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Ulta Beauty

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Last updated: Oct. 15, 2017

204 Ulta Beauty Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

I was a Platinum member since almost 3 years and I spent almost all my money at their online store. I liked their reward program and the discounts they sent here and there being Platinum and also the access they gave me some days before anyone else. Then, they started doing nonsense, like shipping orders very very late, sending wrong products for 3 times in a row and when I contacted the Customer Service they apologized, saying that I could keep those wrong items but then I got a second email where someone told me to give them back, so I was confused on what to do. Very disorganized people for sure.

Many times I got broken items and had to wait for refund or re-order them at other stores if they were still available. In May 2017, they started doing a lot of crazy things, like deleting orders placed at 7 am, when items were in stock, and after 5 days they justified the matter, saying they were sorry but those items were out of stock, which made me really upset.

How can a product be out of stock, if you order it 5 minutes after being put online? This means that they oversell their products so they cannot guarantee enough products to anyone. So a total lack of professionalism, as I needed some of those limited items for birthday or because being a blogger, I needed to review them. If I had known it immediately, I would have purchased them at the brand's company the following day, but knowing that Ulta had sold them out 5 days after my confirmed order, this prevented me from having this product at all and ended up to buy it on eBay at a higher price. Then in June, they blocked me. At the beginning I thought it was because I used a gift card plus PayPal which wasn't allowed, but trying many times with different methods without any result, I ended up thinking they had blocked me for good.

I contacted them multiple times with no answer or an answer after 10/15 days, saying it was a bug on the system, so I should have used Google instead of Safari, which I did without result neither. I called them and I got like 10 different versions as nobody knew anything about my account. Then I reported them to BBB and after that, waiting for an answer which arrived 1 month later, someone said that for 'multiple factors' I couldn't buy online anymore.

I jumped from my seat as I never experienced such a nightmare before. They justified this action, as I was spending too much with them!!! I spent like +$3000 in a year and this is the treatment they give me? Instead of being happy and put me a red carpet everytime I bought from them, they blocked me? Who they believe they are, seriously? Those who did so or created this policy must be retarted for many reasons: 1) Why they blocked me online and they said I can buy in store? There's no sense in this. 2) Why should I buy in store when the store is 3 hours from me and I can find the EXACT same brands in other 100 online stores?

The only exclusive thing they have is Ulta brand that I don't like and never bought, but they have brands I can find all over the world so what's the point of this? Ah yes because they think people can resell their products? So I was put a red flag for this opinion? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, so according to them, online you can buy products to resell, when on the store No? LOL. Not to think about the fact I can send friends, ask relatives, change address and PC if I really wanted to, but I honestly don't give a damn about this company. Some management there should be fired in 2 seconds and they must respect customers like me who had the guts to spend my money with this company when I could have done it with other reliable stores. It was the worst experience in my life and I won't ever buy from them again in any possible way.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

I highly and strongly recommend that no one applies for credit for Ulta. They're rigged and fraudulent. It started off with making a payment through their automated service, unfortunately I didn't know my account number so I got transferred to a representative through their automated service. I just would like to know "Why bother confirming identity with social security and current mailing address if I still cannot obtain my account number to make a simple payment." Ok so it turns out that she could receive my payment through phone but I'm going to be charged an additional $9 just to make a payment.

So at this point it is 6:45pm and I'm to the point where I just want to close my account down and make a full complete payment to get it over with. Then as the representative is asking for my card info, he then quotes, "Oh but your payment won't be processed till tomorrow." "So you're telling me that even though my payment is made on the 4th because it's due on the 4th I'm a be a day late on payment. When it was paid on time but still get a late fee charge because I'm a day late even though I paid it on time doesn't make sense at all?" So now I got a late fee when it was never suppose to be a late payment.

All of this could've been avoided if I can simply obtain my account number or make a in-store payment. So really it's kind of impossible for a payment to be made if you have no mail with the account number or receipts or Ulta Rewards Card, just to get charged with that famous late fee. Unsatisfied customer after business. Oh and I forgot to mention SUPERVISOR CALL GOT LOST AND HE DIDN'T BOTHER TO CALL BACK. CUSTOMER SERVICE? NO. BOGUS SERVICE!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

    I went to get a haircut at Ulta in Laredo Tx. There were several stylist standing around. It seems they gave me the stylist that had not been cutting hair long or didn't have confidence in his ability to cut hair or he went through a tough time with a customer. I am not sure cause nobody would tell me what the deal was. All the other stylist were making comments like, "She has a lot of hair. Be careful," or "Good luck." Again shouldn't be my choice if I want to be someone's first victim. What if my haircut was a disaster. None of the stylist cared about that. They just watched!!! Thank goodness he did a good job. My hair came out the way I wanted. But to not inform me of what the situation was, just pissed me off. Well joke is on you ladies. I like my cut!!

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

    I would give them no stars if it were possible! I placed an order last night online, entered a different Ship To than my Bill To (it allowed me to do this), they don't offer any other way to receive shipments other than 'Standard' (1st complaint). Next, when I looked at the email confirmation I received, it shows my Bill To as the Ship To address (2nd complaint). Called to speak to someone about the Order, got a gal who only seem to know how to read scripted responses (3rd complaint). The gal asked for my phone number to pull up my rewards account, then asked how she could help me; I explained the issue of the Ship To, and her only response is "...they have to match exactly or it won't work..." - I said well it asked for and let me enter different address, but the email received shows different (4th complaint).

    First she said nothing she can do about it, and I asked to cancel the Order since I know it's not shipped - she said all she can do is put in a request to cancel but she can't guarantee anything, and it could take 30 days to get my money back (5th complaint). I asked to speak to a manager - and she says, “They won't tell you anything different than I've already told you.” I said, “Please let me speak to them.” She put me on hold, and came back every 5 min. or so and said she is still waiting for a manager, do I want to continue to hold, and I said yes until about the 25 min mark of waiting (6th complaint; I assumed at this point she had no intention of even connecting me).

    After about 25 min of holding for a manager - the gal says, “Like I said, they won't be able to do anything for you... I don't even see that you have an Order on your Rewards...” So I said to her "then how were you going to request a cancel of the Order??" and her response was "that's just it, there is nothing there..." I said, “Why did you not mention that at the start of the call?” (7th complaint) “I have an Order Number, I assume you can pull it up in your system by that!” When I asked where it ships from - she said, “I don't know.” “How can you not know,” I asked. After a little more probing, she said, “The warehouse closest to you” (still no idea where that is; 8th complaint).

    Once again, she said she can put in a request to cancel the Order but can't guarantee it will - and I asked, “How I will know the request is made.” She said, “Because I'm telling you I am putting in the request” - I said, “Yes, but you told me that 25 min ago, only to find out you were not even seeing an Order to be able to request any cancellation” (10th complaint). I asked for an email stating it was requested/done and she said she would request an email when she submitted the request - but of course could not guarantee anything (9th complaint)! Seriously - what type of system and customer service do they have! In my own work I am a Global Client Experience Manager - and find it very hard to believe a company as big as Ulta finds any of this to be acceptable. Never ordering from Ulta again - and caution others if they are considering an online Order.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

    I've never been more dissatisfied with a beauty company! I have been a loyal customer at Sephora and I'm also a member, and have purchased most of my skin care and products through them. They may be more boutique compared to Ulta Beauty, but I've always preferred QUALITY over QUANTITY. I do not care how much products Ulta carried, the number of prestige brands they carried are fairly limited compared to SEPHORA and BLUEMERCURY. These 2 stores are my go-to places for all my skin care and makeup products, although I spent and purchased mostly high end skin care products from these two. Until Ulta, you would never find drug stores brands at Sephora or Bluemecury, they just don't have the space or time for that.

    Other than the quality of the products, Sephora and Bluemercury far exceeds my expectations, in customer service and they make buying and returning a breeze and hassle free! Unlike Ulta Beauty. What I'm most dissatisfied with is probably their customer service, and sales employees. These girls who are hired, certainly isn't well trained or very knowledgable in skin care or makeup for that matter. They're not even aware of the certain promotions the company is having and I know more than the employees, when one of the customer ahead of me was asking the cashier about the rewards points she may get, the cashier doesn't seem to be inform and was not sure, she almost left the lady standing there while she leave the registered to go ask her manager to confirmed.

    Since I was standing in line next, I answered the question for the cashier and told the lady customer that she would be earning 3x on all her purchases till Saturday and if she's a platinum member, then she would be earning 5x points! The cashier had no idea, and the cashier and the lady customer actually thanked me for the information - I said "She's welcome." I think as a customer, if you want to make the most out of their rewards program as a member, then we need to be inform and educate ourself on all the products, sales and promotions the company may have. I am subscribed. I think those EMPLOYED BY ULTA BEAUTY... I'm well aware that these girl/women are not professional makeup artists or estheticians like the ones hired at Sephora or BlueMercury. Their standards and culture exceeds UTLA BEAUTY. Hands down. The people they hired are professional, well trained and are license.

    The people hired and worked at UTLA BEAUTY are more like clueless sales associates or what's not... NEED TO KNOW THEIR STUFF and be able to answer any questions customers may have about the company they work for and their products, being ignorant and clueless is not a good thing. The people you hired will reflect the culture and standards of your company, so choose your employees wisely! HIRED competent people, if they're not well educated or well trained and have a professional license. I would never let any of these people at UTLA BEAUTY touch my hair or my face for that matter. I simply cannot afford to let them mess up, my hair and my face/skin.

    The Ulta Beauty in ROSEMEAD, CA in particular really upset me, because I've had 2 bad experiences with incompetent and unprofessional people here. One is a sales associate/cashier and the store manager from this location. They either did not process my refund properly, because up till today, it has been 3 weeks, I still have not receive my refund. I called and spoke with the manager, and she said she will call the transactional department and will get back to me once they call her back. It's been a few days, and still nothing. I have to follow up with them, when they were suppose to be calling me back! Talk about unprofessionalism/untrustworthy and unreliable/incompetency of some individuals hired by ULTA BEAUTY.

    I made a returns, so I should be receiving a refund, but still no refund, yet they claim it's been refunded in their system, yet that refund amount NEVER SHOW UP on my statement and I have access to my account on my phone, since I have the app. I have proof and my statements to show that this particular transaction in question was never refund back to my Amex Card!

    I think I'm just going to call Amex and dispute this charge, because I'm done dealing and having to wait on these people to get things done and it's such a simple task. They made a mistake and they can't even fix it! I don't know why they are stalling, but it's starting to get on my nerve and I'll just call Amex, since Amex is great and I love using my card and Amex customer service is outstanding. They will resolve my issue - immediately. Ulta Beauty may just lose me as a value client and customer, because I simply can't deal with the kind of people they hired.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

    I absolutely love Ulta. I purchase something at Ulta every week, sometimes in-store at one of my three closest Ulta's and sometimes online. I've never had an issue in-store, but I don't usually ask for assistance. I know what I want so I'm good, I just want to shop. I've had a few issues with my online orders, but usually my orders arrive just fine. When I have had an issue with an online order, like a missing item, an incorrect item, or a melted item (I live in FL lol), Ulta goes above and beyond my expectations. Every time, I am happy with the resolution.

    For example, this summer I ordered Jean Michel Basquiat lipsticks online when they went on clearance. I got some for me and as gifts for my daughters. Because I was worried about the heat, I had them delivered to my office. Some arrived melted to the sides of the tubes, so I took some pics and contacted Ulta, hoping they might have a few left over so I could exchange the melted ones. They were sold out, so they emailed me a gift card and told me to keep the melted lipsticks. I received it with minutes. I thought that was pretty awesome, especially since the lipsticks were still usable, although they weren't very pretty in the tube. I came out ahead in the end, and I was extremely impressed with their response time.

    Another time I received an incorrect order. I don't know how they managed it, but I received a package with my packing slip and totally different items. Whatever, it happens, we're human. So I called Ulta. I offered to bring the items into a store to return them. She told me not to worry about it and reshipped the correct items at no cost. I didn't have any need for the items. There was a palette I didn't care for as well as powder and concealer for very fair skin, way too light for me. I gave the palette to one of my girls and the powder and concealer to another. My replacement order came in three days later. Once again, the response was immediate and above and beyond what I'd expected.

    On my last order, an incorrect USPS scan caused my order to look as though it had been delivered to another person, but it was actually "delivered" to my local post office. I called Ulta, worried that my order had been lost. The next day, it was delivered to me. I told Ulta I received it and asked them to cancel the replacement order. They said it had already shipped. So I offered to return it to my local Ulta store. They replied that I could keep the extra as a token of appreciation. I was floored. Once again, Ulta made sure I came out ahead. Sorry this is a novel, but I could honestly keep going. I just wanted to show that in my experience Ulta has shown a pattern of good customer service. Every experience I've had with Ulta has been good, even (or maybe especially lol) when there are issues.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

    My experience with Ulta is do not ever expect to receive a free promotion offer. If you do you are lucky. While they either pretend to look through the many free promotional items behind the counter that the customer can see they have refused to give me anything. I do understand the stipulation is while supplies last however my issue is why do you still have a big sign up in the area advertising the free product with purchase if you know you don't have the product and the response I received from the manager was that they didn't have another sign to put there... The promotion was for a free weekender bag, which was the reason for me purchasing the cologne for my son. Now they had a ton of bags behind the counter but refused to give me one because None of them were Lacoste bags?

    So I asked if I could get one if they come back in to stock and the clerk told me no and that I had to purchase the product the same day to get the free bag and so did I want to wait on purchasing the cologne?? I did call customer service for the bad attitudes from the manager and the associates and more importantly for the obvious misleading free weekender bag promotion and the girl was nice and told me she would email me a 50.00 gift card for the bad service but never received that either.

    In this day and age of competitiveness in the retail industry customer service should be your number 1 product. At Ulta it is not. This is the 3rd time I was refused the "free promo" and I just feel it’s a bad way to do business. Also just wanted to add the sales associates’ first response when you ask if you have something shouldn't be "no we don't" just because they don't feel like helping you, once I looked again for it on my own I did find it. The girl was too busy talking with another coworker to want to help me.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

    Made an in store return 8/4/2017, with receipt, and the return should have returned to my debit CASH CARD! Several attempts to understand WHERE MY FREAKIN MONEY IS, STILL TODAY 8/15/2017. When I was countlessly told 3-5 days. After countless emails and telephone contacts... I still am being ignored and not followed up with. Come tomorrow, if I do not receive that money from this scam ** store... I am hiring an attorney to correct the neglect over it!!! I couldn't believe how many people are going through or have experienced the SAME FRAUD ACT FROM ULTA. UNREAL.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 3, 2017

    I just felt like I had to respond to some of the craziness I see from people complaining about Ulta for the dumbest things. I've had a few bad experiences with Ulta staff, but I don't take it personally and just go on with my day. 9 times out of 10 if I go in with a positive, polite attitude I get the exact same back from everyone at Ulta, even if I have a return or a problem. I am reading these complaints and these clueless people create their own drama. Someone's complaining that the store is separated into the "high end stuff" on one side and regular product on the other, a perfectly normally way for Ulta to organize their store, and "Breezy" complains she feels "singled out and discriminated against" for shopping on the regular side... Good Lord! Really? Get some therapy if you're that much of a mess.

    Another complaint that products purchased were not enough monetarily to qualify for a coupon by a penny. So why can't they just give her the discount? Because they CAN'T. That's how to works in the real world where I work also. It doesn't matter that it's only one cent. Go back and figure out what you want to get to make it work so you can use your coupon. She said "no" so that's it! And the lovely woman who returned $120 worth of products just to spite Ulta because she wasn't happy with how they were handling a return. Ulta had to throw all of that perfectly good product out because that is their policy. Just because a grown woman was having a tantrum. And you wonder where your refund is all this time? Guess what... They ARE messing with you!!! Because you're a horrible customer. Nothing is as bad as all of these complaints make everything out to be. Ulta is perfectly fine the majority of the time.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 25, 2017

    I took my lovely blonde niece to have her roots touched up and lighten the blonde in her hair. When the stylist finished my niece has iron grey hair!!! The stylist said she'd being doing hair for 10 years and this is platinum blonde. I am 60 and my niece is 18 - I look younger! I told the stylist that my niece is a performer and her director expected platinum blonde and that I was very unhappy with the grey / purple result - she said could come back and she'd wash it! After 3 1/2 hours a poorly done job and $ 200!!! No thank you!!! I will take her to a real salon!!! And no, I did not leave a tip!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 24, 2017

    I've been an ultimate rewards member at Ulta since 2013 and when the platinum program launched in 2014 I hit platinum status in just a few months which comes with extra perks than regular ultimate members. I spend a lot of money there and for every dollar spent as a platinum reward member you get 1.25 points that add up to cash off your future purchases. Well I'm no fool and know that accumulating these points adds up to a major reward. 2,000 points = $125 to spend how ever you want in the store and I combine that with my 20% off EVERYTHING for even bigger savings! Well after a few updates it had come to my knowledge that redeeming 1000+ points will need to verify ID. Feeling like I had peace of mind and thinking being hacked would never happen to me, I suddenly get an email alerting me that I had changed my name/address and that all my points had been spent. $125! GONE!

    I immediately called customer service and let them know my issue which they handled and opened me a new rewards account and just added my points back on. But sadly all my purchase history for instore and online GONE! Fact: you have to spend $400 in a calendar year to stay platinum for the next year, RESET!!:( Customer service could not give out the name on whoever hacked my account or the home address they included or what they purchased. But luckily I had opened the app just before I was kicked out of my hacked rewards account and saw the all the information of the thief. The purchase had been made on the other side of the country!! I screenshot the Ulta store the purchase was made at and called and let the manager have it!

    I lectured the manager on how the store associates must be incompetent and that my rewards account was compromised because the carelessness of one associate who obviously did NOT get the memo of how the company she is representing and working for is doing things now. I began to explain that even I got the memo on how proper identification would be needed to redeem reward that high and the fact that this associate felt it was okay to change the NAME and ADDRESS on a rewards account that had such a high rewards balance!! Like did this associate not think something suspicious was going on?? Ugh... I just had to get this experience out there so that maybe I can help someone else?... or if Ulta employees read this to step up their security. -__-

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: July 9, 2017

    I went to Ulta for a specific hair spray. I needed a humidity fighting hair spray. With so many choices; I needed help. I saw a worker walking around just help another woman. I walked toward him and asked about a good hair spray to help humidity; instead of coming to help me he just quickly answered that the brand I was holding was good and walked away from me. He hurried to the cash register so he and the other cashier could help the total of three people in the store, including myself, to check out so they could close the store. I explained how he was rude by walking away from me. All he said was that he was sorry and was helping a customer. That was not the case, he was done, and his apology was empty and of a "I really don't care, rude attitude". I asked if I had makeup on, my hair perfect, etc, would it have been better? Would I been treated differently. I don't think it really matters.

    This is the second time I have been to Ultra in Deptford, and the first time several years ago was also a bad experience. The workers are unapproachable and terribly rude. It has to be something wrong with this entire franchise as I read many, similar complaints. In a day when long-time stores such Macy's and Sears are closing, one would think Ultra would want to overhaul their staff-training, and customer experience model if they want to stay in business. Unfortunately, Ultra has completely lost my business. So disappointed.

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    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 8, 2017

    I'm posting this because my wife is one who won't fight back against scammers. On a previous visit to Ulta to have her hair done, she was given a coupon for a discount on her next visit. Now, she wasn't on her first visit this time, she is/was a consistent customer. Upon arriving for a cut and color, she told the SAME INDIVIDUAL who gave her the coupon some time back she had the coupon and wanted to use it. The stylist didn't say anything. She did the cut and color.

    When my wife went to pay, the stylist told her the coupon was no longer any good because she had been given a promotion. YES, YOU'RE READING IT RIGHT! My wife had to pay a lot more than what is charged in Plano, Texas for the EXACT same service. Guess what? I don't care what it cost next time she goes for a cut and color - it will not be at ULTA!

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    Original review: June 23, 2017

    Let's start by saying I always save my receipts, but unfortunately, I can not find the receipt for the hairspray I wish to exchange, not return. The salesgirl and manager were not overly helpful. I always purchase my hair products at Ulta and all I wanted to do was exchange a hairspray (same maker) for a hairspray that has a stronger holding ability. I have to say the personnel at the Commack store are not always very helpful or nice to deal with. I did not use the hairspray and did not think it was going to be a problem. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be a customer at your store any longer, and that is a shame, because the store is in a stopping center I use a lot and is convenient during my lunch hour. I guess I will use a beauty supply store, which always discounts their products. This is just over wanting to exchange a hairspray... really!!

    Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 22, 2017

    I made an order, online Ulta.com for a few items. l notice the shipping was going to be between 3-8 days. Called CS and from the word "go" the lady was straight up rude. I asked if I could pay more to have the shipment at least in 3 days guarantee and she straight up said no and I should take that with UPS. I asked if I could cancel and she said no. I am appalled by this kind of treatment. I called trying to get a resolution and all I got was bad attitude. SO SAD.

    profile pic of the author
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 20, 2017

    I went to three different Ulta's to look for Double Velour Puffs only to find out on my own they had been discontinued. Every employee I asked had no idea what I was talking about and had no idea their own product had been discontinued. The first store said they were out of stock. Check back on Friday, the second store said the same thing and the third store told me that the Ultra line products haven't been restocked in a while and when I said I wish the first store I visited would have told me that but they didn't seem to care either! So now I will be shopping elsewhere for the items I need since they don't seem to care!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 15, 2017

    I just stumbled on this website and couldn't believe how many bad reviews Ulta had. Ulta had been good to me. Any issue I had I was able to get resolved either in person or by calling member service. I'm a loyal customer and I love that Ulta rewards their customers.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: June 1, 2017

    I showed the Salon Manager, Penelope, the only person there, a box of hair color and asked her to make it exactly like the photo. She made it so dark, it's almost BLACK. I wanted wine red. Not even close! ULTA Beauty Salon, Portland Oregon Lloyd Center Mall location.

    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 30, 2017

    They had a great sale on Fiona Stiles. I have tried so many times to buy from their website but they blocked me. I have spent hours with their customer service, nothing. No matter how I am trying, changing credit cards, using PayPal... can't get approved (although PayPal did take my money but ULTA.COM didn't). I buy a lot from so many websites, never a problem. ULTA.COM? blocks me all the time. Went to the store and - nope, only at the website. Their customer service wouldn't take orders over the phone so - that's it. Can't enjoy their promotions.

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 25, 2017

    3 Days before Prom and a month before High school graduation, my daughter (17) went to Ulta to have her hair colored. Her stylist was named Stacy. She has had her hair done by Stacey before and had it dyed blue. When Rebecca made the appointment with Stacey she asked if it was ok to dye it back to brown and Stacy said, "Yes, it's no problem." She was there for 5 hours. I came home from work and called her to see where she was. She was hysterical crying. When she got home I saw her hair it was uneven, broken, falling out, her scalp was red and it hurt. Her hair was destroyed. I asked her what happened and asked if she paid. She said that they told her she had to pay and give a tip because they spent so much time trying to color it. They took $192.00 from my card!!!

    I immediately called the salon and asked to talk to the stylist. No one ever came to the phone. I kept holding and after 10 min someone came to the phone, not Stacy and then I asked to speak to the manager. When the manager, Jamie came to the phone I explained to her what happened she put me on hold again and after another 10 min she came back. I told her I wanted a refund and they should not have charged Rebecca for the mess they made her hair. Her response was, "Stacy told your daughter she shouldn't do anything to her hair but your daughter wanted it done so it's not our fault it broke." I again asked for my money back and her response was, "Well that's not going to happen." I went around and around with her. At one point she told me that Stacy didn't use any chemicals on my daughter's hair that could hurt it and that my daughter was pulling on her hair during the treatment and that is why it was broken and damaged.

    I call Ulta Corporate and after 3 days and 4 phone calls later I finally spoke with someone. They did not give me a refund. My daughter is graduating from high school in June and her hair will not look much better by that date. The manager Jamie was rude and didn't even say, "I am sorry," Stacy lied and blamed my 17 year old daughter. They strong-armed my upset daughter and told her she had to pay. They should have had her call me or at least suggested it. My daughter is a very smart girl. She is graduating High School at 17 but in some ways naïve and when they told her she had to pay she thought she would get in trouble if she didn't. She was so upset and confused her hair was falling out and all she could think about was prom and graduation!!! She now knows she should have called me ASAP. I would never go to Ulta salon in Garner or any other location ever again.

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    Verified Buyer
    Original review: May 23, 2017

    Nobody is ever nice. Gives out coupons through the internet and never has the product. I have wasted my gas to go get the product that they never have. Then they tell you that product will come on Thursday when they get the shipment and it is not there.

    Original review: May 22, 2017

    A friend gave me a $25 gift card for my birthday. I have recently completed Chemo and sometimes my brain can't remember somethings. (Not an excuse just fact!). I misplaced the card. I called Guest Services and text me a new credit. It was several weeks before I got back to the store which is in another town about 30 miles away. I checked a week before and it was on my phone, so planned the trip. When I got to the store, I couldn't find the credit. I returned home and called Guest Services. They later texted me and said the credit had been used. I am not sure how that could have happened.

    I am 70 years old, live with my husband (I don't think he would have any use for an Ulta credit), and no one has access to my phone. I texted them and told them this and have heard nothing in over a week. Pretty bad way to do business! I really don't think these people or should I say Corp., care about their customers, just the $$$. My suggested is find another place to buy your cosmetics and hair products. You can find better prices and much better customer care. I have the receipt but don't know how to send it. Sorry.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 19, 2017

    Pick your side, rich people to the right, poor people to the left. I am a 37 year old woman who loves make up and beauty. I have had my fair share of urban decay, Lorac, stile, Tarte, Smashbox etc. But today while shopping I felt very singled out meaning all the high end stuff is on one side of the store while your least expensive is on the other. I am a mother of three and felt discriminated in your store today. I also overheard some of the school kids high school stating "come over to this side" (meaning the high end) to another girl, "That's all the cheap junky stuff." While I already felt singled out imagine if you were another student in the store being made fun of cause of the side of the store you are on? What is the reasoning behind this? Not only that but you had 6 sales girls on that side and 1 on the inexpensive side. Come on Ulta let's think about that. Don't know if I will ever shop there or let my daughter.

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    Original review: May 7, 2017

    I really used to love this store. However I went recently to Ulta (Wellington @ State Rd 7) and I am not going to come back ever again due the lack of professionalism of one of the skinny Latino/American employee in the Pür Minerals cosmetics (area). First of all he speaks very fast and he did not give me time to understand the products he was applying on my face. Second I did not like the way he applied the trial makeup on my face, I understand he is very indelicate and I felt I was treated as unvalue person. Finally after gave me an unpleasant demonstration products (very rude way applying makeup on my face), I decided to see the products in the Pür Mineral cosmetics by myself because I don't have complaint about the products.

    However the Ulta employee came back to the Pür Minerals aisle and told me to leave from the aisle if I was not going to buy any product because I was wasting his time (literally he kicked me out). Sincerely, I was going to buy a product but due his behavior I decided to buy it online (Amazon) because there is not way I am going to return or buy online in this store. It is a shame that Ulta store have this kind of unprofessional employee, I really recommend the managers to training their employee to improve the way they should treat their customers. I have not done reviews in my life but I want to let the store that they need to improve their employees.

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    Original review: May 6, 2017

    I purchased some items online and thought it would be easier to send them back rather than go find the store in my city since I am not that familiar with where the Ulta is located. I bought the items in March. I paid $9.00 to send them back. They were received in the warehouse on March 22. I didn't know this until I called repeatedly since there is virtually no communication from customer service. I was told it would take about 5-7 days for my money to be refunded. It's May 6 and I still don't have my refund. I have to call or write repeatedly and every single time, I get a different story from a different person.

    I have NEVER experienced such horrible customer service, nor had such a difficult time getting a refund. I will NOT ever being going back to Ulta for any reason. There is absolutely no excuse. I have returned other items to other stores, they notify me that my item has been scanned into UPS or FedEx, they notify me when they receive the package, they notify me that they have processed my refund. So really, it shouldn't be this hard to get my money back. Oh, and if you look at my account online - it doesn't even show that I initiated a return or that they received it. Buyer beware! My next step is to talk to my credit card company and file a claim against Ulta.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 30, 2017

    I normally don't always go to Ulta. Sephora and bhcosmetics.com are my go to places for makeup purchases. Once in a while I would visit Ulta, and I have bought things there. But I DO NOT like how using coupons is a hassle, and the snootiness of the employees who work there. This situation with coupons has happened to me twice now.

    Since I became a rewards member, they'd send me magazines with a coupon on the back, but I would never use them. The first time it happened was a few months ago. It was when I needed some body wash. I decided to visit Ulta since they had my favorite African Black Soap body wash by Shea Moisture. For this trip to Ulta, I decided I would use one of the coupons they sent me to get 3.50 off my purchase. Once arriving to Ulta, I picked up my body wash, and a few other items so it would equal to $15 (since you need to spend $15 or more to get the 3.50 off), but when I went to check out, the girl at the register would not let me use the coupon because I was short one penny. ONE entire penny, and she still wouldn't let me use the coupon.

    The second time it happened, it was with a 5.00 off coupon but I could only use it on ULTA'S products. I picked up some Ulta eyebrow tint, and a bottle of Ulta body wash. Went to check out, and was told that I could NOT use this coupon because it was only for "beauty products". Now, I made sure to read the fine print, and I thought body wash and eyebrow tint were beauty products? Something else about this, both times I had this happen to me, I had the SAME girl checking me out at the cash register! And not only did she turn down my coupons, but BOTH of those times she acted like she didn't even want me to use the coupons. She had an attitude each time asking, "What is that?" when I presented them to her.

    Despite my frustration, I didn't want to get into an argument at the cash register, so I just made my purchases and left. I don't hate Ulta, and I tried to give them a chance, but shopping there has been such a hassle for me lately. If other people love shopping there and have had a good experience each time, then that's great for them, but I will not be shopping at Ulta anymore. I'm sticking with Sephora like always. I don't have time for Ulta, or their employees, and they will not be getting anymore of my hard-earned money.

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    Original review: April 28, 2017

    Don't shop Ulta!! Do not buy anything you may need to return as they will not even exchange my over $50 hairdryer that was a true fire hazard. 30 mins on customer service line and all they could say is, "Sorry." They did offer $1.73 if I wanted to buy a new one! Another customer was offered 2 pennies for a return of her shampoo!! Poor service not to stand by what you sell!

    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 19, 2017

    Shopped at Ulta on March 31 after work with the intention of purchasing under eye concealer. Well, per usual, as I walked around, I picked up more than just the concealer... among the items was IT "Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF50+". The total bill was approximately $120. I returned to the same store on Saturday, April 1 to exchange the concealer for one that covered better. While there I realized the pressed IT Perfecting Powder was on sale for $18. I asked the team member at the register if I could get the difference explaining I was here 12 hours prior. I wasn't aware there was going to be a sale, I had the receipt. She said it couldn't be done. I asked to speak with the manager. The manager came quickly and indicated that the difference couldn't be given without the product in hand.

    My husband was with me and we both looked at each other thinking I had the receipt. She said that I really should have known that the product was going to be on sale because I received a brochure in the mail (how she knew that, I'm not sure) and she walked off as I was starting to speak. Stunned, I turned to my husband and was just shocked at her abruptness, at feeling like 1. Being blamed for not knowing there was a sale and 2. In order to get the difference in cost, I would need to drive 20 minutes to my house and back again to show the product (when I had the receipt in hand). I stood there ready to make the exchange (the original purpose for being there) when their team member at the register said that it would be very difficult for the workers to know all the sales that were going on.

    On the ride back 20 minutes away, my husband was as flabbergasted as I was. We decided that since my money, my time, my thoughts, my feelings, all, just didn't matter. 1. My money means nothing. I should know what is on sale when... not for a person who works at the store -- they shouldn't be given the responsibility of knowing when an item is on sale. 2. My time, my feelings, I would have to drive 40 minutes in order to get the difference of what totals $20. During the ride we decided I would return all the products. We drove the 40 minutes back and forth. The manager nor the original team member was not around for us to speak with again. We wanted to tell them that we were returning all the product because of their callousness. I returned all the products with the girl indicating it would take approximately 3-5 days for the refund to go through on my debit card.

    April 11: I still hadn't received my refund. I called 'Guest Services'. During that phone call, I was told that a refund could take 8 days but that she will escalate this. She ended it by saying that she would email me and if she doesn't email me, I could call back. April 12: No email. I called 'Guest Services'. This time I was told that Ulta could send me a check and I could receive it in (2) weeks. (This would get me to 4 weeks waiting for my own money). Hearing that I could potentially wait another (2) weeks I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was connected to Stevie **. He indicated that he would escalate the incident and he would be emailing me the status. He was very nice.

    April 13: No call. No email. No refund. I call 'Guest Services' and immediately ask to speak with Stevie **. He indicated he was just going to be calling me. He has escalated the issue. It occurred to me to ask what "escalating" means. But I received no timing, nothing. Feeling like abused, I told him that I was not getting off the phone until he gave me some answers... all I wanted to know was when will I get MY money? I never got the answer. I knew he was unable to tell me certain things. I asked him to let me speak with someone above him. He indicated that he couldn't.

    At the end of this conversation, he indicated that he would be working overtime - until 7 PM (CST) and that he was going to work on this situation. I told him that I was going to be calling back, he said no problem. I call him at 5 PM (EST) and I was told he had left for the day. I was fuming. Why am I getting the runaround? Why is everyone not telling the truth? I couldn't believe it and I was so angry. My husband started to make calls and he too got the runaround.

    April 15: Received a call from Mia. She indicated that she was going to assist in the situation. I started with the fact that it was very hard for me to believe anyone from Ulta at this point. Mia went into an angry/scolding tone indicating that I was not allowing her to help me. At this point I had had it with Ulta telling me how to act and making me jump through hoops to get my own money. From what she indicated Ulta processes checks on Mondays and sends them out on Tuesdays. In all the calls I made no one had told me that. She said that she would be overnighting the check and would call me Tuesday, April 18, with the tracking information. April 18: No call from Mia.

    I called Ulta 'Guest Services' and was rudely spoken to - again. I asked the status of my situation, she indicated that I needed to call my bank to find out the status of my refund. I then asked to speak with a supervisor. She told me that there would be no point, that the supervisor would just be reiterating what she said. Her exact words were, "If you would like to hear the supervisor reiterate what I just told you, of course I will find one." WOW. Maybe 5-10 minutes later, George gets on the phone. He indicated that I was to receive a check. He placed me on a brief hold to contact Mia. He came back and said that Mia was going to be calling me as Chicago is 2 hours behind. April 19: Never received the call from Mia. I did receive an email with a tracking number.

    I will never shop at Ulta again. I would love to speak with Corporate. I have never felt so demeaned in all of my life. I was brought up in a very old-fashioned world where CUSTOMERS actually mattered. Where even if the customer is wrong, there would be an apology. There would be the sense of feeling like the customer was treated great. After all isn't it my money that keeps Ulta open? I felt like I was lied to; made to jump through hoops of fire to get my money back; made to feel shame for asking for something that I would think is natural. My blood pressure rises every time I think of this.

    I will NEVER GO BACK TO ULTA. I doubt my miserly dollars will make a difference but right now I don't care, I just can't imagine the treatment I received for purchasing a product not on sale. I like Stew Leonard's rock they have in front entrance of the store: Rules: #1. The customer is always right. #2. If the customer is wrong, refer to rule #1. Too bad more businesses aren't this way. I hate being made to feel like companies are doing me a favor.

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    Original review: April 16, 2017

    I LOVE cosmetics. I often buy things that I knowingly will rarely use. I'm not afraid to spend my money on these products. Since I've learned so much about them over the years, I'm happy to pass my experiences, and often my purchases, along to my friends and co-workers. Good customer service is a make or break deal for me. I will drive out of my way to go to a store (of any type) in which I receive good customer service. Conversely, I will withdraw my patronage to a nearby store for poor customer service. I'll also tell anyone I can about both good and bad customer service. Hence, this review.

    I purchase most of my cosmetic items at Sephora, but occasionally at Ulta, since my nearest Sephora is a smaller location inside JCPenney. I purchased one line of products and experienced TWO quality issues. I went back to the Ulta location (on 441 in Wellington, FL) to advise the store, and to exchange the damaged products. The first associate was skeptical about my complaints but still called the manager over. That manager could not have cared less that the products my hard-earned money purchased from them were defective in any way. Since I'd purchased so many items over the past couple of years, I had a nice little rewards bank saved (too bad, their rewards program is so much better than Sephora's). I used that bank to get practically free replacement items, then advised I'd take my concerns to Ulta's corporate office.

    Unfortunately, their corporate office had an attitude much like the store manager's. They too could not have cared less about my experience, the attitude of their manager/employees, or of my defective products. It then became obvious that the attitudes of the store employees directly reflected that of their corporate office. If you've had a good experience with Ulta, good for you. But I will never shop at any Ulta again and have told my friends, family and co-workers not to shop at Ulta. I get much better service, and the employees are a lot more knowledgeable at Sephora.

    Is this going to cause a great financial hit to Ulta and have any effect on their bottom line? I seriously doubt it. But at least now I have the forum to speak, and if the time ever does come that the bottom line drops, perhaps they will look into the reasons why, and see that they probably lost some potentially loyal customers just by being jerks.

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    Original review: April 3, 2017

    Long story short, I became a makeup enthusiast after an Ulta store opening up in my town. I spent over $2000 last year and I loved the variety of higher end makeup available and also the fact that I could purchase drugstores brands there as well. Well at first I didn't think much it, but they NEVER had the free gifts with purchase in stock nor the platinum member perks free items I would get offers for in emails. I was able to just go online and make a purchase there to receive my free gift or gift with purchase.

    Well a year and a half later I've come to realize this is always the issue, they never have anything in stock. From products to free gifts, I'm just always told their shipment truck comes in on such and such day and to come back. As if that wasn't frustrating enough, now Ulta.com never has anything in stock online either!!! I will get an email for a product on sale or platinum perk free gift with purchase and go to try and place an order within a few hours of receiving the email it's already "temporarily out of stock!" Sad to say, but I probably won't be doing much more shopping at Ulta anymore, thankfully they opened a Sephora in my town just recently!

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