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I bought my son a winter jacket at the beginning of November from Kohl's Eastgate Mall in Cincinnati. My son has only worn this coat a handful of times. I am extremely disappointed because the stitching on the back of the coat ripped in the seam. I trusted that this coat would last him throughout the winter. The particular coat I am referring is style number B211E88-KO. I am less likely to choose the brand Osh Kosh in the future. I have used this brand for my son from the time he was born because it was "boy tough durable clothing".

On 11.16.11, I was just in the Woodinville, WA Oshkosh store. When I was checking out, the associate asked me if I was "shopping for my grandson". I’m 40 and have a 2-year-old and am completely insulted by her comment. I don't even look my age, for crying out loud! I called the store (Pam is the associate at the Woodinville, WA store) and voiced my complaint as I was also charged the wrong price for my item. The associate in discussion is the one that I spoke to and she merely said, "Yeah, I could tell maybe I shouldn't have said that," and nothing more. I would like either a more formal apology or some kind of simple incentive to shop there again, at the very least. Who can I speak to about this that maybe has some authority? I’m appalled and then some. I would think in this down-economy, retail stores should do what they can to retain customers, not offend. I hope that this complaint will not be ignored.

I was up in North Branch, and wanted to pick up some items for my granddaughter at Osh Kosh. The store was very organized and had very good prices with my coupon. There was this lady, her tag Laurie I think, who was just screaming and just verbally abusive to management, although I'm not sure why, but it put a bad feeling of air to the store, that customers just left.

The manager was in distress and tearful as she did her best to compose herself. I tried to say something but I didn't know who to complain to about it. I think her actions were unprofessional and uncalled for in the setting. No one should have to take verbal abuse like that. It's a wonder how anyone could work and be cheerful, when a district manager, or anyone is being be verbally abused. They just lost customers, and possibly employees. It will be a long time before I shop at Osh Kosh, if that's the way they treat their employees. I don't want to be a part of that.

I want to report a potentially dangerous issue with a piece of clothing I bought for my daughter. It is a pair of overalls, size 24 months. The brand is Osh Kosh B'gosh and the UPC code is 0 15674 96783 2. The first time I put them on my 14 month old, the metal button came off of the denim. She was not hurt. However, had this happened when I wasn't looking, she could have choked on the button if she had put it in her mouth. Hopefully, it is an isolated incident and no other consumers will have the same problem. However, I wanted to alert you in case others are experiencing this problem because babies could easily choke on this type of button.

I reported it to the company today. The woman was very nice. She said she would send me a package, paid envelope for me to return item for an exchange. I told her I wanted a refund. She said no problem, once they receive them she will send a refund. Just a minor inconvenience. Hopefully they will send me the refund as promised.

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