A Ross employee (12/28/04):
I'm tired of rude customers -- people who think we have to bend over backwards and break all the rules for them. Yes, customer service is important but the customer is not always right! Yes items do go down to as little as 49 cents. If you don't have your reciept too bad! Learn to hold on to your receipts. And yes there are customers that change the tags on items. Unfortunatly you might pick one up that they left behind.

If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Ask an employee if the price is right. We have so much theft in Ross that we have to make strict rules and keep an eye out.

We get paid lousy money! But some of us really love our jobs, that's why we stick around. So please stop complaining. And one other thing -- CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES! We spend hours picking up clothes off the floors. If people would pick up after themselves we could have more time to be at the registers (always a problem at Ross, never enough cashiers open causing long lines) or walking around greeting and helping customers and preventing theft!