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At checkout, I asked if items were all 60% off and clerk said yes and more. While keeping a close eye on transaction I noticed items that were not mine in transaction list. I told clerk and she indicated yes she knew they were cancellations from another customer. As she rang up items there was a lot of commotion from other clerk and manager asking for prices and taking phone calls. When the total was announced I was not comfortable with the total. I asked if everything was in fact 60% off as indicated because the transaction screen was not showing it. The clerk at adjacent register said the systems were not set up to accept 60% and they had to manually add another 20% at the end.

Shame on me. I should have asked to clear all transactions not to show previous customer cancellations and start from scratch calculate the 60% sale myself. I got home, looked at receipt and noticed I was charged twice for men's Trayl biking shorts. Of course all sales are final but I am disputing the item when the transaction clears through my credit card.

Went to Sports Authority at Palm Beach outlets West Palm Beach for the end of business sale. At front door big sign: "EVERYTHING 40% off". Went in store needing socks. First thing you notice is signs everywhere saying all socks are exempt from sale until end of sale. Ok let's find something for wife. Everything is 20% off nothing is 40% off. Have had problems with Sports Authority in past always bait and switch always big discount and then items you want are exempt from sale. Very glad this place is going out of business. It has been a rip-off forever.

On Saturday, 5/14, I ordered a pair of shoes online for a hike I was planning to go on that I'd leave for on Friday, 5/27. I chose SA because they were the cheapest for these shoe and offered free return shipping in case the size was wrong, and the estimated arrival date was 5/18 - 5/20. Perfect. On Monday night, 5/16, the order status still hadn't been updated from "items located in stock."

Additionally, I noticed a couple of promotions that I might be able to apply to the order since it still hadn't shipped. So, I called them up and asked to have the promotions applied. The first one couldn't be applied, and when I asked why, the guy just said "because it can't". Thanks for the detail, buddy. So I asked to have the 2nd one applied and he put in an order to have it applied and said I'd receive confirmation in 24-48 hours. Then, since I still had him on the phone, I asked if he could see if there were any updates to the shipping status. He laughed at me and said I ordered it on Saturday so obviously it wouldn't have been shipped yet. During the entire call, this guy was acting like I was doing him a disservice by calling him.

Tuesday night, 5/17, the shipping status still hadn't updated from "items located in stock". Keep in mind the estimated ARRIVAL date was supposed to be the next day or by the end of the week. 2 full business days to even put an item into shipping is ridiculous. So, I ordered the same shoes from Amazon and they happened to be $3 less. Even if they are the wrong size and I have to pay return shipping, it's better than the ridiculousness of SA.

And now here it is, the end of the business day on Wednesday, 5/18, and the shoes still haven't even shipped from SA. They are still in the "items located in stock" status. Moreover, it's been 48 hours and I haven't received any notification of the promo discount. The shoes I ordered from Amazon late last night, however, have already shipped and are on their way to me.

So, I called SA and cancelled the order. It's absolutely ridiculous that after 3 full business days they can't take an item off the shelf and ship it. And to think their estimated arrival date was this week... unreal. A lot of people order things that are time-sensitive. To give such false information when you know your business doesn't even get the item off the shelf by the "estimated arrival date" is really unprofessional. At least the lady I spoke to about the cancellation was nice. Juliette was her name. Thanks Juliette. Sorry Sports Authority, won't be doing "business" with you again.

I ordered online from Sports Authority, with my total charge coming to $36.78. This order shipped in two different parcels, which is fine. One parcel was $17.31, and the other parcel is supposed to be $19.47. Needless to say, it was not. I was charged for the $17.31 on my bank account, which has gone through. The problem is that in the processing section of my bank account is another charge. For $36.78 I am being charged twice for the first order. This overdrafted my account slightly and I was charged for an overdraft protection fee.

I called SA customer service and was told that, that was just how it works. Even though she also said I wasn't being charged twice, the money was just "on hold". I told her that in that case, only the $19.47 should be "on hold". She proceeded to tell me that was just how it is, and that she could do nothing. I then talked to a supervisor who told me the same thing. They refused to reimburse me for overdrafting my account. They also blamed it on my bank, as "that's how your bank charged it". No, that is how SA charged me. This is idiotic and I will not be shopping here again.

I ordered two boys tops that were listed on sale and in stock. I paid and received a confirmation of my order. A week later I received an email that the items that I ordered were no longer available. No attempt was made to replace the items with something similar. No explanation as to why the item was no longer available. Just a note that I would eventually receive a refund. Thanks for nothing Sports Authority. I will never do any business here again.

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March-13-2016 I got a shirt there and it had a security tag still on it after I paid for it. I left the store not knowing it was still on it and I walked through a few more stores in the Holyoke mall and the security detector in the store kept going off. I went home to try them on and they were too small even though I am a XL shirt and the security tag was still on it. I tried to get it off and I succeed. I went back to the store and tried to exchange it for another and I told the guy who sold me them to get his manager. He then throws my stuff aside and said "she'll be with you in a min." I tell her I want to exchange it and she said it says all sales final. That does not mean that we can't exchange it. She says "we can't do it" and then I said "I want my money back" and she said "I can't do that" and I said that was very unprofessional and now I'm out of $100 for 2 shirts.

Ordered a men's shirt and received a totally different item (boy's shirt). Called to tell them as I needed it by today as it was a birthday gift. Called yesterday and they said it would be here today. Not here and so I called again and was told it never shipped. Very upset with the fact that they sent me the wrong item at first and told me the correct item would ship out right away, and told yesterday that it would be here today, and when it did not arrive called again and was told that item never shipped. I do not recommend this company as it is based off of lies and feel it will fold very soon. Very poor.

I will NEVER shop at sports Authority ever again. I had spent an hour at the store trying to order sneakers with the sales rep (which by the way was one of the best I've worked with. His attitude was awesome and knew how to multi-task! Sorry I don't remember his name). But when I received my shoes they were clearly used shoes. It was absolutely disgusting! I called immediately and talked to a manager telling how disappointed I was with the service of the shoes and she was very friendly and offer me a discount (which I declined because that wasn't the reason for my call) and plus it's the employee's fault for not double checking when shipping something off.

So a week past by and I have not gotten my refund. I called back again and talk to a lady (which by the way I was told I cannot get her name or ID number. It's against company policy). She had an annoyed tone on her and got me all riled up and starting to give me attitude accusing me of not utilizing the refund policy correctly. Later found out after she actually got the correct information that I did UTILIZED the refund return policy, never once said I'm sorry. So I ask to speak to a manager and all of a sudden her tone changed (I understand people have bad day at work). If you're having a bad day just transfer the call (which by the way they were having problems with the "phone" and couldn't transfer me, so I had to wait for a call back).

I wanted to make sure that this gets done correctly and of course I got a manager that wouldn't say anything and just didn't care about the situation. Talked super low so I could barely hear him, used one or two word phrases and wasted 10 or 15 mins of my time just venting and being told that I couldn't make a complaint about the customer service lady because they are not allowed to give out ID#s or names.

Thank you Sports Authority for the best experience of my life. I guess we will see if I actually get refunded. I was told it will take another 7 to 14 business days. Oh and I hope someone who gives a crap higher up see this. The Manager, ADAM, ID# ** should have some more training on himself and to his team. Maybe the sales associate that helped me should do it because those types of people are the ones who should represent your company NOT Adam or that lady I talked to. I would put my order number in there but I sent back all the papers so I don't have it.

I placed 2 orders with the Sports Authority on 12/31/2015 and 1/4/2016. Unfortunately I had to mail both of them back shortly after receiving. A month later no money were returned and I called the customer service. They could not locate the second order despite that their automated system clearly told me that there were 2 orders placed and returns recorded. Both customer service rep Rene and her supervisor Miranda were not helpful, argumentative and were telling me that they do not see the second order. Miranda especially surprised me by not willing to listen. I felt AWFUL. Finally she was able to locate the order. Refund was received on 2/9/2016. Never return their orders online!

I ordered a shirt through the company 3 weeks ago, was supposed to ship the week after. Two weeks later got an email that my "in stock items" had yet to be shipped due to a "processing error." Called customer service, had them cancel it. Got charged for it today, despite having the order cancelled. Called them again, told me that it was "too late" to cancel the order and I would have to return the item to get a refund. So now I have to wait for it to get here, and pay more money just to return it (I live in a rural area and don't have the store near me). Never buying anything from Sports Authority again.

Ordered a jacket from them and their main page showed one price and said "more colors," leaving me to believe all colors were that price. Went to the product page, and it showed a sliding price, and the one they advertised on their main page was the more expensive. I did a review "to help improve" their website and told them how misleading this was. I was then contacted by customer service who tried explaining their sliding price, which I already understand, because I too work retail.

When I responded to them and explained this and even sent screenshots, I was then told that it was a coupon website that had the misleading price, the screenshot even said at the top as it was a shot of the browser pages. I stopped responding after this one, because it seems to me that instead of wanting to improve their website, they want to lay the blame everywhere else. I was then contacted to do a survey for my customer service experience, and told them what a horrible website they have and horrible customer service. I will never shop this company again, and told them as much.

I bought the Alpine Design Winter Boots from Sports Authority in on Nov 21st 2015 for my daughter and in Jan 2016 the rubber outer sole is breaking up. I called the customer service and they said I'd to directly contact the manufacturer regarding this. I couldn't even find a website on the internet for this brand.

Worst customer service I have ever dealt with. Refused to refund me for overnight shipping ($20.00) when the shoes I had ordered came in four days late. Received USED shoes rather than new ones and they put the shoes I had ordered on sale for $20.00 less RIGHT AFTER I had contacted them about screwing up my order/overcharging me. I will never be ordering from Sports Authority again.

Thank you CONSUMERAFFAIRS for helping consumers by giving them a tool in which they can fight back against companies who think that they can treat their customers like crap and get away with it, also to rate companies that go over and above to satisfy their customers. On 1/16/2016 Sports Authority return the money to my credit card account. Thank you, Billy **.

Original Review

I purchase a pair of rollerblades from Sports Authority on 11-27-2015 and returned them on 12-07-2015. The USPS shows that they got my return on 12-09-2015. On 01-09-2016 and they still haven't put the refund back on my credit card account. I guess they need the money more than I do.

I purchased the skateboard on December 23, 2015, after riding it three times the skateboard broke in two pieces on January 5, 2016. On Wednesday January 6, 2016 I took both pieces back to the store to be approached by a extremely bad attitude assistant manager Mike ** who told me that I couldn't return the defective item, and handed me a business card with the customer service number on it. When I called them they said it could be returned and to take both pieces back to the store with the receipt to get my money back. I called the store and explained what the customer service had told me and was advised they wouldn't take the item back.

I called back the 800 customer service and was told a claim was open and I would receive a call the next day from the district manager. Well after 48 hours and no call, I called them back and they explained that I would receive a call in 10 minutes. 4 hours later the manager of the store (not the district manager) said sorry he wouldn't take it back. Since I purchased the skateboard on my credit card, my credit card has opened a case not to pay for the broken item. Beware of shopping at Sports Authority, I will never step foot in one again. Terrible customer service!!

I ordered a winter ski coat for my son at Sports Authority (SA) online on 11/29, and my credit card was charged on 11/30. We received the coat but it was defective (zipper), and returned it on 12/5. The SA rep said she would issue another coat for us. I received an email on 12/8 that the coat was back-ordered, and would be shipped when in stock. Thus, we have been waiting since then for the coat, and in meantime for the last few weeks my son has been wearing less than ideal hand-me-downs through Christmas celebrations, on ski trips and while on vacation. I have been bypassing other opportunities to buy a coat thinking that this ski coat was coming in the mail soon.

I finally called today to check on my back-order status, and the SA rep tells me that my order was cancelled on 12/15! Why? Because it was out of stock. Not only did they not notify me of this cancellation (I would have bought another coat for my son a long time ago!), but they did not issue me a credit for the cost of the coat! I spoke to the supervisor, and all he could say was that he would put in a credit request on the original order to issue me a refund, and could offer me an insulting $25 online credit for my inconvenience. He was not sympathetic at all.

My advice to other consumers: If you order anything from SA online, be prepared for the possibility of your order being cancelled without notification, your credit card not being refunded, and cool, unapologetic customer service reps and supervisors who don't seem to be invested in the welfare of the organization as a whole. I agree with other reviewers who said they are surprised Sports Authority is still in business.

I just came from shopping at Sports Authority in Altamonte Springs, FL and have come away very disappointed and disgruntled. While shopping, not only were my family and treated rudely by several employees who were on the sales floor, but when I went to check out, I was met with utter disregard and the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I was purchasing a brand new set of children's roller skates (which were still SEALED in the manufacturer's box and which I intended to give as a birthday GIFT).

The cashier insisted on cutting the box open, despite the fact that I had asked him please not to and that it was a gift. He said, "Oh, we HAVE to check the size." (Again, MANUFACTURER SEALED box here, which, by the way, when opened, revealed that the skates were actually TETHERED TOGETHER with an unbreakable plastic tie -- go figure). Oh, but just to spite me, he then BROKE OPEN the plastic bags that were around each skate to look at the size (which, big surprise, they matched!). And in the process of trying JAM the two skates BACK into their box improperly and close it, he BROKE THE BOX itself --- all the while, ringing me up and CHARGING ME for what now looks like a total 'regift' from Christmas!!! It looks anything but NEW. And he was rude the whole time, never apologized in the slightest or even acted like it was an imposition that he'd made a complete mess of the product I'd just bought. Unbelievable.

Sweater did not fit. I returned it for a refund, package was received by return department on December 11th. Today is December 30 and I have not received a credit to my account. I have called customer service, they are very rude and give me a different excuse every time I call. BEWARE! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

I wanted to purchase I high ticket item that was available online only. I went to the store and the associate says if you sign up for email we will send you a discount to use toward your purchase. Ok great. Ok sign up for email not once but 3 times so that I could receive the discount. NEVER did I receive anything from them. I went online and on the FRONT PAGE IN BOLD. ALL ORDERS OVER $39 ARE FREE SHIPPING AND 25% OFF ALL ORDERS OVER $75. Ok I thought, back in business.

I get to check out and not only do I NOT get free shipping but again there is no discount. I call a rep and she says I can process the order then request a 10% refund after order is placed. Good Grief so I say "Fine let's just do it." Well at the very end of the conversation she says "I'm sorry. I just realized I can't honor the free shipping!!!" Even though my order was $386.00. Ok I'm done. BYE forever. I can't do business with companies like this. This is why customers go to Amazon and kill business. I can order for same price and no shipping... Really?? What would you do?

I recently bought some golf balls online from Sports Authority and received confirmation of my order. A WEEK later, I receive an email that my order had been canceled. I call customer service and ask them why? The lady said she was sorry but they had ran out of stock on the item. So I ask her why didn't it show up as "out of stock" before I even placed the order or why did it take so long for them to email me about it being canceled? Well, she couldn't tell me. They not only have a terrible return policy, they are very behind when it comes to customer satisfaction and customer support. I will be spending my money at stores that have 100% satisfaction guaranteed, like Dicks or REI.

I had ordered boots for my mother for Christmas and received a confirmation from them next. I waited thinking since it was a guaranteed by Christmas that eventually they would ship but I noticed no movement in my order status so I called and got a customer service rep who was very disinterested in my situation and then was told my order would ship that day so again I waited as I was told by rep it would be guaranteed by Christmas otherwise my order would be free. The following day I checked my order, only to find the word cancelled by it. There was no notification sent to me at all.

So I decided to call and got another disinterested customer service rep who proceeded to tell me she was sorry but they have no stock and they had to cancel order. This was so unprofessional. I work at a company that also deals with customers. We are always bending over backwards for customers to make sure their experience is a good one. Someone here dropped the ball.

Tried applying promo code to my order and wouldn't take it. I called customer service and Ashley advised that the item I chose didn't qualify for the promo. I advised her that nowhere in the promo code details did it exclude my item. They were not willing to apply the promo on their end. I will not order from them. False advertising.

Purchased a mountain bike from Sports Authority on Cyber Monday and was charged for the bike. But a few days later got an email saying my order had been cancelled. I was furious. Got in contact with their Customer Service Department through Twitter. Replies were FAST, representatives were FRIENDLY, my issue was RESOLVED, and not only that; they offered me a great deal on a different bike to make up for their inventory mistake. Bike was shipped QUICKLY, arrived within a few days, card was not charged until my item arrived and I was satisfied with the item received. Sports Authority has unbeatable deals and worked with me to ensure I was happy with my experience and because of that they have earned a repeat customer in myself. Every business has its flaws, they went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied. Would recommend to anyone!

On Cyber Monday I browsed website and decided it was the best deal to buy my 3 kids bikes for Christmas. Before spending time picking out bikes, I went to the shipping policies page and made sure that they would be able to ship to Hawaii and according to policies it stated it can but there may be a shipping fee which I was fine with. I then spent an hour researching the different bikes and chose 3 diamondback brand bikes. I went to checkout of my cart and got a shipping restriction error.

I then called customer service and the man I spoke with was completely unhelpful and basically spent an hour on the phone while he tried to place the same order on his end after I told him the shipping restriction error and just wanted to find out if could ship here. He was confident it would so after he couldn't place order he said it was just because one of the bikes wouldn't ship here but the other 2 would so I spent time finding another bike to replace that one and then proceeded to checkout and got that error again.

I finally spoke with a supervisor who said it was not the shipping but the website was having an error and I should have no problem the next day. I asked her to have someone reach me if it still wouldn't work and she said she would have a daytime staff call me in 24-48 hours. No one called and still couldn't checkout my cart the next day. I then sent a follow up email a few days later since no one called and got a generic reply that did nothing to help my situation. I then called again and went through the same thing all over again being told "it should have no problem shipping" and of course I still couldnt get it to exit my cart so asked to speak to a manager and got then told it was just the diamondback brands that dont ship here and I should try a different brand.

So I then spent time finding 3 different brands and got that error so called to ask "is it just that bikes dont ship to Hawaii at all". I just want a straight answer so I dont waste anymore time. They kept saying it does ship and maybe I should call my local store and order through them. So I then called my store and now the cyber sale has passed so no discount and the store charges $90 a bike. Bottom line is that I kept getting lead on that bikes can ship to Hawaii when in fact they dont and it seems none of the staff there knows that and the website doesn't state that either. It has been very frustrating to lose hours of my time and miss the cyber sale window - I will avoid Sports Authority and make sure my friends here know that ordering to Hawaii is not an option. Very poor customer service resolution.

I purchased a baseball glove from Sports Authority. Then, I found a similar glove online for $79.99 on sale ( I almost returned the Sports Authority glove right away but looking at the Sports Authority Price Match Promise, I met all of their requirements. So I decided to call customer service. Called Sports Authority (on 12/3/15) and was told by a customer service representative that she isn't authorized to help with a price match over $50. But she made note of the website and even gave me the price difference I would receive (she said the additional 15% Black Friday discount would not be offered - I said fine). She said someone would get back to me in 48 hours. Nothing. Called again 3 days later (on 12/6/15). This customer service rep also made a note of the online price of $79.99 and that it was in stock and met requirements. She said someone would get back to me via email or phone in two days. Nothing.

Called a third time tonight (12/9/15) and was first told that my price match was rejected because it was a Black Friday sale. When I informed the customer service rep that the $79.99 was not a Black Friday sale (the Black Friday sale would have been the extra 15% off), he then put me on hold. When he returned, he said that Sports Authority does not match SALE prices. What?! Your website does not mention this. It is a SALE price NOT a mail-in rebate, clearance item, etc. What company price match wouldn't match a SALE price? And why wouldn't one of the other two customer service reps tell me this? Now (9 days later) the $79.99 glove is out of stock online. Otherwise, I would gladly return my Sports Authority baseball glove. I am so frustrated by the lack of honesty and poor customer service at Sports Authority, especially with a company I have spent thousands of dollars with. Just lost a customer.

I purchased a North Face jacket for my daughter online. I paid for it with a $10 gift card and the remainder on my credit card. When I purchased it I also had a coupon that discounted it slightly. I chose to go ahead with the purchase because it could be returned to the store if there was a problem. Sure enough, we decided the size was too small. We went to the store and picked up another size in the same exact jacket. However, the store couldn't do an even exchange with an item bought online. They said I'd have to exchange it for a store credit and purchase it at the store price, which was higher. On top of it, according to them I could only get a store credit because when they entered the receipt it showed I had paid with a gift card even though I was able to show them the electronic receipt that showed I paid with a credit card.

Finally the manager said she could issue a store credit and then order it online for me with an online only coupon. I went ahead and did this BUT it was ridiculous that we had to walk out of the store without a jacket and now have to wait a week for it to arrive. This is a very poor policy. I called Customer Service the next day and asked if they could upgrade the shipping to next day but they refused. It is no wonder the store was empty. My daughter is an athlete and we generally shop at Modell's or specialty stores. I give credit to the manager for trying but really, to walk out of the store without a jacket when there were at least 6 in her size sitting on the rack simply makes no sense and you have two unhappy customers (me and my daughter).

I ordered a pingpong table and was disappointed in the delivery process. Very heavy item. They would only bring into the front door but would not put it in my basement. I was assured they would. Assured. Guy in the store told me he does it and the gets graded on every delivery. But the guys who showed up for me were having none of that. There also was some nonsense with contact info. They indicated they had bad info yet when I contacted them all my info was correct. I was not in a hurry so that did not matter, but when folks pretend a delay's not their fault and it is. I don't consider it ennobling behavior.

I've purchased a treadmill on the sports authority website in mid November. The shipping said 7-14 days. After 4 days my order status was still 'item found in stock' so I contacted their customer service. When I asked what the problem was I was told everything was fine then the lady just hung up! Two days later I call again. It's 6 days after my purchase and the status reads 'item found in stock' so I call and another agent says the shipping label is ready to go and my item will leave the warehouse in 48hrs. She said 7-14 days still apply and we were on schedule.

Two days later still nothing. So I call yet again and another agent tells me that it's true that the shipping is 7-14 days but the item is not scheduled to leave the warehouse until about two weeks after the initial purchase! So it sits in the warehouse for two weeks first and only after that 7-14 day delivery countdown kicks in. I'm lost for words. That's a month total from purchase to delivery! I asked if they could expedite - no. The reason behind it was that they ship all large items in one container and mine is not full yet! Like we are in some crowd funding communist alternative reality. I told the agent this was not ok and asked to speak to the manager but wasn't allowed to. Instead the agent kept repeating 'may I help you with something else today' over and over until I lost my nerve and hung up myself.

Placed my order with the impression that the item was available, got an email moments later stating that my item was back ordered. Much to my displeasure, called customer service, and I asked how long would I have to wait for the back ordered item, and she had no idea. And come to find out that they have already put a hold on my money which makes no sense. They shouldn't have charged my card very well knowing that they did not have the item in stock. This is very unacceptable and I will not shop with Sports Authority ever again, very bad business. I immediately cancelled the order when she managed not to be able to find out when the item would be available, but my money isn't back in my account yet. This is ridiculous and not a way to carry out business.

I placed a large order online and had an issue with shipment. One item never shipped but was shown on the invoice. Customer service was called about the problem. They were supposed to reship but ran out of the color I ordered, so I had to go with a different color. I received an email two days later saying they had run out of the second color. I called again and they were so disorganized that they couldn't rectify the problem. The other colors they had were a few dollars more, they wouldn't ship one out to take care of the issue or allow me to make up the price difference. I would have to place a separate order and pay more in shipping to get a replacement item. Needless to say I'll be spending my money at places like Dick's sporting goods and Olympia sports, both of which have excellent customer service departments. I will no longer purchase from Sports Authority.

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