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13 Stride Rite Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 27, 2018

I have shopped at Stride Rite for years for my 3 kids and even me, I have never had a bad experience until now. Just remember when you purchase shoes for your child and not even 2 months have gone by and the shoe no longer velcro together; it is a problem. Now they are replacing the shoe, GREAT! But the process is TWO, cut the tongues out of the shoes cause they are no longer in circulation (my son only has one pair of sneakers) that was them. They were from Santa. 2. You have to WAIT 7-10 business days for them to process the picture you took of the tongues out of the shoes to be replaced. So now my son has no sneakers (we live in a warm climate with red ants, spiders and lots of deadly snakes). Awesome. Thank you Stride Rite for taking your time to review my pictures. I will NEVER purchase anything from your online stores again. Thank you.

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Rated with 5 stars
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Original review: June 12, 2017

I have order Stride Rite for years now. They have been amazing. If we had a problem they have resolved it quickly. I myself had issue in store but now we don't have any store near us so we have to order, but come within 3 days. Pricing is comparable to other toddler shoes if you sign up for sales and mailings be current with sales. I have had issue with shoes. They where quick to resolve problem. I have 2 children 8 years apart. Oldest pre-teen. Feet are wide and flat still at 12, my youngest feet started the same as oldest. The feet aren't wide now, has a perfect arch and walks wonderfully.

Any comments that I've came across is price. Well I'm here to tell you I've lived on both sides. I bought way more shoes for my oldest and with my youngest using Stride Rite I've not had to buy many. The usual 3 pairs a year and that actually is slowing down because now he is 3... My oldest would always complain that his feet hurt or something was wrong with the shoe. I've never had that complaint with my youngest... If you are comparing the price to a Walmart Shelf well then it isn't going to be comparable.

A decent pair of Nikes or New Balance or Adidas or any of them other shoes are not comparable to Walmart shelf neither... But they are comparable to some of the $20 $30 shoes that Walmart ask or even Target carries a brand called surprise that is made by what do you know Stride Rite... I am not going to knock Stride Rite. They have been with my kid for 3 years and they have done me right. Keep doing all the good work that you guys do because you guys do have good customers.

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2 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: July 20, 2016

I ordered a pair of Soft Motion Dawson shoes for my nephew who was turning one. I chose the color 'cinder' which are grey. I received the shoes 3 days before his party and they were actually Dawson brown color. I called the customer service # and the representative stated that the product # of the shoes I received was the same ones I ordered online. The problem was that I did not enter a prod. #, I chose the color Cinder. She stated that I can return the shoes and after receiving a refund, order the cinder ones... I asked for a supervisor in which she stated that he was not available... I kept reiterating that I did order the cinder and apparently the # you have online is incorrect.

I needed the shoes in extra wide, which are always special order so I could not go to a retail store to exchange. She continued to repeat the same line over and over. I just hung up with no satisfaction whatsoever. If she would have said we can discount another pair and send out 2 days or overnight, I would have purchased another pair, but as of now, I will never purchase from Stride Rite again.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 2, 2015

We live near the Stride Rite in Burlingame, there is an employee that constantly tells us our 2 year old is two sizes too big. We never listen to her and have mentioned this several times. She is so annoying. And not helpful at all. As a matter of fact I ended up with the wrong size twice. One pair of shoes was rubbing a hole in my son's foot, they were supposed to be wide but they were not. Now she says that they won't return the shoes because they are not the right size! According to her size calculation! He's wearing without trouble a 6,5. The shoes I need to return are 7 and she won't do a return because he should be an 8:5... ridiculous! The sad part - this is the only store near us! Ugggg.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: July 18, 2015

Everybody was amazing but when I had to call off because of my car issue I got told "I will replace you because I don't got time for people to call in a rude manner." That Friday I was supposed to receive a check and did not, and they expected me to work that day and I did not because no one knows what happened to my check.

3 people found this review helpful
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Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Resolution response: April 8, 2015

Stride Rite reached out and apologized for the wrong shoe size and sent a gift card. While we are disappointed in our daughter having worn the wrong shoe size for 3 weeks, we are pleased that they acknowledged the importance of infants/toddlers having proper fitting shoes, and we appreciate the apology.

Original review: March 20, 2015

Went into Stride Rite, they measured my daughter's foot said she was a 5W. We picked 2 shoes out, the salesgirl went back and got them. Our daughter tried them on, we bought them, the sales girl left them on our daughter's feet since her old ones didn't fit. 3 weeks later a friend mention she tried to get the same sneaker, in the same store in the same size, and they didn't carry the wide there. I checked, she gave us 5 Medium! They did have the sandal in wide, so she gave us those is 5W.

If they did not have a 5W in the sneaker they should NOT have sold them to us. We are furious, called customer service, and said we can exchange them. That does not cut, my daughter has been wearing the wrong size shoe for 3 weeks at 14 months. VERY disappointed in Stride Rite-who stresses the importance of appropriate shoe size. I believe in mistakes, but when you bring out 2 boxes of shoes at the same time, the size should match. Never buying there again unfortunately, as they've lost my trust as a customer.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 19, 2014

I bought a pair of shoes 2 months ago from a Stride Rite store near me. These shoes had to be ordered online because they did not have them in stock (as a side note, they only had 2 pairs of shoes in stock in my daughter's size at the store). I paid for the shoes in the following manner: I got 20% off for trading in a pair of gently used Stride Rite shoes, and then used a $25 gift card, and the rest using a credit card. The next day I received an email saying my order was cancelled, with no explanation. I called customer service and was told they were out-of-stock completely and they did not do back orders on shoes (company policy). Okay, no problem. I was told it would take 2 business days to receive my refund. It did not take 2 business days! I called and emailed a few times over the course of 24 days trying to get the refund. Each time I contacted Stride Rite, I was told the same thing, "2 business days".

Well, it was frustrating but I did finally get the refund back on the gift card. I had to re-explain each time about the 20% that I received for the shoe trade. They finally sent me a code to use at my next purchase. It is important to mention here that this process took so long to resolve that I ended up purchasing a pair of sneakers for my daughter somewhere else. She needed them for school, and this Stride Rite ordeal was taking too long. Anyhow, I searched online and found a pair of shoes to buy for my son (he just grew out of his shoes). I found the sneaker I wanted and went to order it. The code that I was sent did not work. I then emailed customer service; they sent me a new code. That code also did not work. At this point, I am so angry! I sent numerous emails asking them what they would do to remedy this. How were they going to make this right and keep me as a customer? You know what they gave me? 10% off. The equivalent of $3-4. Thanks a lot Stride Rite. I finally got a code that worked and went to order the shoes (I also had to pay for the shipping, which was bogus to me...I didn't have to the first time around).

The shoes came in, and to my complete and utter dismay, they were different sizes. It has now been 1-1/2 months of Stride Rite drama, and I considered just letting it slide. But I didn't, I couldn't. I contacted customer service via email, because I didn't trust my temper over the phone. They apologized in a very unbelieving manner. Their solution was for me to send the shoes back in the mail. Once received by them, they would ship me out the correct order. I said absolutely not. My son needs sneakers for school and I am not going to go out and buy him another pair of shoes while I wait for this to be resolved. They deliberated for a few days and came back saying they would send a new pair out, it would take up to 10 business days! They also reimbursed me the cost of the shipping. I am thinking, thanks a lot for nothing! I emailed a long message asking what they would do to remedy this? 10% is hardly a way to keep a customer after this ordeal. They never responded. That last email was sent 7 days ago today. Terrible! I will never give them my money again.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2010

I worked there for 2 weeks and I am supposed to get paid weekly and it's been over 3 weeks and I still haven’t gotten my check. The manager is very rude and doesn't do well under pressure. It was my third day working and it was as if she accepted me to no everything. I was doing really well doing everything I was told and she kept tell me how it’s not hard as if I was stupid. The one employee would show me how do to it and be nice and id be fine but the manager has no leadership skills. When we helped a customer in a bad mood he would say mean things about the consumer to me as if she hates her job. I enjoyed the job a lot and was good with the customers but her problem.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2010

This was our first visit to a Stride Rite store and will definitely be our last. My husband, 2 year old son and I visited the store at exactly 6:45 pm on Tuesday (8/24/10). The woman behind the counter did not even acknowledge us as we entered the store. I had to ask where the size 8 shoes were. She did not offer to size my son's foot or make any recommendations as to finding a comfortable shoe for him—nothing. I asked her if she had a size 8.5 Wide in stock. I felt as if I was totally inconveniencing her, but she went to the back and brought out a pair and sat them on the bench and walked away. She didn't offer to assist with making sure they were the right fit or anything. The shoe didn't fit as it was too small. As we left the store, I made a comment that I would have had better customer service at a Payless Shoe Source.

We exited the store and she immediately locked the door behind us and turned off the light. The store did close at 7:00, but we had exited the store before that time. I made a call to the manager the following morning to find that she was just as rude. It possibly could have been the same person. The manager failed to apologize for our experience and told me that I was probably treated that way because we entered the store 15 minutes before closing. Now, to me, that is absolutely ridiculous. It doesn't matter if I entered the store 5 minutes before closing. The open light was still on and it honestly was 6:45 when we entered. Then the manager simply said she would "take care of it" and said, "Okay, bye-bye," and hung up the phone. I told my husband about it and he attempted to call the store. When he asked for a manager, she immediately hung up on him. He didn't even have a chance to say a word or explain what he was even calling about.

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Original review: April 21, 2010

I was summer shopping for my daughter and decided to go to Stride Rite for a pair of summer sandals for my daughter. The mall opens at 10am. So I was in the mall by 9:45. I waited outside of the Stride Rite store until 10am. But the store still hadn't had opened. I waited until 10:15am and the store was still closed. When the manager finally got there, it was about 10:20am. On top of the fact that I'm upset he was late, he had an attitude out of this world- real turn-off! I went to the same store about a week after and had the same problem- late and attitude!

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2010

I came to the Stride Rite store today, January 23, 2010 at around lunch time to return some slippers I bought in November, 2009. The lady at the register was the same lady that rang me up when I bought the slippers. I remember because she seemed unfriendly. The slippers were $18 each and they supposed to be gifts but I changed my mind and didn't have time to return it until after the holiday rush subsided. I had the gift receipt in the bag and I thought that everything would be fine. I came up to the register and said that I have a return. She looked at the receipt and told me that I will only get store credit, with no explanation. I accepted her remark. I was fine with it since it has been almost 3 months since I bought the shoes. I could always find something in there to buy anyway.

In some stores, if you have a receipt, you'd be in and out with no problem in less than a minute. There was no wait, I was the only customer in the register, but it took more than 10 minutes for her to process my return. I had time to look at 3 shoes and admire a little girl at the store. Finally, she told me that she will give me a store credit of $28.58. I told her that I paid full price for the slippers. I had bought the slippers as gifts and paid cash for it. I didn't want to buy something on sale because it was a gift, and I wanted to make sure that if the recipients didn't like them, they can just return them and get cash back if they like. I remembered handing the same lady 2 $20 bills. She kept insisting that the computer is telling her that I only paid $12.99 for it. The gift receipts had letters instead of numbers so no one can actually tell what it meant. I knew I had the original receipt at home but I didn't want to make another trip and I can't believe that a store could have such crappy computer system, a dishonest business, or an employee that is not processing the return properly.

There must be something that can be done about it but instead, the employee argued and yelled at me. I must admit, I was frustrated, but I can immediately check my emotions if the other person who is supposed to be doing customer service handling the situation right. I did tell her that she is frustrating me because she was arguing instead of trying to fix it. She turned me over to the other employee that was already helping another customer. This other employee gave me the corporate number, the other employees name but also told me that the previous employee was the assistant manager so she can't really help me. As I walked away, the supposed assistant manager yelled to me "Have a nice day" in a mocking tone 3 times. Mind you there were other customers in the store. I can see that they were very uncomfortable with the situation.

I am never going back to any Stride Rite to buy anything again. I will return one last time, to get the store credit, send it right back to corporate and write them to give me my money back. If the company is incompetent enough to put someone in a customer facing and management position who is very unprofessional, they do not deserve my business, my friends business or anyone's business.

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Original review: Nov. 1, 2009 I walked into the store w/ my 2 year old daughter. I asked politely if someone can please measure my daughters foot. I was told to go to the back someone will be back there.
i was looking all around noone there. I was there 10 minutes before i could find someone. Then the girl who i finally found to help me told me to sit here and she will measure my daughter. I got the size and now i just needed to know where the sneakers are and to find size that was a 9 extra wide for my 2 year old. I asked her if she could direct me in the right place. she said she can't she doesn't know where they are i Just had to start at the beginning of the store on the right and go all the way to the end of the store to the end. I asked her if she joking said no the company made the store like this.. SO, i looked for 45 minutes I couldn't find this size. So, finally that girl came back and I asked her to please please help me find this size I have been here so long. She looked at my daughter and said oh i think she said she needs her diaper changed I said what. No she didn't. then she leaned over my daughter and said since u are so cute I WON'T YELL At you for moving back my boxes. my daughter got upset. Then the girl said oh yeah there is the size u are looking for. There was only on sneaker no other options and it was all the way on the top shelf. She pointed in a matter of 2 seconds. Then she kept making sarcastic comments to my daughter. I finally said leave her alone don't speak to my daughter. She is not doing anything wrong. I asked my daughter to hold a pair of shoes and she took them away from my daughter and told my daughter she is putting them away. Every where we went in the store she was right behind us and making comments to my daughter. I finally yelled at the employee to BACK OFF leave us alone. THis is harrassement. My daughter is upset. There was no manager to be found. She was yelling at me in front of my daughter and went back to putting shoes away but, claims she doesn't know where anything is in the store WHY IS SHE THERE.. Why is she treating little kids that way and disrespecting parents. Then I just grabbed sneakers went to the front to pay and no cashier there.. the cashier went back to the employee and was talking to her.. Noone ever came up to me and apologized to me or told the employee to knock it off.. The cashier came back and said NOTHING.... I said to the cashier i am so upset w/ that employee. She said nothing... She said she is the manager and her name is Yvonne. I told her how could u not apologize or do anything about the situation. She said her employee was not in the wrong and she heard her say nothing but, nice things to my daughter. I said and u are the manager. I said how could u have heard her talk to my daughter when u and that employee are the only ones in this store. When u were at the cashier and she was in the back here speaking to my daughter and leaning over her and actually frightening me and my daughter. She had no comment. Just told me how much I owe and gave me the receipt. Told me to have a good day. I then just asked her does she have kids and she said yes. Told me to walk out...
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Original review: Jan. 4, 2009

On December 16, I purchased a pair of Emu short style boot for my 18-month-old grandson. By the 22nd of December, this little shoe worn only on carpeting, tiled or finished wood floors had started to unravel leaving the threading that held it together hanging off the boot. In addition, one side of the boot had split open at the seam. There was nothing wrong with the fit of this shoe as I had my grandson with me the day of the purchase and had the salesperson fit him appropriately. Though I am a person who rarely if ever discards a receipt, as luck would have it, I am unable to find this receipt even though I continue to search for it.

I was told by the same associate who fitted the shoe and rang the sale that even though she remembered me and my grandson she could not give me full credit without my receipt. I pointed out to her that prior to my coming in, I called my bank for any info they could give me on the purchase of these Emu boots. They gave me the date of purchase, the exact price paid and a transaction ID #. The salesperson told me that though she could find me a new pair of the same and have them shipped to me the value of the credit would be reduced to their now current sale price which was about 8 to 10 dollars less than I originally paid.

My problem is if I accept this circumstance and for some reason the boots would actually be returned (which I doubt) I would then lose the difference noted above. This has become a matter of principle for me as clearly this shoe needs some quality control. It is as they say in the auto industry, a lemon. The fact that I had the info proving the purchase, was unacceptable to them. I called their Customer Service line... unacceptable... system has no way of recognizing this purchase with info I gave them. Hard to believe, as having been in retail myself for many years, that if a bank statement is showing your company name and info stated above. It seems unrealistic and the poorest of customer service I've witnessed in a very long time. I would love to get that new pair for Benjamin. Please help me show this company the error of their ways. Thank you so very much.

P.S. Before leaving the mall that day I returned to Stride Rite to ask what the Regional Manager's name was and a tel. number where I could reach that person. I was told by a different employee, as the woman before her that day (the one that helped me with the original sale) had left for the day and that no, they cannot give out that information and in addition, (referring to the original salesperson) "I was warned about you!"

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