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Last updated: April 6, 2017

427 RadioShack Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: April 6, 2017

I know they have "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" on their receipt, but can they legally sell me a defective product? This is a USB-C to USB 3.0 hub, which normally sells for $24.99. With a $5.00 Clearance Discount, I bought it for $19.99. Out-of-the-box, plugged it into my laptop. Nothing. Plugged two flash drives into the hub. Still nothing. Removed the hub, and plugged each flash drive into the same port, and they show up instantly. The hub also has a strong smell of burned electronics; it did not get hot nor did it appear to damage my laptop in any way. It just doesn't work! RadioShack wouldn't even consider exchanging it, even though they have two others on the shelf!

Original review: April 6, 2017

Purchased a power plug in store. The in-store clerk picked a plug based on the devices I brought. It turned out that the plug the clerk picked was the wrong on. When I went back to the store to exchange the plug, they refused the exchange based on "all sale final" as store is closing. I believe this is utterly unfair as this was a mistake their clerk made and they are making the consumers paying for those mistakes. If this is their way to treat their customers, I won't go anywhere near a RadioShack in-store or online.

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Original review: March 30, 2017

My local RadioShack was shutting down, and I went there for the 60% off closing sale. I asked the Manager if they had any 555 Timer ICU's, so he went to get me one. I checked out and went home, but when I opened it up, the packaging said that it was a Sound Amplifier Module ICU. I couldn't get a refund.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2017

I had to seriously cut back from shopping at Radio Shack, because they shut down the one I usually go to at Military Circle Mall. In the past, I spent a lot of money there buying the things that I need, but when I need or want something from there, they are always out of stock or too overpriced. Sometimes the customer service can be rude and inconsiderate, and also don't know what you're asking for or talking about.

Also I hate it when they get something in for like 2 to 3 years and then turn around and discontinue such as great product such as their electronic lab kits, shortwave radio, scanners, antenna accessories, and better yet, their short wave antenna kit they had for a very long time. And then in the modern years they turned around and discontinued that, so people have to struggle finding some kind of hook up wire and a alligator clip just to string up a short wave radio antenna to hear stations from all over the world. I wish they would get their stuff in a sock and stop it with this discontinuing products, just because of the poor roughed economy screwing up. I would like to come back, but since they are filing for another bankruptcy, I am not sure right now.

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Original review: Feb. 27, 2017

I got a Xbox 360 power supply on Sat but I got the wrong one so on Monday I tried to return it but the person I tried to give it to said no so I took the power supply and left it in the front of the door and RadioShack will never ever see me again. What a ripoff.

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2017

Just wanted to write this review to compliment Laura who is the manager of the Radio Shack in Wheeling, Illinois. I bought a cheap 25.00 antenna for my TV and she took over a half hour helping me set it up with a big smile on her face. If Radio Shack had more managers like her they would probably doing a lot better.

Original review: Dec. 8, 2016

I purchased this tape player for our company rig to listen to music with our phones, and after 2 months it no longer works. This was Radio Shack's brand that cost more than the others and was told by their employee it was a better quality player. That was wrong... They charged me 32 dollars and the music quality was still muffled. I bought a similar product 5 years ago from Walmart for 7 dollars and it lasted for 5 years. Not worth the money to purchase Radio Shack's products. Over priced, and are not of great quality materials...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2016

I purchase a Radio Shack charger cable along with a replacement plan. When the time came for me to get a replacement I went to the store. The associate teller told me that my info of me ever purchasing the cable or the plan wasn't in their system and refused to give me one. I returned the next day with the receipt of the purchase transaction I made. He still refuse to give me a new cable because the store manager wasn't in the store. This could only mean that one thing could be happening either the store is stealing from its customers or Radio Shack is pulling a scam.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 3, 2016

Sirius radio is a piece of ** radio. I got a radio and left it on like people do with radio and the radio went out after a year. Don't buy radio from this garbage company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 26, 2016

Save yourself the time, hassle, and frustration of learning "the hard way," as I did. What a disreputable, dishonest, and downright dirty operation RADIO SHACK is running and avoid this "business" like the plague. It should be no wonder why so many stores have ceased operation, and why the entire operation appears headed for bankruptcy or complete failure. In my personal experience, I was traveling and needed a pay-as-you-go cell phone for a month. Without reading reviews like this (which I should have done), I hastily purchased a phone through RADIO SHACK.

To start, the salesman is trained to "upsale" certain models and plans to maximize their profit. Think car salesman tactics here. Then, once you've picked out your phone and service plan, no information is provided that explains warranties (or lack thereof) in case of problems. Clearly, these lies-of-omission are intentional. When I experienced a faulty "sim card" after 2 days of usage, the employees (of which there were only two) had no solutions (no replacements in stock), took an inordinate amount of time to address my concerns (1 1/2 hours), and appeared poorly trained, disorganized, and unprofessional.

When I asked for a refund, the employee then stated that this was "no problem," and proceeded to give me a "gift card" from RADIO SHACK with half of what I paid instead of cash. I had to explicitly state that I wanted the refund in cash without being given that choice in the first instance. Then, I only received half of what I originally paid, and the employee then explained that only the phone would be reimbursed (not the contract for the minutes, which was approximately $40.00). It was clear that the employee knew full well that this was the case when he sold me the product, and had intentionally failed to inform me prior to my purchase. It was also clear that this was the way that RADIO SHACK has chosen to do "business," and that the employee had been through the same situation multiple times with other customers in similar situations.

RADIO SHACK appears to be headed for extinction, and that's a good thing. There are several articles online referring to RADIO SHACK'S poor management and obtuse business practices, including an article from "Gazette Review" from March 2016 entitled "What Happened To Radio Shack - New Updates Released," which states: "In addition to coming off as insensitive and cold, Radio Shack experienced numerous customer relation issues. After having a large number of unanswered and unresolved complaints, RadioShack and the Better Business Bureau met to implement a plan to decrease the number of complaints their stores were receiving." It is evident that my experience is no anomaly, and that you could expect to experience the same unresolved and ongoing problems that I did. Please learn from my mistake and stay far away from this dying dinosaur, which deserves to go extinct. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 21, 2016

I went to purchase a phone from the front and Olney location, Radio Shack. There was a sprint service station in there. I ask the customer service person her name was Ollivia ** if I can have the phone that marked on sale. The Boost Kyocera Hydro reach - labeled for $19.99. Ollivia then ask for my cell number and pen. Before checking activated the new phone for me while dealing with other customers leaving my personal information compromised for any and everyone to see.

Later the associate became angry with me that she appeared to make a mistake and said she would have to re activate my original phone because she didn't realize that the price was higher than POSTED ON SALE SIGN. Customers in the store began to film how rude she was to me. My wife asked to speak to a manager and we were told there no manager on site. The worker activated the new phone before checking then threatening us that the old phone wouldn't be reactivated. We would paid the difference but wasn't given the option to...

The sign has been in the store for over a week and when we ask to purchase the phone she clearly seen it was on sale. To my understanding the employee had no knowledge the items sold or the product. I was screamed at and humiliated because the employee made a mistake and we left without a phone. I never been treated that way. Been a customer of Radio Shack and Sprint for more than 20 years and had my same phone number over 14. We always go to radio shack for upgrades until yesterday. Please feel free to have someone call me or email. We have pictures.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 9, 2016

When I tried to return some items I had purchased at Radio Shack I was told by the employee at the counter they could not be returned. No explanation given except I had to speak to the manager which was not at the store. The items were in their original package and never opened. When I told the employee to give me a logical explanation he became agitated. I explained nowhere in the receipt said these items were not returnable. He ignored me completely and I decided to leave. Worst customer service experience by any employee of Radio Shack. Never again will I buy at this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 11, 2016

Would rather rate this with - stars, however I had to give them ... Tonight when I went to Radio Shack to get a battery for my baby monitor, the worker was the rudest employee I have ever encountered and I have encountered him on previous occasions. And every time he is so rude, always telling me no, they don't carry that or there's nothing like that, without even giving it a second thought or even trying to help. It's very quiet in the store and just a very unwelcoming atmosphere all around while he's working.

Original review: May 10, 2016

I waited in the store (RadioShack) for literally 30 mins and decided to do some other shopping in the complex. When I return the Customer service individual said he couldn't process my payment... What? the 30 mins ended up being 1 hr. The person/employee was "supposed to be back" the entire time. I've done customer service in the past and know the difference between ** service and a ** carrier. RadioShack should be shut down due to the incompetence f the workers as well as the service... Northern Lights Columbus, Ohio 43224 (Avoid @ all costs).

Original review: April 12, 2016

Store located at 907 E. Ridge Rd. Rochester, NY, 14621. I noticed the store was half empty so I asked **, mgr. twice if they were closing. He ignored me, and at third time he said "We close at 8". I asked again, he kept saying the same thing, "We close at 8". When I asked his name he said "**, remember that". What a racist behavior. He should not work for you guys. I felt very insulted by his behavior, definitely he dislikes Hispanics, but what he doesn't know I am American like he is.

Original review: March 17, 2016

I spent about 310 on drones for 3 of my children. They don't live right here by me. I bought in November, they got after Christmas. None of them WORK, but told too late to return. OVER 300 DOLLARS, that is terrible. My one daughter took theirs to Radio Shack and they said "hmm don't know why it won't work, but too late to get money back." I sent her receipt. Will not shop there again.

Original review: March 8, 2016

I purchased a charger yesterday 7 March on sale at Radio Shack ($7.99) and I plug it into my computer to charge. All was good. My son used the charger to charge his phone and then put it in his laptop and back into my computer. It worked well to charge his BLU phone in 10 minutes to full power. But after using it he put it in his laptop and then my computer to recharge. I came home to use my computer and it was frozen. Then my son said his laptop didn't work. I go to use my computer and got errors. After trying to reboot it would not. The "blue" Radio Shack charger caused both laptop and desktop computer not to even turn on! Do not use and plug in. Go get your money back. There must be a virus in the charger somehow! I will check back in once I get my other computer fixed. I am sure it can still work. Just have to figure out what kind of virus it is.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 19, 2016

The power cord went out within 2 weeks so I returned to radio shack to get another since I got the extended warranty. They ordered it and a week later I went back and it had not came in, but found out the company never sent it because they said they didn't get the email. So they ordered it again and a week later I called to see if it had came in and the guy on the phone said he had no idea what I was talking about and became rude over the phone. So I went to the store with my laptop to show him what I was talking about. When I got there I begin explaining to him about the cord while he acted like I was not even there. I tried telling him I had a warranty and he just continued to say he don't know what I'm talking about and I'll have to wait to talk to whoever sold me the cord because he was not going give me a cord. So I asked could he check to see if it came in and he ignored me.

By that time I'm quite pissed because he wouldn't even check to see if the power cord came in. Finally when the guy who sold me the cord came in did he begin to say the cord was in but by that time I really was in no shape to do any more business with him. So I just asked him if he was a racist or not because I felt

I was discriminated in that place of business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2016

I purchased the bluetooth receiver two months ago. It worked well for six weeks. Recently, none of our devices were able to pair with the receiver. I took the receiver with the original receipt to RadioShack. They refused to replace it stating that their warranty is only for 30 days. They tried to sell me a warranty repeatedly, but refused to take care of the device. Who would ever want to conduct business with a company that doesn't take care of a customer after 30 days? I certainly will not!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2016

I'm an electronics technician. I buy products to repair circuits. The Radio Shack store in Western Plaza Mayagez has become scarce in many products. The sales personnel is not attentive, when ask about the products they act irritated. Needless to say I will no longer feel like to enter that establishment. Last year me and my son went to get cables, shrink tubing, transformer for charging, but no more. Radio Shack is no longer store for technicians.

Original review: Jan. 15, 2016

Today, Jan 15, 2016, returned headphones purchased by sister via her credit card for xmas gift for myself. Purchased in Florida & she had mailed product to me in Georgia, later mailing receipt of purchase, so I could return what I deemed an inferior product. Had 2 days left prior to 30-day return policy, whatever that nightmare is. They could not credit my sister's card, they would not give me cash, they would not credit me $ exchange on store card (told they no longer offered gift cards). I questioned this & he called his supervisor he claimed. My option was to buy a product or products totaling credit charge. I would not be refunded any $$ less.

Hastily, I purchased items simply to prevent losing all the money my sister had spent. (making purchases with little thought process frustrating & then angered when this Mgr. at a Radio Shack in Marietta, GA, on Cobb Pkwy at the intersection of Barrett Pkwy, informed me that "my transaction was more time than he wanted to spend time on". (Note: rain pouring outside, no other customer in store during the time I was in the store). He retained my original receipt & did not give me any receipt of my purchases. In other words, Forced Purchasing!!!

In this interval he said I could hang on the product & purchase when I would have something in mind. I only had 1 day left for 30 day (refund?). I did not trust this guy with honoring this offer. My experience was offputting & frustrating. Risk losses when shopping at Radio Shack. I was told Sprint now owns Radio Shack. Have made note & will never use Sprint given my nightmare at 1 of their ownerships. Any wonder why some retailers are losing business?

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Original review: Dec. 19, 2015

Went to buy 2 Amazon Fire sticks at the radio shack on Garfield ave in Cranston and they are both supposed to be xmas gifts. Good thing I opened the bag and looked when I bought them because one was not in plastic. I opened the box and it wasn't put together the way my previous ones were. Plugged it in and it was used, I still have it! They won't answer the phone at corporate, they won't answer me on Facebook and the store says they don't have any to exchange me for. I don't want an exchange I want an answer to why they are selling used stuff as new at new price.

I plug the thing in and there is another man's name, email, credit card, Amazon prime account on there. I could order a bunch of expensive movies on there if I wanted to. So in trying to contact them I get no help whatsoever. It's been almost 2 weeks. Very fed up with them and will never buy another product from there again. Not sure what to do at this point. I even tried contacting the man's email that was on there to let him know but no reply. I'd be furious if it were my stuff on there and I am furious they are charging full price for used items. Any ideas anybody?

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2015

This was a major rip off store! They charged me for items I ordered there but when I go to pick them up, they had not ordered anything and still wanted to charge me more money. All of this was for a wall charger for a cellphone. The bill came to 161 dollars. Wow. What a bunch of jack legs these guys are. Of course I ordered it online for 11 dollars. Their receipts do not show itemized list so the argument was on. It resulted in a 4 week wait and then another week to order from somewhere else. I did notice a lot of things in the store priced way high for what it was. And their little smart a** tech cannot even charge a battery. Look out for this mess when you go there, or better yet go to a reputable place to start with. Myself, I will never darken their doorway again.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 25, 2015

I purchased a phone at 7:35 p.m. The store never opened the box. I was under the impression that the phone was in mint condition. Got home and opened it. I charged it etc. Noticed it had a fine hairline crack in screen, so it had to have been purchased this way. I tried taking the phone back and explained to them that it was sold to me this way and the cashier immediately called the store manager and he said they could do nothing.

Original review: Nov. 22, 2015

I went in to activate a recently purchased phone and to have data transferred from my old phone. The women there said the man at the desk had to do this. He was busy with another customer, so we waited. 30 mins later he ask us what we needed today. I told him to activate new phone and transfer data from old phone. He informed us that the women who said he had to do this was capable of doing it herself. That angered me since I had already waited 30 plus mins for him but I didn't complain.

Apparently the woman didn't want to be bothered with a customer! She hee-hawed around trying to figure out what to do. Finally 30 mins later she figured out how to maybe activate it. Then she tells me it will be 2 hours before my phone number from old phone will transfer to new phone. I asked her then if she could go ahead and transfer my data i.e. contacts and pictures even though the number would take awhile. She said "i guess"! Then she proceeded to wait on other customers and completely ignored me waiting there for another 30 mins. Never even attempted to do anything more with my request. I finally got so angry I just left the store. I will NEVER shop at this store again. The store number is 6822.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2015

I bought a tablet from them. Less than a month later it was over heating and the whole thing shut off and would not work again. Radio Shack would not replace it or do anything about it. They were rude about it as well. Couldn't believe it. It was a present so I had to buy a different one somewhere else and I was out the money and left with junk!! It was 89 bucks!! I will NEVER buy from them again. Bad customer service!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2015

I've had to replace all the phones in my house over the past year and that's been OK. Until now. This week I bought another one - from Radio Shack. The one I preferred only comes in a dual pack, so I bought a single. In the past, all I had to do was plug in the phone and it was ready. This one required a lot of work, entering numbers, etc. I could not figure it out - paid my computer guy to try and he couldn't either.

When I bought it (from the RS store in Middletown, RI) the young woman "helping" me was rude, uncaring and almost monosyllabic, and very careless in her approach. I took it back today, and the young man "helping" me at least had an attitude of trying to pretend to be of assistance, and then the young woman popped up, interrupting my transaction with the young man. I couldn't help saying "No wonder Radio Shack is tanking". It seemed easier to leave the phone there, did not get a refund: perhaps they can sell it again and pull themselves out of bankruptcy or even invest in some kind of training for those who must interact with the public. I ordered a phone on line.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 29, 2015

My iPhone didn't work, so I went to Radio Shack in big island, Hawaii, Prince Kuhio Plaza: 111 E Puainako st, #625, Hilo, HI 96729, service center 013863. Service invoice # **, serial #**, warranty 7 - fix it. I asked them my iPhone doesn't work, can you check if you can possible to fix it, and how long will it last, because I don't want to spend too much money if the iPhone is unable to fix. If I can still use for another year I am willing to spend that much money to repair. I asked if it has warranty, he said yes. I don't remember who is that person, but on my receipt shows his initial **. He took a lot of time to check my phone, and said it should be ok.

My phone was unable to start the phone, unable to charge the battery. And he think it is the charge port doesn't work, so he changed the new Dock for $39.99. After he fixed the phone still don't work, he then said the battery doesn't work, which will charge me another $39.99, but he could give me 50% discount to my 2nd purchase on iPhone product. I asked him again, only if the phone can be fix and able to use for another year, he said "no problem." It took too many hours, he said it is ready, I just need to go home and charge the phone.

I went home, it take a while to charge, however it will only last about 20 mins. I tried for a week, then I went back to see him, he didn't say anything, and was unable to help me!!! My phone die in one month again! Totally die, not even able to charge battery. I just spent $62.48, with couple trips to radio shack, nothing happened. They said it has warranty but it doesn't. When they don't help you, they don't help you! What a bad experience at radio shack!!!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2015

I bought a JBL Pulse Speaker. The seller said to try it for 30 days and if dissatisfied to return it within 30 days. I return the speaker the same day (09/26/2015) because it was all scratched and looked used. They asked me to leave the item so they can look for a similar speaker in their back office and replace it. They said they were going to call me, but they never did. I went back to the store and they said that they did not have the same speaker in the back and that they had call other stores without availability. I said to them that it was thoughtless they never call me. They said Item was no longer in stock. SO I asked for my money back and they said they could not do that, they said I have to speak to the manager.

It is logical for them to return my money back because they have the speaker in their possession which I return back the same day. I went back to the store and they said I had to speak to the manager Friday to get my money back. I called the store before I went to the store and the seller (Chris) said that the manager (Jerry) had to leave to be back the next day (Saturday). This store is nightmare.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2015

I went into the Deland, Fl location, I believe it was on October 6 2015. I asked the sales lady if she had a iPhone 8 pin to 30 pin adapter for my car. She said "yes it's $30." I said "why is it so much." She replied it's a Apple branded part. I in turn say "it use to be $14.99 at the other store." (Orange city Fl). I know I've purchased this several times. She then said "that's why they're closed." In this process she cut me off from talking several times as if to say "you want it or not." So I say to her "no thanks, I'll get it elsewhere." So I was interested in other things but at that point it was clear she was not going to help me. Just to see I walked around for several minutes to see if she would help me find what I was looking for. Nothing. So I left.

I would have paid the premium of $30 to have it knowing I can get it online with shipping for less than $10. But the attitude was not appreciated. I chalked the situation up to her age as I've been shopping Radio Shack before she was born. Or maybe her job is not as important to her, as my support for Radio Shack is. Also I really didn't have to go there. I drove past Wal-Mart, Target and many other electronic store just to go there. This the sales person must realize. I will shop Radio Shack again, just not this location. Good luck Deland Fl Radio Shack.

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