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I was given a Simon Gift card & didn't use it for a year. When I started to use it, it was invalid. They kept the money. A really bad company.

They locked my money because I don't remember how much the loading value of the card was! Doesn't matter that I still have the card and know the 16 digit card number, exp. date, and 3 digit code on the back! I also know the 20 digit card id number but they won't unlock my funds unless I remember how much was loaded onto it! Basically they will now get to keep hundreds of my dollars forever.

I purchased a $500-card. I made a charge to Superior Tour and Travel for approx. $400 - for a Bahama cruise, and (3) hotel nights at the Calypso Hotel in Orlando, FL; (2)tickets to see a show called Medieval Knights in Orlando, FL. The merchant ran out of vouchers for the 3-day 2-night cruise. Simon refused to dispute the charge, and lied to a nutty Las Vegas Atty. and arbitrator and told him "We did everything we could for him, it was all the fault of US Bank!" (Whom only retains the funds in a bank acct. The arbitration judge bought their lies hook, line, and sinker, and fined me $3,000.00 Atty. fees, plus $916.00 and court costs ruling "No good deed goes unpunished!"

I appealed to the NV supreme court, which Sat on the case for approx.4 yrs. and dismissed it without ruling on the merits because it refused to grant my fee waiver to waive the $500-fees for my 2 appeals. Judgment is in the process of being confirmed in Orange County Superior Courts. Federal court have overruled me on my 14th amendment, denial of due process arguments together with Orange County Superior Court Judge Stanford. I have now been ordered to unjustly pay Simon, Inc DBA Spogg, Inc. ($4.500.00), while they have wasted ($50,000.00) hiring lawyers to fight me in Las Vegas, NV, and Orange County, CA Courts.

Same story as everyone else on here. A couple years ago, a family friend gave me a Christmas gift card for $50. I immediately put it in a wallet, which I then misplaced. Fast forward to last week, I moved and found the wallet with my gift card, which I was so happy to use because I lost my job 3 months ago. Of course I was very unhappily surprised when I found out that the balance is now $0 because of their bogus and absurd fees. I am incredulous that a company can charge you to not use the money you spent with them. Customer service was useless. I spoke to an agent, then a supervisor, then a manager, all of them in India, and all refused to help or be at all accommodating. NEVER give business to this crooked company. They steal from their loyalty customers and their customer service is unacceptable. I hate Simon.

This company sent me a $21 gift card I received on March 19, 2015, but I can't activate it with any of my information like the last 4 digits of my phone number. Simply put, they may have stolen the investment.

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Do not buy a Simon gift card! Their maintenance fees and other unjustifiably high, bogus charges will substantially wipe out the balance of your card before even a year is up. Forget it if you misplace the card. They will literally wipe out your balance and tell you, "Sir, it's in the fine print" as if toying with your investment is fair and understood business practice. Yeah maybe in back alley gambling room. It would be like buying sand in the desert with other payment options that are out there these days. I'm not sure how Simon's business practice is legal, but their whole gift card revenue system revolves around ways to snatch your money if you even look the other way - total ripoff! Literally no upside I can think of. Sadly it took me $50 (balance wiped out in a few years of not using card) to learn that these people are crooked con artists - taking advantage of people's kindness in buying a gift... Avoid!!!!!

For Christmas we bought our daughter a Simon's Visa Gift Card. In April the card was stolen. We immediately reported it stolen, and Simon's asked us to wait a month before reissuing another card in case the original card was recovered. We waited a month - the police had not found the card or the thief, so we requested our card be replaced. Simon's told us we would receive a new card in 10-14 days. That was in May. We still haven't received our card. We have called and they have told us we should receive it in a couple more days. The mail must have been delayed.

Today we called and told them we thought they were being frauds and we wanted our money. They said they have the new card number, that the card was mailed and we just didn't receive it. We think that is a downright lie. We told them we want a new card now, and the interest the money would have made since April. They told us a new card would be issued and it would take 10-14 days. We told them to FedEx it, and they said they couldn't. We told them you can FedEx from anywhere in the world, and we wanted it by tomorrow. We have sent Northeast Contact this information. We will fight to get our money back. This is a rip off. Don't buy Simon's Gift cards.

I feel so sad that a company dealing in the wonderful happiness of gift cards to persons of all ages, that puts smiles on our faces, makes our hearts happy, can get away with treating us all so bad and wrong; take away all our happiness by taking our gifts away and keeping it all for themselves in corporate greed, not caring who they hurt.

My complaint is the same issue as many other complaints with a lost card that I have read below, ... then found my card later and become so frustrated when told 'the balance is zero' - when it was never used. My gift card was small $25 Gifts, are suppose to make all of us happy, yet Simon Gift Cards have found a way to take my happiness and my gift card away from me, for corporate greed.

This was a 'gift' - misplaced and a huge disappointment when told all your gift money was taken away by fees after it was found. Simon gets my gift money for free...Yet the card instructions say that if the card is 'lost after expiry' there is a $5 fee to replace it. India (no Americans to talk with, East Indian customer service reps only), insists to focus on monthly fees - there is a difference in culture and interpreting card instructions, and completely refuse to give you an American to talk with.

Think 1001 Times Before Buying a Simon Malls Gift Card and Supporting a Company that does all its business in USA and then gives all Customer Service Jobs to a possible below USA minimum wage Call-Center in India, where all they seem to say is 'NO' - 'Can't Help You' and 'Refuse' to give out Head Office phone number in USA and find every reason to keep my gift card money. Most customers would just give-up so they can keep all your gift card money 'for free', because the company leaves everyone with no options where to get American Help.

Please tell me who is going to go to India to complain to whom over there? and what are they going to tell you if you do go? This is a USA issue, go there . Again consumer gets trapped in a circle, so all we can do is write a complaint on the internet, like I am doing now. My issue is the same as a lot of others who have written complaints - 'a lost gift card' and 'when found', find out all money is gone for fees. The card states that if you call with a lost card it will be replaced for a $5 fee...(that is not even fair but okay). These are gift cards, when you call, India asks for the card number that is lost, most people do not know the number, then India say 'we can't help you' again. When you finally find the card, India says 'we can't help you' - there is a zero balance on your card, fee's have taken it all.

I would like an apology from Simon Malls for all my lost time, frustration and my $25 gift card returned in full - somehow I feel this very unlikely as the way I have been treated by their customer service who represents the company 100%, and how all the reasons for all the other complaints --- I feel so sad that a company dealing in the wonderful happiness of gift cards to persons of all ages, that puts smiles on our faces, make our hearts happy, can treat us all so bad and wrong and take away our happiness by taking our gifts away, and keeping it all for themselves in corporate greed.

This is scam. I purchased $400 card from local mall, following week I made $399 online purchase and was declined twice. Called customer service in India and was told that I can't use only 85% of my money for online purchase. What a racket, my balance show $400 but I can't use my money.

I am writing this review to make sure nobody buys and gifts Simon Gift Cards and if you ever do, warn your users of the 'fine print' that 12 months of inactivity will start charging $2.95 and render your gift balance to 0. If you do use this card for gift purposes, please notify your gift received in BIG and BOLD to use it within 12 months for sure else you will start to lose your gift amount...unlike other gift cards and I've used and gifted several from stores or Amex or Visa, those don't expire.

In our case, we were gifted the card and it was misplaced and unused. Found it today, decided to use it and guess what... there's nothing to use! Called customer service and they are a bunch of helpless folks who can't revert or give an alternative. Thankfully, this was a $35 amount... I for sure after this experience never buy this gift card and don't recommend it to anyone to use... LAMEST PRODUCT and CERTAINLY NOT A GIFT.

If they had any decency and someone monitors this, they should send a replacement card or notify me to reverse the charges!!

On July 5, 2013 I purchased a gift card from Simon Mall in Little Rock, AR in the amount of $300.00. The card no. is ** and the 3 digit no. on the back is **. On July 6th I called and reported the card stolen. The representative indicated that the card would be blocked, a new card would be issued, a $15.00 fee would be deducted from the balance of the card and that I would receive the card in 10 to 14 days. On July 8th 2013 I called to verify that the card would arrive at my my address in 10 to 14 days. I patiently waited for 14 days but did not receive the card. On July 25th I called to report that had not received the card. I asked if they could send a new card by over night express or reinstate the original card so that I could have a prescription filled. The representative said that the system would not allow such transaction. He said that the second card would would be blocked, a new card would be issue and that I would it in 10 to 14 days, but wait a few more days to see if the card arrives.

I called again on July 29th this time asked to speak to a supervisor and reported that I still had not receive the card. The gentleman said the same as the representative. I felt misused and improperly mistreated. I then asked to speak to some in a higher authoritative position as he. He said, "I will let you speak to my boss but she will tell you the same thing as I am telling you." He transferred the call. A lady comes on the line and I asked had she discussed the case with the other supervisor. She said yes. After she explained her position about the matter I asked if she could reinstate the original card so that I could have my prescription filled. She too said no. I asked if she could send the new card by overnight express. She said no. I expressed my dissatisfaction and that I would contact Consumer Affairs but that did not change her position at all. This is July 30th and I have not received the card.

I purchased a gift card on 12/8/12 as a Christmas gift. As of 12/21 (Friday before Christmas), it hadn't been received, so I contacted the Simon Company. The first frustrating part about dealing with this company is that there's no way to get in touch with a person (as far as I could find). You just have to submit an inquiry on their site and then deal with a nameless customer service group via email. On 12/21, they confirmed it would be delivered by Monday, but when I asked for a tracking number I never received anything. On Monday, I wrote back confirming it did not arrive, and they apologized, blamed it on the post office, and said they could cancel the card and refund my money, which I asked them to do.

I never heard back, nor received a refund, so I reached back out on 1/2, with no response, and again on 1/5, with no response (still as of 1/8), nor has my credit card been refunded. I run a business myself and cannot believe that a company as large as Simon is okay with a business model that allows for this type of customer service. This, all after a similar experience with them last year where I purchased the card weeks before Christmas and it didn’t arrive until days after the holiday. I should have learned, what a waste of time. They've lost a customer, as well as this customer's family & friends, for life.

I received text messages saying I had won a $1,000 dollar gift card. I did everything I was told to do, however, I never received my card. I received another text telling me to go online and claim my $1,000 Walmart gift card. However, the website they told me to go to wouldn't work this. It has been going on for over a month and I still haven't received my card. I feel this is fraud. I want my card and for them to stop texting me.

My 10yr old received a $25 Simon gift card for Christmas. She tried using the gift card at Inside Scoop in Eastland Mall for a $2.50 purchase of candy. She was informed by the cashier that they do not take Simon gift cards there. I then tried paying for it with my debit card which I was informed then, that they do not take debit/credit for under $5. I told the cashier to forget it then because I do not carry cash on me. The cashier threatened me with calling security and that I had to pay for it causing a scene. I ended up paying $11 for a junk stuffed animal and candy just so I could get out of the store without security being called on me for stealing. Never again will I go back to that store and I will tell everyone about my experience with the Simon gift card. Do not buy one!

I received a $50 Visa card for Simon Mall as a gift in 2009. Buyers and users need to be aware that there is a monthly fee, as well as an expiration date. The balance is down to $20 and there is a $15 fee to renew an expired card. So I will end up with a $5 balance out of the $50 (if I receive it at all, which is questionable after reading other complaints). There are many other options for gift cards that do not expire that might be money better spent. It sounds like Simon Mall is pocketing a lot of the money intended for other people.

We have gift cards and they refused to honor them at various restaurants causing us embarassment. They want you to have 20% additionally on the card for a tip. We always leave either cash, or use our credit card for any money needed for the bill. It is not the restaurant that refuses to accept the card but it is Simon Mall themselves.

They will not refund the money on the card and we also found out that this practice exists if you try to use it at any service place i.e. beauty pallor, nail places etc. No one tells you of this restriction when you purchase the cards and now we are afraid to give them as gifts as is our usual practice on holidays, birthdays etc. We feel that this is definitely a situation that needs to be rectified or return our money. We have almost $1000 in these debit cards.

Simons customer serv. rep said hotwire must fax them the information from the merchant and state that they decline the purchase but, they haven't after 4-5 calls and my problem is if i see that it was decline why they can't call the merchant for the card holder like a real bank would do

I get to clearwater or i lose my job I have no rental nor my money to make other arrangements

I received a gift card in 2006 for #100 from my sister. (I misplaced it then found it). I checked the balance, and it was for $75.00. All Malls told me it was valid and able to use. I went to cash out at a store, and it was declined. Called on 3/18/08 and was told they would re-issue me one for $60.00(charge for re-issue is $15).

I called x10 times(I have documentatation to prove it along with emails) and still do not have my card. On May 19th, a male friend called for me and was told, they had my address and phone number incorrect. They corrected it with him on the phone and said it'll arrive in 14days(I was on the phone as well, to hear the conversation).

Today(June 16th 2008), I called because it should've been here, and Janice(sp?) told me that because my call was disconnected on May 19th, they have to re-issue me another one, took all my information again, I confirmed it twice and now it will take another 14days to arrive. I was on the line w/my friend on May 19th - WE WERE NEVER DISCONNECTED!!!(they have used this excuse everytime I call) this a scam? Who can I notify to get my card in my hands - it's my money!!!

I still am waiting for my gift card that has never arrived.

I bought some of there gift cards in Dec 2006. I gave some to my family and friends,so they could buy whereever they wanted,WHENEVER they wanted.

Well,with these gift cards that was not the case. Simon,stated charging fees after the first 12 months on these cards,and in the end,the cards show no balance when my family member went to use it this month. NOONE SHOULD BUY ANY GIFT CARD THAT CHARGES THIS KIND OF A FEE. I am disabled,but I am going to fight this and take this as high as I can take it. I will spent my own money and time to get this to stop. The bank name that is on these Simon Gift Cards is; U.S. BANK! I would not use any bank that charges those types of fee on gift cards.

I ordered a Simon Mall Gift Card for $100.00 online on December 10, 2007. My credit card account was charged on December 12, 2007 for the full amount of $100.00 plus $5.95 shipping. As of this date, December 21, 2007 I have not received the card. When I called they said the card was just shipped on Tuesday, December 18 even though my account was charged on December 12. The person I spoke to was extremely difficult to understand because English was not his first language so I asked to speak to his supervisor and was transferred to another person who was a little easier to understand and told me that due to the high volume of requests my card was delayed.

I told her that my account should not have been charged until the card was sent and asked for a name and address to file a complaint. She gave me the above address.

I ordered this card to give as a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll be receiving it on time and my credit card account has been charged and is accruing interest for a purchase I have not received.

I was given a gift card in December of 2006 in the amount of $25. The card had an expirations date of Dec 2007 and was not activiated until 11/24/07. When I activated the card I learned that Simon had charged me maintenance fees of $2.50 per month for the last 10 months which depleted the value of the card. The card now has a zero balance. I called customer service and they told me there was nothing they could do. When I asked how you can charge maintenance on a card that hasn't yet been activitated they told me that was the policy.

I have a gift card that my family member paid $25 cash for plus a processing fee which is now worthless.

While cleaning my desk drawer I came upon and old $50.00 Simon Gift Card.
I called the 800 number and was told the card expired on 11/05.
It was a gift dated 11/04.

They told me to read all the fine print and to throw the card in the trash can as it has no value! Also if I had a complaint to write them a letter at corporate headquaters in Indiana.


I received a $100.00 Simon Gift card in 2005. We moved and the card was lost. I found the card this weekend and found that they have this service fee and that the card expired. So, they are sending me another card which now will only be worth $50 dollars, the other $50 went to Simon service fee and card re-issue.

I tried to go to the and get some information but could not find a number or e-mail address for Simon.

My husband brought my daughter and I Simon Mall Gift Card for Christmas. One of my daughters used their card immediately. My other daughter used her later. I used my card for the first time December 31, 2007. The card was used again January 1, 2007 and January 24, 2007. I went on line to check my balance and found out that I Simon Mall had been deducting funds from my balance. I told my husband never to buy Simon Gifts again. My husband informed me that he paid a fee when he purchased the card. Every time I try to use the card it is declined.

My mother is 76 and has Alzheimer's. Today, while cleaning things at ehr house I found two Simon Mall gift cards with face values of $100 and $25. They had never been used. Mom has purchased them for Christmas gifts in Dec '04. Due to her condition, she brought them home, put them in a 'safe' place and promptly forgot them. These cards had a stated expiration date of 2/06. I called the Simon Mall Gift Card number listed on the cards. The fine print said that they begin taking dormancy fees of $2.50 out after 6 months of non-use. Also stated was that, if the card had expired, it would be reissued at face value with a $7.50 fee deducted.

I was told when I called that this policy only applies IF you call within one year of the expiration date. This is NOT stated anywhere on the card or accompanying literature. Please note that today's date is 21 days past the expiration date's one year anniversary. I was told the account was closed and there was nothing that could be done. Basically, Simon Mall has stolen $125 from my mother. I will NEVER buy a card like this again.

Expired gift card. 6 mos. $75.00

Its the same story as many others have--we received a gift card for our wedding along with a number of others and did not realize that not only did the card expire, it also decreased in value. And I had no idea it also cost money to check our balance!

Well, the once $60 gift card is now worth nothing, as a 'replacement card' costs us $15, which basically negates the rest of the value. What a rip off!

I was given a Simon giftcard from work and it expires at the end of Nov 2005. I checked the balance, which was originally for $25 and now its worth only $7.50. Is this legal? Is there any chance to collect the orginal amount or is the card worthless?

The gift card was never used and had expired on 11/04. After six months with card was charged $2.50 per month which brought the card to a $.00 balance.

I purchased a simon gift card for the maximum 500 and had eaten at the restaurant that i am employed by and was reminded by my friend, my server that i still owe them 300 dollars so they rang in a coke and i gave him a 300 dollar tip. The restuarant gave him his $300 tip at the end of the night but now simon is refusing to pay my restaurant the 300 back and stopped payment but my card is not worth 300 so if my resturant doesn't have the money and i don't have the money where is it at simon has a very bad way of doing business I should have been contacted if they thought it was fraud but they did nothing of the sort so now the cooperate office of my resturant is asking me to pay back the $300 when i already paid it simon is the one who should be reimbursing me $300 so I can give it back to my boss i really think their should be policies that i should be protected from fraud but shouldn't i be asked if the transition that was made is from me before they stop payment on anything i was never notified and now my job is in jepordey over a simon gift card that i paid for and used in the manner i wanted to

There have no immediate consequences as of yet back i could possibly lose my job and $300

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