Victorias Secret telling me that unless I made a phone call, I would automatically be charged $109.95 for an automatic enrollment in vescapes?. I never signed up for this, have never received any membership or materials from them. When I looked at my past charge account activity, sure enough, I was charged $109.95 on 11/29/06. I was not able to look back further to see if I have incurred charges other years, so I have no idea how long they have been deducting this from my charge card. I have never received any membership materials , not did I have any idea that I joined anything.

Apparently when I purchased a suit from Victoria's secret back in 2003 I was enrolled in the vscapes program which I don't remember consenting to, nor did I ever get a membership packet or anything. Apparently I got a 30 day free trial that I had to cancel if I didn't want. They have continued to bill my credit card every year since then, but because I have gone paperless, I'm sorry to say I don't always view the statements, but I do have auto pay.

I have been charged 109.00 a year since 2003, plus interest. I never received a membership packet, nor did I ever use the services. They have an address that I haven't had in 3 years.

Apparently, I signed up for Victoria's Secret Sweet Escapes when purchasing a bathing suit in 2003. I remember none of this, of course. I was billed for the past three years, and just noticed a debit on my bank statement for $109.95. I called the 800 number and spoke with a man who was trying to convince me that I would REALLY enjoy the benefits of this program.

I explained to him, shouldn't I have been experiencing the benefits of this program for the past FOUR years? I had never gotten one piece of mail from them! He said, obviously this whole situation is news to you, and I said YES it is! I need my money back!

Just received my Victoria's Secret bill and had a charge for VS Escapes. I haven't ordered or purchased anything for a long time so I called the number and was told that VS Escapes was something I signed up for on the Victoria's Secret website while possibly making a purchase. They say they are not affiliated, so couldn't give me much info.

They had no problem taking off the $109.95 charge on my current bill, but when she told me this was a renewal I was shocked. I asked her when I was billed prior. She told me April 06. She indicated that I would have known full well that I signed up and would have been sent a welcome packet (said one was sent to my address). I do not recall EVER signing up for any travel services nor did I receive a welcome packet.

I checked back through statements and sure enough the charge was on there from last April. Since I had other charges my husband did not know to ask me and apparently just paid the $99.95 bill.

They apparently offered me a 30-day free trial which I accepted (I am told) and then they forgot to mention that if I did not call a certain number (which of course they also did not give me) that I would be charged about $100 each year ($99.95 last year and $109.95 this year). I did not pay attention to my credit card statement last year and missed the charge so you can imagine my surprise this year.

I never received any benefit (apparently I should have received a few coupons - totally worth $200 obviously) and I also NEVER gave them my credit card number. They used the credit card number I gave them to purchase something from them. Victoria Secret should be ashamed. I was once a loyal customer and will now be going anywhere else!

$109.95 charge from VS ESCAPES just appeared on our credit card on 3/8/2007. Nothing has been purchased from VS. Called the number and found out that this is from a 30-day trial for discounts on other items that comes from their web site.

This is like stealing our money without us knowing. If we didn't look at the credit card statement carefully they would have gotten away with it.

I placed an order months ago on Victoria and was automatically signed up for a travel/enterntainment club that I did not agree to which included a $109.25 membership fee. The only reason I found out about fee was becuase it showed up on my statement. I did not receive any information via email or postal mail regarding the club with any type of memebership number or anything at all regarding the benefits of being a memeber. Nor did the rep I spoke to on the phone give me any information. The cost was not included in the check out, so I assume it is not affiliated directly with the web site. I did call customer service and the rep did agree to remove the charge but not until after he decided to have an attitude and tell me that I did in fact agree to the fee. A third party affiliate should not be able to charge a credit card without proper authorization.


We found we'd been charged $109.95 by VSESCAPES three days ago. I happen to have a Victoria Secrets credit card, which I use for purchase in that store, but pay it off regularly. This $109.95 charge was for some kind of club membership that I never authorized and the charge was made to a Visa card that's not even associated with my victoria secrets card.

I phoned Victoria Secret's customer service and they said that VS Escapes is an affiliate...shouldn't Victoria Secret be held responsible for this fraud/scam?

This company charged my credit card $109.95 for a membership to their club. I have never applied to this club, nor have I ever authorized any charges to be paid to this company. I haven't even purchased anything from Victoria’s Secret in about a year. Unfortunately for them I keep meticulous financial records.

I have a $109.95 charge on my account for VS Escapes. I have no idea what this is but am trying to reach VS to speak to someone. I just found this website and am appalled at what I see - so many people have had the same problem! VS needs to do something about this!

Upon paying my credit card bill, I noticed a $109.95 charge from Victoria's Secret Escapes on my card. I have not purchased anything from VS in months, and I have never heard of Victoria's Secret Escapes. I called the number on my statement and VS Escaps was closed. I called my credit card company to repot this and did some internet research, only to find this scam is not new.

I then called Victoria's Secret and they said they are not affiliated with this company, which would seem to be an apparent lie if you read the complaints on the Consumer Affairs website.

I am being assessed interest charges until this charge is taken off my account. Maybe VS Escapes would like to pay this as well.

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